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Making Videos and Films Using our Smartphones and Premiere Pro

teacher avatar Gabriel Teo, CGX STUDIO

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Installing Premiere Clip and Capture CC

    • 3. Automatic Mode

    • 4. Freeform Editing Mode

    • 5. Creative Colour Grading using Capture CC

    • 6. Adobe Creative Cloud - syncing smartphones and desktop

    • 7. Making a short promo teaser

    • 8. Editing teaser on Premiere Pro on PC and MAC

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About This Class

Filmmakers around the world are using smartphones to tell stories, and we can do the same!

This class is designed for everyone who loves to create stories and capture their favourite moments through videos and films. The class is also useful for entrepreneurs and craftsmen who want to showcase their brands and services through videos and films, sharing through social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook to captivate their audience.

In this class we shoot, edit, and publish a polished short film to Youtube using Adobe Premiere Clip, and colour-grade the footage with Capture CC - all on our smartphones. We will synchronize our videos on our smartphones to Premiere Pro on our desktop using Adobe Creative Cloud (PC, Mac). In Premiere Pro, we have a more robust and professional editing platform in bringing our films to a new creative level \m/ 

The class introduces:

  • The simple workflow for exchanging photos and videos between our smartphones and desktop computers using Adobe Creative Cloud

  • How to edit the videos and photos saved on our hard disks using Adobe Premiere Clip on our smartphones to create a promotional teaser

  • How to export the film sequence from our smartphones to Adobe Premiere Pro (a professional film editing software) on our desktop. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, we learn to adjust the footage with the professional grading tools

  • Tips and tricks used by professionals to synchronize footage to its soundtrack

  • Various export and publishing options, such as the best resolution and video formats for different outputs (Youtube, Facebook, broadcast TV, etc) and the ideal format for client review

  • How to understand cinematography and how to craft the mood and style for a short film

At the end of the class, we have a solid foundation in shooting and publishing films using our smartphones. We look forward to seeing your creations!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Teo



Gabriel Teo has more than 18 years of global industry experience working in major film and game studios. In 2001 he headed the cinematic department at a game development studio in Dubai Media City and worked as the visual effects supervisor with Disney Channel ME. He became the visual effects compositor for Weta Productions, New Zealand in 2005 before teaching at Auckland University of Technology, lecturing and heading the animation and moving image departments.

As head of Media Research and Development at Huhu Studios in Auckland, he supervised visual effects for Noah’s Ark, as well as developed collaborative cloud technologies for games’ cinematic production. Gabriel developed the Visual Effects department at SCAD Hong Kong, and led the design an... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the class: way, E guys, welcome to my menu films and video of us smartphone class three class gonna be because we're gonna do it. Should videos and footages using smartphones and then using Premier Clip and a global capture Assisi to edit our films and integrated all using our smartphones, right? And at any cost. Also. Sure, guys, how we can synchronize our footage is and what we've done in our phone on top. Best hope for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, which is a professional editing tool. The professional use on the desktop. Right? So this car is really designed for everybody with a smartphone and you want to produce videos, maybe for hobbies. Some of you might have an event. Or maybe you want to have to promote your services of brands or products on your website. So these cars really is for everybody and I think is a cool way to use what we have smartphones to produce quality of videos showing to the world. So I can't wait to see what guys can do. And I hope you guys have fun in my course. So see you guys around 2. Installing Premiere Clip and Capture CC: wait. Let's talk about the couple off applications they were gonna use for the entire class. It was one android and those off for iPhone and IOS. So let's talk about it. Will be prima clip. Right. So I'm gonna go to a Google play, all right? And then just such for other be prevented. It's free for you for download. So I already started so preference to it. And another application we're gonna use is Adobe Capture. All right. That'll be captured. Used to color cried do color grading on our footages with our phones, OK, And if you want, you can also use the adobe creative cloud. So creative Cloud is wise to synchronize our desktop assets and I'll smartphone so we can share files together. So I have entire chapter on it later in the course. So So these other three application gonna use I'm a lot, which is Adobe Creative Cloud or to be captured. And then, of course, it'll be premier Clip eso wondering Star applications will have adobe clip what will be captured and then creative Cloud cape. So it'll be clippings will be used for how main cause, which is to video edit but they just using smartphones and it'll be capture is really cool , allows us to capture of photos and using smartphones and use them as our color great base. So really, really fun cause and look forward to see what we can do. 3. Automatic Mode: way first started. We from the south, the applications. You will be introduced to you this interface and you have a session to save all your projects. Community videos. This is a way for us to upload our videos to the adobe cloud. And everybody can look at what you've done. And you can also look at your part video. So because there's a new project we're gonna do. First of all, how do we captured the videos? How do we capture the background? All we need to do is to keep plus icon there many options. You can choose it from your gallery. You can choose from cloud. We'll talk about that later. But right now let's capture some videos and get started with it really fast. When I click on the capture video Ofoto section, you can choose to kept a photo. Well, I'm going to is the record of video. All right. And you ask you if you have different application to record V deals, you ask you if anyone choose, I'm just gonna shoot the foot one using, right? And then I'm just gonna premium. Right. So I like this, um, view is really gorgeous. Magic hour. Some kid record. All right? It stopped and see. What's really cool is you bring him back to Premier Clip and you can choose from automatic mode to freeform. I'll tell about free form in a while. But let's talk about automatic, ma'am. Now, you have it as simple as that. And it comes with a relative free music. Free. Cool, huh? All right, so there first that and I'm just gonna walk around. I'm sand spit and capture more video. So come for me and wear just overlooking the sunset right now it looks gorgeous, right? And how do we at the new videos? The capture of new video onto the sequence on me to do is oppress on the square icons up there and hit a plus at icon right there and picking a camera icon. He'd record video, all right. And then I can aim in that for addition. Look, is gorgeous here. Record stop. And Ben knows better to the sequence, right? And what's really cool. We can press on it and then just rearrange the sequence of videos, so I'm gonna go back to the main sequence, all right? And then what? I wanna do is to kept in more videos. And I really loved theater background shot off the boat. So again, I'm gonna press on the I'm square corns present a plus icon right here and then kept up video. All right, Just one. Bam. Okay. Like thes view a lot. I'm just going red card. Okay, stop. And them automatically added back into the video sequence. All right, so you can keep doing that, Um, as much as you want. OK, if you want Teoh. See, what you've done so far we need to do is to press on. I mean, I acquired there, check it out. They're simple. And so I spent the last 10 minutes just walking around since Pete and capture a few videos . Right? So it's pretty awesome again. We can rearrange the video this way, and, you know, and is really, really fun. All right. You can have, like, maybe you want tohave. The sun said as introduction shot. And then maybe you want to rep it out with the sunset is really up to years. Or have fun. It's a very cool, visual storyboard. Okay, so now that we have the footage is all we need to do is go back to sequence. And now we have it. You keep putting in my mouth. That's it. Easy, right? And if you like what you've done, all we need to do is to press on the this looks like a little robot in a sharing bottom. Just click on it. And a few options for you. You can publish it, Teoh. Um, premier community. And you can add in premium. Probably talk about that later. You can save you onto your phone and you can save the creative cloud, which would have a chapel in it. But right now, the most commonly used our feature will be a published of YouTube, and all you need to dio is to publish YouTube. Okay. And once you have that count, you can, you know, happened what everyone attacked today and you can share his private fists or public and all . We need to dio still click publish. Okay, so right now do not have a network. But if you're on WiFi or you have data you Ablow to face to YouTube. Okay. Go back. Alright, guys, before wrap up this chapter, I want to show you some cool traits using automatic editing mood. Let's focus on the soundtrack. So for Islam right now, if you just drank around the sequence can see that I can start a solitary specific, um, region. So if I want to start from here, all right, And it can scrub through and find a spot where maybe you want to start off with, Um So what's cool is the ultimate melting mode. What Premier would do is synchronized the four digits to the soundtrack. So is so possible. Awesome. Okay. And nothing is what if you want to replace the soundtrack, maybe you have your own custom music that you've produced. You cannot all you need to do to repay some trick. And I've created an album here. You can use iTunes if you want. Um, and I've got a mason cranks. All right, so let's check out rock riff. I just sounds awesome. So if I like this roadway or need to do is click add okay. And now ups. Yes. Oh, to replace the last um, soundtrack. And now, if I hit play, it's really, really cool. And what it does is premier also synchronized the footages to the soundtrack, right so that's 1/4 you can do. And nothing when he went dio is if you click on this little time clock bottom right there, you can actually adjust the pace off the clip. So right now, 36 seconds and you feel that's too fast. You can just probably down paces lower. And there's 47 seconds you could play again. All right, so that is no too fast. And and now that pays him to be better for me. So I like this pace. Right? So this couple trees conduce. Um, one more put thinking you might want to do is if you go back to the project sequence and click on Adobe Prema cleared preferences. All right. You can't trust between a history resolution or Ah, half 50. Alright. 7 20 p. So from that and for me, I prefer the food for screen resolution. Okay. And then go back. Okay, so now back to my project sequence. Okay. All right. So this couple was pretty cool, and again, you can replace a clip. You can drag it around in case really up to you to play. And if you like what you dio all you need to do. It's a hit share. And right now we're just going to focus on published to YouTube. Okay. And then he published You're verified account, and then you're all a problem to ah, YouTube. Or I guess I post a video for a while to get my mind WiFi connection. So, yes, 16 seconds ago. It says, Is that so? Now the new video is on YouTube. Kick on that, and then you can shave your friends right there. Okay. Okay. And if you want to share on Twitter that taken share tweeted can share on Facebook. So it's pretty awesome. All right, cool. So I hope you guys have fun on. I'll see you in the new chapter. 4. Freeform Editing Mode: way, E. Guys, welcome back. Freeform editing class with adobe clips. I'm gonna launch the application again. And this is the project which we did live with. Automatic mode. Someone Sure? Guess how we can use the free for more to have more control over the footage. Right? So to duplicate his projects on the right bottom corner, we can just take it this right? The reason why I'm doing that's because I wouldn't convert this automatic sequence into a freeform sequence. I saw the top right hand corner. You have the film clipboard. Just click once and premature basket. Do you want to come with the free form? I said yes. Okay. We didn't few seconds can sit in the face of change a little, which is really cool. So right now I can just tap on a video footage and just strike and drop and changed the sequence right here. My super easy and what's really cool. If you tap on the footage itself, I can change the duration. So if this is too long, right, I can just dream the beginning sequence to the end sequence and now did his shoulder right and we could play okay, what's right. So the first thing we can do is to control the amount of four dish in a sequence and over the top, consider three icon. So the 1st 1 we just really cool this contrast. Exposure highlights in the shadow. So, for example, if I increase the exporter, I can see it is super bright. So depends on the food dish that they're shooting can control the the lightness and indictments and highlights this year so it can push it up and see so you can control the grading off the footage. Really, really easily. All right, so more contrasts. It is, um, doctor in the shadows. All right. And if I like what I want or need to do is to go back to the trip sequence or done for you , right? Awesome. Okay. And the second icon right here, that's a little audio iconic there and click on it. Okay, So what's really cool is audio icon allows you to control the volume off your soundtrack. Right? So you pay now? Not really. Because in here, but this control the volume off the track off your footage like so. No volume. Two more. Okay, So have a play with that and smart volume. So if you have small volume on allows you to tell prima clip that you know the volume one of flattery it So the volunteer consistent over the order footage is OK or you're fade in and fade out. This allows you to tell Premier to control the Fed in when the footage is running and fed out of music when the footage ending. So I'll just leave it to default. Okay, Okay. And that that option is pretty cool. Um allows you to for somebody to have a footage, you can't duplicate it. So now you can see you can have two of the same footage is right. I can delete it as well. Okay. And I was can also go to you know what is yourself. Spit it, Play it. So for example, this a long sequence, right? Maybe I would spend the two different footage is on me to do. It's a script to a point where I want to split and then click spit at play head can see now These are two different footage is off. The one for that. They were shot earlier. All right, so a lot of control in a free for mood. All right. Okay, so these are three very, very cool stuff we can do. And how about top here? A few more icon. So your top tip on the 1st 1 the soundtrack can see Now I can just like the automating mood I can't scrub through to a malady that want to start off with. Let me be here. I can start off somewhere else like you, right? And this is social cool. He allows you to control the volume off your soundtrack. So if I think the soundtracks too loud and decrease the volume here too All right. So this is really, really cool synchronized to music. This extra prequel to this allows premier to synchronize the cart. And I did out the footage to the soundtrack that you have chosen. All right, so that's critical auto mix, like a sort of mix allows you to, um, lower that sound. So, for example, if you have people talking to, say, maybe doing interview, or maybe there's some background noise or sound that you want auto makes allows Premier to set off gauge between the soundtrack and your footages and make sure that you know that smooth transition between the two allows the footage music to be louder when there's somebody talking when you know there's a background noise. All right, I'm just gonna turn it off. Okay, so that's for the soundtrack. Break, break. All again, you can deleted. You can also replace or some crank. So if you want to replace yourself right right here, you can choose from a primitive My dad and I'm gonna do is right now to choose Come another sound. All right, I think this one someone at nine trillion on the soundtrack can see and then I can scrub through. So it's really cool to play soccer because it really enhances the mood and tell stories. 5. Creative Colour Grading using Capture CC: Wait, wait, Guys. How we can use photo capture. Teoh create Looks great. Right. So when I first launch, what do we capture? You'll be introduced to colors, shapes, brushes. We're just gonna focus on the looks. Right. So right now I have a few looks already captured. Monitor gets how to get started. So even see this plus icon right there. Um, you will launch a little set off camera for you. Can we see? What's really cool is you could point at the sudden background. You can see that color tone changes. All right, So say I want to take a picture of my poetry, ma'am, and watch. Recall wants to take the picture. You can choose from a series of different looks based on the color scheme. Right that you like. Okay. And then he'd refined. And now what capture does is allows you to save the color palette onto your looks. Um, palette. Right. So I could say yes. So now has been saved into a library, and this will be synchronized to the desktop as well, and it can be used at we for primitively, which is really cool. All right, so I'm gonna bring you guys around and capture a few color grades, and then we can use them for next chapters, My guy. So I'd really like a tone between, um, the leaves. And also we didn't did the sky, so I'm going to do is again click in the past icon right here and just aim at the sky and just choose the color palette, which I light can see. You changes that 12 Okay. What? I like what I see you just capturing. And then then, no, you can choose different variations off the color grade. They can adjust with the refinement. Pellet high. Okay, so if I like what I've seen and I don't need to do with a kick on the forward arrow and Ben , now I can do is people like what I say you can rename it plus, and now this will be added into your library, right? And against the connection, destined to end up like the at the warm, rustic sort off. Awfully tone off year, the trees and the dry leaves. So I'm gonna do it again. Plus icon, I just can see now that Tony's very warm and rustic right now, I'm just gonna pick one day. I like. Okay, capture and see. Now the paella right here is different. Okay, Can address to your liking, and you feel like you see again safety to the library. And really quickly. You can add in a lot of lot of color grades based on photographs and this super super cool . Okay, so one last trick. If you have already a lot of photos on your phone, you What you can do is click on the plus icon, right? So instead of capturing the the photo took on this little gallery icon right there and you can pick up from Creative Club, we shall show you guys how to do that. You can pick up from your gallery, which is your phone photos. Okay, so there's a lot of options so you can get it from a phone. Can't get it from Creative Cloud, or you can just steps are off photo. So let's see. This is really interesting. If I makes the green and the warm browns look, now you have a parent between the two. I think a Casey. Now, the grating is slightly different to suck like that. Okay. Could at And now, based on the looks you have in there too. All right. So, Submersible fun. So easy. And I encourage you guys to go have fun with this application and right? Got someone? Sure, guys, how we can use the color grade. They were taken using the photos. Keeps I'm gonna launch will be clicked right now, and I'm gonna pick one of the footage. So just anything. Just maybe this guy, All right, And again, going back to the color grade tap. Okay. Is he under my library right now? All the photographs ever taken a minute ago. They all appear here. Okay, If you can save your own, the clip default looks. So I just click on it trick on my library, and I can see all different grades. They've taken using your photographs, and now you can apply it to your footage. How cool is there? Okay. And then go back to my library and Bambi applied to that too. Okay. So, again, you can pay around with it, become different grades, and then be greater from there too. All right. So you can pick any footage is and people in a grade. Do you like okay. And maybe color grated onto the Klopus. Well, so really refund and a really cool way to, um, have a play between grading using adobe capture. And then I did. Your footage is using Adobe Clip. 6. Adobe Creative Cloud - syncing smartphones and desktop : and guys will come back to the thought. So for this class, I'm gonna talk about synchronizing fouls of videos, photos on our smartphones and party back to with the best top just like, you know, dropped balls or Google Cloud. Right? And we can also have the videos and files on our desktop and put it back to a smartphone. Right, So this application could go be creative. Cloud is free to download for Mac and PC. You just need to go to the Donald link here, okay? And download the set of files and installing. OK, so don't worry about the legs here in the project folder on the project Description page, I will have the other things that out for you, so you can just click and go. OK? All right. So once back on this page and you know, all you need to do is to click on download. Right? And Adobe would have a pop up screen for you to download the creative cloud set up foul, right, Justin story and you'll be up and going. So once the first been install, you see a few things so fast. If you go to the task at the evil on the PC, You can just right click on the little icon like that and just right click on it. There will be a a great club pop up right? First he had assigning. So obviously we have from already silent standing with our user name. Okay, so what's really cool is if you click open folder. What it does is once we start application, I don't even install a little side tap icon right here like a synchronization folder. Just any folders on your your computer so you can just drag and drop your fouls. And Theo all synchronizes with the club so you can see on the spot for the smell. So for you guys to follow along with me in this lesson, I've set up a few files here that I want to show you guys how I can just drag and drop from our SD card or Hunt is on to the cloud synchronization folder right on our desktop. So why I need do is super simple. First thing that looks for her right here. This order looks that I've uploaded for you guys so you can have a fun. Have fun to play around with them or you need to do is to just drag and drop, just like a regular folder. All right? And you can see this synchronization. Um, I can right there and in your adobe creative cloud hat. You will see these notifications saying is synchronizing. All right. Okay. If you open up this border, she always takes minutes has been synchronized. Right? So all we need to do is to have Internet connection have been running, and all these files who appear on your smartphone is Well, okay, so that's the looks, right? And have soundtracks s. Well, I'm just gonna drink it in. All right, So is release important drag and drop the file that you want to save one creative cloud and all. Everything that you do, everything that you saved were appear no smartphone in the creative cloud app that we're gonna installing a while. Right since the get these files that a public to dropbox or you needed here to go to the project Description Page and just click on link to the project files and will bring you to the shed. Fordham drops right. And all you need to do is to go to the folder, right? Click on it and download. All right, so you can go anywhere to your hundreds. Okay. So it's easier that so what? It's all about. Ready for you guys to play with. Okay. So also included the fouls that were far sharp with us. My phone back. When were the sense of it? And I saw this video fouls. You can use them to practice on the editing mode and in using premium. OK, so it is Ah, all set up for you. Exported from a smartphone in the Watcher. Guys, How we can do that as well. Okay, usually right now, we're still synchronizing off 1000 hottest Teoh. Create a cloud. Okay. And if you launch the application And if you click on View and Web, it will launch a bring a browser and bring you to a browser based off a cloud synchronization view, which is awesome. See, right now, these are real time. I'm still synchronizing the files while on a browser is showing up all the different voters and different files. I can go in there and have a look, for example. Okay. All right. So everything's right there. Awesome. In all these files are available on your smartphone is well, okay, you can click on a folder. You can collaborate. You can send the link so you can even collaborate on multiple fouls with multiple uses in a team environment and cake and rename you can archive consent. A link Super awesome right way can install be Creative Cloud or No smartphone to synchronize the fouls cape. So it's super simple. Just go to Google play or Apple Store and just look for Adobe. Creative Cloud is free for download, and once it's told, open up just like you fear User cone and what we have done or not, they're stops. The audits files are all synchronized on Teoh application as well, so you can drag and drop files from a desktop and synchronize it with a smartphone. Or you can even have to use a smartphone, double fouls from your photo and video library and synchronize it onto your desktop. So it'll be creative Cloud is a super awesome application. So what Between your desktop and your smartphones, right guys, ministry and other cool trick is rumor. The footages were shot at Cinespace, right? So you think it will be permanently. And I was trying to export the videos onto our desktop. So what I did waas is really, really simple in the sharing button right here. So instead, off publishing you to you too. Why there was to click on edit in Premiere Pro. All right. And what it does is prima table export, the fouls and the videos onto a creative cloud, which then one has done projects. Sense is gonna be synchronized on Teoh desktop as well. So this is the credit club voter, and you're gonna see a Falco. It will be a prima clip, right? Opening up the event include a day. So you've opened up the media folder, see all the video files out there Super awesome. Also enclosed a prima click foul that you can open up in Premiere Pro, which I'll talk about later in the chapter. But this is a really awesome way. Teoh export all everything that were shot on a smartphone onto the desktop 7. Making a short promo teaser: way that stop or have this and bring it into a smartphone and do some anything on primitive . Right? So I'm sort of reading. Then last weekend, I'm salt right there in Dropbox for us. Far so just a re care. All these fouls in the Creative Cloud folder is all transferred from SD card. Right? And if you guys want the same file, just go to the Dropbox link that sent you and all you need to do you. So right, click on the folder and then okay. And put it into your creative cloud. Foul some folder and you appear in your creative club as sex border. Right. So you find Launch Creative club right now, you can see that all the files just pretty cool, although follows, you say from the Web browser right through Creative Cloud will be synchronized onto your smart form. Okay, so I'm gonna share guys how we can import the videos from a creative cloud photo on the desktop into adobe. Perfectly simple. All you need to do is to launch a murky okay, hit the plus icon. So we're talking about we can get fouls from your phone. We can get it. Just shoot it in life location. But I can't see this little credit cloud icon right there. Just president. And you launched the before that. And they can see everything that we have it on the cloud for doing that. That stop it all looks the same assault. Okay, so you put a video super simple, Just open empty for him And what you have all the 1000. Okay. So wanted to do You can pick and choose from any phone. One pick all the videos. Okay. By the way, you can also temple video and have a look before you put it. So we're gonna put everything okay? All right. And one thing for every video, that one, all I need to do is press open and previously asked if you want to edit videos as as automatic mode. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you guys how it can use freeform toe, have more contrary power, some breast freeform and premium cable at all the videos that have chosen through the creative cloud into the premier sequence. Alright, guys. So I uploaded all the videos onto the projects and now back to my project here. There's some few tricks I can, I'm sure against which you can rename your approaching spell. So you click on the project Happier. I can rename it to say, my wedding on my you ban, whatever it iss, right. So I can rename it and still going back into the free from projects here and bend. So these are videos that we've uploaded through Creative Cloud. Right? And he played right now there's no Layton, you know, which is super awesome, Right? So this first I want to do is choose the soundtrack. So Dropbox folder had provided a few soundtracks by feel free to use their own and again to Hungary choose a soundtrack. So that top button right here there's a little music icon president, or you bring back to you bring you to a soundtrack folder. And I've already created one, which is called a some tricks. So you're gonna use iTunes or your android albums, right? Something choose Chopan, right? Okay, if I like. All right. You like this outright. So I need to do to head. And while I could be added into the project Cool. Okay. You play. He didn't awesome. So straight up Preview clip will arrange the soundtrack and synchronized with footages. Right. So if you want the soundtrack to be louder, right, the volume. But anyone here just take out so you can contact volume from here. He will go back 100%. Okay? School. So if you want to change a soundtrack, so just feel free to replace. And they were bringing back to the border and can replace your soundtrack. I'm just do so palm. So the first time you can go back. So this order footages that uploaded and again just recap can just happen One of the clip and just rearranged. Um, basically liking. Okay, you can delete them. And we've been through the freeform chapter, so? So there's the same. Okay, I just want to show you guys how easy it is to synchronize the videos on your desktop and on a hard disk and bring into a pre meekly to do for the anything. Okay. Again, Just a recap. If I want Teoh color cry this footage I need todo It's keeping a second pad right here. Okay? And they can choose from the color tab here can see it does changes the mood of the footages. It's simple. Autumn. Okay. Just reminds me of the grand. Just awesome. Okay, Right. So if you like what your chosen or you need to do to go back to the to the project files Oh , you can click on click foot Looks and go to your library and pick any look library IVF created. Or you can even pick up picture from there and go from there too, so you can customize the look based on your photos. Or you can use the default once that come with a pretty clean. All right, so this is the future of love a lot. Okay. You know, maybe they saw, like, old film school Look pretty cute. Go back to the clear can see in real time. He changes the college tone, your village and hundreds the mood and depending what story you wanted. Help you play and what I love about primitive. First of all, he doesn't crush me and Israel time. There's no waiting at all. Right. So Adobe has done a really, really good job Pretty's application. It is really fun. You can just see. I'll change lose a pair. You can rearrange them you can delete them. Support. Awesome. Okay. And also to recapping this footage is too long for you. All you need to do is to slice it in point out point so you can trim it to your liking. And premier, what? Arranged a year for the just to the south training. So it's simple. Is that right? So have fun with the color correction. Have fun to play with the music and just played of features they talk about early in the chapters. Okay, So again, if you want to publish it, just click on the share corn right here, and they can publish it to YouTube and share with your friends. Okay. In the next chapter, I'm gonna show you guys is still publishing it to you to we're gonna edit in Premiere Pro, or I'm gonna show you more power to edit the footage is on your desktop getting Premiere Pro and have a final professional finishing 12 videos. All right, so I hope you guys have fun and ice skating in this chapter. 8. Editing teaser on Premiere Pro on PC and MAC: way and sending on Teoh best up so they can use Premiere Pro to do their final polishing off the film. Okay, so for this project, renaming toe wedding catering events to keep on the projects, okay. And all you need to dio into share the project file. It's okay. Donna Sheron button and then click edit in Premiere Pro. All right, in. Promoters say okay, projects been sent. So it may synchronized to your creative cloud that you can get it from the desktop. Okay. All right. So now, over there at their stop, you can see that this is the secret transition shorter. And I'm gonna open up the for here. All right, so there's this adobe primitive passport open up. And this is the foul that we've done a while ago. A sense, But just check this out. So this is the exact meaning naming convention off the projects that were done. So there's a four in their opening before this XML file. This is far less important because this is the one that you use. Teoh, open up in Premiere Pro. Okay. And in the media file for yourself, see, order videos are synchronize right, including the soundtrack, which is awesome. Okay. And the dock, you foul. This is a very foul that holds up or the color grading information. So, in Premier, your Mr you would understand what we have done for color grading and had the same color grade. Exactly. It is as we see it on a smartphone in prima throw. All right, so to get started with Premiere Pro, the first thing you need to do is to go to the website and Donald trial version of it. So you have a 30 days full version trowels to have a player with the software. Okay. Just for the same restrictions. It's really fast in store right now. Don't worry about the wings in the project page. How have underlings for downloads over here? Alright, guys. So when we first launched Premiere Pro Alright, bring Alaska's kid. You want to create new projects for this class? We're just gonna open the project. All right? We're gonna open up the XML file, so go to a creative Cloud Files folder and look for the adobe premiere clip passport. Okay. And then look for wedding catering events and look for this fall. All right, this fall is XML file off the consistent off sequences and Thea soundtracks. And what information from our smartphone Some can open up. Go check it out. So everything that we've done announced my phone. Your peers here, right here in Premiere Pro Super Awesome, including the sun tracking spell. Okay, right. So before I show you guys are the core tricks that can do in Premiere Pro for first time uses, the whole interface might be overwhelming. Right? So I'm just gonna really quickly do I spend to you what are all the different functions up here on the tap right here? Okay. What a different functions. And why are they there? So the first thing is, if you go assembly, okay, is that allows you, Teoh? The first time is important. Videos and footages, for example. All these footages are there for us. Important from XML file right by. Maybe he had more more videos. Maybe you have more photos. All you need to deal with the right click. Okay, over here. So just right. Click and then hit, import and look for a video that you want the upload. So, for example, even upload from my hard disk me some extra footage, right? Just came open, men. Right. So this is like a little library that we use. Teoh hold up images and photos and videos. All right. Okay. First step. And how about Thea? The next Have anything? All right. So even clear. Anything you see, the whole interface will change. So Premiere Pro Das is it will customers in the phase to split the best? A scenario for us to do anything exciting thing is pretty born. So right here where you can say is this is the panel they can see that video is playing Get from our timeline And this is what we call timeline. Yeah, way we can check out the footage is and we can check out the soundtrack. So if you want to spend the South trick, we have to look deep. Into it. We need to do is to go to the functions right here in case we'll check it out. What we're gonna do is to slightly down can see not gonna spend on the thumb you and X prize for the some Criswell. So just now and now we can see I can see the way form as far as the audio key friends. Okay, so this article and if I want to spend more into the sequence, right? For some of the wonderful goes on this area, all I need to do is suppressing the plus key on the keyboard. Right. You're zooming into the sequence. And if I click on the minus key on the keyboard, he was UMA and given overview off the timeline. Right? So super easy. Plus I minus. Okay, first that. So before I proceed on, I want you to look at the DS outright right here. So over here, I can scrub through. You raised right squad through in the face. I'm just gonna go to the beginning, right and scrub through here. You play Israel Times of awesome. Okay, citizen, it'll sort of a line right there. Okay, this actually controls the volume off the South. Right? So how do we had just a volume? Maybe you want to have fit in from here. All right, so on the left side of the screen can see Yeah, okay. These are all the tools, right? So we're not gonna turn or them. I'm gonna show you a few really use once they can use to guest at every premier. Okay, so the first thing we don't do is check out the pen icon, This one. Okay, take on it. A pencil p for the shot cut. Okay, so if I mouse over to the soundtrack and click on the, uh, timeline, it's now I can very easily control the volume off the soundtrack. Right. So this of awesome popular front he play can see a salad. Okay, so it's really cool, so I can keep adding key frames. Right? And if you want to delete them, just hit. Delete, Right? Suggesting. So these are really useful toe to control the volume for soundtrack. Okay, I'm gonna click minus, so I can see and the whole event. Okay. And would have swept through. So, first of all this shot, maybe I want the shot to be a to last in case someone put it struck to the lost. But how? Hamburgers selected. How can it moving around? Right, So there couple tools there, one you guys toe check out, which is the selection tool. All right. And a cutting tool. All right. So whoever used the painful which is caused for controlled the year. The volume. All right, but how about the selection to in a cattle? These are very useful tools for selection and to cut the footage. Okay, so I'm gonna do is to hit on, so okay, for the sake. So it's very useful. The user shocked me, too. Right? So if you mouse over the Icahn, Okay. See? All right. You will give you the name off icon. Also little bracket. So these are the shot khakis or C car, All right. And they ve to select. Okay, So this Toby V on a keyboard and to cut you see on a keyboard, the two kids are site I beside each other. Right. So I'm gonna do is to click on V. All right, so now I can select my footage, can track and drop and put you to the back and not this little gap. Right? So I'm gonna do is really simple. Just click on the timeline, and just like all the footage is pushed him to the front. Okay. And then just put it right here. So now you've rearranged the sequences just by dragging it to the bag, selecting all the footages and dragging them to the front. So it's a simple Is that Okay? So don't have be overwhelmed with all the tools. Because there's a lot of power in Premiere Pro, but to get that this is really easy. Teoh, get the hang of it. Okay. For example, if you want to cut it, right, So for example, if one cut it here Okay, I'll press the sea. Key changes. Teoh, Cut icon. Right. You press V changes to a selection. Cool. Right. See, V C. Cut it. V selected the movie around. I can delete to delete it. I can stretch your back. All right. Super simple. So to get started, all you need to do is focus and three tools. The selection tool V the cut to see and then the pen Tal right, Teoh, control the fade in, Fade out the volume. Okay, so in a show. Example So heating P All right. From a mental. What I can do now is go to the end off the sequence. Maybe I want to fade out from here. One c key firms being created once again and I can just drag you down this way. All right. Anybody He played off course, there's more powerful. You can go to the key frame and right. Take on it. You can? No. So he's out the key frame. You contract a key frame around so that a lot of power in Premiere Pro by this morning, guys to have fun with Premiere Pro and gets that very easily and not get too overwhelmed All the different tools, All right. So very useful techniques only also talk about the color correction of techniques in using Premiere Pro. I wish I love a lot of elementary color, um, techniques. Okay, So how do you get started? I'm gonna scrub true to say this footage that we've uploaded and I will show you how you can play the casket, right? So we can, you know, do make it woman colder. You can increase the exposure. You can contrast, so really have fun with it. Okay. To bring down the high lines so you can bring back the details, right? Because you just told bright and how like too much you can see the details. So you bring it down and I can see the details as well. Okay. The shadows can rebound. More contrast to the shadows and creative moment allows you, Teoh play with a different color schemes that Premiere Pro has created. All right, if you want apply to the footage, just double click on it, okay? And then you get the curves. So so a little bit of information with curses at a top corner right here. This controls the the highlights and at the bottom half corn close to your shadows So you can see this little I ask curves Rascoff where more contrast in the shadows and bundled The highlights on disparate, pretty popular technique in color correction. And you have also the year the weight I just the saturation No, just on one color. But you can choose from different colors. So maybe you want the the warm areas to be more saturated, all right and less saturated on a cold areas. So have fun with the color is so small Submersible funds so easy to use color us fall. You can use it to control the shadows and highlights. And so really, really awesome You can see from here there's actually working really well right? You can uncheck the takes so you can see before an after hours okay, all right. And anything but a banana and cannot like every getting that too. I can't say very quickly with adjusted to look to a seven style that we like. Okay, But it's one thing one Kortrijk that I want to show you guys is what we call a high dynamic range color crash mode right over here. Okay, if you guys come see it, it's under effects control. All right, So you view we have not on the If s contra panel. Just click on control, okay? And make sure that clip has been selected. You know that the metric has been applied right through our last color question. Um, playing now check it out. If I hit high dynamic range, something happens. Okay, So what happens right now is when you don't need okay. If you go back, Teoh, the highlights can see. Give you more information. Okay. See? Okay. So without and with without hi Ph. D r. And with history are said difference. So history give you more color orange from shadows to the highlights. I give you more sort of a vivid feel to the image. So there's a really cool technique if you want to make use of it. Okay, so that's 11 thing, which is really cool. And what if the second thing won't talk about is what if we want to use the color question , I look fouled. There will be used our smartphone, Teoh, Produce. Right. So how important to found under elementary color right here on the show is in the input lot . Foul interests. It from here could browse and browse Teoh the, uh, wedding catering event folder. Open up, media. And look for these felt, You know, that's a statue in conduct Cube. All right, so this carries the call information and grade from our smartphone, and we put it back into Premiere Pro and is really saddle, so I'm gonna dio take it out. Turn it off. Don't you know? Right? Need off. Right? And Tony on just really subtle changes, right? So the lot there were chosen on a smartphone has been applied. Teoh premier sequences far footages. Right. So this is really cool trick where we can start a crate, looks on a smartphone and then reapply them onto creamy. It is good tricks. And one more thing before we move on is I'm gonna share guys. The synchronizes station between Creative Cloud and Premier Pro. So Honda bottom left corner off our screen. We have been right here, poacher, being where we came in, part of footages effects right here where we can play a fixed for footages to are some tracks, But check out this tackle, Emory. Okay, so taking it all the looks yellow styles that were created using a smartphone has been synchronized on Teoh onto a premium. Right? Super awesome. See? All right, so what I can do, we can just checking, drop and apply the laws onto the fort itself. Gonna controversy. Right. So I'm gonna show you how cool it is for his number that go to this shop. Okay? Right. And say one of like, one of looks right I need to do is to click on it and drag it onto the footage. All right? And you were changed. I can just test it. Can see it changes the color. Great off of finish, too. Right. Support Just tracking. Drawn. Right. So this is really cool. Way to trust between using biometric color schemes right here to customize, look, or just using the libraries of look that were created using a smartphone using capture CC and drag and drop onto our footage is there's no more course trait that we indu in Premiere Pro to our color great off villages. So, so far, we've been talking about color grating individual footages. But how about you want the whole sequence or the whole film to have a certain look? Right? So you haven't Dragon drop out of fouls for his number. All library files or looks onto this footage is animating. Now we have, like, 30 minutes of footage is gonna take too much time, right? So what's the easiest way to do it? How much are you guys? What we can do is to create what we call adjustment layer. So I'm gonna go to the project being folder, okay? And I need to do is to right click, right. Click on your mouse and you come new item. You can create a lot of things, right? Titles and offline following back videos. Um, by woman do is to create an adjustment layer. Okay, Cool. Okay. And this is just 1,000,000. So Mom could do is to hit on the minus key on the keyboard and then decrease the size of my thumb New. Just drink it up. Okay? And what we do is just using the adjustment layer. I'm gonna like it too. Track two i ve to say you can just second drop if you want. You can right click and and new tracks by one. What? I did what you struck it there and premier automatically created. And then a new cried for me and wanted. What I can do is to drag my adjustment layer all the way from the beginning of the finish to an orphanage. Okay, so I just meant layer right here is transparent. So what? It is just something layer. It's really cool. So what it does is I can go to say the library's again and picked, say, one of the effects a look that I want to use. Just click install, dragging it into the footage. I'm going direct into the adjustment layer. Okay. I can see now the footage has been changed. The colors. So to see that before matter, I'm gonna step on this icon right there. Okay. To the north, three non off and on. Okay, so that's cool. So with applied looks onto our main adjustment layer. Right? So we can just keep testing with different loops. I see. Okay. All right. I'm gonna use this one, cause small trusting. All right, but what's really cool is I'm not playing toe one footage. I'm applying to the whole sequence using adjustment layer. So Naifeh scrapped through auto sequences. All the year footage is carried us in. Look, Right, So if I say I changed my mind, for example, I can just drag, say another look to it. See, now, these changes the color palette, and if I click through it, my entire sequence will change the spell. So these are super awesome trait to have a full color grade onto the four sequence, just using the adjustment layer. Okay, that's cool. All right. And one more trade fuel, Guys. Mom is what if, for example, what if I like this great, right? It's too much too saturated. I just want to have maybe 50% of the great Okay, I can go all the way out. Top left hand corner on the FX control. There's this topcoat capacity. All right, you fast control, capacity mission. You has selected adjustment layer open up capacity right now is 100% right? So if it's control capacity, and right now, this 100% right, so I'm gonna do is check it out. I'm gonna decrease it, just like through it. So look at the four days right now. Now, zero, I'm gonna slowly increase it. This 100. So if type 50 So now I get the looks that I want is not a saturated and it just kind of balance us off between the great and the original footage. All right, so I'm gonna tell you off. Turn it on. Health on this is more subtle. So these really cools and first have is go to the project. We know, right? Click, create adjustment layer. Okay. And then put it into the top. Clear. Here we can have both border footages and then go to the that looks libraries and just drinking dropped a loose Anyone use, and then it is too much. Just go to the effects control, go to capacity and just play around capacity. All right, So you had the best of buffels. So now we've talked about assembly tap where we can use that being to import directed to import sequences or for the jobs we can create. New white comes from there to okay the sequence or two. To have a new video or to have adjustment layer and talk about editing mode where you can get a plus and minus key to comedian out and to use the selection tool the cattle cut it. And then also dependable to adjust the volume, um, off the cell trick. Right? And we talked about the colors as well, which is supposed for fun. Okay, so don't also have happening condos in it. Why you want to put words, titles and credits onto our footage is okay, The Palo change a little right in the face. And it's so awesome because right now, you see, I'm on this for dish right here every time, the titles, right. And what we can do is go to the title, right, cause premier create a new title for you. And right now you can do anything right? So why didn't do it the first and is to create a new title right here. You like something once and depending on the sequence and resolution winners HD resolution so prim it knows it and here, I can call you. Say, just say intro, sequins. Intro title. Okay. And what's really cool is depending on which secrets are on the tighter control. We'll show you exactly where you are. So when you talk your text, your typing on top of the footage on another secret layers, I'll show you in a while. So here, I'm just going to click on there main screen. And I was gonna say Rocket Okay, right there. Right, So that's the first thing. But how do any of the test right? So here we can change the phone. We can do a normal sort of what? Editing a mode. But on the right side here. Right, So over here, give you a lot of palate Teoh. Play around with the year. The text. Okay, so the first that there's federal stalls See, I can just come in different styles and premium, bro. How did it in real time, which is so cool? Right, So you can play around with it and the second half header properties. So there's a control capacity. There's a form family interested from form this fall. So have have a play with it, right, And you can change a colorists foe. Okay? It's a lot. A lot off ways to play the text, right? Shadows without shadows support? No, I gotta properties. Title tools. All right, so this important Wanna move your text around you go title tools. All right, Michelle, take on the selection. Cool. Now we can move it around, okay? You can drag it to increase it decreases impress shifts right for ships and record. And now he's gonna skill, um, 100% to the According to the within the height. Right? Okay. So a lot of different things we can play with it. You can be for nerve center your text. All you need to do is keep on the distribution. Just enter it so easy. Okay. All right. So if we like you write is not gonna be on our sequence right away. So what we need do is go back to the main sequence. Can say nothing's on day. All right? But what we've created they all appears in the bin folder. Right? Right here. Okay. So title was still there. We can still edited. You can still change it. All right from here, Right. But once they're created, a title. It goes into the bin place of awesome. So you can keep creating different titles as you want. OK, they all appear in the bin folder. Okay, so going back, Teoh, the main sequence, so even wanted to be on the mince acquits itself. Wanting to do is to drink it onto the tumbling. So now it's on there. Okay, so this is the origin. The dollars. You know, Perot sequenced ever made. All right, so if I want to increase the size Okay. Right there. I saw. Here you are. All right. So easy to create out of this. Well, to move it around, it can cut it. You can move it around treatment for it. Up to you. Okay, so now we're touching all the different cool tricks that can get started. I'm really, really quickly. How do we ask for the sequence? How do I spot every day? We've done into a, uh, a quick time movie or video movie that we can use it on YouTube? Well, Facebook. So what you need to do is to go to foul, right? Could've foul hit esport have the media. All right. That's for media. And over here a lot of different video formats for such you're from. But the most commonly used ones would be hitched to a 64 right Codex. And over here in the preset Ted is really cool. Because what previous does it allows us to choose from a huge range of presets. They have been made by Premier very easy for us to say for itself exported. Teoh YouTube do is go down and say, OK, I think I spotted a YouTube 100 bp for his d Damn. Okay, so you give you all the different settings there, you need to successfully Ablow to a YouTube. My understanding. So here. Okay, you can upward name. You can rename it right and saved onto your hard disk and all you do hit export. I can't say it. Okay? And after a while you were rented out Teoh computer. So it's as easy as that. All right, so Super Steamboat s video. So feel free going there for a passport photo formulation of 64 and presets just look around. Amateur. That's one that you need They can use for your project. Okay, It's cool. So before we end the premier class, all someone assure you I'm some tricks. One last one which is quite commonly only passed his if I, like, say this Look, maybe I want to make it into a poster. How did I capture this frame? How do I captured just this friend? It's super simple. Did you look at this time on tap right here? This little camera icon. Okay, all you need to dio So kick it once, okay? And really me to say Say look to right and you can choose the form. It's so if you want to use it for the website PNG and Jay Paxton commonly used or even use it for print, then you can use tip, right? So I'm gonna use PNG, okay? And then you can browse to afford anyone the same on and then Okay. And he will save the image onto your how this find these classes Just want to thank everybody for joining me in This class has been super fun. I'm really cool. Teoh show you guys how you know my daily will for using my smartphone and best home And how I can synchronize fell together. So for you guys want to go more details into a premiere pro there few resource websites that are highly recommend our poor darlings on the the project Description page. So you guys, can I just, you know, take on it? Although we primi has gotta heaps off Really cool tutorial owes easy to follow along tutorials. Teoh gets that premiere pro and, um, a tv dot gov dot com This is also really good website to not just little premium if you gotta products can learn about a lot of from products that would be has been working on, and they've been super awesome. And if you score now, we can see a lot of tips and tricks that that professionals do's and do super fun to to wash. Okay. And on school, she itself. If you just have pretty pearl, you can see that the actual number really good tutors teaching premium price fell by including a metric colored as well. So few Fred, shut him out. Support the teachers. Support us. Thank you. Thank you all so much for letting us do this, OK? And I'll show you a couple of really cool websites like I don't title this one. My favorite. So feel free to check it out. So up. Title on focuses on titles designed for broad cars and films. And what real love is the way they present a world the way they present a storyboard. You know, the continuity that colors and there's Holland about films is really observed. What professionals do and what you know, how famous directors I go about doing the the other films and just getting its by it and just brushed with him. Get inspired by different parties and difference tomato cafes and that workflow and you're gonna be better. You get better. Okay, it's cool. So I wholly recommend out of title. Not a good, really good websites. No film school dot com really, really gross people to That shows you Guy's latest technology and film and sort of popular topics like it was about cinematography about film reviews and support them. So check it out and one more is motion graphic that come on, there's a very good website that we can is back get inspired by different work from all the good offices around the world. From TV commercials, Teoh brought cars, motion, media's and short films. Okay, school. So thank you guys so much for being with me for this entire class and has been super awesome. A lover, Siri, guys to make films and maybe a couple O to the gallery and up with YouTube and Sherry West . I'll be on Scotia in law, so feel free. Ask me questions and I'm gonna produce more videos such as on more in depth, looking to color grating with DaVinci and Premium. So I'm gonna have a lot of terrorists in upcoming weeks. So let's give me fit back. Tell me what you guys want to learn. You know, I really love you guys. Teoh, participate in the discussion as well and leave it for ideas. Fill it back to me and I can design workshop based on what you want to learn. And I love the teach on. I love to London's farm, and I thank you all so much for letting me do this and thanks for set about supporting me and go out there and make your films. And that's the fun and house here guys again in my next class