Manage your calendar, tasks, team collaboration & file sharing in one place

Rich Peterson, Online Teacher with 20,000+ happy students :)

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Glip Intro

    • Dashboard, People & Teams

    • Calendar & Tasks

    • Links, Notes & Files

    • Integrations & Overview


About This Class

About Rich:


In this class, we'll be having a beginner's overview on using Glip to save your business time and money. If you're sick of jumping between apps to manage your workload, you'll love Glip for:

  • Managing simple projects
  • Tracking tasks
  • Team chat
  • Group chat
  • File sharing
  • Checking your calendar
  • Keeping up to date through a beautiful mobile app
  • Integrating with your other apps

If your business is looking for a program that everyone will be able to pick up quickly and use then give Glip a trial on their free plan. 

We've been using and recommending Glip for clients who need more than just email & spreadsheets but who would find Basecamp or Podio too complex to use. We wanted a light-weight option and Glip worked well for us!






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Rich Peterson

Online Teacher with 20,000+ happy students :)

Rich Peterson is the founder of Great Freelancers & Online Survey Co.,where he helps people create meaningful, profitable and highly useful businesses through innovation & design.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, marketplaces, collaborative consumption, design that works and, of course, his family. When he's not consulting, teaching, selling over $1.8 million dollars of books or lending money to people in third-world countries (through Kiva), you'll find him reading, playing beach volleyball or mastering the art of surfing backwards.


Courses available on Skillshare & Udemy.