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Making Social Media Content - Screencasts

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. 1.0 - four screencasts for the win!

    • 2. CAST 1 - how i find and cross reference news

    • 3. CAST 2 - basic google adwords overview

    • 4. CAST 3 - online cloud canva quick creations

    • 5. CAST 4 - bringing all your blogging together

    • 6. 1.5 - take part in the project

    • 7. 1.6 - the roundup

    • 8. 1.7 - share, review and go premium?

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About This Class


i'll be doing a lot more hands on screen casting in 2017.

walking you through using, setup and output screencasts so you can not only learn but execute and make similar outputs from following along, i wanted to show you a few a few of the potential ideas i have floating around my head for screencasts that i'm currently working on, to get you going.

  • how i look for my internet news with flipboard, feedly, panda and
  • setting up google ads on youtube and the different types of advert
  • making graphics quickly in the cloud with canva and have a png library
  • organising your blogging workflow with desk 3 (mac) and ulysses

i've kept this course to the same twenty minutes roughly as my other videos but in 2017 i'll be taking my time and walking you through each section in detail. the stuff you need to know, the things i ignore and the short cuts i use to get me the result i need in the shortest possible time! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. 1.0 - four screencasts for the win!: Welcome back to a new course today. We're doing something a little bit different when using screen casting to screen cast four different areas off digital life off things. Ideal. My computer, which I kind of want to get into better screen casting in 2017. Some kind of do a few four different ones today on there, a cross section of different things that I do at different times on Guy. I think they will help you with learning a new skill today. So full screen cast today of how I make the cloud work from a bit of a hands on How Look for Internet news with feed board Flipboard Feed Lee Ponder on most L I. Setting up Google ads on YouTube on the different types off adverts that I do on their promoting kind of some of the courses, making graphics quickly in the cloud with camber on having a PNG library so that you can make graphics quickly and organizing your blogging workflow with the Ulysses after four different kind of areas on my digital life. But I'm kind of sharing a scale a talent here that you can learn very quickly, just from a five or six minutes screen cast in each of these areas. So let's get into the course 2. CAST 1 - how i find and cross reference news: All right. So I want to show you four areas where I get my news from. Actually five. I'm talking another one in there that I didn't mention in the course notes, but four areas where I actively check these places every day for my news, very similar to a discussion. I wanted to start in one of my courses a few days ago about cross referencing when I was talking about kids and data. This is about how I kind of cross reference my news and find news from around the world from different platforms. I don't just concentrate on one platform. The 1st 1 is flipboard dot com. This works incredibly well on an iPad. I have an iPad mini. I do all my new search from there. I don't even read a newspaper anymore. Just all digital. Very similar to like being on an e reader, like a kindle or something like that. Onda. It's really nice. You can like something. You can save something. You can flip it into a group and I've got specialist groups set up that I share stuff to of also got quite a number of following on each one of these groups. So I flipped moves into certain areas on I can go and have a look at different areas. I can explore around Flipboard if I want to has me exporting the first clip today on there's different groupings, which is kind of nice. So you got tributes in Orbiter is here for George. Michael just died a few days ago. Very, very sad for Brit pop on your business money, world economy forms you got a whole bunch of different areas. And the beautiful thing about flipboard is also syncs with the or your iPad. So as soon as you get across to that all the news groups and everything that you signed up for our all in sync I love flipboard always love flipboard Been using it now, probably for about 23 years. Great sense, great news on there. We also follow certain people on there that have blog's that have linked in their RSS feeds into flipboard. So that's my first go to new source. Every day I look into the latest news on news from around the world and also the environmental news as well. Another one is very similar to flipboard, but I use it more for personal blog's and tracking personal blog's is Feed lee freely dot com. As you can see on the left inside here, I have on categorize because I haven't group more yet. Startups, Web development, video blogger following and these Airil different stories that are popular today from all of these different areas. So it's just sort it out like this, and I can jump in here and have a look around. And this is kind of how I get my news, especially when I'm looking for things like startups. I have one from levels levels that I owe Onda. He puts out some really good stuff. So instead of reading, is blood directly going to his website? I just look at the URL, the RSS feed and grab it from there. It's got very nice APA's well on very similar to Flipboard, but it's got a different set of of feeds that I subscribed. Teoh. I prefer flipboard over feed Lee, but fetal is more my backup, I guess, on top of Flipboard, then I go a completely different direction. I've got this thing called Panda, which you could do a search for panda breaks this down into other area. Just off that, you know some of the more popular blocked top block portals. So stuff from get help mashable wired growth hacking sidebar, hacker news, lobsters, design news. And I just scanned these areas for interesting things that might pop out. These things often inspired me to do, of course, is about stuff that I'm interested in that I forget about talking about. So I sort of use a combination of all these sites, too, to build up my daily news aggregation. Finally, the last one, actually the second from last one. This one's more for designers for finding creative inspiration, inspirational design ideas on a daily basis. You can just plug this in, get this Mosley for chrome. You just click on this and put it as an extension onto your onto your browser. And then when you open a tab, this is what you get. Let me just ah, let me load this pandering mutually in here. What it looks like is a normal tab that loads up. You can search here at the top, but also as you scroll down, you'll notice that on the left inside, here's some of my feeds that I've got linked into it. So a combination or flipboard feed? Li Muzi. I kind of I like Muzi because it's more visual. Aiken just scan down this really, really quickly. Things that really pop out on appeal to me. Maybe some creative design process or maybe some free I compacts or somebody's doing some design over here kind of inspires me throughout the day of things that I want to get into. That I think a lot. Time tracker Integrated with slack, Absolutely love slack cameras, a service AI powered cameras and service. Not sure what that is, but interesting. And so it's more of a visual walk through compared to something like looking at Feed Lee. Flight Board's very visual as well, but I like the formatting of this. This gives me a cross section of creatives and designers that's more of designer based graphic based. And then finally, I want to mention this is I didn't know this, but there is red. It has got an official app out now. I've been wanting to get into read it for a long time, but I'm not part of the Reddit community, and I've never been as soon as I got over. The early days have been on the Internet in terms of forums are kind of left. All that forum life behind ended up just being too much of a time. Suck for me, and I like to be making creating rather than consuming. But this looks like a nice alternative to getting involved because it looks like the creative, really nice Apple. Really nice interface into what could be, I think, quite noisy environments in Reddit. So I might get into Reddit Dittemore in 2017 and joined a dedicated group, maybe from digital advertising or marketing perspective. But I wanted to share those five with you today because I think they're valuable for aggregating news. Cross referencing news. That's flipboard feely dot com panda on Mosley Must l I on the ready app Hope that helps you find some news. Good news across the Internet 3. CAST 2 - basic google adwords overview: Okay, let's quickly talk about Google. AdWords. I'm not gonna go into a full lengths discussion in depth about how you use all the features of it. I'm just giving you a beginner's newbie guide on tell you why I started experimenting with outwards. AdWords or Google sent me a voucher for £120 worth of credit. And you've probably had emails yourself being sent to you about tryout at words at your account today. Get 120 Queer blubber block. And it could be very confusing. Let me tell you that I do not know how to use this in depth. There is a lot these tabs along the top here, theater groups of setting adds videos, keywords, audiences at extensions, video talking literally. You could spend 75% of your digital time learning how to be a guru and ninja and expert. Whatever you want to call it on the Google platform, I don't have the time for that. I want some results out of it. I want to use some of that credit on I want to experiment, so I'm going to quickly go over in about five or six minutes roughly what I did for a number of my courses Skill share courses this year, but also how to promote those courses on bond Some of my other side projects, like my e residency project. I'm going to show you that as well. So I've just jumped into here for all my campaigns. You can see here that I had a super limited budget. This was me testing experiment and you can even see. It says at the top, nominal payment methods could be charged. That was too scared to leave my credit called linked to this account. I think you can identify without If you get the wrong 70 here, you can charge a lot of money. So I went really conservative with this. I did 50 pence a day and you can see are running over probably about a month. Was it December? Yeah, I did. I did a December. I think I did early December 2. Sorry. Early November to the end of December. I think I did. And you can see here just on that limited budget. Using that credit that they gave me, I just did an experiment in terms of how many impressions How many interactions you can see here only got a 30% rate off view rates. So that obviously means I need to do some work on the video there, but you can see the cost of it. The cost of it was 0.1 pence per view. That's what I said personally for the view now, probably got a lot more views, but I might not have got any engagement out of it. Now, I know that there's people doing dedicated, targeted courses on this, and I think that's super valuable. I think you should go have a look at him, but somebody who wants to experiment, especially with some free credit. This is how I got going. I just jumped in, Did a limited test set a limit on the budget I wanted to spend on just went through the motions of doing It's only until you start playing with this stuff that you actually go. Okay? Now, how do I make that I make that more targeted? How do I get the most from my money? But if you don't start, If you just always Well, I don't know how the whole platform work, so I'm just not gonna get into it, you're going to see any benefits of it. And they really want to show you that because I took my E resident just doing a search for the residents here on YouTube, admitted Lisse Nl, cause I'm using my VPN at the moment, but you can see it just doing a search for the residency. The 1st 1 that comes up his residency on BBC News is at 3000 views and then using some of this really cheap YouTube marketing 0.1 pencil is paying. I got my E residency episode one up to second place, and that was like nine months ago. So it's nearly had 6000 views, which is pretty awesome to be in that area of people searching for stuff out of 51 5 nearly 1/2 a 1,000,000 results to be on that page pretty good. So, yeah, promoting promoting stuff, having the right keep having the right keywords on there on the right. Tax is important as well on YouTube video. So let's quickly have a look at one of these ones for the residency. Let's click through on the residency part warm on what you see you have to add groups, which is in stream and in display, and I want to quickly explain both of those on what assets you actually need to be able to get advertising today on YouTube. So we'll go through to the in stream on first. This is the video at that I created. So I think this was just my residency course, and you can see it says video ad format in stream ads. So as you're watching YouTube videos, this might pop up present. Add now, I didn't make a video that I really did a good call to action within the 1st 5 seconds because most people, including myself, would click on that skip out straight away to get off it. You've really only got five seconds in that first bit to get them interested, toe. Actually stay on there and watch, and then finally click through most of time, people click away. So this was me without doing any kind of special formatting. I didn't create the content to suit. What I did is I had a display u R l of the actual channel, So I created a playlist channel of all of the residency videos. And then I also putting the final URL to that that playlist. So instead of showing them, just video it, give them the whole season, the whole Siris of all those videos. And this one was the standard video ads, which kind of goes around in the in stream. Let me go back. I did, too. So I did that one. And I also did we go back to residency part one. There we go. And then the other one was in display. So this was an actual direct through to that video which displays, like this preview video discovery at which is an ad by Phil come. What is what is the residency? So people searching for what is the residency I pointed into my EP So one YouTube video and then about a headline in here 10 part series about your residency, everything you need to know fast. My landing page was my channel page on YouTube on dumb. It just puts the ad name in as when I created I could put a special one on there as well, but you can see this is where it shows up on the YouTube results on the related page for the people looking at you residency stuff. They see it as a YouTube overlay and on partners website. So it might be on some other websites somewhere else. Super easy to do. You know, it didn't take me long toe work out how to create an ad set on. There is some better courses out there that I would recommend. You gonna look if you really want to be an expert on this, But I just had a play. And if you've been looking at one of those vouchers and thinking, I should advertise on my stuff for 0.1 pence, I spent £4 of that 120 £125 credit, and I have really only scratched the surface. But I've managed to get that video ranking higher within nine months, so it's not a big risk spending small amounts of money on these things on just getting started. Having a play and then building on top of it is the way that works for May. I know some people want to know how the whole platform works, but I think the platform is super, super advanced and complex. I think it could be simplified even more for people who want to. Advertising. Advertising on Instagram, for instance, is a lot lot easier than it is on Google AdWords. If anybody knows of any other tools that they're using to simplify, I would love to know that I don't really need to know all the features off Google AdWords. I just want to get good value on a good return on it. I think that's what pretty much everybody wants. So I did it for I did it for some mighty residency, part one part two, and then I also did it for my referral. So I did a skill share. Refer one, which is a 62nd ad, which is learnt awesome courses over 5000 years worldwide work digitally across borders on a kind of did this for the Brexit Onda. This goes straight to my referral link on my skill share. Sign up, and I've had a few people sign up through the last six months on this video on that only cost me 0.1 pence. So if you have got a digital budget to do this, then you could probably do very well out of it. as long as you keep your eye on the stats to make sure that you're getting good value out, it don't when you're spending thousands of pounds on something that doesn't create get anywhere. If you want me to go deeper into this stuff in 2017 let me know I'm more interested in being taught by somebody like an expert on Google AdWords. But I don't want to spend all my time doing Google AdWords. I kind of like the organic nature of the Internet, like the blood inside of it. Like driving it. Certainly if I had a marketing budget, if I had a a big job, I'd probably spent 1/4 of my income on advertising. So I think it's very cheap for the results that it gets very targeted. Andi, hope that gives you a bit of insight into Google AdWords. If you've been thinking of in experimenting with it, I found it really, really, really call and easy to get going, especially for things like the Pokemon cost. You got eight click throughs here from £4. Probably two of those actually went for the premium course, which maybe 20 books, so I actually made 15 quid deaths. That's quite good. All right, that's it. I just wanted to give you a bit of an overview on it. Hope it was useful. I'll catch up with you in the next clip. 4. CAST 3 - online cloud canva quick creations: Okay, so let's do something different. Most of my digital working my digital life is about rapidly being. L've to prototype something, get something mocked up, or even create something rapidly. No matter where I am, if I could get onto a apple store computer or laptop or somebody else's computer, I no longer have software installed locally on a machine. I need the freedom of access and tools like camera. Give me that. Also the cost advantages of not having to pay for an adobe package a cloud package creative cloud package every month is massive. So for the price off maybe half of what you would pay on a creative cloud package, you could have up to 10 people 5 10 people on a package with camber to do graphics and pretty much as a lot of features that I use that I would need without having to go into all of the features feature set that you have in Adobe Photoshopped or right in design. So I want to quickly walk around. As you can see, my camera is very busy with all kinds of stuff in here. I did all my It's a template here for my that advent calendar of Christmas for skill share on. I literally just made all these graphics up from using elements inside of camber. There's absolutely tonnes of free assets that you can get to build things up. That's one of the things I really like about camera. You can search through that dude like Christmas do Christmas tree and it goes off from find you all think do Christmas tree one that free. They make their money on these ones that are a dollar on what you were. Put them into your staged. Then you have to obviously pay for it, for you can download them now want to quickly show you how to speed up creating things for yourself in Cannes. Villa Stillness Jump on here what I have done and I'll give you an example of this. Pull up something that's pull upset. Let me pick up my pdf that I made you gonna do advance things like create little pdf documents by creating each of these different layouts and you can see here what I've done is I've created separate pages, which then I can save and export pdf so I can work on this from anywhere in the world. I could just bring up camber on fire up this and they come with some preinstalled layout. Since here is well, seems like a case that he won here, which is free. There's another one here so you can use these decks as a base for your your pdf you'll layout. It took me a long time to do this. Take a course for because that to do each one of these elements Singley because you couldn't link the whole lineup. So I had to do a one for free one for premium. But what I wanted to show you is how I save time using Campbell. What I've created is these are a bunch off pdf PNG's that I've created. Let me just create a document so you can see these in work. I'm gonna do a cooking more here. These are all the different layout designs that you can do from social media posts to documents. So let's say we're gonna do a instagram post, so it's got all their pixel sizes that you would need. You don't have to remember any of those. You don't have to have a certain document on your home machine or your laptop. You just get the sizing. All right, we can see here. They've already got pixel sizes ready. So if you want, you can use any of these pre May ones by camber. You'll notice that one there where it's got camera written over the picture. You would have to pay for that picture. But you could just remove that picture and used this as a base and put your obliging and picture there. Now, just get rid of all this super easy. Just collect these little click on these little things you just delete delete everything. Let's just give it a background color. So we're gonna go with a blue book about a blowed. So what I've done is created all these little PNG's so that I can quickly make up course graphics when I'm on the go. If I really need to make horse graphic, I can just grab, for instance, like a phone, and I could just shrink that down and put that PG in the corner. If I want to do a course on Twitter is probably the most ideal want to do with this background changes to yellow. I think you can quickly make graphics easily now. What always suggested to suggest to you is to get all of your assets that you use regularly might be your your logo for your your business. It might be regular icons that you use for your for your block posts on Just create PNG versions that is, ones with a transparent background. That way, it's easier to just drop them on the stage and make quick graphics out of them. You can see here I've got all these PNG's. That means I can just change the color on DA just quickly make graphics on the fly. And I think having all of your assets in the cloud just makes the production cycle quicker . I think a lot of people are tied to their computer, have been used to a generation off having to buy a piece of software to physically take it out of a case. Install it on a city Rome on, have it on your machine. You become like this admin off this software on the machine, and you're tied to that. So you end up only doing the work in that environment on that machine in that place, whereas using Web software using cloud software. This is all running inside of a browser, so wherever you can get on a browser in all those places I mentioned from Coworking Space as computers on Apple store, I can literally logging with my log in details for Camber. Have my assets ready to go. I'm not carrying them with me. I don't have a laptop. All of my P and G's and graphics are there ready for me to go on. And it also comes with a little custom sizes so I can create a banner, a YouTube advert, some some graphics for my skill share courses. I can actually work on the admin parts wherever I can get on a computer without having to worry about carrying all those things. So this is a valuable. This is a valuable tip. I think valuable screen cast is that you can upload P and G's, and it's completely free of charge for your hosting of these PNG's through cameras. Well, even on the free account so I can just rapidly make projects. If you want to do something from Nomad Video, just pulling, no video, no bad pictures. These are the graphics for that bond over P and G said that they scale up nicely as well. Just a little power tip there for creating graphics on the Gulf. 5. CAST 4 - bringing all your blogging together: final screen cast today that I want to tell you about is Ulysses App. I've just started using youth sees in the last three months on Forget all the hyper bowl here, the ultimate writing app for Mac and iPad. An iPhone. I wanted an application that wasn't over the top like Evernote is with its OCR character recognition and a whole bunch of features I don't need. I wanted a piece of software that I could blawg into on my iMac on on my iPad. They were the two key areas that I needed. I needed them to use iCloud, and he did them to be in sync. I want to be able to start work on my desktop and then pick up again on my iPad, using my wireless keyboard somewhere else and the best one I've found that fits May. It might not fit you. So do test it out that do have a 10 hours free trial, which is a nice way of doing things 10 hours to make sure you like working with it. It is pricey is not not cheap, and they've got a version you pay for on your AIPAC on your iPad and your tablet on a version you pay for on the desktop. But I feel like it does make me more productive. And I'm gonna tell you why. Now I'm gonna break into a great website, by the way, got really nice website to have a look for it. But like it shows you here, you can organize all your projects into one place and then pick them up a different places , as on when you need likes. You export everything you create so you can send that out to hate to male. Or you can even publish it to WordPress on medium, which is kind of wire uses because I can export to different places. So this is kind of what my Ulysses looks like. It's very kind of blending operation. You've got all of your posts here. You've got the main editing screen here and then on the left hand side, I've created different folders. So these are all WORDPRESS sites. This is for screen Lee forced. If I want to do over there, this is for the advent calendar. Steam twitch, a whole bunch of different things that I've been working on and you can see here that I can set a goal on how many words actually want to write. And I can put an image to it as well. And the best thing about it is from this software I can click on Publish Select Which blogger? WordPress Block I want to send it to and I can send it either as text Hatem el e pub. So I can actually do e books from here. Pdf doc ex. I can even send it as a draft. We'll get a preview of it before I send it to my WordPress site. It's a very, very powerful. I don't have to log into all of those wordpress sites. I could just work from it from here on. One of the big reasons why is this tight Trident mode is brilliant because that is all I get completely distraction free. I could just work away on my document on my text. Really, really nice. Does the same thing on iPad on it uses marked down. So if you're not familiar with markdowns, really easy to pick up its things, for instance, is gonna be a big title at the top. You can drag and drop images straight onto here If you want to as well, you can put in sudden markdown requesters that that show up in different color. Since I could quickly show you some of those, let me just go across the this. So, for instance, for my steam, you can see once you see this one here. So I put little poor little notes in here, and I've also got some marked down here is Well, this is like a grid a table grid here. So very, very simple to use. I just really like the basic nature. It's very difficult to do a screen cast about a piece of software which actually does away with all the confusing stuff. You got very simple sections. You got your library on the left, What you're working on, what what block poster is, And then the actual block post itself. And then you got variety different settings here on the right hand side. Very simple. Like said on as you're writing away, it works how many words you've done. He could put little notes on there as well, and you can also put key words and tags on it on. But that's just like a little slide bar for the attachments. It even gives you a little bit of a markdown reference guide here as well. If you click on this so you get a different heading sizes. You need to put a divider in there if you want an ordered list, a link, image videos. If I just put in things like but a space and therefore do like I m G. Then it comes up and I can drag and drop my image into their so very simple to use on very powerful. It just allows me to concentrate on my blogging efforts into one space when I ever want to get into the zone. I can just zoom this up to full screen and everything else disappears, and I can just focus on that blogging document on that. I think that really works for me, may be different for you. Maybe you're able to have lots of different boxes all over the screen, and you can cope with that without jumping into other stuff. But for me, I need to have almost like a zoned in bit like those things on the horses that you get to keep them looking forwards instead of been distracted from things at the site, so check it out. It's ulysses dot app dot com Clean, clean and intuitive workspace. Loads of people like it. I've tried three or four different writing APS, and I feel like I'm going to spend my time on Ulysses, and I haven't got much time left about 70 minutes remaining, but I'm definitely going to buying this in 2017. Do check it out if you are into blogging and you wanna consolidate all those blocks into one space on published from one application into your boy press or medium installation. 6. 1.5 - take part in the project: All right then. So the five step projects go to your project in the bar below. Partner Awesome Project Title in the project Works based, Be creative. Include pictures and the steps that you took. What screen cast would you like to see from me in 2017? Please do put them in the comments and I will follow up on them. Pick a sweet cover image. Nomad dot pictures If you don't have one more free CC zero Creative Commons pictures, Click on Save Sweets. You're done. 7. 1.6 - the roundup: All right, then. So the round up, we will be doing a lot more hands on screen Castile video in 2017 So you can see first hand how to operate something instead of me just giving you a u R l and telling you that it's a good service, actually. Wanna walk you through the service and show you that you can get a result at the end of it within 10 50 minutes, depending on what service it is. But bl to learn and feel confident to actually apply that tall into your digital strategy with any your projects. I want to personally thank you all for watching this foreigner. Hope you check out my other courses to kill. Share is changing to premium minutes in 2017. So the longer you watch the premium content, the better it is for all those course creators. Instead of premium enrollments, it's now about premium minutes. I do hope you watch all the way through. I'll be marking the courses with the length of time in the titles from the start of January . How much time you need to commit to each video to start off? Obviously, on the 20 minutes progress to 30 45 60 minute videos on skill share. Hope you enjoy the screen cats, and they brought you some value. Today. It is anything from any of these screen cast that you want me to build on or you want me to , folks, some please get back to me and I will make you a screen cast around that particular area. Don't forget to review course on skill share. And if you can take the project, I love to know how you execute and use these in your day to day digital like That's it for me today. I'll speak to you tomorrow to cat bite. 8. 1.7 - share, review and go premium?: while I have you enjoyed the course, Please share and review the course. It really does. Help me out. Click on the triple dot button. Leave a review shared with Twitter and Facebook. I'll catch up with you.