Marker Sketching and Rendering Basics - How To Sketch a Jacket or any soft goods! | Michael Clark | Skillshare

Marker Sketching and Rendering Basics - How To Sketch a Jacket or any soft goods!

Michael Clark, Industrial Designer and Illustrator

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12 Videos (58m)
    • Class Intro

    • 1 Marker Sketching Rendering Materials used

    • 02 materials part 2

    • 03 How to layout your sketch

    • 04 First black line weight

    • 05 Gray marker layer

    • 06 Adding shadows in grayscale with marker

    • 07 Colored marker layer

    • 08 Laying down the heaviest black line weight

    • 09 Gray highlights

    • 10 Blue highlights

    • Outro


About This Class


This class specifically covers how to sketch a page of two jackets with markers and pens. The techniques in this video apply to learning how to sketch any type of soft goods (apparel, shoes, bags, etc..)

The techniques taught cover:

- Materials used

- How to first layout a page of sketches  

- How to apply the first line weights

- How to render the designs with grayscale and colored markers

- How to add finishing second and third line weights to make the sketch stand out

- How to finish the rendering by adding shadows and highlights 

I hope you enjoy the process I teach on how to start sketching soft goods!!!





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Michael Clark

Industrial Designer and Illustrator

Hey creatives! I’m Michael Clark and I am an industrial designer, illustrator and in the clouds creative. I live and work full-time at the foot of the mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the past ten years I have been tinkering with art and design and have slowly developed my own style and approach to the design process. I have been putting design content on Instagram for about a year and throughout the last few months I have received a good amount of messages asking how I sketch thi...

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