Making a Textured Silver Pendant using Silver Clay. | Theodora Gould | Skillshare

Making a Textured Silver Pendant using Silver Clay.

Theodora Gould, The Carpenter's Wife.

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11 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction

    • What Is Silver Clay

    • Tools & Materials

    • Practice Run

    • The Wet Clay Stage

    • Drying Your Clay

    • The Dry Clay Stage

    • Firing

    • Polishing

    • Jump Ring & Chain

    • Class Project


About This Class

In this class I will teach you to make a simple but pretty, solid silver pendant using a fraction of the tools required for traditional silversmithing.


You will learn what silver clay is, how it works and the skills required to make a piece if jewellery you can cherish forever.

Step by step I will show you how to form the clay, apply a pattern, dry it, refine it, fire it and finish it.

Once you have these skills you will be able to go on and experiment to create more pieces.  No prior experience is needed and it can be done at your kitchen table.

This class is suitable for magpies and lovers of shiny things.

I will be creating further more advanced classes but this is a useful one for gaining the basic skills and an understanding of Silver Clay.





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Theodora Gould

The Carpenter's Wife.

Hello and welcome to my Skillshare profile. I'm Theodora, or Thea for short and I'm an artist and silversmith living in a rural part of England. I love the country life and it's the perfect place to nurture my little family.

Originally trained as an antique restorer, I have a passion for old things and spent a large chunk of my life up-cycling furniture. I started making jewellery when I was pregnant with my son via a silver clay course, and in the last few years have re-discovered the...

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