Markers 101: The Basics and Step-by-Step Sketching | Julia Henze | Skillshare

Markers 101: The Basics and Step-by-Step Sketching

Julia Henze, Illustrator | Letterer | Urban Sketcher

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7 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Types and Characteristics

    • 3. How to Choose Markers

    • 4. Paper and Other Materials

    • 5. How to Use Markers

    • 6. Drawing with Markers

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Markers are rapidly gaining popularity nowadays. Their colors are bright, they are quite easy to use, and they’re just playing cool. I discovered marker sketching only a few years ago, and I quickly fell in love with them. Many people in my urban sketching group have asked me to show them the basics of markers. Some of them have already acquired some markers but had questions about the proper technique. These questions gave me the idea of creating this class. It’s been a great pleasure putting it together. This course is not so much about urban sketching, as it is about the medium of markers, about their properties, and techniques.

What you will learn:

• What types of alcohol-based markers are available and about their characteristics;
• How to choose markers by asking yourself three important questions;
• How to select paper, a colorless blender, fineliners, and white pens;
• The basic strokes, coloring techniques, texturing and shadowing.

I hope all your questions about markers will find answers in the videos but if you still have some questions or need help with your sketches, please, don't hesitate to contact me on the Community Page. I also welcome suggestions and feedback on the Community Page.

♥ I hope to see many of your amazing sketches in the Project Gallery! ♥

Enjoy the class!

For INSTAGRAM: tag me @julia_henze and use a hashtag #juliahenze_skillshare





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Julia Henze

Illustrator | Letterer | Urban Sketcher

Hello, creatives! My name is Julia Henze. I'm a freelance illustrator and urban sketcher living and working in a village with a name that nobody can pronounce, Bergschenhoek, in The Netherlands.

I love to share my passion for drawing and urban sketching with you, and show you how to make the drawing process easier and fun. All my Skillshare classes are very easy to follow and perfect for beginning artists. But also advanced students can find interesting tips and trick...

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