Mandarin Chinese: Introduction to Chinese writing system part 1

Hong Zeng, Professor of Chinese and comparative literature

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4 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. The Chinese Writing System

    • 2. Basic Chinese Radicals part 1

    • 3. Basic Chinese Radicals Part 2

    • 4. Basic strokes of Chinese characters


About This Class

This course introduces Chinese writing system: 1) six types of Chinese characters 2) Chinese radicals--the meaningful component of a Chinese character 3) basic Chinese strokes 4) Chinese stroke order. You will learn how to write Chinese characters. It is one of the introductory courses in the language sequence "College Mandarin Chinese on Your Own" which has over 80 courses and allows you to learn 3 years' college Chinese curriculum in just 6 months, and save 30000 dollars of college tuition, based on the same range of vocabulary, grammar and situational dialogues and allows you to achieve the same degree of proficiency. Instructor is Professor Hong Zeng, an award-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years at prestigious American universities.