Mantra Introduction: Sat Nam "Truth is My Identity" | Dawn Marie | Skillshare

Mantra Introduction: Sat Nam "Truth is My Identity"

Dawn Marie, Integrated Holistic Wellness

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3 Videos (15m)
    • What Is A Mantra? PART ONE

    • What Is Sat Nam? PART TWO

    • Sat Nam Practice Session PART THREE


About This Class

This class is geared toward beginners and professionals alike.

Sat Nam is a mantra or word/s repeated to aid concentration and mental awareness.  Sat Nam is derived from the language of Gurmukhi and translated basically means "Truth is my identity" or "Truth is my name".  You may hear or see slight variations on the translation however, they are all basically the same at the root meaning.

Sat Nam may also be used as a greeting basically stating " I see your truth" or "I recognize your divinity".  If you are familiar with Namaste, you will see that they are quite similar.

When we use mantras, we are vocalizing a specific frequency that effects the body and mind in certain uplifting ways.  We can compare this to listening to our favorite music, singing or humming our favorite tune, and the sense of happiness or ease that comes from performing this act. 

This specific mantra aids us in becoming aware of our true nature, divine nature, and brings a state of calmness and peace.  In this class you will learn:

What Is A mantra? Part One
~What mantra means
~ How a mantra works physically and energetically
What is Sat Nam? Part Two
~What does sat nam mean?
~How sat nam works physically and energetically
Sat Nam Mantra Practice Session - Part Three
~A short a practice on how to perform a beginner Sat Nam mantra

This mantra has been used for, and studies suggest that it:

~Aids Concentration
~Breathe control
~Heart rate
~Reduces stress
~Aids the lymphatic system
~Releases endorphins
~Aids the immune System

This has always been a mantra close to my heart, I find it quite beautiful and most effective.  I would like to share with you a basic introduction to using this mantra for aiding the creation of peace, calmness, and truth in your everyday life.

**Note: After watching the first two videos, you may pre watch the "Practice video (Video #3)" first, before replaying and following along. This way, you will have a complete idea of what to expect when you actually perform the exercise along with me in the video.






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Dawn Marie

Integrated Holistic Wellness

Hello, my name is Dawn and I have been teaching holistic modalities for over 15 years. I am a certified member of the National Association of Holistic Wellness and a member of The American Holistic Health Association. I have studied and am certified in clinical herbalism, yoga, meditation, energy holistic therapies, color holistic therapies, sound healing, and crystal healing holistic therapies. I began my journey with my own yoga practice which has blossomed into Dawn Marie...

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