Making Your First Brush-Lettered Quote. | Lilah Higgins | Skillshare
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7 Videos (33m)
    • Welcome

    • Tools & Tech Used

    • Terms (Face + Slide)

    • Practice Strokes

    • Styles & Preferences

    • Kerning & Spacing

    • Negative Space


About This Class

Create gorgeous, flowing words and letter combinations for your art or digital design work.

Learn an art form that lets you add your personal touch to your online space so you stand out among all the others.

Use hand lettering to capture and evoke certain feelings and sentiments in your work ... festive, passionate, bold, spirited, nostalgic, raw, free, wild, even fear or intrigue ...

Add a personal touch to your gifts, stationery, greeting cards, tee designs … anything you love to make for personal or business use.

Design a logo for yourself or clients, or your dream greeting card line - anything you can imagine - with lettering that you created and nobody else has

Combine lettering with your skillset so you have an advantage over the competition.

Enhance your illustrative work.

Find a style that is your own.

Learn the fundamentals of hand lettering to build a business.

Find a creative outlet that is super fun!





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Lilah Higgins

Brand Design for Purpose-Centered Entrepreneurs

My background for the last 5 years has been focused on intentional brand and logo design for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. My personal focus on art and composition brings a new level of beauty and aesthetic to both my self-employed clients and my corporate design work.

I have managed and been involved in many different projects from the brainstorming stage into the implementation of printing, packaging, and marketing of my clients' offerings. I've been very successful in developing inn...

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