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Manjaro Linux for Beginners

Frank A

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Manjaro Linux

    • 2. Demo: Gnome Desktop

    • 3. Demo: XFCE Desktop

    • 4. Demo: KDE Desktop

    • 5. Get manjaro

    • 6. Create Install USB on Windows

    • 7. Create Install USB on linux

    • 8. Install manjaro


About This Class

Learn about Manjaro Linux

Why Manjaro Linux?

  • Free computer system
  • One of the most popular Linux systems
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Just works


1. Manjaro Linux: Welcome to the man. Generally, next course, you will learn how to use them on Gero desktop. My general Lennox is a computer system similar to a Mac or a Windows computer. The goal of this course is to explore the limits desktop. So if you want to learn Lennox, the learning curve can be quite steep in this course will teach you how to install Lennox how to use the desktop on how to customize it to your own liking. 2. Demo: Gnome Desktop: When you install Mongella Lennox, you will have an option between graphical environments. So they haven't except C version, genome version and Katie A version assisted genome version. So these versions only differ in the graphical environments. So what you actually see on the desktop this is the genome destiny. So it looks quite different. Maybe from other systems. You have oclock on top here, and was this a menu? I got searched in your menu. You've got a sidebar and you can show application by pressing on the left corner. And you've got another search so you can search for on applications. Let sick room hands when you run it. It starts grown, obviously, so you can search for for applications, right or browse through them. It's a little bit like a smartphone in that sense. So this is looking like that to waste to start. So either you can start from this menu here so you can start applications from the menu. Here, you can type hands, search for an application, and you can also browse, um, by category, right. So based on the category, you can see the applications available, and you can also install new applications of course, Save. Got other options here. Shortcuts to computer videos, pictures. Alan's older kind of things. And you can also find them by going to this file Explorer. Here you see all of these directories like downloads, music, pictures, and it's just a basic file Explorer. You can browse through your file system and on the left, we've got this kind of programs as well. You've got a text editor. You've got terminal as well as you can add and remove software. So if you want to install new software in just type program name, click it and press supply, and it will install this software. Get some other stuff here that you can actually add and remove so you can remove this from favorites. It will disappear, right? So maybe we have maybe your chrome user friends and you want to edit. That's a good start growing, and you can drag. It heats up here. Okay, so now you go back first escape key. You see, the application is added to this menu so you can at your favorite applications to be sidebar. Here. You can also change the look and feel a bit you can change the background, right? Most, but only destined. She changed the picture makes you choose something that you do you like as well as for the lock stream. So whenever you lock your computer, you can changed for the grams. You can pick whichever that screen you want to use. So it's a very basic background can change some system configuration like resolution, printers, sounds, settings and those kind of things. And they've also got a program called Speak to So Three If you start tweak so you can set some additional team configurations. So right now it's quite a dark team, and maybe you want something something different. So I just picked another one, right? So the appearance will change, can change and change the appearance in that sense. So whichever apparent shoes you'd like to use it because quite some choice could change the cursor. But it de general. So you have a global dark team sitting here. If you press, it's would be a different team. Whenever I start a new program, see, everything is dark colors. If you don't like that, just turned it off. So this is what the genome messed up environment looks like, basically, how it works 3. Demo: XFCE Desktop: This is the X f C environment, so you can choose your version off my gero. There's the except See Katie and Gena version, and the X F C version just shows this kind of graphics when you when you started. So it has a menu bar on top. U F d one of the applications and you've got multiple desktops so you can choose between your virtual desktop. Some some settings here's could change the Colonel language. Scott Oclock and you've got your user. It is very basic. In that sense. You've got a fat explorer on the desktop. You can brochure desktop and you can start program something bottom so you could start growing with once. Just start this thing up. So see, we forgot grown here that file Explorer. Jimmy. No, I got a mail reader kind of word processor. It's a pretty basic things, right. It's very, very fast tested. So when old computers this works really, really fast now you might want to customize the default appearance. Seven desktop settings can change the wallpaper. Any pictures, stuff like this. So whatever picture he wants, you can also add new pictures to your to your computer I got all kind of things right. Change to whatever you like is from can change some things related to the menu, and you can also show and height leaf Steichen's. You could show whichever you want to show on. The has a default on the desktop. If you want, you can turn a default icons off. You can also change the Eiken team or other stuff so you can change the color scheme. Right? So you see this changing depending on what you would like can change the Aiken's so whatever, whatever team you like can change the forms. Penhall changed the basic things. You can install new software in settings system system. It's removed software and you can browse solely software, right? So if you want to install new application, you can just click, it's and press apply, and it will start installing. You can pretty much check out all of the software cannot. Some browse it by group, all kinds off things. Here you can just search, so it's it's quite a You've got to know what you're searching for with this kind of software installer, but it works pretty well. You can also do that from the from the terminal. So you choose a program called Beckman and you dive disc amount so installed Firefox or whatever program you want to install, so I'll know it's a pretty basic nest up, but is very fast. 4. Demo: KDE Desktop: This is the Katie a desktop environments. So my general for ST Versions E K g. A version, this one and X FC version and a genome version, they only differ in graphical environments. So this is my hair. Okay, so you have a task bar and a distant on the left bottom. You'll see a menu of pop up, and you can type any program you'd like. So you basically search for whichever application you he wants, so you can get a list if you you search, so you'll see several options on the bottom. As applications, you can browse or search application by category, so it's by clicking. You'll see which applications are installed for a category can roasty computer, and you also have history. So you can also look out here so in this sense, is very basic, but it's quite resource heavy. We can configure desktop 5. Get manjaro: Now we need to create a disk image. You can either use USB drive. He would be fleshed rife or a CD or DVD drive. Now, to get started, you need to download one off the life CDs and in fact, you to use or to try my general. You don't even need to install it to the system. You can just try it from the CD from the USB flash drive. No, it's important to note that Mongella without have full functionality when you run in life, she demote or life. He was being built. So if you have the chance, install it on the computer there that you have despair that you have left. So you choose either off the available CDs. So under DKT, a version the XXY order, Do you have a version and and anyone so create the disc. So depending on the on the system you're in, you can use another program to create a disc 6. Create Install USB on Windows: grating. I used the flash drive in windows. If you want to install from a USB disk, you could do that. Eso you need to separate USB drive one of those things. Usually it's like 10 bucks, and you can answer them into the computer and installed a set up from this USB drive. So if you have a use breed drive that's empty, you can create a use. Be media using the program. Rufus so you can find this program on the website. Rufus that UK old off E Once you started, choose your USB drive. Make sure you selected the right one. If you select the wrong one, it will be four months. Everything will be gone now Change the NBR partitions scheme henge to buy us or you a fee file system should be for 32 cluster size for several 96 bites and the volume level should be M. J R. 01610 and you want to have a quick four months in selectee. He only right ISO image with the tea download before so from the website. Monteiro dork. You download the Rights CD. Then once you have all those things configured, click start and once you are done, restart your computer 7. Create Install USB on linux: If you use the next, you can also create a USB flash drive. You can do that using the program. DD so in the command line. First, insert your USB flash drive than CD to the directory. Check the device using command pseudo F disc minus L. And then you can write he image to the USB drive with the command dd disco months. Now be careful to write the right he was B disk. You don't want to actually override your system or another kind of data that you want to have to be sure, do right, right disk. Then, once the process is completed, just reboots and in your BIOS menu you want to make it starts automatically. So be sure to open your bias using one of the F key. So usually it's F 12 F eight F to order the lead key. This was started by us. Now in here. Make sure you can. You built a USB drive 8. Install manjaro: starting Minnix. So before starting, make sure to have a CD or DVD or USB flash drive incidents to the computer and start. Once it starts up, you'll see a book menu so so so called menu, which gives you several options. You can set your your language in other settings. You can also change your keyboard layouts and in this kind of options. But what you want to do is probably just and starts the Ricky just press enter to start Monteiro Lennox, and this will directly start the desktop environments. So once this is started, you see the welcome screen and might take a while to start this life CD. And then you get an idea what my gero is like. So this is the life environments, and you can do most of the things you can do. We didn't installed environments. You can get an idea what man generally nexus like have all these programs and options, and you can dry the difference environments without actually installing it to your computer . Now before. If you want to install it before installing, make sure use configure your WiFi settings or, alternatively, you can this plug in the cable and once it's plucked in, you can install on General Lennox, So this is going through the menu to install it. Now. I will be careful. If you have already a system installed, you might actually want to install Montero on another system to have a separate drive that you can fully use for Montero because you don't want to actually break your existing system . So the first thing you'll see when you when you start installation is the welcome screen, so you can select your language in there. I'm just going to go with English. Then you can select your location in the location is used for your time. So this is the only reason why you want to set location is to show the correct time zone. Click on the map or on one of the buttons Millo. Then once you have done that, you can select your keyboards so you might want to to try that in the bottom. In the option below, you'll see type hair, too. To test your keyboards, make sure that all of your keys work. Select the right keyboards. Once that's done, you get into next step called partitions. Now you have several options here, and the one thing I recommend is to use a new drive totally empty because you don't want to actually break your system. So chances are if you use one of the other options, you you break your existing system to just get a new hard disk ends. Install on that one then, so you'll select a race disk, which will delete everything. Right, so you want an empty disk before doing that. You don't want to to mess up on existing system to select that one. Then it last cube for you, sir, so you can just specify your user name and your passwords and also your administrative bus words just shown below. So complete those options. Then it will show you some summary and press. Next, it will be installing for a while. So depending on your type of computer, this may be slower or faster, and finally it's complete. So check the books, restart now at the bottom left and press next and then make sure to remove your US me. Try for your or C the room because you don't want to install again to start again from the installation disk, and you want to actually start from the computer systems