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Making Plaster Hanging Ornaments

Skye Creates, Editor, artist, writer, crafter

Making Plaster Hanging Ornaments

Skye Creates, Editor, artist, writer, crafter

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials and equipment

    • 3. Making the hanging loops

    • 4. Casting the decorations

    • 5. Preparing for painting

    • 6. Painting and decorating

    • 7. Varnishing

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About This Class

Make your own gorgeous plaster hanging ornaments for your Christmas tree or any occasion. They're so easy - a great project to do with the kids. This tutorial shows you everything you need to know from gathering the necessary materials to varnishing the finished piece.


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Skye Creates

Editor, artist, writer, crafter


I live in a small town in rural New Zealand and work as a freelance editor, writer and digital photo restorer from home.

My passion is arts and crafts and I have taught on Skillshare under the name 'Skye Creates' since 2018. In June 2021 I decided to rebrand myself as 'One Crafty Zebra' and focus on my YouTube channel so that I can reach a broader audience and write craft books instead of video courses.

 I hope you will continue to follow me at:

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1. Introduction: in most tutorial, I'll show you how to make some wonderful plaster ornaments. First, we'll start with the materials and equipment you'll need. How to make the loops for hanging your ornaments, how to mix the plaster and pour it into the molds. How to prepare the pieces for painting, not to paint and decorate to pieces, and finally will finish with how to varnish your pieces. 2. Materials and equipment: Before we start, we'll have a quick look at the tools and materials you'll need for this project. First off, the main ingredient is a casting plaster. You can use plaster of Paris, or you can use a light plaster, which this one is. This is geo geo plaster by Peabo, and that is a lightweight plaster. Plaster of Paris is there's good. It's just a bit heavier. Mixing bowl measuring cups, gloves for the mixing spoon for mixing water, of course. Molds. Good old chop it mold or silicon molds, but you get. These days, silicon mold will work just as well. And then, when we get to decorating, will be looking at acrylic paints paintbrushes. We'll need some thread or nylon thread for hanging decorations with and correct paints. I've also got an iridescent medium, which could mix with the paint to give it a sparkly look, uh, glitter glues. And then we'll finish with a varnish from the acrylic varnish 3. Making the hanging loops: Our first step before we get started is to make the loops that we're going to use toe hang the ornaments from. I'll make them now before I pour the plaster so that I can insert them into the plaster quickly before it. Six. Okay, so we'll take whatever thread you're wanting to use. That's very simple. Just take a a length off. About 12 cents. Meets is That would be, what, about eight inches. I think I'm just gonna cut that. Just make a very simple not foot. Okay, so that's my on a couple rubber. That tail wolf would need such a long time. Okay, so when I pour the plaster, I'll be then pushing that into the plaster with the not within plaster, like so so that when it sit, it's sits within the plaster. So make all your loops before hand because if you make the loops after you've poured plaster, you might find that the plaster is gonna sick before you've got time to put your Liukin's. Here we go. I've made all my loops. Really, For the next step, 4. Casting the decorations: now will mix the plaster, so makes your plaster according to the instructions on bag or whatever. Past that, you've got this plaster uses a ratio of 2 to 3. So two parts cream tea. I'm gonna add more water first. One, two parts water. I'm just gonna add the hold very slowly onto the surface of the water. It's needing it. Sit for a but trying lead that absorb. Before I had the next lot. Second, - it's going slowly. Just stir the wrist stir, and you don't want to steer it to vigorously because you don't want to introduce air bubbles into the mixture. Okay, good. So that's pretty much mixed snow. Now I'm gonna take my molds, start pouring. Where if you go over, the age is a little bit, we can clean that up at the end. So I've made a bit of a mess going over the ages and places, so I'm just gonna smooth it off, bring it to the sides a little bit. That's fine. When we get unmold, these will be fine. I'm not gonna take the loops that I made earlier on just personal into each ruefly. There we go. All done It looks messy, but never fear they'll come out of the mold. Just five. I've put in all of the all the loops for hanging. I'm just gonna tip the molds a little bit. Just so that any eight bubbles can come to the surface. Leave those overnight to seek. 5. Preparing for painting: my decorations have now dried overnight, and I'm going to remove them from the molds, which is pretty easy. Just a matter of just turning it over on full. A priest. Okay, I have removed my decorations from the molds now, and I'm gonna allow them to dry overnight again for another day or even two days or so until they fully dry. These still need to dry quite a bit. The one on the leftists is quite dry, but the one on the right, as you can see, is a darker color, and it still has quite a bit of trying to go through. So I'm gonna leave them, at least for another day or two days, even just to dry out fully before I start to paint thumb, you'll notice that you'll notice that some of them have got ages where the plaster liquid went over. Don't worry about that too much. It's easy enough. Just break it off. And when we come to paint them, I'll show you how to meet men up to the edge as well. But for now, we'll just let them dry for a least another day to two days. My decorations have dried overnight. And as you can see, they're now fully dry and white. And some of the ornaments I have got here have gotten age, which is where the plaster overflowed the mold. I'm just going to remove that easily despite breaking it off. Sorry years. It's and then taking either a craft knife for a carving tool. I'm just going to removed some of the excess from the age we don't Teoh like he's so just smooth. These agents like so just a This might take a bit of time. Sorry. Take your turn about it, but you'll find that the plaster will pretty much give away along the age anyway. So it's not really that difficult today. And then I'm just gonna need let off with a little bit off sandpaper. Women taking club What The way they exist. Dust, and they would go. It's no really for painting 6. Painting and decorating: My ornaments are now dried, cleaned on the edges, smoothed. And now really for painting. I've got a selection off, just student quality acrylic paints, metallic acrylic paints. And I've also got an iridescent medium and water. I'm going to stop by painting my little bell here using a little bit off the iridescent medium. So I'm just gonna put a bit of marriages in medium in my palette, along with a little bit off the white paint. I'm just take up with white paint. I'm just gonna mix that and I'm gonna paint that on. Now. When I'm painting my ornaments, I'm going to start with pieces that are at the back first and then slowly bring the paint to the front. So I'm gonna paint the bell first and plant It doesn't really matter if you go over the sides a little bit. We can always mixed with clean it up later. This is white on white, so it's probably not very easy to see it, but you'll see that there is a bit of a shine to peace with, thanks to the iridescent medium. So well, my bells are drawing. We're gonna apply some green to my holy. That's my holly leaf I painted earlier. Andi. Now I will add the read on top. The reader will be a little bit more careful to try and get it more accurate. Since this is the top layer, may we go and I'll keep painting now in the same for this one. I'm gonna paint the background of the slave first and then or plaint the sleigh top sickened. I finished the painting off my decorations and they have dried overnight. And finally, my last step is just to add some decoration with glitter glue. So just taking the glitter glue, my peanut taking the tip. And I'm just going to apply little patterns off glue onto my decorations, like so like something. - Once I have finished applying glitter glue to all of my decorations, I will let them dry for several hours before I apply the varnish. 7. Varnishing: my ornaments have now got there glitter on and they are dry and ready for the final Steep off varnishing. So I'm going to use an acrylic varnish. This is, Ah, high gloss, varnished by liquid ticks. And I've got a little bowl, which I'm just going to put some of the varnish on my water waiting brush on. I've got a drying rack here, which I'm going to use to place them on once of painted up the varnish on so that they don't stick to the paper. So I'm just going to quite quite liberally just but the varnish on painted on, getting in the corners in going over the glitter and then just placing it on the wreck. When it's strong, - I have now varnished my decorations, and I will let them dry. My decorations have dried overnight, are finished and ready to hang