Malaysia Nyonya Rice Dumpling | Stella Chee | Skillshare
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    • Chinese Rice Dumplings

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    • Pre Preparation

    • Prepare The Rice

    • Wrapping It Up

    • Bring To Boil

    • Ready To Be Serve


About This Class

Rice Dumpling commonly known as Zong Zi(粽子), rice dumplings are a festive food during the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) which celebrated by Chinese all over the world. Rice dumpling is originated from China, however as the Chinese migrated to other places, they adapted the local taste into the rice dumpling. Nyonya Chang (娘惹粽) is a Malaysian Melaka Peranakan version, which blended in the Chinese and Malay element.

A traditional Nyonya Chang has a distinctive sweet and savory taste with a patch of blue glutinous rice, which is colored by blue pea flower juice.This recipe is absolutely delicious and not overly sweet with a hint of spiciness. The secret to get the best flavor is to use whole coriander seeds and white pepper seeds instead of store-bought ground spices.

Join me to explore this heritage cuisine and you might be surprised by this dish.





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