Mandolin: Dead Man's Tuning - How to Tune Your Mandolin | Willy Minnix | Skillshare

Mandolin: Dead Man's Tuning - How to Tune Your Mandolin

Willy Minnix, Check Out Dead Man's Tuning at

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4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Course 1 Video 1

    • 2. Session 2 - Basic Chords

    • 3. Course 1 Video 3

    • 4. Course 1 Video 4


About This Class

This class will teach beginning mandolin students how to tune their mandolin in Dead  Man's and ADAD tuning for the mandolin. These open tunings are great ways to learn how to play the mandolin in a simple and easy fashion.





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Willy Minnix

Check Out Dead Man's Tuning at

Willy Minnix – Biography of an American Troubadour

As a musician, artist, writer, sound man and minister, Willy Minnix has formed a unique perspective on life that has grown along with his chance to live all across America. His unique perspective on life is reflected in his works, and connects with people from all walks of life. His songs often offer a glimpse into other times and places, that carry the listener along to places they have never experienced, and sights they have n...

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