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Malware Analysis Course for IT security

Ronit Yadav, Penetration Tester

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9 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction to Malware Analysis

    • Malware Analysis:Course Outline

    • Malware Analysis: Lab Setup

    • Malware Analysis: Taking & Restoring Snapshots

    • Part 1-Using Monitoring Tools

    • Network analysis

    • Analyzing Inner Encryption

    • Olly Essentials

    • Analyzing & decrypting Mysterious File


About This Class

Malware Analysis for IT Security lays the Groundwork for the course by presenting the key tools and
techniques malware analyst use to examine malicious programs. You will learn how to
save time by Exploring malware in two phases. Behavioral analysis focuses on the Specimen's interaction
with its Environment such as Registry, Network, the File system
Code Analysis focuses on the specimen's code and make use of a disassembler and a debugger. You will learn
how to build a Secure Laboratory to perform such analysis in a controlled manner





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Ronit Yadav

Penetration Tester

I am Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Consultant. I also provide Training for Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics and Programming Languages. Since One year, I have been successfully conducted various seminars & workshops across numerous Schools, covered almost all the Colleges in Mumbai, Mumbai University, various chartered accountants study circle meeting, Hospitals & even Govt departments. I also assists the Cyber Cell Departments of Mumbai Police with respect to their queries.

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