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Making an Item Set in Pixel Art

teacher avatar Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Setting up the document

    • 2. Potions I

    • 3. Potions II

    • 4. Sword

    • 5. Key and Book

    • 6. Apple and Shield

    • 7. Final Adjustments

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About This Class

In this class we're going to go over the process of making a pixel art item set for a videogame.

We're going to set-up the document and then we're going to start drawing each item. You will learn how to quickly make iterations of items and how to save time and manage your color palettes.


This class is part of a pack of classes about pixel art, you can decide to take all of them (Suggested for beginners) or to take the ones you prefer.

Part 1: Introduction to Pixel Art

Part 2: Making an Item Set

Part 3: Make a Sideview Pixel Art Mockup

Part 4: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Mockup

Part 5: Pixel Art Animation

Part 6: Convert Any Image to Pixel Art

Part 7: Animate an Explosion in Pixel Art

Part 8: Make a Topdown Pixel Art Interior

Part 9: Pixel Art Animation with JuiceFX

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Sanchez

Game Designer



Hi! I’m Simón Sánchez, I'm a game designer and developer born in Uruguay, I've been fascinated by images, sounds and words since I first played on a PlayStation 1.

I love learning new stuff, creating and experimenting, I feel it's important as a designer to gather knowledge of all the areas related to the development, and that's what I'm trying to do.

On the professional side of things, I’ve studied Graphic Design in the year 2011, I’ve studied Art & Game Design from 2016 to 2018, I’m working right now as an online instructor.

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1. Setting up the document: Welcome to the dear section of tickers in this section. You're going to America to make a 16 by 16 items set for a video game like the one you are seeing right now in my case, and going to make an item set. Confirm it by three potions When this world one golden key one book, one apple on one shell. At the end of the section you recapped the exercise of making your own. I'd insect with the items that you choose, we're going to start with setting up our document. So I'm going to want to fight new I'm going to make a document. A vote 200 by 200 pictures. No, I'm going to select my big star brush at the size of one pixel. I'm going to choose. Ah, lighter colored on development on going toe toe my rectangle tool right here. I'm going to set the size the 16 by 16 feel without another line. I'm going to look this So we're going to come here. I'm going to press one time on. I would have a square like that so we have this in one layer and going to duplicate this layer I'm going to make eight off those squares, I will fears make four going to select my four layers, press control a tow, merch them in one layer and then control shape to duplicate on. Moved in with clarity on. We have something like that. I can merge them again. I'm going to lower the capacity to 25%. I will have two picks of immersion on. I want to reduce the size off the segment I can use to corruptible select the crop tool breast one time on move thes like this on going to have Actually, those are for pixels off. Merchant went 234 on their well, Actual eater are three picks is can select everything. I'm going to show you how to do today. Other thing. If we expand thes group through, I would say the campus I can make a bigger campus there. We found our documents said at the start of making our Eisen's. So basically we have eight many campuses off 16 by 16 on, we're going to aim a can each item inside those skirts I can rename those layers double clicking on the name um I can also look them so I cannot move them. The Finnish stays. I'm going to click this very right here tohave this campus as a floating window. I'm going to expand it on, going to a window, you view, and we're going to click our document. Uh, we have I never greater right here. Right Click despaired on estate on first plane. I am also going to save it. Is document control s I'm going to make? He said it. I said, save on. We are perfectly fine to start working on our guidance It 2. Potions I: we can know a start to make our items. It I'm going to make a new layer on with basic brush with states of one with a black color . I'm going to start with the basic shape off the motion. So I'm going to Greece this ice on going to do something like this going to make a tool, for example. You should always look at reference, which for starting to make something like this. Now I'm going to the elite. So space in the media love to shape on This is going to be our love potion. So I'm going to speak of age color, maybe some collectives and we're into painted here. I am going to also needs Ah, darker cooler. I can always change the colors really easy after that. So I would not worry too much right now. Prater. And there we go. So into pain here This line on with the film brush with these settings again shoes click on . I will paint everything. Now I'm going to shave thes something like this That's fine for now. Going to paint it right part on this fight. I'm going to make the coach, so I'm going to choose galore like this. Did you use a burger? Less saturated for the birth? Darker Ontario. Now I'm going to make the glass, so I'm going to choose. I really right. Cooler in the blue hue. I'm going to use three more colors. Something more saturated and darker. Another one more saturated, a darker, even more. Not so much. Uh, I'm going to start pre painting. They're, like, part with my Middletown on this part. We to tiger kind of pained Some highlights in this part on Internet other like this something, for example, like this You will see some time lapses in thes section cows issues repetition on things that you already know. You should waas wasting what she so the finished is I'm going to move thes I think that and also into remain my layer I don't sit. I'm going to shift these on only. So I'm going to choose. I really situated on the really dark your color. That's good. I'm going to go through there border of steel ship like this. Of course, I shouldn't go outside these race square because this is my 16 by 16 and canvas on. We're making 16. 16 up shits on. That's basically how we can make I wear Feed yourself shit so we can look. It's without the very campus on its looking, particularly in the color on pallets video I teach you that. Did our color off another color survey less saturated in this case that their color off these red he's more such reason. This is because this liquid is straight loosened, so the light enters on catches. Let's say more such reason off the color itself on that's where it is. Shade becomes more saturated in the case of human skin because it is translucent, the light enters and catches the things off the booth that is and below the surface off the skin. So that's why when you make a shadow in a skin, you should make it more situated darker on more. The words read like this 3. Potions II: so no touch. One potion we can make the other two potions releasing so I can duplicate this layer. Move it with the on green to center right there on no against display press my rectangle tool The shortcut for their eternal to lose control are on. I can shoes select something like this, for example Move it on. Did the same thing in the other site. Ontario have are really different shape off devotion. So of course I need some of Shechtman's like this. Um, that's it. That's another potion. Now I want to make thes ocean for example, another quarter so I can go to my wife machine Quant tool Answer Lee the color off the lick it off the potion press control you to bring the cheese Be adjustments on. I can shift the hue, for example toe worse. I forgot to select this one. Um she faced the worst green, for example. Now, this is not perfect because I still need to shift the hue between the leg part on the third part so I can select my darker color darker list on Marsh. It raises. Sorry, huh? Markku like that. Even more so on darker on the same thing with the right guard. Martha. Us yellow. So you should play a lot with colors until you find the right combination. No, I can make the same thing for another. A potion. For example. If I want to make a square potion, I can't do it like this. I can choose color Pick the corner says I need on there. Have another motion. Of course. I need some some corrections in the glass on Changed the code or gay. I'm not going to go toe shifts into Hue with their With this. I'm just going toe Pick the race color on going to make, for example, a purple. There we go. Be a raised. Have three potions so I can marriage everything. No, I can't. Excuse me. I need to The little speak serves on. I have to replace the horrors in my wallet. On There we go. 4. Sword: So we're going to start making us worth before that, I'm goingto manage my palate leader. The better it only toe schoolers because I already have a I already have them here so I can select and press delete. Actually, I'm going to teach you hope to make two selections at the same time. So if you have one selection on you, press shift and make another selection, you are going to have to selections. So you delete them. No, I can move everything here on everything is much more cleaner. No, I have to. Pictures that I need toe Andi fix. So here. I'm here, Um, fixing the lane on the same thing here. So, no, we're going to start with this work, so I'm going to select my own line. Um, dizzy. Going to be in a 45 degree. I going to do something like this. You can see I have practice is a little bit before starting this, um, mice war is going to be something like this. And now we're going to start from this and this is going to have a point. So, like this. Now, if this is not a double, if you look at this pixel, then it's going to look like each Rundle. So you need that big sin on. There we go. No, the handle is two large, so I go into the same thing once. Election shift. I know there weren't, uh I'm going shoes to move thes like this. I'm going to move the pines to the corner again at two picks, is there we go. Now I'm going to make the palate for this. So the blade is going to be a little bit similar to the glass. So I'm going to start with the really right and to go like this. That's fight. I'm going to paint the laid off. That color on this part is going to be from gold so cool. It's basically on orange. No go gets really such rated on dark. I'm more reddish in the shadow. I'm really right in the right there, So I'm going to paint my blade. It a took part and going to make something. Take this in Devora one. Some direct views. It's basically a brilliant I'm going to make on the avenue that goes like this on this part is going to be less. Let's start with this color Now when going to paid my handle this part were the handle connects with the blade going to make it darker on. Now I'm going to shade May hungry on thes. It's going to be like a sphere here. Very one, some both late from the environment here. So I'm not going to make these larger going to pick my leg color now I'm going to make my dark order more relish. Um, I can make this blade from our I can actually take the gold color. The practice one. I replace it in the blade, maybe less such, Reiter. I don't need this color, so I have one color or less in my palette. Now, when she was going toe the whole nine like this in the online, I'm going through the same thing. That's the point of Samaria. I'm not going to do this because it's going to look like it's round. So I make these two look, make it, make it look. Point it on their wish. Have have laid. Now we don't worry about our outlined look covering and squalor shape and it doesn't really Mother, You can if you want, make it cover the whole shape, but he's going to be more than 16 by 16 pictures. It's your decision, really from my case and going to live it like this. So now we have to make sure that every color in my palette is the one that I have in my item. So going into the lake FIS on, I can replace the highlight off the potions with the color that I use in the highlight off thes world. So I'm going to call her pig the highlight off this war and coming to goto my similar color selection tool. I'm going to click on the highlight into potions, Going to Breast Shea. Go to fill, too. Fill entire selection on Click Inside. Here we go. So what? You can see it's a little bit more yellow, but it doesn't make I really change on. It even looks a little bit better. I have saved one. Clear. No, I havent there on. I can really save dreamer colors. Replacing these colors with this one's so okay, click here core Orpik thes one with feel and 30 selection. It's places. Same thing. Pick this one on shows like that on it looks more colorful. Uh, I've saved three cores in my fall. It so basically for this war I shoes use it Took orders for thick old part on I actually have to make, like, all in color, they're in my pocket. 5. Key and Book: so no, we're going to make I go, Linke. So we're going to start with the basic shape on there. We have the basic shape. I'm going to shave it with a base golden color on green to pain shadow part going to make a hole with my old in color. Make that going to pick my dark hole my like Gollum. Sorry, hon, Shows like this and going to paint I'm going to make on old lane on. I'm going to make two ovens here. Hunt, there we can a key. I will make some corrections. For example, I'm going to make thes more like this going so off. This that way on? Yes. That's basically everything for three escape. Now we're going to make a book for that. I'm going to select the color off the cart off the potion on going to make, uh, books. So we're going to make something like this. The proportions off the book, more like thes. Maybe when you select the color off the court on going to make something like this, maybe I can lead this rope on there. We go now for the patients and going to select the corner off the glass. This one. I'm going to make something like these going to make a shadow with the Durga scholar off the glass. Take this. I'm going to make a page marker with their with potion. Uh, with that are cooler and also going to make a shadow. Great to make a line in my book on. I'm going to make some kinds off. Looks here with tickle colors. So I'm going to make something by this going to pick thesis on. There we go. I can decide to use thes like gold or or not. Uhm, I'm going to use it on going to make a new color. I'm going to pick the dark brown on, going to make America one like this simply thesis theological, or it'll we're going to add to the palate for this book. Ongoing, Deported there. Um, I think that's fine on I'm going to make the whole thing. So I one sharp corners in my book, but nothing to marker. Um, there we go. So there we have my picks it out. Book? No, my color palette is getting a little bit in the way, so I'm going to make it today. the whole pallet present shift making selections. I'm going to move it there elsewhere in tomorrow with ease like that on this, I can also have this palette in a new layer so I can disable Dreyer whenever I want. So ingrained district, the whole palette going to press Quantrill X going for Be on. That's going to make a new layer on. I can also rearrange my palate Like you. We can rename the layer, but it's on its the 6. Apple and Shield: Now we are toe items away from finishing our item said, And we have to make an apple on the shell. We're going to start with the apple and went to select a base red color on going to make the basic shape so we can work that I went toe activate the Alfa log. I'm going to shave my awful something like that. I'm going to have some tech store this way on my going to make a hole there. I think that going to make some highlights following the shape of the upper on I'm going to make a leaf going to the saving the Alfa lock. I'm going to make operator highlight on Maybe I can use another color more for the shallow . Actually, no, I don't like that. I think we should need Thehuffingtonpost on we already. So my life is going to be pointy, so I'm going to make the plane like this on. There we go. We have on up. I'm just going to add a highlight to the leaf with bright color off the rim potion like that on is done. So do in with making off the item said we're going to make a shield. So we're working in a really low resolution. Um, it's really hard to make textures and things like that in the resolution. So for the shell, we're going to do what we can do. So I'm going to start with my basic brush. I'm going to make the basic shape. I'm going to increase the size of too brash by the sanguine to leave one pixel for the old lane. There we go on. I'm going to make a metallic shell. So I'm going to make I called in Green on the inside is going to be made off Sylar Rangers . They may only in color. I'm going to make on in your life. I'm also going throughout the old line right now on. I am going to shade their ring. Great to make some lines. Vertical lines. Um, I'm also going through a high like like this creates a big, darker color. On its important part, I'm going to make thes on angry to make some vertical lanes to have some texture in this highlight in the vertical lines and going toe change the dark color with a lighter one like this on in the dark part into vertical lines and going to change it with a dark one. Now, in this inner border, I'm going to make a shallow like this on into vertical lines. I'm going to pick the third quarter. Actually, I'm going. So keep it like that until we have a shield. I kind if I won't make another variation. So I kind I want to see contribute. I have another shoe this on. I can make a silver ring, for example. So you guys have, ah, a shield that these all made of silver or with an inner I called and dinner. So there we go, we can finish it, our items said. 7. Final Adjustments: So for this item said, we have used 19 colors. Of course, you can reduce the number colors. You can maybe have shoes to colors for the whole item said. Maybe the apple will look more like a bomb, but that's fine. No, we can make some final adjustments to the colors so we can right click on the layer with the Eisen's Go to add filter mask on. We can start, for example, with a color balance so we can shift the hue off the shadows. Morse Dwyer's Sion on again Andrew Andi I liked more stores, but rien and yellow. So we have these feed their Maxwell here that we can disable on enable every time we want on. If you might want toe modified, this mask you can right click properties on is there. I'm also going to increase the contrast, and I feel the mask I'm going to go toe color adjustments on I'm going to lower that I part on Increase the lighter part. Take this. So there we have it. Um, yes, that's basically it. We can't Kobe these filter masks to the ballot also. Maybe we can't. Yes, we can. Chap, ships are going to make a copy of theories on drugs. The food remarks toe the layer off the ballot on. Then I can read the copy on There we go. So to save our items, said in an opinion, she we will fierce disabled layer off the pallet. The campus is on the background on. I went there with the file export. Um, I'm going to truth happy and she image bring to name it, save on going to choose small file sizes. This is a compression with those without losing quality. So the worries on it's important that you enable a store Alfa China. So you click. Accept on there we have it. So here we have our items it disappearance Here on, we have everything in one image. If you want toe, have every item in each other image. You can use another tool called shoebox. So you can Dolan shoebox going to his official website. It's free. You're Sneed out of the air, which is also free on. We're going to use on option off these software called extract extract spreads. So it's basically from a transparent image. Detect every s right. So when you have shoe books open. You will have something like this. Your toe the spray tans on you. Select your Hatem said dippy and shit. I do drag it on the off extra sprites. You would have something atheist you compressed. Save on it has save it here. You can see it because every I think eso image. Now if you want to have every item in his own image but bigger you can goto image scale image the new size Check the filter books. So you had a blurry image in percentage You can include, for example, 500%. So that's going to go to be five times bigger. You press a set on, we're gonna save it again. Kiss on. There we have it. So this is the end of the items X section for this exercise. Really kind to make your out item said you can make the amount of items that you want on the items that you want usually state in this metastasis. 16 16 is fine on it. Okay. Seems if in the first time you don't get the outcome that you want, you should need practice on a lot of it. So make your item, said on busted, insecure and I section so I can shave your feedback in the next section. We're going to make a cyber Billary markup, so it's going to look like ex screen shirt off to the bill in on. We will work with Tiles on. We're going to make a bit of a much director.