Manual Mode: The basics to a great photo | Erika Marbry | Skillshare

Manual Mode: The basics to a great photo

Erika Marbry, Phototaker of lovely families ✨

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9 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • You have the control

    • The exposure triangle

    • Aperture

    • Shutterspeed

    • ISO

    • Cool tips

    • Composition

    • Your photography journey


About This Class

Have you always seeing beautiful pictures & wonder where to start? 

Together we will learn why manual mode is the first step to achieve a great photo, and how much freedom it gives you at the moment of creating. We will also learn how to function the basics of manual mode: aperture, shutter speed & ISO. All you need for this class is a desire to learn about photography and a camera with manual mode. 

After taking this class you will be able to achieve a correctly expose picture, and you will be equipped to discover the style you want to achieve through your photography.  





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Erika Marbry

Phototaker of lovely families ✨

peruvian based out of Louisiana?storyteller?believer?communicator

being a phototaker of families for 5 years, has taught me so much about photography and challenges in life. i hope i can share through skillshare, the things i have learned to provide support and encouragement to other entrepreneurs.

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