Mark Your Memories: Make an Illustrated Milestone Map | A Creative Exercise for Any Level | Mimi Chao | Skillshare
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Mark Your Memories: Make an Illustrated Milestone Map | A Creative Exercise for Any Level

Mimi Chao, story + illustration |

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7 Videos (27m)
    • Class Intro! Create a Special 'Map'

    • What We'll Be Making

    • Tools You’ll Need

    • Project Ideas!

    • My Process Flushing Out the Sketches

    • My Process: Refining the Design

    • Final Thoughts + Other Class

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About This Class

Create an illustrated milestone map that is special to you! 

This is a fun, meaningful creative exercise that anyone can do. A sweet way to commemorate relationship anniversaries, baby's firsts, and a effective way to share processes or journeys. Also works as a great illoging entry ;) 


This is Part One of a two-part series.

I'll be using this design to show you my digital painting process in my next class, coming in a few weeks. I wanted the example to be something you'd be excited to learn how to digital color—it's easier to learn that way :)

Free Download: Class Map!

Just for fun, I created an additional sample map that follows the process of the class. A meta map! Hope it gives a little spark of inspiration :)

Click Here to Get the Free Download (a high-res JPG will open in browser, right click/press&hold to save)


Bonus Material

As mentioned in the Tools class, here are the blog links where I share my favorite digital and analog tools, along with my site's Resources page:


If you enjoy this class, you are welcome to check out my three other Skillshare classes: Illustrated JournalingMaking Chat Stickers and Drawing on Photography :) They're all digital illustration-based creative exercises that are accessible to any skill level.

Happy learning!


Follow: @mimizchao 

Visit Mimochai: 





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Mimi Chao

story + illustration |

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