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Making yogurt with household equipment

teacher avatar Haiying Yang, Artist, Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Make yogurt - boil the milk

    • 3. Choose the right container

    • 4. Cool down the milk

    • 5. Mixing yogurt starter to milk

    • 6. Put pots to hot water bath

    • 7. First generation yogurt

    • 8. Drain the yogurt to make greek yogurt

    • 9. Why do I drain my yogurt

    • 10. Explaining different kind of yogurt starter

    • 11. Enjoy Greek yogurt with lemon curd

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About This Class


This class teaches you how to make yogurt from scratch using your everyday household equipments. You do not need fancy tools. As long as you understand how it works, you can make healthy, clean and delicious yogurt at home. 

I will demonstrate the step by step process, explain the appropriate container, guide you to different kind of yogurt starters, show you how to make Greek yogurt and, at the end, we will make a variety of creamy desserts to enjoy.

Here is the recipe:

Fill a medium pot with 1 liter of whole milk. Put on stove top and heat with medium strong fire till boiling. 

Once the milk bubbles, remove from fire, let the milk cool to lukewarm.

Pour the dry yogurt starter powder into milk, stir to make sure the starter is dissolved and mixed evenly.

Pour the mixture into small glass or clay jars.

Put the jars into the big container or thermal box. 

Fill the container with boiling hot water. 

Let rest for 6 to 10 hours.

The yogurt is firm and ready.

To assure the best taste, flavor and texture, put yogurt in the refrigerator for 6 hours. 

The yogurt can last one week in refrigerated condition.

Here is the yogurt starter:

Here is the set of clay yogurt pot with matching lid:

Meet Your Teacher

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Haiying Yang

Artist, Educator


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1. Introduction : Hello dear friends. Good afternoon. Such a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. My name's hiding her. I have been doing yogurt for more than five years, and I have tried it this way and that way and have experienced a lot of failure. And I found that by failing, by making mistake, that I have learned a lot. And so I would like to share with you my learning process of my learning experience so that you can make your own yogurt. It does not need to be fancy. You do not need special equipment, special machine. I use my lunch box. Those keep warm lunchbox. And and it was good lunchtime or whenever you find need something, a quick energy boost up. I have some yogurt is easy to digest and easy to be undergo. So I used to make a lot of mistakes, but now there is almost no chance I make mistake every time I get to. And I get to be successful reason because I have exhausted all the possibilities of failing. So enjoy the process and let's do it. Thank you very, very much. 2. Make yogurt - boil the milk: Okay, hello dear friends. So let's make yogurt. I turn on the fire, there's a drain it. And I put in one liter of milk. One liter of milk because I do it all the time, so I know what, to which level it is one liter of milk. Sometimes a little bit more, sometimes a little bit less. Do not worry too much about it. Ok, so this is one liter of milk. And to make it a little bit more condensed, more taste, even better, I put some heavy whipping cream, so make it more condensed. About one tablespoon of heavily whipping cream. So the rest is seeing is to let it boil. And Gary's a debate. Some friends like it completely boiling, such as myself. I am just very comfortable when it is completely boiling. And some friends would like it 80 degree or not totally boiling. It is your choice. Some people would like to keep the nutrition fact. As long as it reached 80 degree Celsius, the bacteria will be killed. It is safe enough. I am more comfortable completely boiling so that all the bad bacteria is killed. So the milk from transportation go to the store and in your refrigerator. Although it's enclosed, there might be some bacteria development. And if you let those bad bacteria, the wrong bacteria develop, your milk will not be becoming a good right yogurt. So I want no wrong, no bad bacteria, completely boiled and then cool it down. And then I put in yogurt starter. And just a moment ago, I mentioned, sometimes if you put a little bit more of milk, you do not need to pull it back. If you put a little bit less, you just to have NIH 100 milliliter. It's okay. It's not a big problem. The reason is it is a bacteria development. If you have less milk, you put this amount of bacteria. That density of bacteria is relatively high. So the bacteria walking around, the bumping around, so it's quicker. Make into yogurt. If you have less starter or rally in relatively less density, more milk, it just take half an hour longer or something like it. Okay. Do not vary around one liter of milk should be good. So now we wait until it is totally boiling. It's kind of boring to just watch the milk boiling, right? So I will stop here. And two minutes later it would be boiled. Ok. 3. Choose the right container: Okay, let's take a look. The milk is almost boiling. Let's just let it heat up. You do not need to use a temperature measurement. Some people like to use it. But making yogurt is not such a complicated thing. And as long as you make it clean and proper, it will be it will be good. So I would like to use a small jobs to make yogurt. Of course, you can use the big container, a beach ball, a glass ball, or a ceramic ball. I like to use these little jars. Just imagine the bacteria is jumping and bumping each other. But if you put into a little jar, there is very much chance that the bacteria will get, get into each other, bumping into each other and holding hands easily. And if you use a beaker, much larger container, it's more or less like a social distancing, right? They are too far away, so there is no relationship happening. So I like to use these kind of jar. It's not too big, not too small. The right amount. It's just perfect. 4. Cool down the milk: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, it's boiling. Being perfect. All we look at it. Look at it or that moment. Perfect, perfect. I'm so happy. So that moment, sometimes those little things make our life a fun and interesting. So, so what do I do? You can leave it, let it cool down, which take one hour or half hour, one hour, two hours. But to make it faster, I put into a bass of coal. So this is cold water. I taught it in the bass. And this way, it is much faster for the milk to become cooling down and becomes, it takes something like five minutes. So just to imagine in such a short time, there's not much chance, not much time for the bacteria, bad bacteria to develop. So you can use a bowl of cold water, cold water bass, which is, which is a faster. And you can go to check your email. You can go to have a cup of tea, come back. It is good already. Some people put eyes on it. And it is your toys. I am good with cold water and the water will become warm. You can use the warm water to clean up the kitchen countertop or waited until cool down to to water your garden, your backyard. Anyway. Let's wait another two or three minutes. 5. Mixing yogurt starter to milk: Okay, so here are the milk come from the cold water, bass. So you do not need to put a temperature measurement. Use your hand, your hand feel warm and your hand can stay as long as you want, then it's not burning heart. That is good. It's a bout our body temperature. Just sink. Bacteria is one of one now for leaving, seeing if our hand feels comfortable, bacteria should feel comfortable. If R were hand fueled caught field to heart. It's means the temperature is too hot. It kills the bacteria. It's Butte kills the leaving organs. So bacteria would be killed if our hand feel too cold, too hot. If our hand feel too hot, it's not good. The good temperature for our hand is good temperature for yogurt. Nothing complicated. So I will do this as a starter. So I use the starter. You can this one we got from beefy dues that we got from friends. And this one we got in got online. There are almost everything. As long as you read the instruction. Almost the same thing, your protein to more than Duke warm milk and blended. That's a lot. That's good. This is good for one liter of milk. Blended. Well. That is good enough. And sometimes what I do, I skim off these forms. The foams does not hurt anything. The form is just the same as any other milk. It just for the reason of cosmetic. When you do not have this firm form, it's this clear. Mirror like Daniel yogurt will be mirror-like, Beautiful. Okay, I will steal it. And then put into our little Paul to sorry for the noise. It just make it much, much, much prettier as its only for cosmetic reason. Okay. There's no difference. You do not skim it off. It is still make perfected delicious yogurt. Okay. This one I use as a starter. So I do not put any I do not put any sugar, vanilla. Maybe if I want to cook some food with with yogurt, which cucumber, which solved with olive oil. You, I do not want it to be sweet. So this one, no sugar, no vanilla, No, no flavoring, pure. 6. Put pots to hot water bath: Okay. Okay. Let me continue. This will be good for eight little 12345678 per effect. Will look at two located who just the Perfect. Sometimes you see this yogurt part a little bit. Cracked. It does not damage the US because it's clay, so it's not very, very solid. This glass will be a little bit more solid. But this is cute, don't you think so? It looks so cute. Now covered. I have just a perfect lead with perfect yogurt part. Makes me so happy. Okay, now we put this one in here. One to life need to be perfect and I can manage to make my life perfect. It just makes me so happy. 1234 located. She bought 5678 and I have boiled some water. It could be boiled water, boiling water, or a little bit, not so boiling. And come to the edge of the first one. Because this is winter time, so I use boiling water, almost boiling. And the EV in summertime you do not need it to be so, so, so extremely hot because too hard, it will kill the bacteria. Sometimes I got friends asking all my yogurt neighbour, make it to write it just a very liquidy I ask is at temperature to heart because when it is too hard, the bacteria is killed or majority of the bacteria is become, already become casualty and does not work. So of course, it will not develop to it's full. You need to allow the bacteria, those little developing babies to bacteria. They are babies, they are your treasure. They are in their best state. So they are close to each other. They are Qazi and there is no social distancing. They are in a warm, comfy little blue and they go to sleep. Now we turn off the light and get out of the room quietly. Bye-bye, friend. 7. First generation yogurt: Ok. Hello, dear friends. Good morning. Such a beautiful, beautiful morning. Ok. Hello dear friends. The next morning, San Sheng came and our yogurt baby woke up. So let's take a look. I do not know whether it is good. Did I say it's like a mirror so good because we skim that form. Located. It is so good. And I can feel this is still a little bit soft. I turned it over. It will not fall down, but it's still soft. So you can choose to change to change the layer. So this is the top layer which only get the steam, not from the hot water. And this is the bottom layer. The bottom layer is largely even good. And maybe because the temperature is hot and also the strange thing is, it's all different. So when you first make it, sometimes it works better than the other. Do not vary. And you can do, you can see which one. This one is soft. This glass bottle is soft. Water is getting cold. I pull off, pour the water, and this is relatively soft. Put it on the bottom. Maybe I can still do. Chose to Alito teeny-tiny little bit more. This is solved. This is no need to worry about it. Good. Beauty, folly made. Some group of kids are not behaving well. They are just sleeping too much. Some kids jumping and hopping so they do a better job. So this one is relatively solved. We have four more or less, more soft. So this time I put some luke warm water. Make sure you do not put too hot water. If you put two hot water, eat will kill the bacteria. It's already half develop. So they just need a teeny tiny little bit warm-up. See, my hand is a firmly on here and I can feel hard. I can feel warm but not hot. My hand can handle it. Okay. This way you can see better. And this you can put on top of it because there is not too much hot hot steam. Close it and leave it for another couple of hours. I will tell you exactly how many hours it takes. So we started from last night around ten o'clock because families know seven o'clock. Let me see. Eight o'clock. Eight o'clock? Yes. Before around our dinner time. So last night, eight o'clock. Until now morning eight o'clock. So it's 12 hours when you make new yogurt, starting from the start, which I'm a brand starter. It works the same way. It works the same way. The very first patch, the first generation of yogurt, takes longer time because it comes from powder and the powder is dried. It needs to be totally from a dark moon state, from a sleeping state into working active state, it takes time. And when we use these first generation yogurt to make future yogurt, it will be much quicker. Sometimes it takes 24 hours, but not too long. It depends on your temperature. It depends on the condition of the yogurt to start her. Be patient, do not put hot water, do not give up. And this time it just need a little bit of final push. Okay? We will let it Sleep. No, this is a nap. Again. 8. Drain the yogurt to make greek yogurt: Ok. Hello dear friends. So here our yogurt is made and also settled. What does it mean settled yogurt when it is first made fresh out of, out of the part, is not, the taste is not good, is not fully developed. It needs to stay overnight, six hours or something. Usually I let it stay overnight because I have enough supply and the flavor will become even more developed. What does he mean? Developed? It become a little bit sour, but mostly because it's a cool down in the refrigerator and you can eat it definitely like this. But to a lot of friends like to eat, drink yogurt, or what we say, the Greek yogurt. So how we do it? I get a piece of a Muslim to pieces. I get a piece of Muslim and put a tape here and drain it. Each of these polls put four little Jaeger, Sorry. This weekend putting human 5.54, let's say. So later on you will see the waters that will come out. See already some water coming out. Ok. I move the camera so that UK see. Did you see the water is coming out, starting to have the water coming out. So this way, your yogurt is more condensed and more delicious, right? You would like to eat something reach, right? Put into refrigerator overnight. It will be good. When you put more than one night, two nights, or three nights, it becomes much more dried and much more condensed. It's like cheese. Okay. Let me continue to do it. So sometimes when I go to walk, lunchtime instead of eating, because I'm a teacher, I do not have time to. Sometimes the class duration, the class break time is a shared. Your lunchtime is too short for eating a real meal, and I like to eat things with time. So in that case, how about not eat too much other things? Eat yogurt to, just to catch up with energy, and that is good. So I eat yogurt, I eat yogurt more condensed. So I put this into a little part and take it to school. Now I walk at home, so I eat those kind of a little bit more condensed. Sometimes with her her with homemade gem. This ones is I cannot open because it's a sealed. And there we have Jen. Okay. So this is from our fig tree. Fig tree with Fiqh gem. You can put a feet gum on the bottom of your yogurt and, and lemon curd on the bottom, or mixed or good, whichever way you enjoy it. Now, I put it into a refrigerator. And what do we do? Go to sleep tomorrow morning. You can have very good firm yogurt. Like Greek yogurt. Maybe more of your own character. 9. Why do I drain my yogurt: Okay, hello the friends. So this is the yogurt we made last time. One day drained yogurt. So this is roughly the texture of one. They drained yogurt. We will eat it and put it on the side. And I will use this, this Muslin, this cheese close to continue to make new drained yogurt. It's quite interesting. Let's see how much water we get or way will get. You can take a look. This is almost a half of it is water. So just imagine you're get rid of half of the water. How delicious, HOW reach it is. And also this water this way is relatively sour. So this is why our yogurt, why it's a sour. When you get, read off these water, the yogurt becomes much richer and much sweeter and less sour. 10. Explaining different kind of yogurt starter: Okay, hello the friends. So this is one day later and our yogurt was in refrigerator overnight. Now you can see it's so firm and you can feel it is so good, just to so good. You shake, shake, shake cannot even come out. It completely sticky to it. Why it is so maybe because we put whole milk. So there is more milk in it, whole milk and we put some cream in it, so it's more condensed. So there is more, more chemistry happening. If you're put half low-fat milk, maybe you will take longer time and milk and yogurt comes out a little bit of watery, kind of makes sense, right? Okay. So now I will make this condensed yogurt. Why it is so? Because it's delicious, is this amassed, You can definitely eat like this, does not have to go through this strainer. It's an enrichment. Why not? We do it, right? So I put one. So you can see when you open up, it's still inside, is relatively soft. And also, as you can see, these yogurt has a rubber band. As a habit, I make my first generation yogurt with a rubber band to distinguish from the second generation which I am about to eat. The first-generation, I just feel it is too precious to just eat it right away. You can definitely needed right away. We can taste it a little bit. It's soft, it's tender, and also it depends on your staff. Some yogurt starter has a nature more firm. Some yogurt starter has a nature more drinkable, more liquidy, not the liquid, the more the texture fuel. A very runny. There's one nice beefy do use. Some yogurt is is more firm or different. When you're by your yogurt starter, you can check the description of it. Okay. So this one, I will put it aside overnight. It will be as firm as Steve's. You use it for starting yogurt to make next-generation yogurt, or you just eat it so much more delicious. How about that? Okay. 11. Enjoy Greek yogurt with lemon curd: Okay, hello dear friends. So our lemon curd is made and it's sealed. This one has been done already, one vk, so okay. I opened it up so it's a little bit too dry up. You can see here, but it does not, does not change its, it's flavor. The very first, of course, something just to newly made. You still delicious. But this one, it's still good to eat. Nothing beats real fresh. Okay, I would like to eat it under my yogurt. So this is an amputee yogurt port. And this is the yogurt that I have already drained, drained overnight. I have already stolen once, boom, four of it. So usually I like to stir a little bit. Oh gosh, look at it. So so struck and there is still water or still way coming out. So I blended a little bit. I know a lot of people do not like this sand, but for me this so on. This is a way to make it smooths or look at it. And because there is not much water already, it's not like normal yogurt. There is a lot of water, so you blended it becomes very water. This is not what watery. So by blending it, by mixing it only make it more smooth. Smooth. Okay, let's do the, put the bottom on my yogurt part. Shall we be generous? Why not write c, a bottom lemon curd? A little more. Ok, now i protein my yogurt. Not going down, please. You go down. You go down. You go down. You do not need to make it so complicated. And I just want to make it look pretty right. You do not need and you may not have that patience to wait that long. Look at it, how her Merck. Okay. So you cover it with a little if you like, and store. No, you do not need to store in any place. You will eat it immediately, right? So you can eat it separately. Or Oh my, there are good. This is not fair. Dice is a little bit, a little bit not completely mixed. Make it more interesting. Sometimes you need something more Lemony And sometimes you, you eat something more yogurt. I love you. I really do. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do.