Making wood handles for old tools. For different skill levels. No electrical tools required!

Adam Norin, Artist

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Hammer handle (simple)

    • 3. Hatchet handle (medium)

    • 4. Carved handle. Restoring an old log splitter (difficult)


About This Class

I will teach you how to give your old rusty tools a new life by carving wooden handles suitable for your hand. Wooden handles can fall apart, but the metal will survive more than one generation. You can even create an art object from an unusual ax to hang it on the wall.
The main thing is to choose solid wood like birch or yew and let it dry completely before starting work.
The handle should be cut so that it fits snugly into the hole in the tool. Then drive a wooden or iron wedge into the cut to secure the tool.
At the end of the work, coat the metal with machine oil and the handle with varnish to protect the wood from moisture and dirt.