Manage Your Stress Energy | Lukas Mackevicius | Skillshare
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41 Videos (2h 30m)
    • Master Your Stress Energy. Course Introduction

    • Section 1. Introduction

    • Section 1. Lesson 1. Definitions

    • Section 1. Lesson 2. General Adaptation Syndrome

    • Section 1. Lesson 3. Inside Your Body

    • Section 1. Lesson 4. The Poker Game of Stress Hormones

    • Section 1. Lesson 5. Unmanaged Stress Energy & Five Phases It Reveals Itself

    • Section 1. Lesson 6. Stress is Energy

    • Section 2. Lesson 1. Understanding the vicious cycle of “change – uncertainty – stress”

    • Section 2. Lesson 2. Stopping the Vicious Cycle. Understanding Change

    • Section 2. Lesson 3. Choosing & Experiencing the Feelings You Want

    • Section 3. Lesson 1. Stress Management Skills

    • Section 3. Lesson 2. Meet the Stress Types

    • Section 4. Lesson 1. Identifying Your Priority Stress Management Skill

    • Section 4. Lesson 2. Key Components for Your Successful and Sustainable Change

    • Section 4. Lesson 3. Techniques for Rooting the Change into Your Mind

    • Section 5. Introduction

    • Section 5. Lesson 1. Personal Foundation & Satisfaction

    • Section 5. Lesson 2. From "Here" to "There"

    • Section 5. Lesson 3. SMART Goals

    • Section 5. Lesson 4. Finding Time for Important Things

    • Section 5. Lesson 5. Increase Your Job Satisfaction by at Least 30%

    • Section 6. Introduction

    • Section 6. Lesson 1. Autogenic Relaxation

    • Section 6. Lesson 2. “4-7-8” Breathing

    • Section 6. Lesson 3. Breaking the Worry Cycle

    • Section 6. Lesson 4. Stress Diary

    • Section 6. Lesson 5. Progressive relaxation therapy

    • Section 7. Introduction

    • Section 7. Lesson 1. The Essential Components of Rewarding Relationships

    • Section 7. Lesson 2. Developing Assertive Communication

    • Section 7. Lesson 3. Roadblocks to Successful Communication

    • Section 7. Lesson 4. Developing “Win-Win” Relationships

    • Section 8. Lesson 1. Nine Golden Rules of High Performance Nutrition

    • Section 9. Introduction

    • Section 9. Lesson 1. Basics About Exercises

    • Section 10. Introduction

    • Section 10. Lesson 1. Actions for Week 1

    • Section 10. Lesson 2. Actions for Week 2

    • Section 10. Lesson 3. Actions for Week 3

    • Section 10. Lesson 4. Actions for Week 4


About This Class


Occurrence of “burn-outs" and “anxiety attacks” is becoming more and more critical in developed countries as the number of people with such disorders is steadily increasing and have negative effects on their professional and personal lives, as well as on the lives of people around them. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Burden of Disease Survey estimates that by the year 2020, stress-related mental health conditions including anxiety and depression will be highly prevalent and will be second only to ischemic heart disease in the scope of disabilities experienced by sufferers. 

This program is designed to protect you from being part of this statistics by providing the toolkit of essential stress management skills and clear instructions of how to make them part of your daily routine.

According to the extensive research performed by Canadian Institute of Stress there are five core stress management skills, which should, in the proper personalized mix, be in everyone’s wellness toolkit. However, many people who start with the wrong skill actually increase their stress levels. 

During this program, you will identify your dominant personal Stress Type and will focus on developing only those skills, which proved to be most efficient in handling stress, so you will avoid wasting your time on false starts.

After this program you will:

  • restore your productivity and efficiency levels.
  • use stress as a powerful energy source to support high levels of health, performance and satisfaction.
  • recognize your personal “Early Warning Signs” of your stress building up to an unhealthy or disruptive level.
  • identify your unique “Stress Type”.
  • develop the focus, the motivation and the staying power that are essential to break free from the stress cycle and create “winner results”.
  • break free of wheel-spinning worry, distinguishing between those stressors, which actually can be changed vs. those that can’t and develop a realistic plan for dealing with it.
  • practice a powerful mind-body relaxation techniques for managing your on-the-spot stress and anxiety at a productive and healthy level.
  • identify your main life and work satisfiers (elements, which makes your day joyful and fulfilled) and actively pursue them.
  • identify your core values, goals, tolerations and unresolved matters.
  • apply a simple yet powerful communications method for preventing or defusing conflict and misunderstandings.
  • apply 8 golden rules of nutrition, which strengthens your body’s resilience.
  • understand the importance of physical activities to stress management and identify number of needed to be spent in gym.
  • develop individual action plan, which secures sustainable changes in your behavior.

Why this program:

  • It is an evidence based training program, so you will focus on developing skills, which have the most significant impact in managing stress energy.
  • The program follows three vital stages of self-discovery, self-motivation and self-management, which makes your new skills sustainable in a long run.
  • You will learn quick fixes, which will allow you to enjoy increased productivity and satisfaction already within first weeks of your enrollment.
  • You will target the cause of your stress and not only the consequences, such as “burn-outs", “anxiety attacks” or “depressions”.
  • The program has a very clear road-map.
  • You will access to the same training materials and content as if you were participating in full 2-day workshop. The program's outcome is genuinely personalized just for you.






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Lukas Mackevicius

Stress & Wellness Management Consultant

Hello, I'm Lukas.

I am 39-year-old experienced business consultant, corporate trainer & coach, certified stress and wellness management consultant, founder of a boutique stress management practice "StressOff", owner of a family business, author of many training materials, founder and president of National Spa Association (Lithuania).

I have 10+ years successful experience in top management positions in wellness industry as well as corporate training and consulting. I deliver spe...

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