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Katie Timms, Customer Success, Typeform

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started with NPS

    • 3. Gathering Feedback

    • 4. Processing Feedback

    • 5. Taking Action

    • 6. Conclusion

    • 7. What's Next?

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Project Description

Create your NPS survey!

Using Typeform or another platform, configure your NPS survey. Remember, it’s not what you ask (that’s easy!) but how you ask it. Consider:

  • How you are going to deploy your survey: Email, pop up, phone calls, in person?
  • Who you are going to ask for feedback: Everyone, paying customers, new customers?
  • When you are going to send your survey: weekly, monthly, quarterly?
  • How will you take action on the results?


  • Get started with Typeform here
  • Read Typeform’s Start Wars Guide to NPS for even more tips and techniques, here
  • Learn more about Typeform’s experience with using NPS here

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