Market Segmentation : How to Segment Market for your Product | Said Zubair | Skillshare

Market Segmentation : How to Segment Market for your Product

Said Zubair, Online Marketer and Bussines Developer

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5 Videos (20m)
    • Introduction 2

    • Major steps in Target Marketing

    • Consumer Market Segmentation

    • Business Market Segmentation

    • International Market Segmentation


About This Class


Understanding of Marketing Segmentation is one of the important phase of creating a successful marketing strategy for you product or business .

In This class we will discuss about What is Marketing Segmentation and some other tips about Marketing segmentation that helps you a lot while working on product marketing strategy .

Lets Get started :)





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Said Zubair

Online Marketer and Bussines Developer

I am Said Zubair 21 years old Marketer and Business Students I have 4 years of experience working with major companies as a Marketer , Business developer , Branding Manager and much more .

I help several people and students around the world on how to create a profitable business and how to market their products and business .

I hope you enjoy from my classes on Skill Share :)

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