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Manifesting Your Desires

Ophelia Feyre, Tarot Reading

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is manifesting?

    • 3. Things you will need

    • 4. Preparation

    • 5. Grounding

    • 6. Performing the ritual

    • 7. Last few words


About This Class

Do you ever feel like the universe just isn't on your side?

This class will help you use your own energies and those of the universe to attract what you want. Whether you're looking for success, happiness, abundance or achieving your dream, then manifesting can help.

Using the law of attraction allows you to bring focus to what you want and helps you achieve it.

In this class I will explore what manifesting is; considering the Wiccan and Witchcraft law and other important factors. I will guide you through the things you need and how how to prepare for a successful manifesting experience. Lastly, I will talk you through the ritual itself.

I hope you enjoy the class.


1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. And welcome to Mali School, shop, class all about manifesting now I have been asked on a few occasions about casting are manifesting for the people. So I thought this video we really good to show you how easy it is to do for yourself. You don't need any sort of special skills or anything to go into this. So it's perfect for beginners and I have split into five sort of simple lessons, breaking down the process of manifesting on what you will need. So in the next few lessons, I'm hoping to illustrate what you need to do in order to manifesting your desires. So the lessons will cover what is manifested. So if people are not 100% sure, I would like a little bit more guidance on what manifest it is, then that's a brief overview. They also considers important things Before you start. I do cover how manifesting links to wicker on witchcraft. However, you don't need a background in that in order to continue with this video. The second lesson is about things that you will need. So I will talk you through some key things that you could use in terms of candles, crystals, herbs are essential oils that can be helpful in the manifest in process. Lesson three is about preparation. So it's a really quick corn just to help you organize your space to ensure that you've got the right mindset on energy is around you. Before you start your manifest him lesson fall will be about ground in again. It's very important to the process, and it will just ensure that you've got the right energies. The right mindset. Help you relax before you start on. Then, lastly, last five will be performing the ritual, so actually taking you through the manifesting process. So if this is not something that you're familiar with or you've never done before, then it's very important to keep an open mind. You may find it useful to make notes along with the lessons, just so that you can come back to them, refer back to them because I do recommend that the process of manifesting is doing when you are alone, rather than actually doing it along with the video. If you're not really one for taking notes and just coming back to the videos and rewatching them and would also be quite useful. It just depends what works for you. Really? I hope you enjoy the class and I'll see you in lesson. 2. What is manifesting?: So what is manifesting? Basically, it's the ability to attract what you're asking far. So it's working with the law of attraction. On Manifesting helps you to focus on the joys and your thoughts on what it is that you want so that it can become a reality. It could be manifesting dreams, desires, success, something that you want, something that you need only if you are deserving and you have the positive energies. You may already have something in mind that you want to manifest, but some examples could be a new job on aspiration. Success at a job interview, Our success. A sporting event on competition, giving a successful presentation at work, success in a new venture or even strength to help get you through a difficult day. Now it's important to note that manifesting is not a replacement for hard work. The universe does need to see that you are deserving of what you're asking far. So, for example, if you want to pass an exam, that doesn't mean they don't have to study. Just think of it as a little extra help. It does help to be specific, manifesting. So instead of saying that you won't look, you want happiness, it's best to manifest something specific. So what do you require? Look far or what? Specifically will bring you happiness. So when you've decided, what is that you want to manifest is important to remember that when you are practicing wicker or witchcraft that no one should intentionally be harmed by your work. Therefore, it should be for yourself and not have any. Negative and effects are impacts on the people. If you're not familiar with our witchcraft, then the weakened last states that any negative are ill. Intentions that you send out into the universe will come back to you threefold. So therefore, it's really important to consider your motives before you actually continue with the ritual . Well, the things to consider are never to do magical work. Ins on a whim are a moment. Impulse, if you are feeling angry, are set, are hurt because thes feelings can affect spell cause it to go wrong cause it not to work are to go awry. You may seek permission from someone from manifestation on their behalf, but like I said, it's best for an instant for yourself. If the universe does not think that your intentions are pure are that you're asking too much. Then it will not grant your request for manifesting to work. He was truly believe in the magic of the universe on that, what you're doing is going to work. So if you ever day and have carefully thought about, why is your wanting to manifest? Then let's move wanted things that you will need and listen to. 3. Things you will need: So now I'm going to take you through a few of the things that you will need a few things that you could use in your manifesting. So the first thing that you will need is a bay leaf off a small piece of paper. So very leafs are used quite often in magical working. But paper will be just fine for this theme. The reason that we say to use a bay leaf in particular is because it does have extra qualities that are useful for this type of magic. For example, they dispel any harmful energies, and they carry their own energies that promote desires. Coming true. Any size bailiff is fine, really, but you will need to be right in on them. What your manifested. So just bear that in mind, and you will also need a pen in order to write down your desire. One thing I would say when you are writing on a bay leaf that gel pens are usually better for that, and they work a little bit better than depends. But obviously he using piece of paper that anything will do. The next thing that you will need is a cauldron are any fireproof container. So this is just a mini cauldron, they say for this kind of thing, So but like I said again, any soft I improve container is fine for this. Next, I'm going to go through condos crystals that you will lead for this manifesting. But then also some herbs and oils that make you may choose to use. So, starting with candles, it's good to have between 1 to 3 candles to burn during the ritual. I would say no more than that because it's a little bit over. Killed and on is important to choose colors that are suitable depending on what you are manifesting, I would say it's the altitude colors that suit what is your manifesting or what your intentions are. Now, if you're not sure as to what colors would work best for your intention, I'm going to go through the main key colors that you could use. So one thing that we do is we link colors to the elements eso think about which element will help you with your goal. So I'm going to go through five key Campbell colors on ellingstad elements, that internal link to what you want to manifest. So starting with the green green candles represent the earth, the physical world. So they're very solid and they're very stabilising. So this is good, far physical things that you want. So, for example, they link really well to abundance, manifesting money, career on those sort of things. Next M is yellow Ajello links to the element of the air, so this is good far communication clarity, knowledge learning, clear thinking, public speak in getting across an idea on exam success. So things that are related to education on learning and interviews as well. It's a good one for the yellow candle. Next is red, so red links to the element of fire on, obviously the color red we linked to passion as well. So that's what this candle on this color is good for us. A passion. Creativity also challenges the particularly good if you're manifesting love. If you want to spark creativity, are your starting a new project for you? You need a new idea. Awesome inspiration. Then that's what the fire red represents. Um, next we have the blue candle on the color blue represents the element of water, so this is linked to our emotions. and our feelings so it could be linking to relationships to family and friends. You could also use this for manifesting healing drew in the grieving process. So everything linked feelings with the blue one on then. Leslie. We have the white candle, which represents the spirit. If you looked at all the other couple colors and you're still not sure what what color you should use that I would always go with the white. It is an all purpose candle on an all purpose color, so it represents divine wisdom, and essentially you're putting it in the hunt of the universe. Eso it's it's really suitable for any intention. And so next I want to look at Krystal's again. Try and choose a crystal that is suitable for your intention. So the same basic principle that we used with the candles in the links of the colors to the elements of what they represent can be used with crystals as well, especially gate crystals on gate stones, because they do come in a variety of colors. However, if you wanted to look into crystal energies in more detail and do your own research into the different properties than I would recommend that. So I'm just going to talk to review of the basic crystals. So again we'll start with green Eso. Green, like he said, represents the earth. So green crystals are green. Stones like Green Gate are green adventuring and link things to do with abundance, prosperity and good fortune. So those are really good stones for those sorts of things. Next, yellow. So again, the yellow crystal, all the yellow. Our gate is good for learning and knowledge. Some things like exam success on anything to do with education. Next is the red crystal, so again link into the element of fire. So these linked to things like passion, love and creativity. Blue crystals and stones, then, so this one is a blue lace, a gate. Him and again, this one's good far emotions on and relationships. So those are the links off colors to the elements and the stones that you could use if you want in some specific crystals with specific energies than a few that you could use on Opel . So Opal is really good fun, creative endeavor. So if you wanted to be more creative, or if you've got creative project coming up then that will be useful. Gait is really good for strength and stamina. So if it's maybe a support, a sporting event are something that requires in Germans than Sempra Gate would be really good for that one. One of my favorite crystals is Labrador Eye on this one I've used in manifesting success, and I've always found really good results with that one. So Labrador, right far success. Another one is Tiger's eye. So if you're wanting confident, our power in an East Pacific situation and Tiger's eye is a good one for that, and I one of my favorite is bro Squats. So I do have a few rows squats, but Rose Quartz is really good far self love, Um, as well as love. In general, a zit has links to the heart, so anything that you wanted to do in terms off relationships are love. Whether it be with family, with friends, with the partner or with yourself, then Rose Quartz is really good for that one. If you are looking for something that's going to instill some peace and some calm and some tranquility and into your manifest in, then, um, a fist is really good one on even a poeple lace. Our gate would be good for that. And lastly, like we did with the candles, white is a really good all purpose, a color, far any intentions. So in this case, a quartz crystal. I would be really good. Far all intentions. If you are struggling to find something that links specifically to what you want to money fast, then I would always say to go with the quality crystal, you know. Hi. So, in your manifesting, it's important to use at least one candle on one crystal and in the process. Now, I'm going to go through some oils. I'm some homes that you may choose to use in your manifest in, but you don't have to use, so they're not. An essential part of it, however, is an option that you may choose to use. So the way that we used them is that you could anoint your candles with a particular oil. Our user herb are a combination of herbs. Tattoo the colder. Now the fireproof contained A during the manifest in, I would say, don't use any more than two herbs, Father. So again, with this, you can research what aisles are herbs of work are would be beneficial for your goal are your intention. But these are just some general ones that I found useful on that tend to do Come on, herb or an oil. So it's up to you, which you would prefer to use. So firstly, is lavender on camomile again. Lavender Andi Camomile do come as the herbs are the essential oils, so it's up to you, which would prefer to use their really good, far calming and relax ation. So if that's something that you want to add to your manifested than I would recommend using those, you could also use a Citrus oils so thing things like lime, orange or lemon and that really good far success. So if this is something that you're wanting success in job interviews and exam, except truth and Citrus oils are really good for that. You could even use the fruits and during the process if you wanted. Next is cinnamon. I don't actually have an example with me at the moment, but cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, anything at all is really good. Far career abundance, energy and strength. Next is done. The lion. So basically something you confined in your garden, which is really good for banishing negativity. Jasmine, whether it be the herb are sent again, are really good for love and passion. Intentions meant I have a have meant essential oil. But even if you're using the mint herb are another type of mint, then that's really good for money. Manifestation. Next Sage is really good for manifesting, which may include wisdom. Are that knowledge again, unless Lee, another one to consider, is Rosemary, which is really good for memory. So I feel wanting something a little bit more specific. Um, that's about memory than this one would be really useful. So I've gone through quite a lot of things there, but it's important to remember that the bay leaf on the paper, just one candle on one crystal is really all you need for this manifestation, Theo. Other things, like the herbs and oils, are in addition, don't feel like you need to use those. Once you've decided everything that you would like to using your manifesting, we're now going to go on to preparing 4. Preparation: So this video that is going to be a really quick corn about preparing yourself and preparing your space before you actually start manifesting. So the first thing you need to do is to actually decide where you want to conduct, which are ritual so it could be a an altar are a sacred space if you are usually used to doing your wicker or witchcraft in those areas. However, if this is something new to you, then it's just somewhere that you feel comfortable so it could be a bedroom, a living room. A specific group in your house could even do this outside. If that's why you feel comfortable, it's entirely up to you. If your personal practice requires it, then you could cast a sacred circle to protect the energies that you are going to be using . But if you are not used to doing wicker are witchcraft and then it's not necessary remain. Thing that I would recommend for preparation is cleansing the space that you're using. So basically, this means just making sure that the room all the space is free from bad vibes and negative energies. So there are several ways that you could do this. So, firstly, opening the windows toe, let some fresh air into the room. Um, ring a hand bell. Teoh. Expel the negative energies is a little a using a smudging stick, a sage stick in other in order to expel the negative energies and fast amount that sort of the way. Once you Clinton's Joe Space, the next thing is to set out your ingredients, your operators, things that you'll be using in front of you with easy reach. It's up to you if you want to do this. Sitting are standing. You can use Christians, pillows, blankets, anything at all just to make sure that you're feeling calm and relaxed and comfortable. Ensure you are warming up. So once you clench your space, if you have the windows open, then maybe closed them again. Just make sure that your warm comfortable in the space that you're in, you may choose to play some soft music in the background. Burn some incense. Isn't Tyler to you? You could even use incense that compliments your intentions all the manifested. So that was just a really quick checklist of what to do. In order to prepare yourself and to prepare your space before starting the manifesting on. The next thing is grounding, so I will see you in the next video. 5. Grounding: So the next thing before starting your ritual is grounding. So grounding is again preparing yourself in terms of your energies before you actually start process. Like with most wicker on witchcraft spells, grounding is important to send to yourself before you start. It means establishing a connection between yourself on the Earth. It's about feeling a connection with space that you are in, uh, what is around you and, most importantly, the earth. It's on your feet. Grounding is also something that used by people that suffer from anxiety. Panic attacks. A zit helps them to reestablish connection with space that they're in. So what do you need to do? I'm going to talk you through the process of grounding. You may want to make notes during this so that you could do it when it comes to your manifesting. So the first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you're relaxed just physically feeling yourself. Relax, closing your eyes helps a swell. So sitting are standing. However you prepare trying to calm. Relax yourself and closing your eyes. If you are sitting than you could imagine a card are any connection between the base of your spine and the flaw. So if you're standing, visualized that connection through the soles of your feet. Aligned. Your center of gravity along that card off whole basically just means balancing yourself to make sure that you're sacked straight, and then you need to take three deep breaths from your dime from on your abdomen. So visualizing and feeling the energy flow up from the earth and fill you so again you cannot with your eyes closed and just take those three deep breaths after the breaths. You just want to return to your normal breathing. Grounding allows us to use the earth's energy with in our work rather than depleting your own. It also helps to ensure that you're in the right frame of mind that you're calm and relaxed so that there's no negative intentions Are energy present before you start, so grounding is a very quick process, but it's important to make sure that you do feel physically, mentally, spiritually comma and relaxed before starting the process. If you feel like you're ready, move on to the last video and we'll go through the performing of ritual 6. Performing the ritual: Okay then, guys. So by now we've gone through what you need for manifesting preparing your space and preparing yourself for the ritual. So now we just need to go through how to actually perform this ritual. So the best time to conduct your manifestation is on our around the new moon, as the Anedge is there, are focused on new beginnings. Setting new goals and intentions is a time to reset. So I do recommend doing the honor around the full moon. However, you can do it any time. Really. Firstly, you need to light your candle are the candles that you've chosen and place those in front of you. At this point, if you've chosen to use in an ill, then anoints the candle with the oil before you light it, that basically just means placing a drop off the isle up to the candle and then lighting it As the candle is burning. You need to write on your bay leaf or your paper. Your goal as an affirmation by affirmation. That means that you will started with I will I Okay, so I will achieve success in I I'm going to pass this exam. Whatever it is that you're manifesting trying to write exactly what you want to manifest. It doesn't have to be a lot of detail as long as you're holding it in your mind as you're writing down your information. So either close your eyes or gaze at the flame on the candle and sit quietly for a few moments, keeping your goal in mind. Imagine you've over. Do you achieved? How does it feel? Are you comfortable with it? Well, it's your life, like now that you have what you want, hold that image in your mind until your mind starts to wonder, and then stop. Consider Is it still something that you want? Do you need to treat your goal? If there is any doubt at all in this manifestation, are what you want to accomplish, then this is probably a good time to stop. At this point, you can add and crush any herbs that you want to use into your colder and all your fireproof container, and then you need to use the condo to burn the bay leaf, all the paper, and then add that to the cauldron. A swell. The burning of the bay leaf releases your intentions into the universe. As your belief is burning, you need to take your crystal a moving gently around the candle and around the cauldron. So that absorbs the energies. You're that you're hoping to instil in it. Now hold in your hands and focus again on your goal Absorbs the energies from the crystal as you pass on what you hope to achieve if you feel comfortable that you may want to repeat it was the universe asking for what you want a chance that you could Jews is I thank you for all that I have. I ask you now to help you manifest Help me as I strive to achieve it. Please bring it to me when the time is right. So, Monty be And once the paper and the Bailey has burnt and you've completed your work with the crystal, then the spell is complete. You can blow out the candle, relight it whenever you feel you need to boost. I find it beneficial to curry the crystal with may. So if there is something specific happening that take your crystal with you and have it with you on your person 7. Last few words: Okay, then, guys, just the last few words about manifesting before I go. Please don't feel disheartened. And if your first manifestation doesn't world Cardizem yield the results that you wanted, it may be that on this occasion the universe doesn't feel that what you've asked for is part of your path on. But it may be something that appears later down the line manifesting is supposed to be a very calming, positive experience. So ideally, it puts you in the right frame of mind to help it achieve what we want. Leslie, I just want to share a look, but about project for this class. So if you feel comfortable that please share the your manifesting experience with the rest of us. So, for example, you could share. What were you manifesting? What particular candles are crystals you used? Did you choose to use aisles? Are herbs? If so, what did you use? How did you feel before, During and after the manifesting process? Andi, Leslie has the universe answered? Thank you very much, guys, for joining me on this class. If you have any feedback, then please do leave that in the comments. And I wish you all the look on success for the future