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4 Videos (19m)
    • Intro jewelry

    • Fun jewelry project #1 -Part 1

    • Fun jewelry project #1 -Part 2

    • Fun jewelry with acrylics #2


About This Class


Make your own jewelry for fun or for an occacion.  This course shows you how to make your own jewelry using simple and easy techniques with acrylic paint and medium.  There are two ways to create your own jewelry and both are shown here.  You end up with beautiful, unique jewelry that no one else has.  All you need is a few materials and some time. 


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Informative with good examples of acrylic projects to make fun and pretty jewelry
Fun to watch. Give me some ideas.
Fun and easy project to do with kids!





Doris Charest

Contemporary Fine Art Specialist and Instructor

Doris Charest – Biography


BED University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

BFA University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

MED University of Alberta, AB

Mixed media is Doris’ favorite favorite form of painting . She loves exploring with textures, shapes, and a more contemporary look. Nature and the world around her inspires Doris. Her love of texture won her the Allessandra Bisselli Award and a First Place in a Still Life show with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver. Look for Doris Charest’s work in the American Magazine: Sommerset Studio (Summer, 2007) and British Magazine: Leisure Painter. Both feature a three pages of Doris’ artwork. She won the Sylvie Brabant award in 2011 for her work in the art community. In 2013 she won First Place for her collage work in a show with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, BC.  For workshops: Phone: 780-458-3951 or email: [email protected]