Market Your Podcast For a Successful Launch: Go From Zero To Millions of Listeners | Almost 30 Podcast | Skillshare

Market Your Podcast For a Successful Launch: Go From Zero To Millions of Listeners

Almost 30 Podcast, Top-rated podcast & global community

Market Your Podcast For a Successful Launch: Go From Zero To Millions of Listeners

Almost 30 Podcast, Top-rated podcast & global community

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10 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Welcome To Your Course

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. How To Get Subscribers Immediately

    • 4. Get a Spot on New + Noteworthy on Apple Podcasts

    • 5. Get The Word Out

    • 6. Collaborate With Podcasters Like You

    • 7. Create a Trailer + Social Media Channels

    • 8. Choose Progress Over Perfection

    • 9. Final Thoughts

    • 10. How To Handle Feedback (1

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About This Class

If you've recorded a podcast and you're ready to launch, this course is for you! We'll show you how to market your podcast so you attract listeners fast and stand out on Apple Podcasts. We’re sharing all the tricks we learned when starting our own podcast, and how we went from zero to millions of listeners. 

By the end of this course, you'll learn smart marketing strategies including: 

  • How to get on the New + Noteworthy section on Apple Podcasts
  • How to attract subscribers immediately after launch
  • How to get the word out to your network
  • How to secure collaborations with other podcasters 
  • How to leverage social media to make your launch a huge success

Looking for more guidance on how to launch, market, and monetize your dream podcast? We have more courses at

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Almost 30 Podcast

Top-rated podcast & global community


Hi, we're Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik! We're the co-hosts of the Almost 30 Podcast, a top-rated lifestyle podcast and global community. 

We started recording Almost 30 on our closet floors, and in just three years we've grown into a top-rated podcast with more than 20 million downloads. 

We’re so passionate about podcasting because it changed our lives, so we want to help you build the podcast of your dreams. That’s why we created the PodcastPro Program to give you all the guidance, tools, and support you need to launch, market, and monetize your podcast. You can learn more about the program at  


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1. Welcome To Your Course: Hi, I'm Lindsay since sick, and I'm Christa Williams and we are the hosts of the almost 30 podcast. We started almost 30 when we're transitioning from our twenties to our thirties, and we realize it is so much more than that. So we expanded our mission. Almost 30 delves into topics like helping wellness, spirituality, entrepreneurship and self development to help people navigate any transitions in their lives. We actually started recording almost 30 on our closet floors, and since then it's grown to a top rated podcast with over 12 million downloads and listeners all over the world. We've now cultivated a brand and community that we're super proud of, and we're so excited to share what we've learned in this course. We are so passionate about podcasting because it changed our lives and we want to help you build a podcast of your dreams. That's why we created the new podcast pro program that gives you the resource is tools and support to launching, marketing and monetizing podcast of your dreams toe. Learn more. You can go to your podcast pro dot com. This is a really exciting time for you and your podcast. By now you've reported and optimized, and you're ready for lunch in this force will teach you how to market your podcast for successful launch. We're showing all the tips and tricks we learned when starting your own podcast. By the end of this course, you'll learn smart marketing strategies like how to get on you a note or the on apple podcasts. How to attract subscribers immediately after law chain. How to get the word out to your network and learn a had a leverage or social media to make your launch a huge success. We know you're ready. Here we go. 2. Your Project: Let's talk about your project for this class. One of the best ways to get the word out about your podcast is by collaborating with other podcasters and cross promoting on other shows. For your project, make a list of five podcasts that you'd like to reach out to try to find a podcast that have a similar demographic and a similar size. Let's all comment on each other's posts with suggestions and support. Can't wait to see what you post. 3. How To Get Subscribers Immediately : Let's talk about launch. The first tip is a little insider information. Apple podcast works on an algorithm, so the way that works is the charts are based on the number of new subscribers or downloads . So in order to get on new, noteworthy or on the charts when you first launch your show, you're going to want to encourage as many people as you know your social following your social network, your family, your friends, your co workers to download subscribe rate review in the first couple days of launch. 5. Get a Spot on New + Noteworthy on Apple Podcasts: The new noteworthy feature on Apple podcast is one that a lot of new podcasters want to be featured on. So we want to make sure you're set up for success. Just know that the cover art is extremely important. Apple wants that featured section to be aesthetically pleasing, so make sure that your title is clear and the art is clean and high resolution, and we want to remind you not to stress about this too much. So much of what happens on new and noteworthy is dependent on the relationships that networks have with apple podcasts. So if you're not on the network yet, don't stress. Let's focus on the growth of your podcasts in an organic way and making sure that the content is top notch. 6. Get The Word Out : make sure you have a strategy for when you're going toe launch. We're gonna help you do this successfully, but it is really important that you have a plan laid out for when you launch so that you can feel really good about the response when sharing your podcast. It's one thing to create a podcast, but having a strategy will set you apart whenever you launch your show. It is what gets you on the charts, will get you noticed what gets people listening and what allows you to grow. So within that, we want you to mobilize your friends and family co workers to their excited and willing to support you. I know could be nerve wracking, and sometimes asking for support in that way doesn't always feel good and doesn't feel easy . But you'd be surprised how many people are excited about what you're doing and really want to support you. So by doing this I would suggest creating an email that you're going to send to your entire list of friends and family and co workers and tell them about your new podcast and encourage them to subscribe, rate and review as soon as you lunch And if you want extra points, you could ask them to share on social and encourage their friends to share as well. That's what social networks are for their for supporting friends, supporting family and encouraging people to listen and see what you're up to. We know it's a big ask already to put yourself out there and create a podcast, but you're gonna have to get used to it. You're going to be putting yourself out there quite unlocked, creating your podcast, your show, your community and your brand. So this is all a part of the process. When you first reach out to people for support, think of those people as your very first listeners in your community of people that will support and listen to you. Each week you have a show. 7. Collaborate With Podcasters Like You: Lindsey and I have also found that the podcasting community is super supportive. So I would collaborate with other podcasters off your size. Maybe even some of the people that are doing the podcast pro modules themselves and ask for their support in promoting their show. In addition to yours, you can ask to swap. You can promote their show. They could promote yours. But this community is super supportive and very willing to help. So don't be afraid to go out there and ask for someone to support you and your new show. Just like with any product launch, you're gonna want to think of all the channels that you can hit and reach during your time when you're promoting your new show. So maybe that's being a guest on other podcasters shows. Or maybe that's doing paid advertising on Facebook. Whatever it is, we really encourage you to think strategically and thoughtfully about your watch. 8. Create a Trailer + Social Media Channels : Another great way to encourage a successful launch is to create a trailer. A trailer can be 2 to 3 minutes, and we'll give people a taste of what your shows about, and hopefully it will leave them wanting more. So this will get them excited about the launch of your 3 to 5 episodes that you have coming out and get them excited to share with their friends and not overwhelm you. But you could also create social accounts for your show to start creating bus, whether it's an instagram account. Twitter, Facebook page all of these air great channels to drive traffic to your future show. 9. Choose Progress Over Perfection : also remember, too, that the quality of your show should be great but not perfect. When you launch, don't let perfectionism hold you back from launching your show and just put it out there even before you feel like you're ready. We know it's nerve racking, but you will evolve over time. Receive feedback in your show will eventually grow into the show of your dreams. 10. Final Thoughts: Thank you so much for joining me on this course, you know, have all the marketing strategies you need for a successful launch, and you're ready to put your show out in the world. And remember, if you're looking for more guidance on your podcast, we suggest going to your podcast bro dot com, which is a comprehensive resource and a step by step guide to help you launch, grow and monetize your dream podcast. Everything you need for your podcast is available at your podcast pro dot com. They He's so much again for taking this class. I cannot wait to hear your podcasts out on the airwaves. 11. How To Handle Feedback (1: unsolicited feedback will come in when you are aligned and shining, so it's your job to discern if it's true or not. If it feels true, give yourself the permission to dig a little bit deeper and improve. But if it doesn't, you can drop it and move on. We cannot stress this enough. Being yourself is incredibly important. Being yourself will attract an audience that will be with you through it all. They will trust you and see themselves in you and be able to relate on a deeper level that will have them coming back listening to every single episode. Notice what feels like you. So depending on the format up your show, this will differ. But does a big, boisterous laugh feel like you? Or do you ask a bunch of little questions in a row? Or do you have a certain word or phrase that you use in everyday? That is really you feel free to incorporate that into the show when we step behind the mic . Sometimes we lose ourselves because we think we have to be a certain way. But really, we just want to hear you or maybe you have a journalistic type show or a show that follows more of a scripted format, you can still add human elements. People come back to shows toe listen to connect with humans. So just remember that and check yourself when you're recording. Just remember that with criticism, it can stifle your creativity and stop you from taking risks. And anyone that's gonna criticize you, that isn't doing a podcast themselves or putting themselves out there really doesn't have anything to say. So make sure that you check in with yourself and make sure that you're the only person that you're listening to in the end and that it feels really heartfelt and good to you. There are major benefits to not letting the fear of criticism inhibit you from doing your best work. What would you do if you didn't think that anyone would listen? But, you know, it was a success. I often think about the beginning of almost 30 and not really thinking that anyone was gonna listen to the show, and this really allowed me to be myself, feel comfortable and put out something that maybe I wouldn't have if I thought about all the people listening Today, I want you to also think about the physicality of being yourself. So that means feeling good in your body, feeling your feet on the ground. Feeling present where you are having a great tone to your voice like we talked about and how good it feels when you're actually in body ng who you are. And I think you'll notice that on the podcast is that if you do hear criticism and you're being your complete self, your embodied you're present. You're confident nothing can really bother you. There is also something to knowing when to share about your new project. I suggest getting those episodes recorded getting the art done, figure not your launch plan and then telling all your friends and family you don't want opinions messing up your creative process, confusing you, giving you self doubt or making you question whether or not you should release this podcast until you're confident about the product that we're going to share. So keep it close to your heart. Do the best you can use all these resource is and create an amazing product that you're proud of that you could tell your friends and family when you're about to launch