Mandala Magic: Create Your Own Starburst Mandala

Wendy Brookshire, Artist, Designer and Illustrator

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11 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Mandala Intro

    • Materials

    • WarmUpSquare

    • WarmUpCircles

    • WarmUpStarburst

    • DrawPt1

    • DrawPt2

    • DrawPt3

    • Inking

    • Color

    • Painting


About This Class

The word mandala loosely translates to “circle”. Traditional mandalas are beautiful symbols that represent the universe and the circle of life. Making a mandala is a very individual process, and there are countless approaches to their creation.

This class will cover my process of creating these mandalas. The method we’ll be using for creating these mandalas is entirely by hand, so the supplies you need are simple and readily available. In our warm-up exercises, I’ll be walking you through some easy methods for drawing geometric shapes, which we’ll use in our final artwork.

For this beginner class I’ll be drawing the entire mandala for you to follow along with me, but you are free to experiment and use these techniques to create your own patterns. After our artwork is drawn, I will be reviewing some color concepts and giving you tips on how to create a beautiful color palette to apply to your mandala.  No real experience is needed, just some familiarity with using rulers and measurements, simple tools like a compass, and your favorite coloring medium.

At the conclusion of the class, you’ll end up with a unique piece of hand drawn art that’s ready for you to frame, give as a gift, or even sell. I hope you enjoy this class and leave with a new art-making technique to add to your creative arsenal!

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I do a lot of my own mandala work and found this class very fun and inspiring! Great instruction, I hope to see more classes like this in the future!
Sarah Uram

Certified Zentangle Teacher

Quite a complex project, but Wendy explains it really well. It took me a few goes to get something I was relatively happy with, but now I have the skills to create a range of mandalas.
I really admire the precise work and appreciate great tips, for me personally the ones about creating a color palette where really inspiring and refreshing! thank you :)
Carolina Shaturska

Artist & Yoga Instructor





Wendy Brookshire

Artist, Designer and Illustrator

HI! I'm an artist, designer and illustrator, born and raised in Colorado (USA). My days are filled with designing and art directing for a university, my nights are filled with drawing and illustrating projects that make me happy.

Love to hike, kayak, camp and garden when I'm not slaving away at the drawing table.

Instagram: @wendylynnletters

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