Manager vs Leader - get to know the difference, become Better Manager in 5 steps | Katy Dyzewska | Skillshare

Manager vs Leader - get to know the difference, become Better Manager in 5 steps

Katy Dyzewska, Business Edutainer & Coach

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4 Videos (38m)
    • Welcome

    • Part 1 Manager vs Leader - differences

    • Part 2 Coaching exercise - what you can do better?

    • Part 3 - 5 steps to become a Better Manager


About This Class


The workshop in the first one of the managerial series I am working on for you. This first movie is divided into 3 chapters.

Part 1 you will learn the most important differences between typical manager and leader approach towards people and processes in the company environment.

Part 2 is prepared in a style of coaching session. It also is an assignment for you. It will help you find some managerial and leadership you already have and also will support you to master skills which you would like to improve. You would need pen and paper and some time to follow and write down your answers.

Part 3 is my advice towards you. I base it on the experience with my clients who work as manager in different environments in Europe. I will present 5 steps towards becoming a better manager. Using those 5 steps you can become more of leader type manager.





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Katy Dyzewska

Business Edutainer & Coach

Hello, I'm Katy.

I am a Business Edutainer and Coach. I am passionate about people development and change. I work with managers to support them in mastering their skills and help them build managerial style that will work in their company environment.

During the 10 years of my career in the financial sector I realized there is more I can create in my life than reports.

I am an economist and MBA graduate. I am certified Business Trainer and Coach. I believe in constant dev...

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