Market Sizing: Learn how to estimate your market potential in 15 minutes | Jeannie Chan | Skillshare

Market Sizing: Learn how to estimate your market potential in 15 minutes

Jeannie Chan, Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant

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10 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Market size trailer

    • 2. Market size introduction

    • 3. Market size LinkedIn Case Study

    • 4. Market size LinkedIn Case spreadsheet setup

    • 5. Market size Quiz

    • 6. Market size Project

    • 7. Market size Project Solution

    • 8. Market size Revenue estimation

    • 9. Market size Project spreadsheet setup

    • 10. Class wrap up


About This Class

Why is market sizing an important topic?  

If you're a product manager or if you're a business owner - one of the first things you need is to get a handle of how much you can realistically make.

There is a systematic way to answer this question.  It's not "I hope to make $100K".  Banks do not loan to "hopes".  Venture capitalists do not write checks to "hopes".  Management does not promote based on "hopes".

You need to quantify the market size and show what your potential revenue may be.  

In this crash course, we'll go through the basic principals of market sizing.  What are some common mistakes to avoid, and what are some guiding principals.  We will use examples and exercises to make the concepts come to life.  





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Jeannie Chan

Brand Manager / Strategy Consultant

I am a brand strategist who isn't afraid tackle business problems big or small. I have built my career by asking questions. With a relentless pursue for the daring questions that would lead to inspired new thinking, I have delivered measurable results to organizations of varying sizes in varying industries. I have ignited growth in Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits, with multi-million dollar budget to no budget at all.

Currently, I serve as the Brand Lead for Br...

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