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9 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. MR Concept Premise Intro

    • 2. Working on the Single Lady

    • 3. High Concept is Better

    • 4. Laying a Solid Foundation

    • 5. Juicing up Your Manuscript

    • 6. Concept vs Premise

    • 7. The Birdseye View of Story

    • 8. Crafting Premise

    • 9. MR Concept Premise Conclusion


About This Class

So you've crafted your manuscript, had it edited, proofed and then either sent it to several agents or editors for consideration. Weeks, months, and in some cases years pass, rejections mount and you have no idea what's the problem and rarely will anyone tell you why.

In today's publishing market, the stakes are higher. with the onset of mega stores like Amazon and self-publishing. As a self-published author who's had the opportunity to go traditional, I'll be quite candid and admit it's not as easy to sell in the marketplace as it used to be. There are millions of people selling books, consequently for an agent or reader to look at your book it needs to stand out.

In Manuscript Rehab, we take a deep look at key elements in your manuscript to strengthen and tighten your work. If you're thinking of crafting a story then you'll start with critical tools and understanding on how story works.