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Marketing & Branding Toolbox : 5 Steps To Building Your Brand

Nour Boustani, Entrepreneur, Branding Manager, Artist

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22 Videos (1h 38m)
    • Course Introduction

    • 7 Goals And 5 Steps To Building Your Successful Brand

    • What is Branding ?

    • Price Competition Vs Branding Strategy

    • How Do Today Customers Inspect And Perceive Brands

    • Consumers Brand Experience Funnel

    • Choosing Your Brand Type

    • Designing Your Brand Strategy

    • Creating A Strong USP For A Specific Audience

    • Define Your Brand Vision And Mission

    • Communicate Through A Meaningful Story

    • Understanding Consumers Desires And Needs

    • Creating A Strong Brand Personality

    • Brands Archetypes : 1.Innocent - 2.Explorer - 3.Sage

    • Brands Archetypes : 4.Hero - 5.Outlaw - 6.caregiver

    • Brands Archetypes : 7.Magician - 8.Ruler - 9.Regular

    • Brands Archetypes : 10.Creator - 11.Lover - 12.Jester

    • The Art Of Logo Design And Colors

    • The Art Of Brands Photography

    • Putting It All Together : Case Study - Honesttea

    • Bonus : 11 Core Principles For Creating Successful Brands

    • Congrats, You Made It To The End !


About This Class

Branding Your Small Business
Learn the 5 Steps To Building Your Strong And lovable Brand



Do People Dream Of Your Products ?

In order for your small business to success, stay in the market for a long period of time and acquire customers' loyalty it must be built and operate as a brand, people tend to trust brands, great quality brands become people default purchasing option, this is why people get used to go back to their last brand and keeping buying over and over again, if the brand makes them happy then why should they change? this is why you must shift your business strategy from product or service oriented to a brand oriented, find your own unique audience, match their personality, fulfill their desires and deliver value high value until they become your loyal customers.

Focus All Your Efforts On These 7 Goals!

In order for a small business to success it must connect with it's audience on a personal level, Successful Brands understand the value of connecting through emotions, fulfilling People' desires, they adapt a unique personality and differentiate their products and services, another factor of building a successful business is to focus on establishing trust with your customers through providing great valuable products, customers service and combining it with a delightful experience.


It All Begins With An Idea!

All brands begin with a unique and valuable idea, the idea must have a meaning and a purpose which is called a vision and a mission, this idea should be targeted to a specific segment of audience, if you try to serve everyone you may end up serving no one ;) give your idea a life and character through brand personality to differentiate your self from the rest of the competition, you also have to dress up your brand and become visually appealing, once your idea is clear and attractive then you must communicate it with your audience clearly.


Stay Away From The Competition

That's right, stay away from price competition, as Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel said "competition is for losers" it will damage your business and might get you out of the business too soon, instead great brands focus on being a monopoly for a small target of audience then slowly grow and expand for a larger market, focus on long term strategy, increase your brand value, provide great products quality, customers service and serve your loyal customers


Understand Your Customers' Experience Process

Many businesses lack the knowledge of developing and promoting their services to their customers for the following reasons: first and the most important is lack in knowledge of how customers interacts with a new brand or products, they rush to sell and advertise their products and ends up with a huge disappointment where no one is buying, the second reason is lack of patience, they try to push customers to buy their products instead of introducing slowly to the market, if you are already a big brand or a superstar then there is no reason for you to keep reading this part, you got all the people in the world behind your back, but if you are a new business owner then you got to understand the process that your audience go through with your brand and learn what to do at every step of this process, it's not a good idea to talk when you are supposed to listen!


Who Are Your Audience?

Have you asked your self who is your target audience, who are you trying to help, solve a problem for or provide a service, what is their culture, lifestyle, desires and needs, in order for a brand to success it should be designed to fit and satisfy a specific target audience, yet most of small businesses tend to ignore this fact or lack the knowledge and understanding of how to define their target audience, always remember that different people have different needs, you just can't treat all people in the same way, once you select your target audience find their needs then satisfy it with a strong unique selling proposition.


Tell Your Story

Stories are the magic of connecting your brand message and goals with your audience If you wish to grab your customers attention then you got to tell a meaningful story about you, your product and your brand, it's much easier to engage with your audience if you can tell them a story about business adventure and purpose, at the end, who really does not like to listen to an interesting stories?


Be Unique

If you are like everyone els no one is going to notice you, brands with personality and a strong voice will always stand out from the rest of the competition, do you know that all successful brands around you adapts their own personality to connect with and reflect their audience' self image on a personal deep level, what is your brand personality?


Learn From The Masters

It's always a good idea to study from other successful brands, brands such as Apple, Nike, Lego and Ikea they all spend tons of money on building and designing marketing campaign to connect with and attract their audience, you don't have to spend that much of money, just observe and learn!


Want to learn more? No problem, join our Course and Learn:

  • How - To Build A Brand With A Vision And Mission
    In this course I will explain to you what is branding and what isn't, make it ultra clear for you so you know what you have to focus on and what you should not, I will also walk you step by step through the process of creating your brand vision and mission and how to communicate it effectively with your customers, employee and shareholders.

  • How - To Promote And Understand Your Audience Experience
    I will walk you through a case-study of consumers brand experience, you will learn and be aware of how do your customers interact with your brand, how do they perceive and describe your business i will also explain to you how to deal with your customers in different stages of your brand promotion.

  • How - To Define Your Target Audience
    I will walk you step by step through the process on how to segment your target audience, we will talk about customers culture, needs and customers-brands loyalty.

  • How - To Design Your Brand Strategy
    We will define the core questions and methods of designing your brand strategy, study your business competitive advantage, weakness and strength

  • How - To Design A Strong Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
    We will shift our mindset from business owners to consumers and dig into consumers psychology and behaviour, walk you step by step on how to design a strong USP that differentiates your offering from the competition, we will look at other big brands strategy and how they align their USP to fit their target audience.

  • How - To Tell Your Brand Story
    Your will learn the 3 types of story-telling for business and how you can apply them to communicate your business goals with your audience emotions.

  • How - To Define Your Brand Unique Personality
    We will take a deep look and case-studies on how successful brands such as Nike, Apple, Lego, Ikea etc. adapts a specific personality that match, reflect their audience self-image and fulfill their desires, you will be introduced to the power of brands archetypes and learn how to apply it to your business.

  • How - To Design Your Logo And Colors
    Visuals are one of the most important elements that reflect your brand image and interact with your audience, in this course I will explain to you all the different types of logo design, what does make a strong logo and what should you avoid, we will be talking about colors meaning and how to choose the right color schemes that reflect, match your brand personality and your voice.

  • How - To Design Your Brand Photography
    Learn The rules of creating strong brand photography, how should you communicate your brand message through products/story-telling photography and what you should avoid.

Who should take this course?

  1. Entrepreneurs starting new small business and their main focus on building a successful brand with strong personality, vision and mission.

  2. Small business owner who want to convert from no brand or product oriented business into long term brand.

  3. Marketing and sells people who seeks a better understanding of consumer behaviour and visual communication.

  4. Visual designers who seek a better understanding of the connection between business, marketing and design.

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This course is well structured and well explained! I was looking for something to help me build a new brand for my local business and Nour Boustani pin-points everything I need. Thank you very much!
Recorded sound and English spoken is clear , sexy and understandable . Educational content is rich and meaningful . Class index is well organized , well sort and its took me through A to Z journey smoothly . But on the other hand gave me a feeling of over indexing ( too many subjects ) , maybe because I'm an ordinary reader ( not a marketing profession ) . Overall , this is a great job , the author has a great experience teaching in schools and classes . The author surprised me with such nice online educational class , Rate it 10/10 . Please go on we are enjoying your work help spreading knowledge to everyone everywhere
Two thumbs up, keep going





Nour Boustani

Entrepreneur, Branding Manager, Artist

Hello ya all.
How is it going? I hope everything is great!

My name is Nour I'm an art director and branding consultant
for the last 11 years I have been working in Shanghai, China helping small businesses to build and grow their brands. I have a BA in visual communication and design I continued my study in consumers psychology, marketing and economic.

I have a great passion to building small business and see them succeeding in the market place, I also have a g...

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