Making wood handles for old tools. For different skill levels. No electrical tools required! | Adam Norin | Skillshare

Making wood handles for old tools. For different skill levels. No electrical tools required!

Adam Norin, Artist

Making wood handles for old tools. For different skill levels. No electrical tools required!

Adam Norin, Artist

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4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Hammer handle (simple)

    • 3. Hatchet handle (medium)

    • 4. Carved handle. Restoring an old log splitter (difficult)

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About This Class

I will teach you how to give your old rusty tools a new life by carving wooden handles suitable for your hand. Wooden handles can fall apart, but the metal will survive more than one generation. You can even create an art object from an unusual ax to hang it on the wall.
The main thing is to choose solid wood like birch or yew and let it dry completely before starting work.
The handle should be cut so that it fits snugly into the hole in the tool. Then drive a wooden or iron wedge into the cut to secure the tool.
At the end of the work, coat the metal with machine oil and the handle with varnish to protect the wood from moisture and dirt.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adam Norin



Born in 1993 in Tomsk.

In 2016, graduated from the Tomsk State University of Architecture and Construction with a degree in Architect.


– Group exhibition. Gallery "Tomskaya Gostinaya", Tomsk.


– Personal exhibition. Club "Capital", Tomsk.

– Group exhibition. The building of the Administration of Tomsk region. Lenin Square 6


– Personal exhibition. Sanatorium "Chazhemto", Tomsk region.

– I place in the nomination "Portrait", an open competition of fine art "Magic Brush 2019", dedicated to the anniversary of the Honored Artist of the RSFSR Konstantin G. Zalozny (1929 - 1992). D. Mozalovo, Tomsk Region.

– Personal exhibition. Tomsk State University. Salon "PODVAL". Toms... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Adam Lauren. I'm the friend. Satisfy because the water he starts oil pains. But I'll select work with my friends on a small design project. She's in lots of different materials. After many years of working as an artist, I think that I'm able to show some useful information and by the example y on work process teach you not to be afraid to use your imagination, to express yourself And don't phone the world around you. In this class, I will teach you how to give your old arrested tools in your life by covering. Wouldn't handle suitable for your hand. Wouldn't have those count fall apart, Madam, ETA was survived more than one generation. You can even create a not object from unusual looks to hang it on the wall. The main thing is to just a little bit like birch argue. Let it dry completely. Before starting work, I would teach you how to get an edge so that it's fits firmly into the whole of the tool and firmly first in the head of the instrument with the veg. I will also tried to commit how important it is to coat the metal will machine oil and they can deal with varnish is the final step to protect the two from much end dirt. 2. Hammer handle (simple): a suitable wood for the handle can be found on the streets right under. If it main thing is that basil it like Russia, you and not to be eaten by ducks, such tree trimming skin off. And we found the land after innovating parks. After that, choose the two you want to give me a lifetime. I have a committed to quite a lot of them. You must measure a suitable handle. Length according to the weight of a hammer, the weight of my hammer. Allow me to make the rather large handle that will love me. Toe hammer in thick carpet. Tornay's before starting work would need to be a thoroughly drive. It is most correct to do this. Gradually put in warm, dry place and forget about it for the couple of months. But since I pick up and fairly dry stick, I just leave it for a net on an electric heater. After the jury has right, you can begin to give a rough shape with this song. After that, the queen of the bark and begin to gentle trim with the night. Now we impose the tool in the end of the handle and process remarks Nicole. The candle should fit snugly into the hole and perfectly follow that shapes so that the two does not losin. Let the cut along the country with the soul in splitting the direction of the fibers, gent it up in the night, then, with the rest, will begin to smooth the notes. Give a more concise shape and slowly and accurately adjust the interface under the whole of the two. We make a cut exactly in the center of the in face in northern Uttar and certain arrest there and fix the handle in the whole bathroom, which can be made from the remains of the century from which you made the handle well. Mark the West with along the whole and the required limp with the margin, access can always be sold off. Make the rich even and smooth pointed at one end, we're inside the sharp side into the incision of the handle and begin to gently it up, hammering and zip. No need to rush the stage, since the riches were easy to break into pieces and them at best, and we'll have to be replaced and the worst cartons remote with the entire and Oh, cut off the excess and clean day and face. This step is not necessary. But elected finished the work by three thing they handle with waterproof impregnation, so the handle will last longer and the two will not begin to dangle when accidentally wet or used orders. 3. Hatchet handle (medium): this time you can take something more complicated. For example, an axe of medium size. In this part of the class, I'll talk in more detail about late shopping and help. Can you give it a market in shape with an ordinary? And so, for example, if you need to take it in the heights and you do not need such a with her, the cutting edge you need to take a good cut in late. You did not have electric source. Naturally, you have to put in more work in your time, little by little, but gradually you will achieve the exact result. If the conflict is condemning, the better works now, what will not pierce holes in your backpack and safe space in weight? Some We find this vandalism, but consider the fact that otherwise the sex would not be used at all. When shopping, I first clean off the rust with same type. Then I firework large birth and irregular case with Kyle and then with grand stones with different a great number. Bring it to the razor sharpness family. We can begin to create the handle unsuitable borrow food, drug with the market is that it says shape of the handle. Never have it on a little unusual with a small number at the end so that it doesn't pop out of my hand with large swings, large pieces with conventional. So to save yourself time. Then we begin more little person with the rust around the corners, then out were necessary for the convenience of grabbing with a friend. Proceed to the station, fitting one of the answer defender to a specific hole in the tool were imposed to from the end, mark the whole and start sewing again to save time. The important thing is not to make the whole smaller than this Syrian closer. You get to decide with the more accurately in it to get the wood. So let's go for it something a rich and then certainly handle. You can make a much from littermates of the same wood as they handle. I decided I play a little frugal so that the rich first enter teaser and then address so dancer recovery and very carefully because they wouldn't which is so easy to break away negligence. So off the excess and as a completion of the work, I decided to treat the handle within two oil to protect the wood from moisture. Otherwise, the X who quickly become lose you can make us punch for processing from cotton wool wrapped in thin fabric. After the kind of dress, it will become beautiful and pleasant to the touch. 4. Carved handle. Restoring an old log splitter (difficult): for the third and final reading over class. I selected the special specimens from my collection Rare Split Rocks, which has broken off the central space arrears. But it still represents a very interesting engineering forum. I think it deserves restoration. Knock out the old broken tender parole Rusty's often agents and let's there in the little while. Later action has taken place. You can begin to sketch disease shape of the handle unsuitable piece of wood. Since this splitter handle will be quite long, I want to show in its example how we can make it more interesting. You can make a right of crows easily cut off any shapes you want. This is the main plus of working with wood. When the dissolution of rust is complete, clean the surface with the metals bunch. Enjoy it thoroughly. After that, I carry out the sharpening process First. I started in the last burst on the blade with a file. I bring it to the rays of fatness with a sharpening stone. The access rating now back to the handle. So the lush peace is really so. To save time and then who proceed to gradually little infused, innovative tools are asked Knife sent paper mark with the marker, the necessary with for little hole in the handle for your hand. Kalinda Hope from birth Make the surface smooth. Make a cut Food age like a rich from the remains of the same tree Upside would look for a more arrival, grip, comer and soul exist as a final stage of processing, I caught the metal part with the machine. Oh, uncover the wood with moisture resistant impregnation Session next with proper care well served for more than a dozen years. Thank you for attention and good luck in your project.