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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (3h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Small vs Large Companies

    • 3. Types of Organizations

    • 4. Career Stages

    • 5. Career Paths

    • 6. Education and Development

    • 7. Managing your day

    • 8. Managing your performance

    • 9. Manage your supervisor

    • 10. Manage your relationships

    • 11. Changing Paths

    • 12. Asking for an increase

    • 13. Working towards Promotions

    • 14. Changing jobs

    • 15. Taking care of things

    • 16. Closing remarks

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About This Class

As a fresh software professional, you are wondering about how you can chart your career to achieve your life ambitions. You are wondering about the various career options you have, their advantages and short comings and their suitability for you. You want to know about working towards pay rises and promotions. You are thinking about timing of career changes and how to execute them. If you are in that situation, this course is perfect for you.

This course provides in one place all the guidance you need to plan and achieve your career goals. It walks you through the industry work places and their advantages and shortcomings. It provides guidance on planning your work day, managing your manager and working as a team. It walks your through the process of preparing for pay increases and promotions. It helps to decide on career moves and changes.

You should take this course if you are a software professional looking for career guidance. This course is useful for all software professionals.

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Kumaran Ponnambalam

Dedicated to Data Science Education


V2 Maestros is dedicated to teaching data science and Big Data at affordable costs to the world. Our instructors have real world experience practicing data science and delivering business results. Data Science is a hot and happening field in the IT industry. Unfortunately, the resources available for learning this skill are hard to find and expensive. We hope to ease this problem by providing quality education at affordable rates, there by building data science talent across the world.

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to this course on managing your soft black cat here. This course is meant for young software in the people who are actually getting into the industry on they want to know about how well they can plan and manage their carrier. If you're already experience in the industry, maybe you already know a lot of things that have been spoken in this course. But the idea is that we want to put it in one place as to how the software industry is all about. You know how it works, working of things you need to do in your work. How do you take care of things and how do you take care of changes and stuff like that? Eso One of the goals for this course. The primary intention is to help young software professional to understand the industry, the various job options available to them and to make informed decisions. It helps them to plan and manage their carrier and achieve success and happiness in their lives. And but then that's on my also say that this is not intended to make a decision as to whether a software career is right for you. You're not talking about. Should you be yourself getting in, there are not. That's not what this discussion is all about. We expect that, you know, you already have made the decision in authority are bologna wayto becoming a software in there are only already a software engineer. We're just trying to discuss about how best you can achieve the goals. You have set foot in your life and then have a great carrier software carrier. So why did you choose Toby? Us Toe chose a software carrier. Why did you choose to become a software engineer? There are many reasons why you did that. Because you like computers and technology. No, like computers and technologies, right from your school days. And you're so attracted to it. And on our biggest art, you know, you might what we were. Your thing is that you want to pursue a lucrative career and make lots of money. Sometimes it is technical. Sometimes it's all about money because software is a great place. But you have a very lucrative career and you want to make a lot of money. You wanted a career that provides a safe and long term employment. You want stability in your life you want to look at on industry where there is a lot of job opportunities, you always have work and stuff like that. All right, maybe that you want an outlet for your creative mind. You are pretty creative. And software is a place where you can explore your creative sensors. You can create a lot of things, create some new software, get some new ideas going. So maybe that's why you got into software. Are you want to talk up, take a complex problems and you want to solve them it again. Software is a great place where there are a lot of complex problems exist, and you can read some really good software to solve them all. It may be simply that everybody else is doing you know, you took it because, okay, everybody else is becoming us off friend in there. So far as the hardened happening technology, there's are hard on happening. Feel there and I want to be a software unit to this may be simply because you have free of pressure. Are you have family pressures are your family wants you to be a softer engine, and maybe that's why you took the software carrier. Um, you may be forced to do it by your family. Now, we're not going to get into a judgment. Call us to whether your decision is right or not. Whatever decision you made you made you come under this car here. So it's up to you why you made it. We don't care about this in this. In this particular course won't be cannibal is now that you are as in the software carrier , how best can you do things with their? How best can you achieve your goals left your If your goal is to make money, how can you make more money? If your goal is to have an outlet for your creative mind? How can you do that? I think so. That's what we have focused on the specific course. So the question is, now that your chosen is what are your options to bitch? Best achieve them. So that's what we going to be focused on in this course. How did this course help you look at the various options available the various carrier parts that are available to you. That's because of the unique features and benefits off the various options available so you can make an informed decision on an informed choice as to which way you want to go. Remember that every choice option as good and bad things about you know, there's nothing that is universally go down. University back. What is good toe? One person might look back to another. What is important is that it's you who wanted to make the decision based on your own wants on asked, and what do you want to be doing? We are not gonna be recommending a specific option. Rather, we let you make the decision based on your preferences and your priorities. It also helps you to understand what is working in a software feel like. How was your day to day work, Toby? And how are you going to manage your work about humanity going to manage your supervisor? Another team members on Also, how do you do carrier changes? You know, how do you plan and execute carrier changes as you go along? We hope this course is going to be exciting for you. We expect that maybe you would wanna get a few tips on how you can manage your carrier from this course And that might be helpful for you in planning and executing a career. Eso Hopefully you find this course useful. Thank you, Aunt. Have create learning with this course by 2. Small vs Large Companies: Hi. Welcome to this lecture about comparing small vs large organizations. This is your instructor. Calm around here, So when you're kind of work in a given the I D field, you would end up looking at various organizations on day, maybe off different sizes. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of working for large organizations? Was a small organizations. Was anything in the middle? There is anything that is universally good university bad. It all depends upon what your choices are. So what is a small organization? A small organization typically has won 200 employees in really small in a one location, one set of people. The founder of the company is still the CEO. The company's usually pretty young around in or two years, three years, five years and the CEO knows everybody. So it's a small, nice group. A large organization has, like more than 1000 employees, it can go anywhere upto 300,000. It is multi location, multi departmental, you know, they're all kinds of people everywhere across the world. So the note about these falling discussion is that this discussion a place to most companies, say most companies is that not all come small companies look the same, and all large companies look the same. There are short and small companies that behave like large companies, and there are a lot of large companies that behave like small companies. So this kind of discussion, a place to most of them on the attributes fall in a broader. And what I mean is that you know what A while, you might ask a question. Waterboard companies with 100 employees to our employees, training employees find employees. So as the scale goes from small to large, the attributes kind of also move from where this mortal slowly towards. But it's large, you know. So it's a broad range. So the best thing when you're going to look for a company is better toe. Ask questions about that specific company. You know, you'll get to know more about the company, but in general, this is the kind off attribute you can expect. So here is a comparison. We starting off looking at the various benefits you get. Okay, how does your salary looked like in small companies? The salaries are generally lower than the large companies because, you know, generally small companies do not have a very different picture. HR division or department. They do not have a well set our thing off. The policies on pace kids and stuff like that. A lot of things done through discretion on the scales are generally lower again when they say it's lower it, as typically, like less than 10% compared to the large companies. Not not not a huge difference. But there are companies that pay better than the market. Also, it all depends upon the company's financial situation. You know, there are a lot of money they typically get and pay more for their good employees. If they had a pretty tight on cash, then, of course, the salaries are also going to be tight when it comes to benefits benefits like, you know, medical, dental, any kind of retirement funds and stuff like that. Small companies, typically a doting minimal required they typically do the statutory ones, you know, get a lot of great benefits with small companies. Large companies are very generally better. They typically get better deals and small companies from any of the when it comes to things like insurance and in order to remain fronts and stuff like that there generally better. You have a lot off side benefits, like gym memberships, you know, gold card, gold, course number ships and cafeteria benefits. And you get all kinds of benefits when you're looking at a large company. Stock options Stock options are generally better in small companies because these are small companies and their stalkers generally valued very small. They also tend to offer a lot off stock options. That's where you keep hearing people you know, joining start ABS and then when started, school public or get acquired this guys to make a lot of money. But please remember that not all startups get this option of going public are getting acquired. For every 100 start ups that start. Maybe they're attend that end up living everybody else dies on, even for those that could acquire. Not everybody makes money. So yeah, stock options are better. You may not release that. That kind off amount every time are all the time or no, you people make money off stock options in a very few times. It's not like everybody is making money out of it. So be careful. Large companies that typically give you stock at their market value when it's a market value, is the value at which the stock castrating. Maybe the stock of the companies trading in $30 on then you exp you typically ever bacon period for about a year or so, and after that you go to the market. Maybe there's only $31 on maybe it is $24. You would not expect to make a lot of money out of the stock options. In a large company, promotions are typically based on discretion, which means that, you know that is there isn't a very well set promotion policy in small companies, it is usually done based on discretion by the by the top guy at the CEO. It is good and bad because you know it is bad because you're not going to get promotions automatically. A lot of times you're asked for it. The good thing is that even though you do not have no passed in normal promotion guidelines , for example, if you say a for to be a doctor, you need to have every 15 years of experience and so on, so but if you are really good, the small companies are willing to promote here with the question just simply by looking at you. Large companies air very well, different policies their HR department that goes through and prepares all of them. So you have you follow a banjo you need to know, have a bunch of qualifications before you get these promotions done. But then, of course, the promotions would be automatic as time goes on, and typically that a lot off positions and a large company, you know, even over the software engineer. You'll see software Engineer 1234 So you keep getting a lot of promotions and a large company. There's a well defined growth part. Self development are small companies. Self improvement is expected, whether you take initiated to learn new technologies and new skills and stuff like that. Sponsorships for any courses, any kind of seminars, things like that are minimal and again discretionary, whereas in a large company there are typically corporate trainings that our education reimbursement that are schemes for, you know, higher education. Sometimes to reimburse you given for doing an embassy. Amazon on N B. A. Again, the benefits and large company with respect to self development are better. A small companies look at you to make those improvements. So with this page, you're typically hearing a lot of things which are kind of negative towards small companies . Let's see, what are the good things about small companies in the next line? Agility. How fast the company works, how quick the company moves on so small Companies are typically fast moving, and they change direction very fast. A typical project like life cycle in a small companies is only a few weeks. That's why they follow what you call the agile project model. You know, typically the sprints are Justin, or two weeks or three weeks, and every two weeks to four weeks you are churning out new kick, no new piece of core NewCo, new product versions and stuff like that. Large companies are very slow moving, and the changes are also very slow in coming. The projects in large companies trend to run for a few months. Like you know, six months to one year on any kind of change that is coming in also will come in very slow so that small companies with large companies, small companies are small that so they can move very fast. Large companies are large. They will only move very slow. The focus of the company. Small companies are are small because they haven't gotten enough market penetration yet, so their focus is on building great products, building products that are innovative building product that beat the market, the focus on on building great products, innovations. So that kind of some kind of work that goes on there looking toe, no, create a new new kind of, uh, a penetration into the market, a new product that accepts everybody, and that's what they're focused on. So there's a lot of focus on innovation, Andi product and stuff like that. Large companies are mature. They have already products that are in the market. So they're focuses on profits, cost cutting growth and those that there's a lot of focus on money in large companies. That's also because large companies are public companies and they're expected to make a profit every quarter. So that's their focus on flexibility of the company. Small companies are highly flexible. Large companies are very alone, flexible. That's because large companies have, Vall said. Rules for everything and everything. You know how you take from personal policies to your workplace guidelines toe. Have you execute your project and everything as well, said rules are documented process and procedures. So so the flexibility these companies offer from a workplace are very low process wise are small. Companies have little or no process. You know, typically, you go. They said, How you want to do the project and then go executed a small team Decide what you want to do . So you guys figured out how you're gonna execute the project on, then you just go on to do it. Large companies Aviles documentary process, well documented process typically have this. Eyes are certifications are CMM certifications and other forms of certifications. On there is a huge set of documentation that you go through to understand how the processes . Then you prepare a lot of documentation as a part of your part of your work well and good and bad. You know, when you have recommended processes, it's very smooth. Everything is documented on do. You don't have any surprises anything like that. When you don't have a recommendation, everything is dependent upon people. Everything isn't the people's head, right? How our product works. What are what one off court changes went in this release, and everything is kind of in people's head. And when you lose people, you know there's a lot of commotion and stuff like that bureaucracy. Small companies hardly have any bureaucracy because a small company, typically everybody is talking to everybody else. There's very few levels in the organization's on. Then they want to just go and get the work done. There's hardly any paper pushing around our people. Large companies that are a lot more formal process exists and there's a lot more, you know, reviews and approvals and everything that goes on for anything you want to do. And it can be pretty frustrating also, because you are. It was a software developer or a soft professional, one of focus on your technical things, right? Getting your work done on. There could be a lot of things that come in the way off, you getting your work done. And that could be sometimes frustrating organization politics. In small companies, there's very less room for part six. First of all, there is very less people that takes down a lot of opportunity for you to have politics, given that there is minimal staffing. People are already overloaded. One person owns and their application or an entire division, you know, then they're on. Their department will be just one person. So that person just has only one thing to do, which is just keep going and doing his job. That's hardly any chance for, you know, interpersonal interactions that leads to fights and in a contra legs and your like, who is bigger or smaller and that kind off situation, large companies. The scope for politics is pretty high. There is typically overlap of responsibilities. You may be surprised, but this because typically the organization structure is very clean and a large organization, but overlap off responsibility started to happen. When things go up, things change and you lot of sarin seeing in a large company. Toe divisions are trying to do the same thing, and then you guys are fighting over stuff on large Companies also have this habit of, you know, keep acquiring new companies. Small companies and those companies tried to merge in on their always in conflict with somebody whose internal and there's a lot off politics, and there's a lot of scramble for power, and you need to know how you can play well, inside this political situation going on. What about your personal work? First, what is your level of impact? Level off? Impact off your work within the organization. So the level of him back in a small companies very high because it's a small company. Whatever you do stands out typically in and software developments of a scenario you own in India product are you on, and their application you and junior engineer would own and their model honor in India a program, you know. So it's very obvious this guy owns this piece. You know, there's a very clear relationship between you and your work on Everybody knows what you're working on. So that's a direct correlation to your output. If your thing does well, okay, you get all the good stuff. If you think that's not over, you mess up something. Yeah, everybody knows it's you who, Mr in a large company, the level off impact is low. You might be doing great work, but you'll be in a small division, a different come country that no other people would know off, you know, in the company of 100,000 people, the good work that you do, how many other people are going to know about it and definitely not the sea off the company . Whereas in a small company, the CEO of the company will know the good are bad work that you're doing visibility again related to impact. Very high visibility in a small company. Goto bad. You are visible, you stand out, every individual stands out in a small company, and that's known to everybody else. In a large company, the visibility is very low said. There's too many people, so many divisions, you know, whatever you do, good or bad, just days typically within your group are within your division or department on. That's that's what it is. Impact Off Piers Group on the Home What impact your own peers are your own group have on your own performance on unknown, You know, success in a small company. It is low again related to the aspects we just discussed before. Because you stand out, your responsibilities usually are pretty isolated, so your success our failure depends usually upon yourself. The others do not have an impact on you. Large companies. It does because it's your group that succeeds are it's your group that fails. You might be doing excellent work in a group that is producing a bad product, and maybe that practice that was bad. The market for the product. That's pretty bad. So you're not going to get a lot off visibly be and not of good things for yourself for yourself, because you're group is pretty bad. Andi, if you look at large in a small companies, it is people who get hired or fired, and the large companies it is groups. Typically, companies lay off groups of people. That's because their group is not contributing something that the company had. A product that comes out of the group is bad or whatever it does. So there's a lot of impact on what your grouped us on your success in a large company work could use in. Small companies are tight, it's flexible, but it is tied. There's a lot of commotion intention, because it's all people are having things in their brains and trying to work through things and getting things done. Also, more companies trying to focus on smaller, faster delivery schedules, you know, for example, if a customer finds a bug defecting, your product. Small companies want to fix it in a matter of a few hours. Large companies want to fix them in the matter a few weeks, so there is a lot. Smaller companies are small. They want about really fast, because that's how they can differentiate themselves in the market. Large companies are lot more smooth. There's a process for everything. There's a lot of people involved in everything that's going on. The projects are pretty long. They do encourage no got off. Large companies allow you to do it. Remote work are no telecommuting stuff. Things are various more than a slow. It takes weeks for executing a project, even for making critical back fix. It takes like two or three weeks to get it out. So it's a small to what schedule documentation, how much documentation you wanted. Oh, so this is a pretty important thing you want to know because you are the South Red developer or a software engineer wants to focus on software writing South Bread Court. But companies for communication reasons, toe preserve any kind of intellectual work that happened. Focus on documentation, nature, documentation. We're talking about e mails, you know, Doc commendation like designed dogs and stuff like that. Small companies do not spend a lot of time on time the focus on technical work because they want to get things done very fast. Large organizations. The amount of documentation is pretty high. You start with having guidelines for your documentation, then you follow to make a document. And then there's reviews for your documents and then review meetings. And that's kind of stuff going on. People don't generally like writing documentation. It is frustrating and boring work again. It depends on the people. I'm thing. In general, people don't like writing documentation. They typically get frustrated, falling all the standards and stuff. So so those are the good things and bad things. I mean, I guess it's good and bad based on your own perception on, based on whatever you wanna do. Eso There's no small and large companies. Compare. Thank you 3. Types of Organizations: Hi. Ah, this is your instructor Cameron here on this lecture. Let's start looking at the types off our organizations that you might be working on. There are typically three types of organizations you get to work with in the software field . So what are these types of places? The first thing is product organizations, companies that make products. The products can be shipped products, which is, you know, the product. The product is coming out in a CD or a DVD that people go install on their laptops or desktops or no servers. And Houston that are also products that come as service products are cloud products like we talk about like such products and examples of product organizations are like Microsoft, Microsoft, Oracle, Microsoft Nautical make you know, products that comment CDs or DVDs and databases, operating systems. You buy them, you use them. People like Google in nominees on these services like Amazon Self Services. But in amazing also, you keep making products tight, and the product basically is the website, the shopping mall that Amazon has on the cloud in Google. Also, you have products the products like search engines. Such an engine is a product but this available as a cloud service for you. So all of these are product organizations. In comparison. There are service organization. Service organizations basically do work for other companies. These are consistency. Companies are outsourcing companies or operations. Companies that takes projects are worked from other companies and do it for them. Example are IBM IBM? Even though it's a product company? There's a large duchin that does a lot of professional services and off sourcing and outsourcing and stuff like that. Enforce. This is another example. So these are companies that do work for other people that don't have their own tronic are their own product out there on so service they had. They do work for other people on their 3rd 1 a software groups within non software organization. So typically, any company in this world there is some software influence there. There typically have a 90 department, our information department or whatever they call which cater's to the I. D. Needs off the and their company. So these are divisions within a company that got us to The idea needs off everybody else in the company. To these companies, large companies examples are like G bank of America for people like that. But every company today has a 90 department, you know, sometimes it's a one man I t department. Sometimes it's a large group off in a few 1000 people doesn't matter. And all these are self groups within non software organizations. So although these workplaces compared with each other, product organizations typically have product life cycles. Every product that they have there's a life cycle going on, which is our different versions of the product. So they start with product Wonder Toe. So for product one daughter with the typical of one or more projects that they don't design development, testing releases and everything once that is the least, then they go on to do announcement of the product, which they call maintenance releases. On major announcement. They have washing Dude Auto and three Daughter on four R Tau, and then they might have bug fix cycles. You know, whenever people find bugs in the product, they have buck fix releases about their projects are focused on fixing bugs in the products on again, releasing them the focus on product companies. There is a focus on innovation again related toe, the type of company you're walking in. But the idea is, you try to create new products, new services that offers something new to the market on that way. That's how you get your revenue and stuff like that. Other companies are organized by product length, so you go to a company like Microsoft, you will see maybe an operating system division, diabetes division, a cloud tuition Microsoft Office division you know to come with. The company itself is organized by product lines. You will be in the prime product like typically, you work as a part of a group on, you'll be working on the same product, and you will be working on multiple releases on the same project. Of course, for years I've seen people work for 10 years, 20 years on the same product. Eso the same product. You go start off with whatever Washington's you go join the company, you start out with washing, maybe three dato on when you be working on 3.1, treat our toe $4 for that money, you just give working on multiple releases of the same product. Companies typically want to keep you in the same product line because, as you keep working in the same product. You keep getting expertise on the product. So that way you were important in the company grows on. You become an expert in the chronicling. You don't get possibilities and opportunities for moving between product lines because you want the more around that maybe the company wants to move around. I mean, how all of are you gonna be working the product? The same product plan? You're gonna get bored on that? There's going to be sustaining releases. Also a lot of sustaining releases where you do a lot of bug fixes. So just one word of caution here is that in product companies, the it's not always you get to work on the first version of the product, which knows no question of the product is when you get the right code from scratch. But you hardly get the working that up, that kind of thing, even in a start up, you know, nobody's going to keep writing court from scratch every time they start. I know you are always working on existing cord called that somebody else has to return, and then you keep improving upon it. Eso things to consider working in a product organization. Yes, there is pride off ownership because you you work in a specific product, the product goes to the market and, yeah, everybody's using that product and you can probably go and say, You know what? I worked in that product. You know that this this thing and that thing is hard today in the market and stuff like that. Uh, remember this that unit. Understand what type of product you're working on with respect to how important it is to the company. There are products that are cash. Coast Cascos is a product that is very good in the market. Is a mature project product, but it is doing good in the market, and it is bringing consistent revenues. It's called the cash Go. An example will be like in Microsoft. You look at Microsoft. He looks something at what he called Microsoft office. Mr. Kashkari, everybody is buying their you know, it's hard product gives. Going on. The second of property of a product is what is called a rising star. Rising star is a product which is newly built by the company, but the company thinks that this product is going to be a big product in the future, so they're investing a lot of money into where they're showing a lot of importance in the world. It's a rising star. Eso, that is. There's a lot of money going into it. There's a lot of focus into bed. It's good to be working in a cash cow arising stark and a product because there's a lot of importance attached to it. And there are question marked products, products that the company had earlier they thought would be good. But it's not doing so good, But still they continue to do it because, you know, maybe there are very few customers and they're looking to face it out. Are their products that the company started thinking that they're going to be hard and it didn't turn out to be hard again. So these are typically faced out the products that are getting faced out so they don't carry a lot of importance. And so you want to be working in products that are cash goes and rising stars, not unquestioned my products, cutting it broke technologies. You get a chance to work in cutting edge technologies. If the organization chooses to go there sometimes the organization does. Sometimes it doesn't. So yeah, if your product line they all of a sudden and say Okay for example, your today working on something product line and all of a sudden you say that a company says, Hey, this product line needs to be mobile enabled. Okay, Cool Mobile is a new technology. Want you get a chance to work in it? If the core organization chooses, not don't you don't get the chance of it. Depends. That s scope for innovation, especially. You have a chance for getting patents again. Different companies have different policies about cash paid, and some companies go aggressive aggressively after Payton's. And some companies don't so before he joined the company, understand what the company's policies are about getting pregnant because getting pregnant is a very costly Over here, there's a lot of process to be followed. That's a lot of money to be invested in the patenting process. So but, yeah, you can get a paint and put your name on it and say, Hey, I'm an innovator and I have a patient in my name. So that school, Typically there is a longer tenure for employees in the same team. You know the same team stays together for quite a long time. You keep seeing the same faces every day. The same faces in your own team, in other supplementary teams on. Unless employees leave our employees implies Giant is going to be the same thing that keeps going on and on for years together. So good and bad. Outsourcing off show off sourcing keeps happening when they made products. Get matures after our product is like, you know, seven versions or eight versions Old Cos. Looks toe looked outsource and offshore off. So these products, so that the same team can focus on newer technologies. For example, when companies started moving to the Web on, they had existing the star products there, you typically outsource. Did they stop products to other companies are for maintenance purposes, and they invested their own staff and building the newer technologies. So those kind of things happen toe. The NATO lasting comes in acquisitions. Product companies get acquired and also acquire other companies when acquisition happens, especially when the acquisition escalated to your product like you're working on a product and the company goes and acquires another product, which is similar to your product that happens all the time. And that's because, you know, maybe the other product is superior to your product. Or maybe the other product is the competitive products. They want to buy the product and kill competition are get that companies customers. Also a lot of reasons. But you all of a sudden end up with a competing product on day. Typically, try toe, merge the teams together. So you're just trying to in a conflict with the other team in terms Off was better on who's gonna have the job was gonna get laid off and stuff like that. So opposition both ways keep happening, and you need to keep watching out for what those questions mean for your position and stuff like that. Service organizations are contract based projects and teams. You know, they only job is to go and get contracts from other companies and execute on them. So, typically in this project based, you get a project. The project come to the set of requirements. You get the project former team, execute the project, delivered the results and move on, and you get Sometimes the projects are long because you know it's a long term contract with the customer and there are you execute multiple projects for the same customer on the same project. That's also possible. That's called sustaining releases. You keep doing different versions of the product, and you keep doing projects. ADA for product companies are for non energy companies. It depends, you know. Even sometimes service organisations outsource their contracts to other service companies to the focus is science service organizations are execution and costs. How well you execute the project, how well you are cost effective. There's a very strictly, you know, profit oriented executions and go execute, execute, move on. There is heavy process orientation in this companies typically also because the customers demanded that is processes for requirements and getting the comments in their analysis, design documentation, testing project management everywhere. There is a lot of process in there, so these companies are typically organized by verticals like product lanes and name clients . Are they maybe by named clients. It means there are some large company claims for which you executing projects. That is significant revenues from the client and say you love a division named after the client like Microsoft Division or something like that on their typically, you know, organized by verticals like finance and manufacturing and stuff like that. Things to consider when working for a service company is that clients usually outsource mature products, so no one is going to outsource to you a heart new product. Now the Washington daughter product is not going to be outsourced to you, especially in the cutting edge technologies. Companies tend to execute them themselves Onley when the product is my George Washing fight Auto six starred Oh, and you only need to maintain the product That is an expected to be a lot of future enhancement to the product. That's when people typically tend to ourselves again is a typical because there could be exceptions there. What that means is there is a lack of innovation opportunities, you know, in terms of trying to create some new brand new something. No, you're just executing board. The customer is asking for and giving them more and more releases, and there's a lot of sustaining release is going on. There is heavy process focused on project process timelines, delivery. That's what people talk about all the time. You know more than technology, people talk about these things project process timelines. Tell you where you know. How is your mind? Stone? What does your weekly schedule home into? The slippage on all kinds of stuff your customer and team gives Changing? That might be a good or a bad thing for you. Depends on user. Every year you could work with the new customer. You gotta work with the new being, possibly a new technologies. New faces come and go. Eso that could be exciting for you. That that could be threatening for you depends on how you what your preferences are. You get a car chance of working, cutting edge technologies because in a service off musician in a lots of his organization with many projects, that will be some projects with ancient technology. Some projects with cutting edge technology. So you get a chance to move around and try to be in a team that is doing cutting it projects, cutting edge projects toe. So, yeah, you can move around. There's a lot of flexibility in terms of moving around in a subways organization software group, so software groups provide software services to other business groups in the company, so the companies are in tow. Other businesses like Food, Bank of America, stuff like that on then there are softer our division, typically called idee departments, divisions off for divisions. Whatever they want to call their job is to provide software, products and services that will be used by the rest of the company. So you might be building applications. Tools. You're pretty is. You might be doing integrations from between other products, and there's a lot of activity that keeps going on there. You may be building homegrown application that used to be the thing before. People are only building homegrown applications, but later now there is a lot off purchased application that they do their by products off the shelf and use it the prior by products off the shelf, customize it and use it on. Now people are doing using more and more off cloud applications. So when you people do all these things, your workers on more about customizing this purchase. Cloud applications to your organization are integrating these applications to existing applications and things like that. The focus again is on service, execution and cost. There is a lot of process orientation here that typically these companies, especially if these are large companies have good across US orientation on the other, groups within the company are considered as your customers. Your typically, maybe in a large such company that within the software group there may be a group working on sales applications, toe marketing applications to manufacturing applications, and the corresponding department or division is considered your customers software groups. Two things to consider is that you are a star function, not Elaine function. You're not making products that bring money into the company. You are only building products that aid other people in the company, so your importance within the organization is limited. The importance of your division within your company is limited. It is a cost centre, not a profit center. So that's one thing you want a member aboard. Typically, it's a stable work environment, especially if it's a big company. It was a typical stable working moment, and all the same boss, same customers, empty same applications. It just keeps going on. It's like in body called overdrive mode. Every day. It's like the same thing going on coming out, and if you want that kind of a working mom and not too many excitement, exciting things not no money, unexpected things happening. This is the kind of place to look for the conservative opposed to adopting new technologies . The software groups are typically conservative, and new technologies coming there typically wait out for the technologies to mature Before these technologies are observed. It in your companies are. Watch out, Father. If you want to work and cutting edge technologies, soft gloves might not be the place for you. Tendency to outsource the cloud and service companies off south groups to have the tendency to today outsource our the outsource to service companies to cloud companies because they want to keep their costs to a minimum is that it's a cost centre, not a profit center. There's heavy orientation towards keeping the cost minimal if you're manageable and execution skills. And that's when you get a lot of scope to grow within self groups as opposed to technical skills. Because a lot of times you were into an integration prisoners working with others, getting things stand. So if your managerial skills has a lot of scope for growing within a self group, so that is a discussion about the three various types of work and women's in which you are expected to work in your carrier. Thank you 4. Career Stages: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on carrier stages. This is your instructor common share. So as you start your carry on and skip going on in your career, that's typically a carrier that lost for more than 30 years. There are various stages that you encounter, and in each of these stages, you are expect to do a lot of things. So let's go to and try to understand what these various stages are on. What are you expected to do on what kind of work do you expect to be doing and what kind off expectations toe people have about you and stuff like that? So the carried growth levels there are, I would say, like five distinct levels, but I wouldnt. And when he said distance, not like you're jumping from one level to another level on just one day, you are constantly growing. You are growing smoothly and all from one level to another. As your carrier grows on, sometimes it takes you longer to grow. Sometimes you grow very fast depends upon your skills and abilities. The various levels are represented by, you know, being a fresher or a junior in your job them there you move on to being a senior from that to be a supervisor or mentor, a directive leader on an executed leader. This is like five stages in the carry arms. People may say that I moved a less. You know, this is my classification, but generally getting a false into these sort of profiles on the profile and expectations very significantly between organizations and people. So it's not like everybody is expecting the same. What we're going to be discussing is the general assumptions, but different organizations might have some more of some less based on what those organizations focuses, Points are. So let's start up with what does a fresher or a junior mean? It means a joyous, straight out of college on just starting to gain experience in the industry. So you are let 123 years of experience. I would actually 0 to 3 years. So you are a junior engineer and the team my junior professional. Your focus is going to be on learning and on the job training that is going to be your primary focus. You will be put through some training courses in large organizations and even on the job you are expected to learn As you go, bro. You're typically place under a mentor who is a senior person on an experience person who's supposed to mend a union job on your expert. To learn a lot from him. You have minimal ownership responsibility. So it's kind of, you know, being in a kindergarden here, just a lot of playing around. Expectations are that the first expectation is that you follow instructions. So whatever job is given to you, you just go and try to execute it. You try to show commitment initiated and enthusiasm. This is what is expected from you. People don't know that you are a fresher you can make mistakes, and that's okay. But what they cannot, you know, give leave a for is that when you don't show, commit manned up, when you don't follow instructions, they want you to show enthusiasm and a lot of initiative in body do. It's okay to do mistakes, but the most important thing is to learn from them. Be a team player, being below the junior person, the team. You're expected to be a team player. You should be willing to take responsibilities. Don't be afraid of the stage you know, sometimes people give you some bigger responsibilities. Don't get afraid of them. Don't say I don't want to do it. Just go on and take it and do it. You can always say, Yeah, I might be doing mistakes. That's okay. People are willing to look through that because you are a junior. That's okay on your expectation is that you learn on the job and you demonstrate to your learning. Yeah, you make a mistake once. That's OK, but you can't be making the same mistake again and again because that's what he had expected to learn. Expected to learn from your mistake and corrected the next time. The next is a senior uppers profile, and this is when you are between 3 to 10 years. You are typically a model or a team lead at this point are a senior engineer, our technical leader. Whatever they want to call, you typically own a small area off the mind, like a small model or an application or something like this. At this point, maybe you jointly won it with somebody else. You are an exported on or at least one area that one area, maybe a technical area like maybe a job, you know, Web development article or it may be a functional area, like finance or marketing or something like that. You are at least an expert in one area. At this point, you're supposed to be a technical expert. You spend a lot of time, are documenting designs, text s plans, communicating your designs to others, getting feedback, providing feedback, those kind of activities, the expectation at this point as independent delivery people expect you to be independent, independent on your wound, being able to take a problem and solve it on your own and delivered on your own without bothering a lot of people taking help on stuff like that you want. We were expected to be independent in your thing you should. The mantra ownership, your fear product waters ownership mean is that you own that product, which means you take upon anything that's happening to the product as your own. It's problems. It sucks us everything. When there is a problem in the product, you take ownership and say, Yeah, there is a problem. I'm going to go do whatever it takes to fix it, improve upon it and stuff like that you still continue to be a team player, but at this time you are a senior team player, so you have to show some mentorship. Also, at this point, you should show technical leadership, which is when the problem happens, trying to take a technical initiated to solve the problem on then say, Oh, maybe bring in more new kind of technologies into the play, solve the problems using I know do your research, trying to find solutions for tough problems and stuff like that on a technical initiated. That's what I just was talking about us to take an issue. They've been improving near product. Technically, maybe a better architecture in a better way of doing things and a lot of things like that. Then it comes to the stage where you are. A supervisor are a master. This is where your career takes a detour into whether you're going through a technical dealer dealership process are more management leadership process, so we will talk about it in a different lecture. I destroyed you. Elect 10 plus years of experience of your starting to be a manager, you either be a project manager or a technical manager. You may take some decisions on your careers. At this point, you tend to manage a small team. You lead a small team on. You are on exporting a technical lot of functional day win for sure. At this point you are Joe Export Database expert, finance expert. Whatever it is you need tohave, project planning and execution capabilities. Whether you are a technical manager on the project manager, you sure understand how projects are being drunk and be able to plan and execute a project on also being a solution. Architect. Whenever there is a problem, are even a new project coming and you should be able to design the solution on be able to implement it. So this is what you will be when you are like around 10 plus years, like experience. Expectations from you are going to be that you show technical and execution leadership not only its technical, but also execution, taking upon a project on going and executing it and not taking in a totally new worship, a product or a project going and on designing it on our building and executing and delivering it and making sure everything is fine. You own and deliver projects and solutions. So there is Your name is attached to a project or a solution. At this point on, people look up to you for leadership. Look up to you for leading these teams and solving problems and stuff like that. You are definitely a mentor to your other team. Members of your team members look at you as a leader on you should make sure that you have honored that expectation on be a leader yourself. You are also expected to show cross team leadership where you are expected to be working with not only your team but also with other things like if you are in development, you're working with Key Away our operations or support, and things like that toe help their operate their work, and they will be helping your work. And you need to be able to work with them on my gym bristles. Once your pastors, you're going to be a directive leader. So that is when you're 15 plus years of experience. When you're directive Lee. There you are typically a manager or director or principal. There are different names that are given toe at this position level, but but again depends on the company, but typically it's like a manager, director principal. Those kind of terms are being used toe name people. You're managing a group of people. At this point, there are other managers made me other managers under you. You, at this point, have management training and experience gained through on the job work or even through education. Your focus is on profits and costs. At this point, you're getting more and go, you know, managing money and are looking at projects looking at budgets. You're making budgets. You're making sure that your costs are sticking to your budgets and stuff like that. You have to do escalation management because people are going to be escalating to you when there are problems on, you should be able to take those escalations and resolve the problems and handle them appropriately. So this is kind of the profile for a directive. Leader on the expectations are that usual people leadership because at this point it is less technical and more people. You have technical people under you who can actually build and deliver solutions, but you are actually leading his people, making sure they're happy. They're motivated. They're working as a team on their focused on there delivering on the responsibilities. You're focused on delivery and money. So you are, at this point getting money murdered in terms of your more business minor at this point are your main job here is to build a nurture team steam building, you know, getting the best people on the job on making them work as a team, making sure there are no team issues and making sure there are no motivation issues. Handle any people issues and stuff like that. This is where your focus is going to be on on again. Cross functional leadership is also important at this point because you are more and more working with other teams also, to get an overall company objectives executed. So this is when you're growing more and more into the leader and more into an executed. At this point, the final responsibility is when you're an executed leader, which is when you're like more than 20 plus years of experience, and at this point you're looking at a position that's like Vice president, R R C T O R c. Your whatever it is. So at this point, you're getting into executed leadership in this case, you're managing a function out of business, you know you're working and their business line out of function, which is under your control. At this point, you are a manager off other people managers. At this point, you might have a large organization that may turn into hundreds of people. At this point, you have business administration experience either gained through on the job. Or maybe you can nb whatever it does, your focus is going to be on growth profits. You're also going to be focused on company directions, strategic directions, strategic leadership, all kinds of stuff like that. Again, you continue to Ebola doing this collection management because, ah, lot more difficult issues are going to be escalated to your level, and it should be able to take them and resold them amicably. Expectations organization level leadership Your focus is going to be on organizational goals and plans, strategic initiatives, new growth areas. How does the company look for years from? No, those kind of questions you have to answer your job is also again the building Natural leaders so asked, You grow higher in the late Aereo to make sure that the teams under you have leadership capabilities to manage on their own on. They should be, you know, independent people who can manage other people who should be building a nurturing leadership. At this point on, you have to achieve goals and targets that are set by the board of the company and to see you now the levels that were spoken here, even though I given a profile of saying in a three year, seven years, 10 years some people reached that question yearly. Some people preach those portions pretty late. It also depends upon the company you're working in our large companies. Typically, these portions are reached later. So even though it's a 20 plus years for a vice president in a small company in a large company, that might actually be 30 plus years or getting depends on you your capability, how fast you grow within the company out. You just want to stay in the same position. I comfortable pushing It all depends on you, the company, how well your performances and everything else. So these are the various levels in which you are expected to work in your car. Here, you need a plan also, you know how you want to grow into these positions and you need to have a career planet at the so and so you have experience. I want to be at this level and then work the words that can do everything that you need to achieve that goal. Thank you. 5. Career Paths: Hi. Welcome to this discussion on Carrie. Get parts. This is your instructor, Cameron. Um, this lecture we're going to be looking at What are the various options available for you in person? Your carrier Good in terms off when you're starting your car here on also in the middle of your career. So typically the progression you can yell starts off with three yearly parts. That is your out of the college and you're getting it. Do either of these three streams the first being development stream, which is your doing software development work. The second is quality assurance that artist operations were going to be looking in detail about these three, but and then, once you get a lot of experience, you might be looking at making a decision as to whether you gonna pursue a management part or a technical part. And of course, there are other options also, like project management, product management and consultancies, as they could look out each of them now. So development. So the goal of development is to build quality software that meets requirements. So this is the job off a software developer or engineer. Your job is to build software that meets the requirements either put down by a customer. Aurea Product management Dean Typical Active with these Here are things like I know software design, architecture coding requirement Study Integration between various software products are documentation. So these are the kind of activities you typically they do like day in and day out. Uh, there is a lot of opportunities here for innovation, creativity, because you're building software, you're creating new designs, new architectures, um, interesting piece of court and stuff like that. And of course, this is the preferred apart for a lot of engineers. The development is, and this is where a lot of opportunities exist on that. This is what a lot of people wish to go into. The second part is the quality assurance part where you are responsible for ensuring that the product obligation built by your develop 19 conforms to the requirements and performs at jobs where job without any issues, one of the assurances gaining more and more prominent assess the world grows eso big companies have huge quality assurance teams with a lot of processes and procedures on responsibilities. Even companies that are idee department. They've also have their own quality assurance teams will do a lot of testing and integration, testing and blood Bob White book testing and stuff like that typical actively needs. If you're on the quality assurance, we'll include as planning writing test specifications, test cases on actual testing, that a lot of types of testing, like functional testing, performance testing and black box testing and, of course, documentation, working dumps of documenting the test plans and specifications and justices. It definitely holds a lot of significant value in insuring product quality a lot off. Some people develop first thing that people think that okay, a qualifications is not as cute as develop under is not the case. It plays a very important role in making sure that the product means the requirements and also performs without any issues. This is also an interesting job. If you have a knack for reading on getting into testing and getting the pride and defend bugs and stuff like that, the third are stream is the Operation Stream, where you're not doing any development, any dusting, but rather you are an operations guy on your main job here is to focus on planning, managing and troubleshooting, so for deployment now when the software is deployed that are locked up, activities go into it to making sure that it is up and running. Fine. That is what you're gonna be focusing on making sure everything is up and running. You can issues. Look at upgrades on do a lot of activities around that. The typical activities you do was like a software maintenance. Like, you know, installing new patches in starting new versions of software both on test stop as well as several applications they have. A simply under administration is a huge activity. A lot of people specialize in that data center deployments, planning and management. Today, as the cloud grows more and more, there are huge cloud deployments. You know that is racks and racks of servers and cell for running there. And it's a huge activity in terms of planning them, an aging them, making sure they're up and running, troubleshooting them, upgrading them, updating software and stuff like that. Network planning and management is again a huge actor would be given the size of the name folks these days as a lot off work that goes on with respect to a net for planning and management again an interesting piece of activity Cloud and third Party Software administration. So you have huge today. There's a lot off software like No, for example, Salesforce Salesforce need an administrator on your Are any company to kind of go and administer those applications in or administer various applications and sales for that? A lot off. No products like that? No, both cloud and third parties out back that require administration skills. Again, there's a lot of certifications stuff in while they're so this is under the stream. People are more and more focusing on getting in tow. So troubleshooting is a key activity. That is what I would call the interesting activity to hear him and something brave getting in dead and figuring out what exactly went wrong and fitting it right. You keep hearing about this Dev up, Sting, that is a new category that's coming up there is overlapping multiple parts. And then this is how you start your career, starting with being a junior agent or any off them. And as you keep moving on, maybe once you're east, each like 10 years of experience, you start making this decision as to whether you want to continue me to be a technical person or you want to get into management. So this is a big decision for you as to when you want to make this move. You know it's better to make it out on 10 years. You know when everybody is moving on. So that's the best time to make it a place toe. All the initial options and alders chances for both management and technical work and boots on all development. Qiwei, Asprilla's operations and all of them have a management part as well as a technical. But the best option between management technical depends on your own skills and preferences . So it is important for you to evaluate yourself. Watch kills you have on What do you want to go but you want to be? You think you are a great technical car. You like running news off, No writing cold and coming up with great architecture and stuff like that. Are you think that you have good management skills like team managements cause communications goes people, skills and stuff like that that you wanna move in the management part and become I know grow in that particular to my eso? Don't bother if you decide to keep us staying in the technology area number that it wants a lot off work from your side, especially because the technology itself is changing your after here, you're to keep yourself in pace with all the technology changes. Onda VRT Keep learning new technology Trying on new technology You have family commitments and stuff that might take some personal time off off your timeto. Keep yourself up to date. Today, a lot of these technical people contribute to open source work on. That's where, in a lot of free time get into go into for you. That's hard to combat the management part and the technical part in a management part. Typically, you go from a manager book for Ill, some 68 years and a manager. Then you become a director kind of person other than a vice president and then a C B O chief technology officer, And you might even become a CEO management definitely have more pay, bonus and purse. Remember that for the same amount of experience. If compact, oh purple with in order to 20 years of experience, one being like a maybe another being like a technical expert typically the management where I gets paid more s a gentle off numbers that the more number of people we put you directly or indirectly, the more money you're gonna make. So somebody, maybe a BB in a small company with five people reporting them, somebody may be reaping a large company with final people reporting to them the guy who are as a VP position with finding people reporting to them. But we making, like, five times the money at the guy in the small company. So the more people report to you, the more money you're gonna make. And typically this more money is going to come in terms of bonuses and performance, incentives and stuff like that. It has a lot of visibility and power. Of course. That's a lot of visibility in terms of being a high ranking person. You have a lot of power, a lot of responsibility. You're also the first in line in case you want to get fired, you know, So when they went over, there are some corporate objectives are not achieved are typically the person owning their corporate objectives typically be honored. I've loved person might be the first in line to get fired. Also, that when people you know there are persistence happening, not just happening. There is usually the top people who are in the line to get, you know, cut off. Significant management's goes on either. It is not just that you wish to be a top management guy, you need to have a lot of management skills, so you need to evaluate yourself. You need to educate yourself. Tugendhat skills. If you're a technical person who start out from being like a senior engineer, toe a staff engineer, then you might become a principal engineer at Distinguished Engineer or a distinguished member of technical staff. And then you become like a fellow. So these are all the various levels in which you can grow as a technical person, lower pay compared to an equal and management position. It doesn't definitely has a lot of good pair not saying no, but it's not the same at the same level as what data drop her BP might get. You know there's a huge score for innovation and creativity because that's your job. You're you're a technical leader and you're gonna be focusing on integration, creating with the coming up with new products, software products solutions, architect Just of like that, you will be a part of a lot of comedies doing a lot of publications presentations. You might be doing some patterns on you. Have a name. Allow the players in terms of your document berating boats. Blog's are what? What not Andi. There is a big need for you to keep in up to date with the new technology that's going on, so because your company expects you to keep doing that on your to keep pace with that, so both positions have that only no positives and my negatives. It's up to you as to what you want to do on what your came of love doing that is gonna try your decisions here, the other option that you have also. Once you want to make it moments away, you want to get into project management. You keep hearing this project management thing. I wouldn't over again a lot, because that's been pretty popular, especially if you are a service company. Are even in a 90 shop or even a large software product. Companies are even in operations, you know, Project management. There's a lot of Dems Houston here dont know that its project management a program, management and stuff like that all of them point to pretty much the same thing. Which is it is a cross functional position responsible for planning, executing and managing projects. And brothers can again be development projects, operational projects, which is like no bringing up a data center. You know, our our our It may be a small it will be a huge operation, like bringing up a new data centered with 1000 servers. It may be a small tool. Big project on, you know, migrating a database from one server donuts. You know, it can have all kind of rangers and stuff. It is about customer on boarding customer deployment. Whenever you know new customer comes in, you don't get them on board on your product at a black form. That may be a type of project. There's a lot of projects going on in any company on day required. Walk across a lot of people like customers. Development teams curating step up operations, marketing, sales, product support. You gotta pull all these people together to form a project team and execute projects where you managed the walk off everybody else on. Make sure that everybody else is in or doing their job and everything is getting tracked. Make sure it is being reported of management and stuff like that. It carries a lot of responsibilities. Power invisibility within the organization. Typically, product managers tend to report to high level people, and they are the ones who reporting to the money, progress and issues and escalation and stuff like that. Good management and coordination, because I needed here is not just, you know, you wish to be a project manager. You definitely need this management skills, like communication skills in the conflict resolution skills and stuff like there certifications are necessary today. There's a lot of certification going on and project management, and they don't carry a lot of value. It is in transition from any of the junior career options. When, whether you are double up or are you a person or operations person, you can easily transition into project management on whatever be the case. Make sure that you evaluate your suitability in terms self your skills Asprilla's, but that you want to be in the position as you go out and be Hope Company and start working in your team as a junior person. Your start looking at project management because you will come across project management pretty soon so you can watch them and learn as to how project managers work, working of issues they face and whether you can actually handle all of that. The other option that you see is what you call product management. Product management is something you will find a mainly in product companies. So what what's Who's a product manager? The product manages Job is planning the content and futures of a product or service. What is the product supposed to do? And what is the service supposed to do? Is planned by the product. Manage, he decides. Yeah, she designs as to what should watch what the software toe. How should this often look? What can of features need to be in that particular product or service daily? Demine it on dated a man based on the organization requirements organization innovation that they do their own patrons. They look at customer requirements. Customer Sometimes come and ask. I want this feature in that future based on how important the customers are. They also look at competition to see the combination of some feature that we don't have given you put in, and they need to collect all these retirements and then, you know, they also need to prioritize them. The product manager job is also to prioritize and then decide, Ah, what is going to go in this release? What, It's gonna go be coming up in the next release, what we'll be doing later on all kinds of stuff. Well, they got to focus on fixing. Bugs are new features. They're the ones who, determining what goes into the product on day, typically work with a lot of people. No, they worked with marketing to understand the customer and feel needs and situations. They worked with the engineering team to build the product. They work with sales to go and pitch the product of customers, explained the product and also here product feedback. They worked with the Support team toe. Understand what productive use that happening and how best to improve so that those are going very similar. The project management But a more about technical on did. It also requires you working with a lot of people to understand how the product is doing and keep innovating upon. This is a very key position in the company. It is unique to product organizations only, and again there's opportunities for innovation. So when you look at innovation, innovation can be in terms of features upto what cannot features a product can have not that the product manager can innovate us to. I'm gonna introduce this kind of a feature in my product and elect in a surgeon, and I have this cool thing which know the product, that you have a chance for innovation. The fire locks, gender people also look at this becoming a consultant. Eso After enough Experian's, you might look at consultancy as a career option where you can become a consultant. Either you can be an independent consultant are you can be a part of another company, a consulting company. So what does what does that concert and do? A concert in this? Somebody who's hired on a temporary basis by a company who can do any kind of jobs and they have paid a fixed kind of ammonia and ammonia is based on the number of hours of work are maybe a fix them on permanent are fixed someone for the entire project depends, and consultants can go a lot of kinds of what they can do. Technical work like design coding, testing, deployment, database, administration examples. They can Bhutto do more higher and work like, you know, architect ing a product. Or maybe you doing project management for, you know, migrating to a huge data center are integrating the existing producto. Under the new product, all kinds of things happen in a consulting company. They can also have a review engaging disposition where they come in. They're a big export. They're coming and review your plan and give this give you their feedback. All kinds of thing happens in a condom and a considered chicken of job. Consulates typically make more money, and the reason they make more money is that they know that they are. You shot from jobs on the company's being them only pay them as money. They don't not bother about the consultants and benefits and stuff like that. Like you're walking in a company that could have company gives you benefits, medical, dental, retirement savings and stuff like that. The concept doesn't get anything like that. Gets paid money for the work there is under label work of liberty is not like your car, and people would know every day of the month or every month of the year you want comes and go. Sometimes you might be unemployed. Sometimes. Sometimes you will be like over boot. You gotta manage all of them. You need to manage your own marketing. You know, have you market yourselves toe potential customers. You need a manager on finances unit blew your on access X productions and stuff like that. You had to bother about your own benefits and medical benefits like a diamond plant. You don't bother about yourself, you know. But constant currency also gives you a wide range of work experience. You know, every three, my dear, working with a different customer, different situation. You open toe gain a lot more a wider range of experience in the same field as opposed to someone who's working full time in a company. So that's one good thing about consistency. But the thing to watch, how does this under label work of liberty and there is always fluctuation in the market? Eso that might lead to, you know, absurd. Your we don't have money here on the work that can lead to a lot of 10 situations in any family life. So be cautious about it. One thing I have seen is that typically, when they're in their Atos spouses, right wing, whether you're married or your partner are typically one spouse takes more stable job in a full time company and there take care of all the benefits stuff that other other suppose usually taking a boat rescue job like a constancy are trying to do a start up and stuff like that. So that so people manage that risk. I talked to you how you wanted, man. Agent followed up. So? So these are the options that are available. Do you hope this has been helpful to you? Thank you. 6. Education and Development: Hi. What? Come to this lecture on education and development. This is your instructor, Cameron. Uh, education and Dollar. Monday is a continuous process, especially with respect to software engineering. That's because, as you know, that the technology in this field has been very rapidly changing The technology it was 20 years old does not even exist today. It has all been, you know, twice tries by new, and you are technologies. Andan, expected at this pace of development is going to continue in the near future. Eso Morning software engineers needs to have prepared for continuous development process as you age. And, you know, make sure in the software industry software is a fast changing technology. And as a professional unit two continues, the obeyed yourself with the latest technologies. Why faster fall the Newman for the technologies that you know is going to be changing the demand for the technology you already know. It is going to start going down sometime later on. Your technologies are going to become popular again and again, and that is going to lead to better positions, better employment, better pay, better benefits, everything. In fact, it is a survival thing here that If you don't keep yourself updated with the latest technology, you're not going to be submerging in this sort for industry. So you wanted to keep improving yourself all the time. So Allah cape yourself Time and budget for new during June Technology eso this might be like on a daily basis are making bases are located a couple of hours for going toe. You know, websites and bloggers that talk about your technologies. Allocate yourself time before continuously learning some new technologies. You know, sometime during a week during your weekends and whatever is comfortable for you and also budget. You know, given these days, it's a lot better because a lot off my training becoming free A lot off on online courses are available. Free websites are available free. Of course, it's not costly like before, too. Have training on new technologies, but it is good to the allocate some budget for training as well as time for training, so you can keep yourself continuously compared with new technologies. On the most important thing about getting years elaborated is there you're going to choose areas value. Existing schools can be complement. What do you mean by choosing 80 years, but your existing schools can be compliment. Is that one thing you wanna watch out is this. Suppose you are 15 years into the industry and you're trying to learn a new skill. Let's say you're trained alone, huddled and there is somebody. He was a three year old experience person, and he's also trying to learn huddled on the question of me like, What have you are just learning how to. What is the difference between both you guys? Why should I try to hire you and pay you more money when I can get the same school from a three year old ball? Your experience person on actually big unless of the answer to this as 24 faster fall. Your gentle experience in the company in the industry doesn't matter. You don't know. It's not just the technical skills. You know, the process girls and how companies work and you have a lot of learning in those 10 years there is going to help you in your work, so your workers definitely going to be better. Second is you. If you can complement your existing skills, for example, you already are being in and like in a gel aboard our database will. Then when you're moving too hard up, you're gonna complement your existing technologies like you're gonna cut in your news job for the programming that Bayer Java schools continue to be used by you. Also, if you're coming from, let's see a database background. You know, you're working with data a lot of the time, so you kind of understand their how data is and how that has captured a mode and save and things like that. So that is definitely going to help you as a part of the process. So that is why it is better to win you. An employer announced your skills, tryto announcing that 11 area you have been working. But in networking technology, maybe you look at mobile acknowledges. No, you're working at Microsoft Technology. Look at bodies, Nucor's common or from my purse of like Microsoft Cloud, for example, and things like that. So you tryto kind of compliment yourself eso that you're already existing skills where you are threatening spurred off. It will continue to be used in the new pattern, as though that is more one of the most important things you want to watch out. When you do your own self development certification, there's always is questionable. Our certifications. Bunch people. Certifications definitely demonstrate expertise, especially in the areas where you do not carry buckets. So especially when you're trying to learn new technologies, you don't have work experience in them. So what if somebody comes in as you're going for a new job and they're gonna know? Ah, what kind of skills you have? Certifications definitely helped. I think there are different types of certification that our certifications provided by the Windows Dumpsters very hard to go through a lot of studies unity, big exams and pass these exams stuff like that there, unless a certification that come from, you know, the name or was he kind, of course. Is that happening? So there are different ranges of success indicators available, so certifications some are. Some are pretty expensive, someone northern expensive. But whether it does not have hurt to have a certification for schools that you have, so especially one that you're learning and a new one and you're not trying to learn something new and there's nothing wrong and having a certification so it doesn't hurt, okay, I am especially valuable in areas like, you know, project Management out eight of its administration networking. These are areas where there are really good certifications available that you can go and take on again. There is a lot of value for the certifications in the marketplace, the other type of stratification that is also valuable. Also, our product certifications like you are salesforce certified professional or something like a s a p sort of a profit on those things also are kind off pretty good certifications to have. Next comes the everybody has this big question in that mine and isn't in me what you know and be are any kind of marriage for certification is inverted. Yes, it is going to help you when you pursue management part. Okay, But it's not. I wouldn't call it like a game changer again of a thing, but it doesn't hurt if you have on a ah, lot of times when you're growing in the technical area, people observe your management skills, and that's what is going to help you as you go into managers. And factors about having an MBA doesn't hurt. It's actually good tohave, but the problem with inmates is the Indians those M beers are pretty expensive on their time consuming, especially when you're trying to do them part time or on land we can kind, of course, is you can't trying to getting it from a reputable institution there, some pretty expensive and time consuming eso you need to be afford them both in terms of money and time to be able to go. No, them today there are a lot of online courses and a MOOC kind of course of that available dead. Those are free on very cheap, but they might not carry the same value as the regular and beings. But I would I might be, you know, pretty the early and making that statement because these are name cultures are growing in value. Also, as times goes by a bean fire. This would be no really good in terms of value. There are sometimes big companies, especially the kind of reimburse you fully partially if you're doing any education things. So sometimes you know, if you join a company that has education reimbursement, you know you can do your MBA and the company's bear in the company's money, you know, imprisonment fully a partial. So that's one option you might want to explore if you're trying to do an MBA. Uh, the other big question is, OK, what about a doctorate in a PhD? I've got to say, OK, I'm a I'm a doctorate and and in the software industry field. But there are good things and you know, not so good things about being a bitch. T One of them is. Of course, it's a great option. If you want to take the technical part, you want to be a technical guy. Yes, a PST is really, really great, but I wondered and also gives you excellent work satisfaction. You are research guy. You know, you're gonna be doing a lot of blog's papers getting a few patents doing presentations. You are industry expert, and that's that. That's absolutely great. That is what you want to. First you universities, average side positions and dating positions for software. A doctor trains, but you can go into a lot of research. A lot of big companies have their own research institutes of the employees at our trades to do a lot off cutting edge research. That's great. You got a lot of opportunities there. The problem. It's a long time study. You know, getting a PhD typically takes anywhere from five years to eight years. You do a lot off, are things is and studies and teaching you can't beat in part pain pages are typically for time on their very expensive. You need to support yourself during those times, and there's a long time for you to go and get a PhD. Uh, it is definitely helping, but as we discussed in another, Lectured is not as good as the management leg terms of being. But you know, if you have patents andare, you can get paid royalties for your patents, and you can also make some good money. But th ings are definitely for people who want to pursue an economic carrier. And and do you know research on have a really work satisfaction of effort? So it's up to you. To designer, you need a PhD on a man, a human dignity, your whichever way you want to go with it. Hope this has been help prevail. Thank you 7. Managing your day: Hi. Welcome to this presentation on how you can manage your work date. This is your instructor camera. So as a software professional, you go to your work on a day to day bees is And so what do you go there and do eso How does your work they looked like? Of course, you're gonna be doing your main job. Your main job is going to be doing in our software design coding documentation, Onda, maybe some planning and cracking activities. I'm more talking about the junior guys and the more technical guys. Not really dizzy you guys. So you just go there and every day you got work targets. You know, every day, every week you are typically milestones to achieve. So you go down there and you start planning your day and start doing all this stuff, our design coding, documentation, planning and tracking. And then, of course, you are going to be participating in some form off status meetings. It may be just standard meetings, formal informal are maybe getting Do you know, our long meetings and a conference? Almost something like that. You might also have a lot of technical and review meetings where you go and discuss your design are somebody may be present in their architecture and design. You might be reviewing them. You might be looking at some of the problems that you have and trying to find a solution for the problem. A lot of these meetings, air sometimes schedule, sometimes on schedule and all these kind of things happen. And then, of course, you are going to be dealing with emails. So emails is on a form of communication that has bean going in increasing straighter in any organization. So you go there every day you got a bunch of email that comes your way. Certain things directly impact your utes addressed to you. You have to read and respond. A lot of the emails you are seizing on on this is it. Emails is all. I always a headache because the reason you are being says it is your xperia expected to read them. A lot of them may be important that you may not be important to you, but you got to keep track of all these emails about going around. And of course, you have all these breaks that you take on a daily basis, Your lunch break on, then some bathroom breaks and tea breaks and stuff like that. So these are the various activities that happen on a day on. How do you manage them? That is going to be pretty important. How do you manage doing all this stuff on? Be able to get off your office by a firecracker. Six oclock. So that's what we're gonna talk about here is how do you manage your time on a day to day basis? The most important thing you gotta do is you need to plan your work time, which is You go into your workplace and the first thing you do was plan on waters that you're gonna be doing for your day. What are your regular activities? Technical activities that you do, Which is like coding testing and stuff like that on how you what other meetings you have tart. And what are the border? The kind off other diversion that that they're in office. You gotta look at them. Uh, this is the challenge there. Typically, you go into your office and all of a sudden you start attending meetings, breaks, meetings, breaks and before all this meeting, get over on, then you go and sit in your seat and say, Okay, now let me get doing my work, which is my actual work, and it's already three o'clock on. Then you need to hurry through and going a finish your work. So there is very easy for you to get lost in everything that is happening in the in the office. You know, so many things happening. A lot of Holloway conversations do deviations, diversions, meetings, and you do not usually find time to do your actual books. What do you do plan each day? That's most important You need to be. That doesn't thing that I heard about, which is that you need to be like a thermostat, not a term a meter that that most at sets the environment element of temperature, whereas the thermometer only response to the environment and bridges so you need toe set that they control off your day. That's the most important thing. So everyday unit A plan on how you're going to do your work in spite of all the distraction that you're gonna be seeing in your workplace. Always break a day into one hour slots or half an hour slash and plan on what you're gonna be doing on every hour or every half an hour. It is better to do at the most important work. You're early in the day, so you get time to finish off, then doing a lot off the other. Not so important things we're in early in the days, um, plan for doing the most important thing you early in the day. Great. Cured into one out slots. And I like it dumb. Okay, This artist from any of mating starting disorders, my own quite time. I'm going to focus on this design and architecture. This is the time gonna be. I'm gonna be talking with this teammate about are some important issues or plan your day in the corner slots. Okay, checking emails. This is a lot of people Sit there and just watch as emails coming and then respond to them as quickly as possible. That is OK, as long as it responding. The email is the only work that you are expected. Do. But when you have a lot of other things to do but are not pay a lot of attention toe emails , maybe check them. Everyone are toe our soul you know, maybe you want to check every half another, but only look for the important events and you don't have to respond to every email as soon as it comes in you. There are things that you need to respond urgently. There are things that you can mark off and say we'll be able responded late in the evening or something like that. So watch out. Don't get distracted by all the emails that are flowing in the office. Be prudent and choosing a meeting certain, especially in large companies. You get to see that you get invited to all kinds of meetings where your own contribution might be minimal. You just invited because, you know, maybe somebody will ask a question in the meeting about your area of responsibility. They they just invited you. So a lot of these meetings summit meetings are important because you are the primary present in the meeting or you're the primary decision maker. Are you are the one who needs to be, you know, involved there. But there are a lot of meetings where you might not be that important for that waiting. So maybe you can choose not to art and maybe discuss with your supervisor. I say, hey, do it really right on this meeting can as the supervisor and maybe I do not have got And when it is not required to might be task during not so important meetings today, you see a lot of multitasking happening that as you go no meeting. You see everybody under laptops while the meeting is going on. Of course they sting. They're responding to emails. You know, chatting with someone of piping or documents or market asking is a part of day to day life here. It's okay to multi task, you know, don't have to sit and watch people just talk when it is not so important to you. Maybe if they wanted, we have a question for you. They will come. They will, you know, interrupt you or not. So you can continue doing your work sitting in the meeting rooms with your laptop. Another thing you wanna watch out those you know, whenever you need tohave improper for discussions on a meeting with your team members, rather than walking over to them and talking, it might be better using a chat system. No, typically, organization have some kind of a messenger system. So do a chat and find out, Doc, with other people, then getting into a face to face. And the reason is that when you get to the face to face discussions, it pretty quickly deviates into something else. Knows. All of a sudden, you start talking about, ah, match game that happened yesterday are you know something else? You know, you get distracted pretty quickly. So manager yours chat for asking in a one on 111 questions and simple questions and move on . It is important for you to not to be disturbed by other people. And even now, if you think that the other people are disturbing you, you need to have a way of telling them, you know? Okay, I'm kind of busy here, you know, can a doctor you later or something like that? Unless you plan your work, the time is going to get you. You will end up doing long hours. I've seen a lot of people doing long hours. Not because, you know, they really have a lot of work to do because they do not really plan that time. The comment office. OK, relax. For 30 minutes. Go over coffee and relax around before you know. No, it's 11 o'clock o'clock. So plan your time. That is the most important thing for you when you're working in an organization. There are a number of time management, Reiter, books and trainings and, of course, materials available. Do you go through all of them and not really plan your time? Time is the most important thing that is in your carrier. The better you manage time, the better you're going to be. Another thing you need to watch out for your own health. Us. Young people getting into the industry. You might be all excited about various things on start doing a lot of stuff, but driven but does that your body and mind needs healthy nutrition to keep yourself going . So it is very important that the software work is in worse. A lot of brain work. Your brain needs to be healthy. It needs to have healthy nutrition for it to work properly. A lot of people tend to skip breakfast and go on an empty stomach and try to work just with just coffee. You know that is not a healthy way to work. It is not good for your body and your mind. So always have a good breakfast. That's the great place to start. Fill yourself up in the morning. That way you have enough energy for your body and mind that I think you need to know vous plan your lunch, OK, It's good. Very good. Plan your lunges of it today. This is what I'm gonna eat my ass at lunch on day when I'm When are you going to, you know, eat lunch? That the water things, you decide a friend so that when you actually get toe, you're not kind of being distracting because you don't plan for it. Yeah, You're gonna be doing some eating something unhealthy. Similarly, plan for healthy Strack snacks. You know, when you get if you get hungry, other ways. If we don't unplanned or if you don't plan for it again, you end up doing eating something unhealthy. So not planning your diet means when you go hungry, you ever just go hungry. Are you end up making unhealthy choices, A plan for both of them? That's pretty important on every day. Give yourself time for some kind of a physical activity. I was pretty important. You give your body some kind of work that helps your work. I mean, if if you have a good body and if he exercises every day, that keeps your mind very good. And that's gonna help your in your carrier. So pretty important things have you manage your day and have your balance time. Have you taken of yourself and also your family? Keeping my all these things? Planning a day is very important. You need to have control of the day. I don't expect the day to control you. That's very important. Thank you. 8. Managing your performance: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on managing your performance. This is your instructor Cormorant here. So you're going and working in a company for what you want to perform there. And then we want your performance to help you in advancing your carrier and getting eggs and achieving your carrier goals and stuff like that. So your performance is the most important aspect you want it be able to manage on. What does it take in terms of men? Toe, manage. Your performance is what we're gonna be seeing in this lecture. The first thing is setting goals. What is performance performances you set certain goals on then you've worked towards achieving those goals on how well have you worked toe achieve your goals is actually your performance. So the first thing about performance management is setting goals on managing your goals. So goals can be for our former can be said through a formal or informal process. Typically in large companies, this process is very formal. On an annual basis, our quarterly basis there is usually a one on one between the supervisor and the employees . When the calls are set for the person, it might also be an informal process where it's again, a talk between the supervisor and you and and some goals up also set through that process. It also happens when certain projects start such projects in on when you get other projects . And stuff like that happens a lot of times. But typically, goals are set for each employee on an annual or quarterly basis. Companies might have a system in which they do love these goals and then tracked its goals on 100 basis depends on the company. Sometimes it is former, and sometimes it is informal on these calls might be a project with it. That's so you two projects and there are your product. Really, that's a ghost. Might be related to a project like Okay, achieved this particular project in and with on schedule and also within budget or have so much minimum errors and stuff like that, it might be revenue related and no a ensured that your your division are your group achieved so much in your second ever have in your target? It might be technical goals, which is to say that we want you to. The gold might say that at the end of the year. We want to see you as a Java expert who was able to independently, you know, architect job, a solution so that kind of gold might be there. Sometimes it is self development goals like during this year. Make sure that you improve upon your management skills. Are your communication skills at the gold maybe also related to that on gold also have what is called wait ages. So if you might be given five goals on these five goals, might have different weight ages. You know the project gold might have a great age of 40 to 50 person yourself. Development gold might have a great age of 10 to 20% on DAT is what it is usually measured upon, and then, based on the weight age, is your overall performance is calculated. That could be change of goals during a year during a review period because you know the company's targets of change are your move from one project to another project. There may be things like that that might result in a change of girls also are the most important thing and goals is that you need tohave. Clearly, no water goes are for the period on you knitted closely earlier. Document them. And most importantly, you have to track them eso tracking goals. How do you track your goals? It is important for you to know how you're tracking gains. You goes so you know should know your goals. And you should know our may attacking as spectacles are not You so should take corrective action or not. You should know yourself so on a weekly basis on a monthly basis. You wanted to do a self review off your own performance against this cold. So you reveal yourself monthly and the Howard doing against these girls. You know they achieve something. Do they does something good? Did they do something bad if I did something bad? Okay. How do we take corrective actions if they did something good? Okay. I need to make a note of that s O that I should I can. I laid that during the performance review process and get someone ogoni points. Better to do a self review of yours of one a monthly basis on keep track of these things. So treated something good. Make sure that you captured there. Some that lets you know somebody. Since your email saying that I You did a great job. Keep it up, you know, captured that email somebody you know, save it somebody because that email might have happened in April. On December, when the performance appraisal happens, the guy who actually applauded you may not be in the company. Your supervisor may not be in the company, and a lot of things can change. So the people who are actually doing your review might not be the people who actually set your goals because they know company people change. So it is better for you to keep track of this on your own responsibility, to keep track off off your goals and make sure that your track, especially the good things that are happening in your career, it is good to review your goals on your achievements. The deer supervisor on a quarterly basis to see where you stand. So that has to be intermediate reviews to make sure you know you are tracking on Ben, your supervisor shooting that you are actually tracking. So you need to check with your supervisor and make sure that are no gaps in that understanding. And if your supervisor feed is that there are some shortcomings you might want to work with them and, you know, keep take some corrective action. Also, it is also important for you to talk with your supervisor and establish a system where he gives you immediate feedback. And when I say immediate feedback, you're doing something wrong on the supervisor feels that you need to improve upon something. He doesn't have a wait until the quarter are an actual performance review to tell you that . Hey, you need to work on these things. Rather, you might want that feedback immediately so you can immediately start working on it on then . That way, you can improve pretty quickly and not wait for you to make you know more and more mistakes on more and more shortcomings. Before you actually correct yourself, this culture is going to talk to the supervisor and in creation to give you immediate feedback. Then comes the process of performance reviews, which is at the end of the year on a quarterly basis. You are trying to review your own performance with your supervisor and also his supervisor , possibly so. This performance review can be, you know, formal or informal. It can be annual or quarterly can be add. Are different companies follow different schemes or depends on your company, but there is some kind of performance review that always happens. Remember that the review process can be hard and emotionally challenging for you because you worked really hard for an entire year and end of the year. You go there and your peoples know your supervisor start saying something which could be actually challenged to Do you remember that in any performance review there, you're actually is going to see one chart coming. However you perform because it is not possible for a performance review toe. Have everything checked it. You're not gonna get ah, 100% score any time because supervisors always want to look at something to say. Here is an area of improvement. Here is something you could have worked on. Here is one thing. Very. You had a shot coming. You know, they always wanna at least look for something as small as possible. Even it is asked Mollet, as people won't always put something there, which is a shot coming, which is an area of improvement. So don't really, very, unless that is really big. Typically these performance review has overall school like an A or a B are grading like 1234 something like that. As long as you get a great girl getting you know, there'll always be something that they talk. Sometimes these performance reviews can be hard and emotionally challenging. That could be hard years, and your performance may not be up to the mark off what the organization expects it is possible so they could be emotionally chanting. Sometimes, you know, people get anybody emotional, start screaming around, maybe crying and all these kind of things can happen in a performance review those that are not good. Okay, you always want to come across are a ceviche immature person in front of your supervisor. So always be professional. Always be irrational whenever you want to discuss something. Yeah, you most important thing and performance reviews is examples. You know, if your supervisor says your communication skills are not up to the mark. Asked for examples, if you would say I have a guy, I have great communication skills that you give examples. It's all about examples. Is embodiment performance review. That's why I said always saved the information about the good work you have done. OK, so give examples. Asked, for example, that so performance review should be and also mentioned during that review People process if you supervise it has missed some things. You know what? You mentioned them. There's nothing bad our borders saying Hey and he did all these things. I need our got all these accolades from these people. You have emails and stuff. You know, If your supervisor forgot something, it's OK to remember. Remind him of all those good things that you've done. Bad things. It is for him to keep track good things. You to keep track. Okay, Take negative feedback positively. You know, taking negative feedback positively is something positive about you. Okay. The fact that you take negative it backfire positively reflects very good on you. So always take negatively, positively. Always say Okay, I understand your point. And I understand where you're coming from. I will try to take old but this and show some improvement here. I work hard on this one. Say something positive and show that you're taking it positively. And you kind of work on that. That leaves a very good impression with your supervisor. There's also the time when you talk about your future plans, you know, talk about things you want. Like, you know, you want to be increased. You know, you want some benefits you want. Oh, you don't look for a promotion. You want to look for more responsibilities. You want some training? This is a place for you to talk with your supervisor about all of them. If you're talking about, you know, changing your carrier part like I want to become a manager, I want to take project management. This is the place where you go and discuss all these things with your manager to the constant thing about goal setting. Tracking goals and performance reviews are a very important part off your own career. Management eso Make sure that you have a really good plan off setting goals and tracking these goals yourself and have great performance review. So it's important you prepare for all of them. You know, that's the way you can achieve something here. I hope this has been helpful. Thank you. 9. Manage your supervisor: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on managing your supervisor. This is your instructor, Cameron. So, in your venue of working in your company, the supervisor is the most important person in that work life. Because he's the one here she is the one who is giving you all the responsibilities are giving you gold targets, managing you, directing you, giving you guidance, making sure you do your job. Following up on the a performance, making a, making sure you are sticking to your goals. Pointing out issues that you have are helping you with any kind of troubles you have working on your the other ones who do your performance reviews. They're the ones who are probably you are pay agreements and such. So the supervisor is the most important person in your work life. So it is very important that you have a good relationship with that person on. You should know how to manage your supervisor and be in the good books off your supervisor . Now, I'm not suggesting that you have to be Bali, Bali with them and, you know, bend down and do anything that the supervisors wants you to do. You still need three professional and do your job on their you manage and make sure that how best you can relate that relationships for the betterment of yourself. The first thing you need to do and when you get into any company is you need to know about your supervisor. It is very important. Remember that your supervisor is a human being just like you. They have their strengths, weaknesses. They have that types. Eso. You need to first understand what kind of a person your supervisor is. You cannot always like Jews who your soup, what their supervisor, all your supervisors and on there are. Sometimes it's that type of people you like your supervisor, Toby, but you cannot always expect that the supervisor is going to be exactly like the person you expect them to be. Sometimes you can choose base because, you know, you might have worked with somebody before and we meant go and joined them again and under the company and stuff. But our company situations keep changing and you will get eunuch supervisors, and you need to be able to book with anybody that comes into the picture. Eso do not always expect the supervisor, Toby, somebody whom you like. You need to know that. What type of supervisor Hey, is a hands on guy or the hands off hands on guys always there on your back trying to figure out what you're doing, them getting the grade you on and self dies. Do not bother as long as you do your work, as long as you do your work on time with quality. The ad, like our hands off there are people who are technical, was us non technical Neil guys gets to him involved in all the technical stuff that you do looking design and court closely and train direct you non technical guys on every non technical guys. I'm not saying that Supervisor himself doesn't know technical stuff, Just that that kind of Okay, as long as you are doing nothing, your solution works. They don't. There are people who are pretty aggressive that people are easygoing. So it's important that you know what kind of supervisor you're dealing with on accordingly change your actions and behavior and communications. It is important for you to know one very important for thing for you to know is the supervisors ability to stand up to you mostly supervisors Tyto stand up to you because you know you work for him. Anything you do bad looks bad for them. So they they go and complain that in Okay, this person working under me is not good enough. It also reflects bad on them, so they always want to make a good impression about you. But again, if their own job is on the line, then becomes a question off, you know, Are there going to still stand up to you? Are they going to just, you know, bailout and then make you this cap coaxum that those kind of things happen. But mostly generally, people stand up to you but know how strong these guys are going to be standing up to you. It is very important to get that feeling that gives you a no confidence and backing. You can always learn from your fellow teammates or being in the team longer. But it is not a question you ask back. OK? How do what do you think about our? But no, that's not how you go on. As we generally learn toe try to learn in a very septa. Anyway, as you have gone with conversations and re septal indirect questions, and typically it will come across. You know, when you're in a group with your teammate, you generally will get diarrhea for what? Their supervisors. How do you make your supervisor happy? You know, what kind of things makes him happy making happy? So first thing is, do your job on time with quality. That's the first thing that makes them happy. You're doing your job, okay? They're happy, because remember that you have a great influence on your supervisor's performance and the supervisor has a great influence on your own performance. You know your job. He gets his job done. So he's happy. Always communicate clearly what you're thinking, what you're doing, what you're not doing. Very all troubles, what your problems. Everything you need to be able to communicate. Clearly you need to have prompt reporting on progress. Good and bad. Eso. Typically, when any teams there is always some reporting that happens on a periodic basis, daily reports weekly reports, waterbird do not myself don't and they may be pretty simple stuff, but do not myself down them because you're supervises really on them. To a large extent, you need to have correct escalation when it's a correct escalation. Escalation is a not on. We're gonna have a separate slide on that one. So girls, the aborted later provide solutions, not complaints, you know. So whenever there is a problem, you're stuck with something are maybe there's something going on and you go until you supervisor it is always good to have a solution in hand. You know, even though that solution may not be up table optimal, your supervisor might have a better solution. But the fact that you are coming of the solution gives a good vibe about you. It tells you that you're mature. It's a radio shows that you're thinking had on. That is what helps you to pushing yourself for future promotions and stuff like that, because you almost are starting to think like your bus. But that doesn't mean you get too enthusiastic and loud about these ones. And it's like, Okay, this is the problem that's happening. But maybe, you know, I think maybe we should go there. Do you think it's OK? I'm conduct kind of a question execute, even if you disagree again on the always make. And they took some conflict with your supervisor always execute on hiss directions on this plan, even if you disagree with them going above and beyond when required. And this is also important because, as I think, maybe you're working on some calls and it may not be Europe. Your problem are your issue. Maybe some other teammates. I had a problem. For example, the mother teammate fell sick and nobody's general. It is there to do his job and completed job on day. That might actually delayed the entire project. And your supervisor is trying to look for, you know, how can humanity that situation you can pitch in and definitely say, You know what? Maybe I can help you, you know, Maybe I can work extra for yours and get this one down. Are some help him that's going to go a long way in strengthening. You're pushin with your supervisor because that gives you that shows the impression that your team burger and you're focused on the team goals. Eso pitching in to help, even when it is not your responsibility. Know something went wrong that doesn't even not your problem. Try to pitch in and maybe help the team toe achieve something you know, it may be that, you know, one other team members didn't know that. Jovel. And no, it is required to. The team has to work extra time during the weekend, so make it up a new HBO. It's not my problem. I did my job. Why should I work on the weekend? That is not a good impression of a good team player. You know, you need to pitch in when it when it does not Your responsibility on hate the teams. Actually, what's going on that's going to go a long way in making you look better in front of your supervisor on in front of your teammates, taking us feedback seriously, that have time and again he's going to give you feedback. OK, I'm using his year. It is his our hats. Okay, um, taking the other feedback seriously. And you making a serious effort to improve upon it. That makes him definitely happy on finally make him look better in front of a supervisor. You know, after all, he himself is an employee. He has his own supervisor. He wants to make a good impression in front off his supervisor, so make him look better in front of a supervisor. It's a hard supervisor, and that is gonna actually make him really happy. And you become a trust int loading and for him, and finally Okay, you then look at the other side of things. What makes you supervisor upset? Yeah. There are plenty of places where you support myself. Get upset. What other places where he might get up there Surprises. Nobody likes appraisers, especially when it comes to you doing your commitments. They don't want surprises. They may be thinking that all the work is going on. Valiant. All of a sudden, they discover Oh, no, you're not being on track on. They don't know about it. They don't need those surprises. Not providing the true picture. So you say Okay, things are finance ongoing and find where actually it is not going on fine. And on, they find out from somebody else that things are not going on fine and there wasn't going to make them really upset. They always need the true picture, even if it is going to reflect badly on you. Because that's how they can manage the situation. Better criticizing him in front. Off his peers are a supervisor that is going to make them upset. If you think that your supervisor is not doing something right, got home and private and not criticise him that let's say you are in a meeting and we were discussing some design situations and your supervisor may say something which you think you might be the technical export there and supervisor is not that technical export In that situation you might on they make such a something which you might think it's stupid does not a good place in public in front of his peers as mine. I just to go and say, Hey, that's not the right way, You know, that might make them feel embarrassed. You don't want to embarrass him in front of your its peers and his supervisor's forgetting discussions in action items that next on, except you will be talking with your supervisor you desire on something on. Then one week down the Let me ask you what happened to that all. You forgot that No, that was not something that you want to be doing. If you have a tendency to for got, make sure you take notes, keep track of the notes and make sure they're completed forgetting discussions and action items, not something that your supervisor would like to see. Not getting the big picture. Now your supervisor is a supervisor for a reason. He knows things better. He looks at things from a different perspective from the new He's is the bigger picture than what you see in whatever stage you are, and you might even be a director. But the BBC's a bigger picture. So when he is suggesting something, he's always testing from a bigger picture, and you would understand that you might have your arguments and discussion. But your supervisor, you know what? I think this is the best thing to do. You better follow that. I know there's no, but there's no point blindly arguing with the mounting. Sometimes your supervisor might not explain why his situation is a solution is right, because there could be some confidential things that is going on, which he is not supposed to tell you. So you will not tell you something on do. You might think it doesn't make sense, but I don't believe in him. Even if I believe in him. Andi, take it for granted that he's right and then go out and do him. So you know that not taking responsibility for the mystics. And if you make a mistake except it makes a discretion shorter, it makes everybody's life is easy and you can move on. There's no point sitting there arguing blindly there a blah, blah, blah. And then, you know that goes on and on it trusted Everybody trusted your supervisor because he even though the mistake has happened in your toe, what past them a stake defied it and move on, and I get the job done. So if you were sitting there and arguing with him, you know that's not going to help him at all. Reacting negatively to feedback whenever feedback comes in, you should act in a positive way and accept that feedback. You know he is. He has his best intentions when he's talking your feedback. He's trying to help you become a better person, but a professional on you, trying toe act negatively and arguing with them and stuff is not gonna be feedback might hurt. It is emotionally challenging, but make sure you kind off act positively debate that is definitely going to feel make us about myself is better about you and finally acting like a jerk. There are, you would see in teams. There are some people who always act like jerks on. That's that. Enough person nobody wants to work with. The supervisor doesn't want to work with. You are your teammates is and want to work with you. They're going to find the first up. Five chance for them to get away from. You know, don't not act like a job. Be professional. Things may not go your way. You might not like things that are happening, but fines be a professional, still escalating issues. Escalation is an art. So remember that you want to choose the right. I'm toe escalate things when I said right time it is even time of day are harder motor for supervisor and things like that. You know, you need to know when to go and give him the bag news. So look at his mood of Woodley. Understand when he's more relaxed, maybe with his relax when he comes in the morning, or maybe after he had a STI break. You know, those other times, maybe you want to go on escalate things, not after he gets a beating from his supervisor, and he's already looking very worried and upset and you get more bad news. That's not what you want to be doing. Achieve the balance between two yearly and too late. So you're working on a problem and the problem is not going away. You know, I used to love difficult. When do you go and say I can't solve the problem? No, don't do it to yearly because it reflects bad on news is that you're not trying enough. At the same time, don't do it too late, which is too late, meaning that you already spent enough time trying to solve the problem. It is not getting salt and you are at the risk off Masindi a milestone, don't there you off toe escalates in a way that you give your supervisor enough time toe, find additional resources for an additional help to help you on. Still meet all the deadlines and requirements off. That is pretty important. Be sensitive about complaining about team. It's now Don't be like a kid complaining about his brother, our sister, our classmate. You know, there are times where you're gonna be, you know, having having some kind off difficulty with your teammates and when you go on escalate, so your supervisor is not like you know you are a kid, are let their toddler are are out of five for five year old kid complaining about a brother , a sister to his mom and dad. That's not how you're complaining should be. You need to focus on the issues you need to focus on how how, what is happening and how was impacting your work. Or the teams were not on the personal attributes off a person and what they're doing. You know you need to be professional in dumb. When you escalating things about your teammates, I have a solution in hand again. That's very important to have a solution in hand so they know your boss does not. My supervisor does not have the time to find keep finding a solution for all the problems. Always have a solution in hand that again looks good on you. Be ready to take us some beating when you escalate date. It's possible that your supervisor is going to get angry there. You might get some beating, but yeah, take it calmly. It will pass focus on the problem in hand Predicated, solved. You know, there's no point sitting there and arguing at this point at this time when you have a crisis, that unit to solve, Yeah, you want it, You have to take some beating your take a beating and time will pass. Focus on the solution. Even love say than issue has already happened focused on what has to be done long term. And Sharpton, for example. OK, you are the risk of missing a deadline, for example. And then you give the news to your supervisor, you know? Yeah, there's gonna be some hard times then then focus on a short term solution. What? I going to go immediately toe, you know, elevate the problem and what is going to be the long term solution as to how you're going toe our these things from happening later in your workplace so focused on both the short term solution on the long term solutions, it is pretty important there finally managing conflicts. There are always going to be times you're gonna be thinking differently than your supervisor. But always remember that you know, he's obey supervisor for a reason. Usually he knows better. He has more experience. Hey knows more about what's happening in the company, what's happening with the customers. So he knows better information to make a better decision. So I don't not get hung up on, you know, having a conflict with them always being relational. Be harness, but not emotional. So that is an important thing. When conflicts happened with your supervisor. Talk about the actual facts, talk aboard solutions and don't not get into a unnecessary emotional quarter. You can always suggest things, but remember that suggest, but then obey. If your if your input is not taken, doesn't mean you are not going to say, Put up a thing and CEO, I'm not going to do where to nose obey it. Follow it with your best off your off your abilities. If you relate, your supervisor is better later. That's all really happens. The you have before you have a choir of conflict and you take a solution and then finally find your supervisors better. Yeah, learn from it. There's nothing wrong and learning from your supervisor. Of course, that's the Board of Supervisors supposed to job in that you are getting making the right solutions and if You don't want to be like, do not comfort, you know? Yeah, I was right about You are wrong. No, that's not how you gonna be working? Yeah. Your supervisor will realize that. Yeah, you're right. I know you don't have to go and tell him that. Only make an make a mention off that or when you know, the same mistake keeps happening again. Again, like a boss. You know what? I think we have the same situation. And you know what? You This is not working or torture. Or maybe Do you want to do it again? So these are how you can manage conflicts. And I hope this is being pretty helpful for you times, but 10. Manage your relationships: I welcome to this lecture on managing your relationships. This is your instructor, Cameron. Your supervisor is not the only person you work with, are they? Are your people who work with under you'll Your subordinates are not the only people you work with. You work with your peers, your team, Miers, and also with other teams. So let's find out how better you can make those relationships works. Working with your fellow teammates are working with what we call your peers. Uh, how do you work with your peers? The first thing is seek help and required. But make sure you do your homework. So when you work in a project you're stuck on some problem. You're not able to get it solved. You want to go ask for help, gets a usual thing, and you typically go on now somebody who was an expert in that field to come and take a look and help you nothing around in seeking help. But you need to also make sure that you will not go on. Keep asking help for all simple things you first doing to do your homework letter. You stuck on something, you do your work. Look up some material. No. Google something. Find out if you see if you can see a solution. Years of do your work before you go and seek. Don't just blame the Okay, I'm stuck here, Let me put somebody Let people somebody Pretty soon they're going to be frustrated with you because you're describing them too many number of times and they're going. You actually disturbing their work. And they're going to complaint airport. So make sure that when you escalating something, it definitely is something difficult that you are not easily able to solve. Okay. Give credit to people. Help you. That's very important. You know, somebody helped you to do something on Based on that, your problem got solved. You're able to achieve your target, give them credit, maybe tell us overweight. I hate this person. A piece on the problem. Our email goes off about documents. Give toe all other people you help do in your job. It is very important to have that good wife with everybody When you give them credit for the help. There were more willing to help you in the future. If you do not give credit, they got nothing. I have this guy toe accusing. And this guy never, ever mentioned about me. Why should I help him? I'm not gonna help him in the future. So make sure you give credit to people who helped help other. So people also will come to for help. Do you know how unity afterward help to others but are not at the cost off cost of missing your deliverable? You can't say I was helping this guy to solve this problem, so I missed my deliverable. That is not acceptable. So when that situation happens, when you know that, Okay, I need to help somebody. But I can miss my own goals. Talk about that. Explained that toe that person asking for help If that person still needs help, you can then together, go to your supervisor and say, Hey, this is a situation. This person is asking me for help. Why? Gold and self help? Because I met Miss my deliverable and let the your supervisor make a decision there. You know, super myself. Some may say that. Okay, the other person thing is more important. Okay, You go and help him out there. He might try to find alternate resources to help him. But always keep in your mind. Your deliverables are more important than somebody else. Deliverable. So there are always places where you do not get along with your co worker. That always gonna happen in those times, you know, Try to fix it on a one on one situation, you know, go talkto over over a break or be or lunch and then discuss the situation and see how you can work well together. That perfectly normal thing. You know, there is always times there is a misunderstanding. Like any relation ship like a friendship or our personal relationship Better toe, talk it over and then, you know, get things right. Do not allow personal relationships both past relationships on negative relationships come in the way of personal commitment. So when you're working somewhere, you are going to form friendships. You are goingto have tassels and fight. Do not let them come in the middle of your professional commitments. Okay? Eso There are times where you have to complain about your friend. There are times where your work together are asked for help from a person you do not like. All that will happen. That's okay. You have to stay professional on, get your things done so focused on your work. Workplace is not the place for you to build personal relationships. You how to barely wanna build, find find. That's fine. But that does not the place where you sit and build your personal relationships. Make sure you understand that working with other things now, it's not only your teams, but you always work. You always work with a lot of other teams in your company. You might work with other development team, so you might be working on brown product. There is other development teams that are working on other products. You made a world of work with them to integrate stuff you work with. Q A. Project management operations, documentation, support marketing, product management, sales. There are a lot of teams that are in a company, and you might have to work with them for various reasons. Eso on. Remember that other things might have conflicting goals sometimes rather than I was supposed to. You know this kind of things as what leads to conflict so but it is important for you to be able to smoothly work with them and achieve the stuff because you all work for the same company unit of them, but that on your company's more priority to you than you know individual goals. So you need to have a day off working through your conflicts and resolving them number that proving yourself right means proving somebody else strong. This is what typically happens in this interacting discussions. For example, the Q A person has raised a bug. You think it is not a bug. I think it is working as expected. Yeah, you can go into great lands to explain why you are right and by the other person is strong . But the moment you pull your son Friday at about your proving gather present wrong and And this when this happens in a on a meeting with a lot of people listening a good can later, you know, delicate personal situation. So you need to have a way of wording. What you say in a way that everybody, it's your turn, aren't you are not trying to put the focus on people. You're trying to put the focus on the issue in hand, and Plato worried out in such a way that it is not hurting s so that way. Everybody feels comfortable. At the end of the day, you need to know how to work with people and get things done. Stay calm, vibrational and sensible. When you're making this disgrace, this is the discussions. Somebody might come and point you. That your design is wrong are insufficient. And that doesn't mean that they're trying to say something wrong about you. Do not get upset and angry and get irritated and then start screaming and you need to watch out for all those behavior. Those is not good. It is okay. Attacks optimistic. If you think you made a genuine mistake and somebody's pointing ordered is easier to say. Yeah, I think I made a mistake. I apologies on that takes that thing away, and everybody starts focusing on the next step in. And if we do not accept the Mixtec and start branding for often, er, you're wasting everybody's time on, then guess what? It's not gonna help at all on. Also, give correct when it is required. It's very important to give credit to other people who work with you and helped you achieve your goals. Remember and emphasize the fact that you're working in a larger team. Okay, so you're all working for the same company? Yeah, you might have individual conflict, Ingles, but always keep in mind, the company expects you to work together to achieve the larger dream. So talk it over, find the right people, go and resolve your issues. If you cannot resolve the issues before within yourself tryto you can always escalate and let your supervisors where he voted. But always remember that you all work for a larger company. You are all a part of a larger team on. You need to make sure that you work with your teammates and a good way. Make sure there is in the company. There is a clear path plan for issue diagnosis, resolution in escalation. When you work with other times, it is better toe establish a modest operandi off how you guys are going to interact with each other. Even if a plan are are clear, game plan does not exist. You can establish your own drowned doors off. You're gonna interact with each other. How are you going to resolve issues on a 100 bases? So that's nothing wrong with. Some companies have a different plan on documented plan off. Things happen for issue diagnosis and analysis. If not, you can work certain things between yourself also. So there is also possible eso I have. This discussion is pretty helpful to you. Thank you. 11. Changing Paths: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on changing parts. This is your instructor camera? Ah, lot of times in your career, maybe after you know, five years, six years of times. You know you want to change parts. The part changes. The first part in you have is with respect to the technology. Work with that kind of keeps happening more often. Like every five years or so. There is another changing parts that is more like an a video. Going into the management was a technical decision or you're going to get into other things like consultancies, er, project management, our product management. And it's like that s so how do you plan for these changing parts and work towards these goals That is fast trying to understand what is changing. Technology means so technology as we have a copier in the game as keeps growing and changing, and you need to keep pace with the technology that you learned 10 years back is no longer valid. You need to keep girls off upgraded with new technology. Sometimes that opportunity to change your technology comes in your current job. That should be pretty exciting. Where the product you are working with the application you're working with. A decision has been made to incorporate some of the new technologies. For example, are you have a Web application of a cloud application and then your company decides, Start you want toe incorporate mobile technologies in the world. That's a great opportunities to go and learn mobile technology. Are you have a database of RTB, Emma's based product, and then they want a big gate out of it that those kind of opportunities come a lot in your current job. So that's an exciting time for you to think about this, which on go head on into dot our situation and make the most out effect by learning and working in new technology that we're adding some valuable stuff to your rescue me. Now, when you choosing a new technology, make sure that you chose a technology that complements the current one because you've worked in your current technology for what, maybe 10 years and then do you want to throw with all that experience and expertise and then start from scratch? No, you don't want to know that you want to some off leverage that existing I think you have into your new carrier part also so try to chose a new technology that complements their existing technology. Like you are our baby. You must db. You know, maybe look at becoming a big data database administrator. You are the web develop, man. See if you can get the mobile development. You are a systems analyst working with in order boat and another takes note to see if you can become a data scientist, uh, trying to move into something that is more relevant and all that way you are existing skills are put into good use in the new carrier part that you're taking. I also remember the best part for bus place to change parties. Your gun company. Remember that you cannot, like, just go. I learned new technology and use the new technology toe play for a job and a new company. They're not going to take you without showing any kind of work experience in the new technologies of the best place for you to change parts isn't your current can company provided your current company has those opportunities? Of course, taking some courses of studies certification all those would help toe kind off, build your skills in the new technology again, doing some personal projects doing some open source contributions also help in terms of learning your new technology and showing to other people that you are definitely skilled and whatever this new technology is. So look at all these options when you're building up US girls and, you know, technology changing growth. So the changing technology is wanting changing roles. Is another like you want to change yourself into getting in tow? Technical management of project management consultancy kind of work. Eso One of the things you need to do is share is when you're trying to move into this new roles. Make sure that do you have the skills for the newt? Also, you need to do some kind of a self assessment to make sure that you have the skills required for the new role. It is not something bad for you. You can always go and seek help from other people like your clothes are teammates or someone ho no, you professionally and ask them, Have you dating that? You have the skills for this role on get their feedback on. If there is some skills that are missing, if they're awesome skills that can be improved upon. Maybe you want to take Those, of course, is also so make your evaluation value, turn your needs and wants clearly needs some time to be spent on these things. Look at various aspects, like money. Jobs are distraction, your personal situations like no marriage, childbirth and stuff like that on. Then make a decision whether you want to make this move when you're changing roles, there is definitely extra work. Need to be done in terms of training yourself and getting certification and stuff like that . So do you have the money and time for all of that needs to be evaluated. Prepare yourself for the troll change once you've decided, you know, self study and certification Getting an M B a degree. You know, whatever you use your plan is, you have to do to protect stri efforts and there will you ask, You keep going on there again. The best place to change the old is in your own company. So if you're trying to get in the project management, maybe your company has a project management team. That's the blessed place to go. Look at a lot of big companies and create employ that in parent employees. Toe a play for new jobs. Eso you jobs within the company. So whenever a new job comes but in the car open incomes but in their company, they increased their existing employees to apply for these new openings. That way they can keep the employees engaged and not let them look for opportunities outside. So that's a great place for you to go and look at, because a lot of times when you're looking for opportunities within the company they are willing to take, give you some relaxation in terms of the requirements like you want to become a project manager, but you do not have any hands on experience, but they might still and create you to become one within the company. Maybe you offer you got it certificates and stuff like that. So look at opportunities again within the company. Same thing with consistency like you want, Oh, become a consultant. Maybe you can become a consultant to your own company because you can't just go outside in the world and consequent when you're doing Conservancy. A lot of times you get work because off the people you know and see So you didn't know people within your customer companies for you to get work on what other places better that way. You know, in terms of your existing company, you can become a concert into your own company and start working their There's a great place to start off. You know, your consultancy role. I can understand what I A company's role change policies and opportunities some companies provide them, come from companies. Don't also make sure that the companies and create that and do not discreet items. You need to be very careful about in or telling other. Telling your people your supervisor about your plans. You know, only do that if you think that they're going to encourage you in this underwear. If you think they're gonna look a tone upon it and don't do it, discuss it with your supervisor. If you think your company is going to encourage it when you're doing your annual performance reviews, this is what you can discuss with them on. May be coming with an action plan as to how you're going to go ahead and get this role change done within your company. Also set up a transition plan. How you going to transition out off your current existing schools on your current roles and get into the new rules that they are seeking within the company s. So this is a long term project. The changing roles itself. My take close to a year or so, I think closely think clearly on. Then That way you can plan out and make sure that you are successful in the neutral. Thank you. 12. Asking for an increase: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on asking for an increase. Our this issue instructor Cameron, there are a lot of times in your career where you think you are underpaid for your position on your skill set on, you might want to go and ask what a pay hike? Eso How do you plan for it? How do you do it? Let's try to understand what are things involved? The first thing we want to talk about is your flight risk profile. And this is kind of sneaky term that maybe I just using here. I don't know what the official Thomas for this one, but flight risk refers. Toe your supervisor companies opinion on how probable you might quit in the near future. Eso any day. You remember that all supervisors have an opinion about their employees as to what is the probability that your employees is currently looking for a job outside? How happy or satisfied are they with the company? Is it possible that they are now, at this point eagerly looking for a job outside? Well, they leave the company and stuff like that so they already always have that in their mind. That is your flightless the risk that you might actually fly somewhere areas having no flightless because not good. In honor of your company, things are your supervising. Hey, this person is not going to leave the company. Come what may that means they're taking you for granted. You know, they might not really thinks is about you for any kind off pay agreements and stuff, because then, Okay, you're gonna stay here, come with me. And I don't want that kind of a profile to my flight risk. Also not good. And on, if people keep thinking that this guy is constantly is going to be leaving, there's a 90% chance these guys looking outside that is also not good. And that is usually perpetuated by the fact of what you do. You're constantly telling them a I don't. I'm not happy. I'm not happy about this. I'm not happy about that. I'm being badly We can't constantly cripple were things. That's what people are going to think So any of that kind of too much flightless is also not good, because if there are some good projects, long term projects coming out coming along, your company may have no second thoughts about putting you in the project because they think maybe that you're gonna live on it may actually get you fired. Also, the company made thinking, or rather than, you know, putting up with this flightless. I would rather, you know, fire this guy and get somebody who's motor label. That's also possible. So too much flight risk is also not good. But your flightless profile is created by you by what you constantly say to your company's . One of the things that can increase your flight was propped. Profile is when you go and ask for a pay hike, so always be aware of your profile. What? Always be aware of water. People should be thinking you should come across as the label. Okay, you should have ah, supervisors is your thing that, hey, this is an employee who can be related upon in tow, stay in the company and make take the company to the next level. At the same time, you should not be taken for granted, so you should see how you can balance both these things coming across as the labels on not being taken us for granted. When you're asking for your increase the first thing you noted. Overs. Know your market value. What are you really vote in the market If you go until they look for a job outside with the same profile? What is the market going to pay you far So, really, the market competition trends at least every six months. These days, there is a lot of Web sites like payscale dot com and a salary dot com on a lot of jobs. Such websites that have these are markets competition data where you can go and search them for your position, for your location for your years of experience. What is the market being for? And you can actually see a lot off trends in other minimum maximum means. Tonder deviation all kinds of stuff, so try to understand what your market value is on. Always compare yourself with people of equal and experience equal in position, expertise, location on all these things on. Don't forget about the other additional benefits that the company is providing you a lot of times that actually adds up to a lot more. For example, if your company is giving you free, that is a baby sitting services. No, that's a lot of money. You know, if you are to go for a private baby sitter or a day car thing, then that's a lot of money. But if a company is giving your baby sitting services for free, that is indeed a huge compensation agreements. Or consider all of them. Also review your job market trends, you know, play. What's his demand for your profile? You need to also make sure that always have to construct this fact that, okay, you go on us for an increment. The company then fires you. What happens? Will you be able to get a job immediately? Always think. Have that in mind, understand what the supply was? The demand, ah, situation is for your our skills and experience. Evaluate your other priorities to money is not the only thing that is important about other things like your stability when it's is stability, stability in duffs, off location, jobs and stuff like that. For example, your current job might be simply a 9 to 5 jobs because maybe your company's located in one place on you need to do all the meetings and stuff from 9 to 5. You can go boom, boom back and take her off, Maybe your newborn kid and stuff like that when we tried it, then to toe another company, which is a multi national company which has locations all over the world. And you are meetings early in the morning, late in the evenings and night on that is gonna take a lot of personal time. You know, you need to think about all these things. Also, look at your personal situations and events and thinking of what is good, Good time toe asked for a pay, because when you ask for a player, you need to be ready with the fact that if the situation discussions don't not go as expected, you might have to change your jobs. You know, sometimes asking for every high can lead to bad situations on you might have to change your jobs will be always have that in your back of your mind. Look at their personal situations like you're just gonna have a baby. Our had a baby are some loud One is actually seriously sick. You need to take care of dumb. You need to spend a lot of time on those things. You do not want a job situation going on at that point. Also look at benefits that might uniquely help help you if you're allowed one is really sick. And, for example, this company gives you some great medical benefits. Those are good things to consider also, so we carefully evaluating country, evaluating, asking for a pay hike. It's almost like evaluating whether you want to change a job, because in case the gay guy agrees, discussion does not go well at all. Our turn bad. You might have to look for a notes that job. So think about those things. Understand your company's competition policies and track business. If your company has hard compensation policies, just they only give you increments once a year. No point going and asking it in April or May. You know it's not gonna happen on also understand how the salary situation work. Do they have some kind of salary bands? They work with their They have any kind off a company day down toward the salary situation should be. You understand what their company are symptoms of its compensation policies and procedures . So how do you go on us for an increase? Do we don't leave? The difference is greater than 20%. You know, if you're comparing yourself of the market and the mean of the market is just in a $5 more than what you're making and there's no point going and asking for an increase in, it doesn't make sense at all, do we? Pretty close toe appraisal trains. You know, when you have this anvil quarterly, half of the appraisal. That's the time where you can go and Virginia story, because that's the place where, seriously, your supervisor is willing to listen. Doll your things and make a good pitch for yourself, you know, So make sure you do that closer. Don't review and appraisal times and position yourself for the reasonable story as to why you want, think, do not be like a jerk going. And hey, you either pay me. There's anger on getting over the company. Don't start screaming about how bad the company's policies are. You guys don't pay at the market value at all. You guys suck and don't do it all those kind of stuff. Be professional and do this. Express your in vengeance toe. Continue to work with the company that the first thing you need to tell your supervisor on other people in the company that you have an intention, serious intention to continue working for the company. That's when they're going to consider your pay increase. If they think that you want to leave the company, they're not gonna control your stuff. So you to express that, Okay, Like working here. I'm looking doing good work here. But then you know what? I think my salary levels are lost in the market and that kind of worrying me, you know, to tell them that something that seriously worries you're not something like Come coming across a 13 in, you know, come barrier compensation that market tends. Have some numbers in or document that you collected from the market. Do not come. Agra started learning. That is not good at all. Your supervisor doesn't want no hearing that kind of thing on. Do not sound desperate both on the ground. Do not sound threatening. Do not something desperate come across a gene even saying OK, What? I never like working in this company. I Benzes great work with the card, this one on looking at market tent and this is what the market is paying and I think I've been undervalued here, writing and being underpaid here. Kanye West World sees what you can do about this. Be very gentle and be professionals, a schedule one wants to discuss. Alabi. Things may be discussed for set it up on often are meeting and do a suitable trade names. Typically, that's why it is good to do with, along with your annual performance. Appraisals are quarterly or half Ali A. Prices our schedule 1/2 an hour meeting with your with your super ways and maybe I want to discuss some personal stuff and then go on top them. It's always good to schedule 100 times rather than barging into your supervisor's office when he's actually busy handling some very key such bad situations and then putting up this one asking for an increment increases your flight risk. Everybody immediately becomes kind of about OK, this guy is not happy. So there is a flight risk associated with them on. They might start something aborted whenever a new jobs comes over and stuff. So be very careful about what you're doing here. That is why it is very important for you to pitch in the fact that you want to continue working for the company. If you had discussions on do, your supervisor said he is going look underweight and do fall open to follow. But regular intervals do not have to money fall ups. We followed up twice that rights and you're not getting a good response. Maybe they're not interested in you, so you need to take alternative actions. After that. One of the things that people do is asking for our an increase. With the job offer in hand, they go to the market, actually get a job offer and then go ask for matching a matching offer. Now, having a job offer in hand is good personally, because you know, you things don't welcome with the current company. You I really actually have a job to go on. That kind of is a safe situation for you. But what? Imagine the situation also, that you have a job offer in hand on, then the company do that does have a marked do a match. It actually increases, even though then you continue working for the company. It actually increases your flight risk a lot more, you know, because they know that you went outside and actually interviewed. You might do it again. There are some people who try to do this on a six every six months or so. That is not good at all. Maybe the company will entertain a job the match the first time around. But after that they're gonna be careful. They're going to make sure that if you have been given some critical areas to work on, they might actually move on more of a those responsibilities from you to other people so that you're not a flight risk and on your own you're not a big list to the company. Fiato leave on the next time. Maybe you put up another job offer and ask for a match. They made quietly ask you to leave. So it's not something that you would do often enough. And no, it increases your flight risk. It changes your opinion off your super ways. That about you, Onda as good as you are, they do not want to keep carrying the press. They always want to medicate. The press can look for other alternatives. Eso I hope this discretion has been pretty helpful for you. Thank you 13. Working towards Promotions: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on working towards promotions. This is your instructor community. So during your carrier, you want toe, you know, not just a in the same position. You want to get promoted on a periodic basis and move to higher positions and higher positions. You know, that's what is challenging that interesting about your job. But first you need to understand how promotions work. There are two types of promotions that typically happen one of these scales promotion and under the organization level promotions. Ah, scale promotion is more individual promotion that our individual kids promoted. Based on this performance and his experience, levels are typically it's like you know, you are a software engineer and you'll become software engineer level one level two level three, depending upon your organization scales or would be like US software engineer, senior software, engineer stuff, software engineer principles, Software International. These are individual promotions. It is simply revenge by you and your own performance. It doesn't impact anybody else. It's our individual draws specifically in a technical position, and there are organization level promotions where you have organizational positions like, you know, the manager, senior manager, directors in your director vice president, general manager. Those kind of positions, those kind of positions are not individual based there more organization driven as to how many people they want to actually have in those positions. So there is a difference between these two kinds of positions on how you grow than death. I remember that organization structures are typically in like a pyramid. Eso the lesser positions as you go. So you have 100 100 software engineers. They're typically maybe 10 to 15 managers that are typically food for directors and typically want to do vice president. So it is not that everybody gets an opportunity disk grow into the higher positions. And on there is a pyramid structure. That's that's that's what you want to watch out. So and not everybody in the team gets to become go to the next position. You do other thing to go to the next scale, but not at the next organization level positions. Or remember that scale promotions happen organically, your performance alone and sufficient so as to keep performing well as you keep putting out on our years of experience and as you keep meeting certain performance and expedience criteria, you automatically get promoted, especially in a large organization they already have very well said. Standard us to You know what each position means as you keep achieving those standards are expectations do keep getting promoted. So there in your own performance alone matters. But organization positions are a different animal, so new positions in an organization only open up when there are new projects or the expansion happening in the company are when your own managers supervisors to sign our that there is an organization pre structure happening and stuff like that. It doesn't happen all the time. Eso It is not like you know you want to go to the next position. You're qualified to be in the next position, but it's not opening up, so you do not really have an opportunity. So you need to really watch out for that. If you really have openings into which you can grow into, there is, even when in pushin opens up. That is always the question that comes into mind, which is doing Do they want to do? Inside promotions was outside recruitment. You know, sometimes organizations do promote Internet inside people into higher positions, but sometimes they also going for outside dressed recruitment. A lot of things play into those. A lot of factors play into those decisions. First of all, is that inside Thailand who's really available on capable of taking of the higher position . Of course, there is a second question that comes in as to you know, I suppose you have a note. We are on your team and you there are at least another two people who are equally qualified and experienced as you on your supervisor residents. Now the company may think home to a promoter, this passion among all you three on the thing that worries them as give they'll promote one off them. The other two are going to get upset. So they definitely given a lot of careful thought there as to whom they want to promote. Typically long if one off you three guys is really seen here and experience and have a great reputation than they might want to promote you about any of all the looks equal and and ah, damn it actually going for an outsider to come in and take the place because they do not want to upset people unnecessarily also, sometimes they want to bring in new people and because they want some change agents, because your team is long enough use all used to certain processes and technologies and stuff. Sometimes change is introduced into the company by bringing an outsider who was already used to this new technologies and on new processes and stuff like that. So there may be a lot of things playing into why people promote around. And of course, there is organization and politics that also comes in and plays some role in terms of who gets promoted and stuff like that. So the lot of factors working in their toe what would actually go hand on organizational promotional a promotion decision. So a lot of things happened there. But what is that you can do? You know, there are only certain things that are under your control, and you can ensure that those things are taken care of things that are not in your control . You know, you definitely can't do anything. So how do you position yourself for a promotion to question when it opens up specifically an organisational position? The first thing, of course, is excelling in your work and getting great reviews. You know you keep doing here. We're getting excellent reviews, and having establishing yourself in excellent track record that is going to go a long way in establishing are making you a great candidate for the for the promotion that comes up, you will also need to demonstrate skills that are required for higher positions. You know you need to demonstrate maturity, learning and leadership unit of constantly show. You have the kind off talent and maturity on viewership capabilities that are needed for this. I have position you need to show that you are qualified on. You need to find every opportunity that is possible for you to demonstrate all these kinds of things. You know that you are capable of thinking of the next position under. The important thing is, what about your teammates? Can they see you as the supervisor know? That's an important thing. Although you are working with them as a teammate and all of a sudden you're made the supervisor. Can they take that? I ended and they're digested on out of there depends upon the kind of rapport you have with them and also the kind of respect they have for you. They see you already as a leader there. See you already as a mentor. Somebody was helping you, Somebody whom they have great respect for then they're definitely willing to take you as the supervisor, even if you have more experience than them and stuff like that. If they do not see you as a capable person, they may not like you as the supervisor. So you need to establish the respect and wrap with your teammates because who knows when you know pushing open up and you're being pushing for a promotion? Are these kind of things come into play? You need tohave, continuous self development and education to pushing yourself for the next level of position. So that is something you have to keep working on. You need to gain visibility in the organization beyond your own. Your own supervisor, your supervisors supervisors need to know about you. Your supervisors peers need to know about you. The more visibility you have it in the organization. As a reputed intelligible who can get things done, the mortar is gonna help you and dumps off. Getting a promotion also indicate your desire to take higher positions, especially during performance reviews. Go talk to your supervisor and say, Hey, I'm willing to take up more responsibilities and higher positions and getting ready for that. Let me know what I should go to get there. Ask their feedback if there's certain shortcomings in you that you want to improve work on them and keep showing that you're interested in moving up while appearing to do the role. That is also important because what happens is a lot of times temporary openings show up. You know, for example, all of a sudden the company wants to run a small project for seven special situations. You can volunteer to say, You know, I wanted on the project are like you're on supervisor is not available for a short time. Maybe. Is taking a two week Audrey Greek vacation on all of a sudden? Hey has a personal situation where he needs to be off for two or three weeks. You can volunteer to young, run the team on its behalf about the time you know. So look for those opportunities and be ready to take over because those kind of things demonstrate. I mean, there's nothing more think. Tell people that you're capable enough more than you know, actually showing them you can do it. And so whenever there is an opportunity comes up, take it up and do it that way. You show people that you are actually ready for the higher position doing it and showing it . There's nothing no other great way off doing that and always be keep looking out for no personality where you can actually go and prove yourself s So this is how you can position yourself for a promotion. As I said, uh, it doesn't mean you will get promoted. That has to be an opening for you to get promoted. But the most important thing you can do is to demonstrate that you are ready for it. Even if you are not getting it is in your company. Maybe you'll get in other company because maybe you're your supervisor. Move Stone of the company, for example. Then with these guys, don't promote your but your supervisor house you in mine and maybe recruit you into that company. And I a question for all you know, So a lot of things can happen. Keep doing your perform poorly performing, keep getting better reviews and have a great rap on respect with your teammates and you will get You will see that that will get used. You know somebody down the line. I hope this election has been interesting to you. Thank you. 14. Changing jobs: I will come to this lecture on changing jobs. This is your instructor, Cameron share. So, uh, there are a lot of times during your career where you want to change your job. So why do you want to change? You might want to change because there is more money and benefits on and your job. You're not satisfied with what you're getting in the current job, so you want to move to a new job for better money and better benefits? You are not satisfied with your current work in terms of the kind of work you do, you want to do more technical work. You need to know one of the more serious work on there could be one of the reasons you're not feeling important in the company you're working currently, you feed that others are more prominence. You're not being you're not getting good jobs in your company could responsibilities. You don't feel that you are appreciated within your company. There could be a lot of reasons like that. Why you want to change location may be an important reason because you known for various personal reasons you want to move to a different location because Maybe you're getting married. You want to move with your spouse or, you know I want to go to a place where there is more. For example, there's a beach nearby are there is some skiing president is nearby because that's other Are you that your personal preferences of those can be one of the reasons that could be organizational changes coming in the company because, you know there is. There is going to be changes there. There are acquisitions and stuff like that. There is downsizing, very interested in why you don't not feel more comfortable or secure in your company and you want to move. It might be simply because there are better opportunities available. Some barrels, and you want to go try them out are simply for the heck of it. There are some people who just want to keep moving company to company every three years because they want to keep seeing different things. Different people welcome different companies, you know. Whatever be it is. So you decide what is important to you on why you want to change. So it is your own personal decision. There is nothing good or bad about it. The most important thing is you should be happy in battle where you're working. So how do you plan for a gene? This is a very important thing that we want our base. You honors carefully value of elevate your decision for change. And what is that you want to watch out for? You need really Avala take down a paper piece of paper and write down. What is that you're going to gain by moving on borders that you can lose So both of them are pretty important. Remember that you do not know what you lose until you lose it. A lot of times you do not even think about it. One leaving the loser that you're sort of up there. And really Hey, I'm missing this, you know. Watch out for that. Also, I think about that promote the all the promises that they're getting in the new job. They may be actually force a lot of times when you look to the other side and other side is always green. You know that? And when you actually go in there, you discover that is not the case. One day when you get into the company, do you start realizing all the bad things that are going on in the company from outside, You always look at the good stuff. Of course, today, now there are a lot off review sites where you can go on, understand no people. Various employees are reviewing the company, and you can go and look at them and see what their existing employees are saying about the company and try to understand, You know what? How is it really working for that company? Like? But remember both of them. Look at what you're gaining on what you're losing. Carefully select the list of people you discuss your decision with. So when you're trying to think about change, you typically want to go and talk to a few people on bones. Idea off them to see what they think. A border don't typically your clothes, families and friends on maybe some of your teammates, our colleagues. There's nothing wrong with doing that. The only thing you want to make sure is that those people maintain confidentiality. You don't want them to be talking about your thing to somebody else, and before you know, your supervisors know that, Okay, this guy's looking for a change and then all of a sudden, your own flight risk starts going up. You maybe just thinking and discussing this topic. But before you know, your supervisor knows the border, he thinks you're actually going to change. And that made no influence positions as to what your supervisor gives you. In terms of good work, it increases your flight risk. I know you don't want beginning there, so you want to carefully choose the list of people whom you discuss your decision, but maintain anonymity as my just possible that you go and put your team is on tired and upset job search websites. And before you know, your supervisors come across there, You know, these days a lot of companies are doing that kind of a sort, which is looking at popular job website received. Their existing employees are put for their resumes in there on looking for a job. So there's good to maintain anonymity as much as possible. Maybe you're going through ah, recruiting agency then, yeah, you want to make sure that when they recording agency is broadcasting euros, he made that is some anonymous that is maintained also so that you know, before you know information reaches no. So, for example, you might be sending it to some company, but the manager is actually a friend of your manager and the major. Hey, I see that your employees putting, looking for a job and before you know you are flightless goes up. So watch out for all this kind of stuff. Have an action plan as to how you're going to go about this change. Also have a good backup plan because some case, you try to do certain things and then you see that you do not find good opportunities, and then you might be safe to stay back in your own company. So that is something you want to keep in mind. It is possible that after going and exploding the market, you might think I don't want to change now on your gonna come back and continue working on the company, make sure that you know, doing your job So you haven't ruffles their feathers and stuff like that. So watch out for that executing change. Now, this particular what we're going to discuss in this light, we can actually have an entire training course on it. I mean, you wouldn't be thinking. Maybe do that. What I'm going to be discussing here is very few things. Onda. What I have found is that you when you go on the Internet, you do find a lot of material on this topic. So what does that are Not the kind of duplicate that in our core. So executing change. Make sure you do good rece emails. You know that Present yours, of present us have been in your interviews. Salary negotiations as toe. Have your negotiator, Saleh V. You know, a lot off training, ridiculous, available. So we're not really going toe dark here putting down your resignation. You know, be very professional when you're putting down your resignation. Even though you're frustrated with the company. Always say good things about the existing company when you're putting down a resignation. Do not I tried to get into any kind off fights or quarrels are, you know, some kind off middle finger pointing kind of thing. You know, do your company and I don't want a good off in a very smooth bay. Do not offend people because you don't know when those people are going to come back to you because you might offend somebody today on before, you know, maybe five years down the line, you have to work with them for whatever reason, they might end up being your own customer, your own managers, whatever happens, you know, so don't know. Don't try. Do it. Dead people. When you're trying to do this, make sure you do it in a very professional way. Make sure they understand your side of things. Do some transition planning. We have seen a lot of people who just resigned and then vanished, you know, without having proper transition planning. Make sure that your new company understands the fact that you have responsibilities in the old company and the immunity transition yourself. You typically give enough time in your old company s so that your responsibilities can be transitioned over and you not put them into trouble when you move along, you don't want you an existing company to crib. Look, this guy just left and vent and he messed up Our work. Must have certain things in a company run, want people to have that kind of hard feelings on a simple reason is because today the world is very small and they're bad feedback about you. Somebody down the land they're going to echo dark and that might come and influence your carrier. So what? Your people watch out for the make sure that you leave on good wipes ago. Live on past the VIPs. Make sure that people are happy and they understand that you're living. Do not put them into any kind of trouble as much as possible. I hope that structure has been useful to you. Thank 15. Taking care of things: Hi. Welcome to this lecture on are taking care of things. This is your instructor, Cameron here. In this lecture, we're gonna be looking at a few miscellaneous stuff that you need to take care on your professional life. The 1st 1 is the importance. Off a paper are an email or electronic trail. Whatever you wanna talk about on any important decisions that happening, the first thing you want odorless and think about us. The people whom you've worked with today may not be there tomorrow. You might have a discretion with your manager about maybe your promotion and then, you know, for all you know, he made money. He might say, OK, let's located after six months and after six months, the person may not be working in your company, for all you know are any kind of appreciation that comes you. It comes on verbally on anything like there. They may not be there. You know, the people who are involved may not be there when you actually them. So it is better that you get a paper trailer and email trade or whatever is happening on be ableto save them in a safe place. So that you can always go back to them and show it to the new people who are coming in to say, you know what? The person who was in your position, your dear computer does to me. So please take a look and whatever you can say about it, right? So make sure there is a trail for everything. You're there is a trail for your goals, the trail for any commitments, you take up the trail for your achievements. The trail for any promises that your manage it has made to you the trail for any promises that you made to your manager. Everything needs to have a nice trail that way, even later in your life, you can go back on, then refer to them if there is any kind of conflict that is gonna happen. So these are needed for conflict solutions yearly later. So make sure that these are are kept in a very safe place, you know, different from Varia, saving the rest of the stuff. Maybe have a backup copy so you can always go back to these when it is required in life. The importance of a trail is very important. Uh, in what the way you're doing. The other thing you want to bother about is the oil online presence. Today everybody has an online presence, both professional and personal. That is Facebook ling been. You know, all kinds of websites where you have an online account on you do communicate a lot through this online account on those are your online presence reflects a lot on your own ability on your own personal gain, everything. The importance off this online profile is growing every day. So much so that in any time you hear about some guy, you know, new person, first thing you do is Gogan Google it. Suppose you fear that. Okay, that's a new guy called so and so joining our company, our team, the worry. Don't you just go Google him and see what he what comes up for this new guy? That person comes for interview and your team. You google the person you have a meeting with a customer with so on. So you for going cool, the person understand Who is she and what other background? So your online profile profile is being looked at by more and more people ask the days go by these days on it is a great reflection off your own expertise and capability, especially on the professional side. You want to make sure that when people go kill you, a lot of things turn up about you, which is positive, like your own Lincoln provide would definitely kind of if you have a blogger area, been blood in a lot of technical details that were done on these all kind of in Greece. Your own profile, you know, gives a better picture of yourself about with any new people who are trying to look at you . Recruiters are looking at online profiles more and more seriously. You know, that's the first thing people go on looking. What is what kind of on land provided this guy has. Now you're trying to play for a job. You know the recruiting manager is gonna go Google for you on Let's say he's recruiting you for maybe Java expertise, and he calls you and finds that your blood. But you have been discussing certain job aerated stuff on threats, stuff and stuff like Daddy that gives a good picture that you are definitely an expert in that area. Most important thing is keep your personal and professional profile separately because in your proof, personal propel you may be doing a lot off. You know, stupid things. You know, that's okay. It's for your personal stuff. And you don't want them to turn up when somebody is trying to google you on a professional basis. So that is something you wanna watch out for. You know, blog's articles, comments, references from other people and all that is greater. With all this gives, you make a good impression about you with home. Over. Who are you trying to google you? It gives a good impression. So make sure you have all the presents. And I would recommend that often, you know, Google yourself and see and see what turns up. You know, go on. An anonymous user, not as yourself on Google yours Open. See what kind of links, Turner. Sometimes you may see that you know, you would went to a party and did some stupid things there on those things. Turn up first. You know you don't want all of that. You might want to go and make sure you know those links are daily terror. People don't see them, you know, it gives a bad impression about yourself. More and more professional people are trying to look up you for your professional excellence, or make sure that your Google searches are do not show something bad. That's something you want to definitely keep watching. But dont thing you wanna watch out is that it is a very small world. OK, it's a very small world. You will end up working with your current and past team mates. Once again, people you're working with today are in the past. There's very likely chance you are going to work with them in the future. On you might ended up, end up being dear supervisor gives subordinate their customers whatever it is. And that's because the world is small and changing on your working in a company. Maybe you get hired. Ah, you get your company get brought about by your old company. That's almost possible. You went out of your comfort. Current company started working a new company and your new company got bought over by your company and all of us that in your teammates one second it is possible relationships may change their that you might deem it actually become your customer. Your supervisor subordinate, whatever. So it's a small world. You might end up working with them again. Also, always remember that, you know, so old misgivings can come to trouble you again. It is very important for you to know what you may think that Okay, I'm done with this guy's. I'm no longer work with these guys, and before, you know, you have to. So from about this thing, very important ing others don't have to like you, but make sure they respect you. Two different things, others liking you and others respecting you. They need to respect you for your ethics, for your abilities, for the where you deliver results for the way you attempt things. You know, make sure you have the prospect. And when you have the prospect, they're always willing to work with, you work for you. Eso no problem with that s Oh, you're You only make sure that people you have respect with people on that you can only be gained first by making sure your deliver on your vote and being good at your job. On also making sure that whenever there are conflicts coming than usual maturity and dealing them on don't get into silly fights and quarrels and back pitching in those kind of stuff. So that's a very important thing for you to watch out for in the idea industry make. It's a small world, always, Um, whether it is getting smaller and smaller. You might end up working with the same people again any time soon. So I hope this lecture has been useful to you. Thank you. 16. Closing remarks: Hi. This is your instructor. Come in here. I hope you have gone through all the lectures in this course managing your software carrier and higher hope that you have got on some useful ins and guidelines about how you can manage your career. We hope that this course has been really helpful to you and could help you in planning and managing a carrier. Eso this course focused on what us off to a career is all about. An out. Excellent. And we hope that is this is being pretty useful to you. If you like the course, please do leave a positive review because there's gonna help other professionals to in terms of how they can manage the carrier, if you can. Like Charlotte. Like no shot with your friends, Ondo. Some stuff like that, it might be helpful to a lot of other people also on door. Please look out for other courses from me to master ALS. Yeah, we may be putting in some deals are now and then that can get you these courses and she prayed. So watch out for them. And finally thank you for taking this course. I hope this has been a great. It has been a great pleasure for us in communicating with you certain things that are useful for you in your life. Thank you once again by