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Marker Art: Drawing Festive Illustration (easy step-by-step guide)

teacher avatar Iuliia Sorokina, Sketcher · Traveler · Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Color Palettes

    • 4. Pencil Sketch

    • 5. Lettering

    • 6. Outlining

    • 7. Coloring Part 1

    • 8. Coloring Part 2

    • 9. Shading

    • 10. Adding Details

    • 11. Class Project

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About This Class

Do you like Christmas and New Year as I do? Let’s create a beautiful festive illustration!


In this class, you will learn to draw and color detailed festive illustrations using alcohol-based markers. I am going to show you the process and easy to follow step-by-step guide. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist this class is for you. I will guide you through every step of the way and explain everything I do, so you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve!

Art supplies you will need:

Of course, you are free to use any supplies you have, like watercolors or colored pencils. You can even mix them! 

Art supplies I use in this class:

  • ShinHan TOUCH TWIN brush nib markers
  • Faber-Castell graphite pencil HB
  • Fineliner Pigma Micron 005
  • Copic Multiliner Brush Medium
  • White pen Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 08
  • Faber-Castell Dust-Free Eraser
  • Faber-Castell kneaded eraser
  • My favorite sketchbook


On the right-hand side in the tab called YOUR PROJECT, you will find blank color charts from Copic and ShinHan to download, print and fill out with colors you already have. As a special treat, I’m including PDF with reference images, color pallets and easy to follow step-by-step guide. It has three illustrations that you can use for the class exercises and the class project, or just for fun.

  I hope you will enjoy this class and will have lots of fun creating your own masterpiece

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Iuliia Sorokina

Sketcher · Traveler · Teacher


Hi there! My name is Yulya. I'm sketcher, traveler and full-time teacher living in Thailand.
My favorite materials are markers.

I would love to share my passion and knowledge about art.
I hope you'll enjoy my class and learn something new.

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1. Welcome: things like Christmas any year as I do, Let's create a nice face to her station together. Hi, my name is Julia in the Army sketcher, traveller and full time teacher. Today I'll be sharing with you my creative process and easy toe follows the by step guide. This class is for anyone who is interested in drawing. No previous experience is needed. I will guide you through every step of the way and explained everything I dough to create a beautiful, detailed illustration, so you'll be amazed at what you're able to achieve. I go in depth into my entire artistic process, creating your realistic illustration. We will start from some nails Kitching toe, laying down first market strokes on the paper. I will explain how to blend colors as well as how to fix mistakes, an app hand lettering to your illustration. By then of this class, you will be ready to create your first festive illustration as a special treat. I'm including pdf file with reference images, color palettes and easy to forward step by step guide. He has three illustrations that you can use for the class exercise and the class project or just color it for fund. I hope you will enjoy this our journey. And we'll have lots of fun creating your own masterpiece. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: my dear owes you will need and those that I use. I use alcohol based markers. I'm absolutely in love with them. They're easy to use. They blend well and give nice in saturated application off color. My favorite brands are touch Tween brush by Shinhan Art and, of course, comic markers, but you can use any other brands for the illustration. We will need five basic colors. Brown for gingerbread, house yellow for the lights in the windows, green for Christmas, tree branches, red for Berries and great for shadows. I will use about 34 tones off each color from light to dark. We also will need graphite pencil to draw s cage. I'm using a fabric Castell HB pencil, and I sketch very softly, so it's easy to erase it. Later. Off course, we will need a Robert Eraser or needed a razor Next find liner. You can use any fine liner you have, but make sure it's waterproof so you can use it together with the markers I'm using Micron pansy or 05 It has a really fine deep Why gel pen for adding final details and fixing edge bleeds paper. I'm using my favorite sketchbook. It has no brand but paper. And it is smooth and quiet thick. So it works for me. I also like using touch marker pat for quick sketches in a similar to copy marker. Pat. The paper is very thin, but it doesnt lead through the page. I do not recommend using bringing paper is to stay in for markers and edges of the drawing will bleed a lot. Brush Been for the lettering I'm using. Copy. Multi liner brush size M. Okay. That is his supply. At least we will be using for today again. You are free to use any materials you have. I'll see you in the next video. 3. Color Palettes: color palettes. All right, Now we're in choosing color section. I would like to keep this administration within simple color palette. So if my dominant color is brown, I will use about 34 different tones of brown light on me tone and dark down. I'm going to choose three for markets we've seen same color group and saturation, but with three different tones. In the project section of this class, You confined anti color chairs for both brands. Copy and touch so you can download and bring them yourselves. Fill it out with colors you already have. 4. Pencil Sketch: The first step, I think, to create a festive frustration is to look for their ideas on the Web and get inspired. I like to row from the rial objects, but sometimes it's just impossible. So it's okay to use reference Images toyed, copying right to use multiple photos. And no, just one. I like pulling up a page of thumbnail images from shutter stock, a Google search, andro from all of the images. Let's look for some inspiration all time. Gingerbread house with lights inside. He were so many nice pictures. I scrolled down and look for those that are interesting to draw. I like this one pretty simple, and it looks nice. I open it in you top. Let's look for a couple more. I start sketching out my idea. I don't know my some nails and pre sketching before jumping into sketchbook, because I want to have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to draw. I want to see how it will look on the paper and make sure composition will work. Well, it is going to be a really rough skitch. I'm going to draw gingerbread house. So this gonna be it. There is going to be lettering on the top of my illustrations saying, Merry Christmas. I have my thumbnails cage. Once I'm pretty happy with the lay out on the page. I make sure the drawing fit pretty well. There isn't any giant blocks off white space that just look unnatural. I go in and transfer it to where the actual illustration will be. I am starting out by drawing a central lines. I want to make sure the gingerbread house in the right place. On the paper, I create a loose contra line off the gingerbread house. I slightly draw the lines, barely touching the paper. I don't want the graphite marks to be visible in the final image. I won't draw all the tiny details. Let's throw them later. Finally, I'm going to rough out where the text is goingto be. I'm going to use hand littering once I like the way my sketches going. I stopped and clean the drawing. We can gently leave some of graphite using a kneaded eraser. I'll see you in the next video 5. Lettering: I am going toe move to the next step hand lettering, which is completely optional, but I highly recommend it. It will give a nice look to your illustration for the brash lettering I'm using Coptic multi liner with the brush Neep. This is my favorite for brash lettering. It is easy to use and control off course. You are free to use any way to your jealousy. One. The key to brush that thing is pressure, just like in calligraphy is really important to know where your pain is going, and that will really determine how much pressure you're going to put on it. You want your down stocks to be really sick and you're up strokes to be seen. This will give you a nice contrast between letters. I'll show you what I mean because it has flexible need. I'm going to hold my pan at about 45 degrees angle, and I'm just going to press down. When you were growing up on the paper, you are going to do some light pressure. So again, heavy on the down strokes light on the up strokes. Let's try. I'm going up, down, up, down, down. I'm just going to write. Merry Christmas. I'm going up with some light brush her. Then I went in transition and I'm going to press down. I am a little shaky because I'm just a little bit nervous right now, but for the most part, it's really not a big deal. If you would like to master your lettering before applying it to your drawing, please see attached Letter practice, work ship in the section called your project. Just bring the file and practice your letter and will get better with every next letter. The more you practice there more, you become better. 6. Outlining: outlining. Once you have a sketch that you're happy with, it's time to clean your growing and outside, and I will add all. Find Adele's with fine liner This way my sketch will not get messy, but if you are not feeling comfortable outlining your drone without detailed pencil sketch , go ahead and draw all the details first and then proceed to outlining. But don't forget to clean your growing wants your color it with markers. It will be almost impossible together it off pencil lying underneath the marker. I'm starting all signing my growing and adding details as I go further. I am using micro fine liner 0052 all time. All my drawings. Thespian has a really fine teeth. Don't worry if you're lying isn't straight. There are no perfect shapes in our drawing when outlining Gingerbread House. My line is kind of shaky and bumpy to show the Dexter off the door. - Okay , - it's after I am done outlining all those lines. I'm going to clean my going using Robert Eraser. Our infestation is ready for coloring. Let's move to the next lesson 7. Coloring Part 1: coloring before we start coloring. Let's see where the light come from. It comes from the side I'm going to do in narrow so it will help to remember about highlights and shadows. If you're like me and have a sketchbook, Chris one sided paper means staying will believe through the page. You will need to place additional piece of paper underneath. Dip eight you're drawing on. I started off with the door. I prepared four tons of brown and I started Mr Light one. It's the best work from light to dark. This way you can build up the tone. I start applying Stokes using brush tip. Remember, it's dog, and it has this texture, so I kind of try to make it to look on Even and Bumpy Tok These illusion. We will make small circles or small dots? No. - When all brown parts off the drawing are colored, it's time to increase some off. The contrast here with the darker don't of brown. Not forgetting about dough texture, - we will continue increasing and enhancing the contrast of the image, this time adding next stone off brown make a small circle of strokes to help the mining the texture off the door, You can see how much this darker value makes a difference. Here again, we're just creating basic shape Priestess application. We will continue to layer colors to increase contrast the smooth transitions even further. We can go over the top of these applications using a previous marker. It will create a more smoother appearance. - Now that's color. They to me using the basic rules, apply colors from light to dark, smooth transition using lighter tone. And when we have all our brown in place, we speech through the next color. 8. Coloring Part 2: who switched to the next color, which is yellow for the lights. Inside our house started slide marker applications, replied There tones. We can slowly add more intense colors, the smooth transitions even further. We can go over the top of these applications using a previous marker. It will create a more smoother appearance. Using previous marker, we can smooth the application to build death in color. I am adding the next don't now a dark orange. Using previous marker, we can smooth the application. I change my marker strokes depending on what I'm coloring. I add Dexter when the object has lots of texture, like the door parts off the gingerbread house. But if I'm coloring, forcing uglies, I once most blending there if I color that no parts smooth, it would look just like the frosting realize has really variety of textures. Go ahead and incorporate that to your droving for the realistic look, Think buries . Using Epping color, we will create a based on on Berries. I am leaving small circles off white reflections. We will darkened, shadows, resubmit, don't read. - Using previous marker, we can smooth application and develop. It was the darker it using previous marker, we can smooth the application. Now we can continue working on Christmas tree branches. We'll start here with the application off light green. Then I increase their congress by applying next down off the green, we will continue to layer colors to increase the contrast. - We will continue to layer colors to increase contrast. For the icing. I'm using cold grey markers. I go ahead and apply the lightest color. But since they I think is white, I am not going toe color highlights. I'll just leave them white while it is still wet, I admit, Don't gray, it will makes by itself increasing the contrast here by applying my darkest green. 9. Shading: every object drops a shadow, even our thin stripes of icing. I'm going to use me Tonko gray and apply the shadows underneath. - Now we will have cast shadows underneath the gingerbread house and buries. It will give realistic look toe our illustration. I used to like the school gray marker and apply underneath. I add darker tone and blend this application using the previous marker, creating this most transition from darker values to light. - I add my darkest great here at the bottom to kind of anchor our object onto the surface. We will continue to layer colors to increase contrast. Let's add some brown here. 10. Adding Details: adding details will find it. There's and the drawing with wide gel pen. I add some reflections on the bright side. I'm also fixing the bleeding edge is with Why Gel pen? Yeah, - I apply small dogs to help to create that illusion or bumpy texture off the door. - I like the idea off, applying small white dots all over the illustration. They give fresh, festive look to my drawings. Just a touch here and there. It doesn't have to be a lot as it is. Festive illustration. I would like to add some snowflakes, so that's about eight for this video. 11. Class Project: Congratulations on completing this class for the class project. You will be making a sweet paste administration off gingerbread house. Get inspired by holding the pictures, which can be found on the Web. Instagram. You can use your own photos on my reference images. I would love to see every step off your amazing project. I know it could be a little scary to post the drawing, especially if you're comparing yourself to other artists. But remember, we're here to learn and make mistakes together and show off our hard work. Be proud of learning new skill and share your masterpiece. If you have any questions, you can pull them in discussion. Thread down below. I read and respond everything. You pause. I really hope you enjoy this class. I would appreciate you leaving a review or just a thumbs up. Thank you for watching. I can't wait to see your beautiful illustrations.