Making No Sew, Felt Flowers to Create a Wreath | Suzie Schmitt | Skillshare

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Making No Sew, Felt Flowers to Create a Wreath

teacher avatar Suzie Schmitt

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Make Eucalyptus Leaves

    • 3. How to Make Ranunculus

    • 4. How to Make Anemones

    • 5. Composing Your Felt Flower Wreath

    • 6. Other Craft Ideas Using Felt Flowers

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About This Class

In this class, I will walk you through how to make a wreath using hand-made felt flowers. In these short videos, you will learn to create felt eucalyptus leaves, ranunculus, and anemones! I will then show you how to compose your wreath in an eye-catching design. Felt flowers are very simple to make and don’t require any sewing. You can have a beautiful wreath for your front door in about 30 min, or one episode of your favorite tv show. Even if you are not a talented “crafter,” per say, I can guarantee you will feel accomplished and proud of your adorable, diy, wreath.

For this class, you will need: 

3 colors of felt ( for flowers) 

green felt ( for leaves) 

fabric strips ( 2 yards long) 

embroidery hoop 

hot glue 


This video was filmed and edited by my sweet friend, Emily Niehoff. 

Music: Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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1. Introduction : wire from Virginia. Today, I'll be teaching you how to make a wreath composed of handmade felt flowers. In these videos, I'll show you how to make three simple flowers, and then I'll show you how to put them together to compose an eye catching rate for your front door about flowers or one of my favorite things to make. Because they're so simple and don't require any sewing you can complete this week in about 30 minutes or one episode of your favorite TV show. I've had times of friends. It's all my felt. Decorations loved, Um, wanted to make him, but were confident in their crafting abilities. Once I showed him they left with beautiful Reese that they were proud of and loved. I know you'll enjoy yours, too, so let's get started. Wait. You need three different colors for your three different flowers. Also, if you look closely, each flower has but so I did two different colors of buds. You could use the same felt for all three. You'll also need Teoh. Pick out a leaf color. You will also need an embroidery hoop and then select a fabric. I used two different types of fabric we could do one fabric around the whole reef, but all you're doing is covering Wouldn't embroidery Hoop. With a strip of fabric, you'll need about two yards. You'll also need scissors, apple, a gun with plenty of ballistics. Let's get started. 2. How to Make Eucalyptus Leaves : fire still start by making our eucalyptus leaves What we're gonna dio, depending on how many late do you want? You want them to all be relatively the same size, So just cut a couple rectangles. I used three in my read. I think five would look good or how many you want, but just make them all the same size and then your leaks, they're going to be free. You just want a leaf shaped like this. But the good news is is that relief is different. So you really can't mess up. Once you have all of your leeks cut, you're gonna take the bottom and just pitch it together and then grab your Hockley gun to hold it in place. Adding a little dimension. Tear Lee instead of just a flat week. And there you have. Really? So you're gonna want to make about 3 to 5 of those? Another option that you have. If you prefer a dangling eucalyptus leaf, you can just simply take floral wire and same concept. You just cut your leaps out, pinch the bottom, but instead of closing it with the flu, you close it to the wire and then they plenty of extra room to wrap around your grief and from your floral composition 3. How to Make Ranunculus : our first start by cutting about 1/4 of one she felt, or it's about three inches by of a square. She felt simply fold it in half and make a little split in the center. They're sisters. Begin spiraling around. Do is continue to cut in a spiral motion until you're at the very edge of your felt and you're just kind of cutting off the corners, not wasting any of your felt material. You should be left with just a small little friend. And then from here, starting in the centre, you're gonna go along this outer part of your flower, going in and out, creating pedals almost like you're making a scalloped edge just along the outside when you'll just continue to do this all the way to the end. Already got a cut one here and this should be your final props product, so you'll have a spiral. And then you see this edge, the scalloped edge all the way around. Then we're gonna need to create your butt. So for your butt, As you can see, this is not a very well cut X, but you just need that kind of X shape and you take opposite sides and hot glue them together. You want to be careful. You could very easily burn yourself doing this because you have so little felt that you're trying to get to stick together, and then you just take the other two sides and glue them one at a time. To this CenterPoint created a little, but then you take you're scalloped circle and just blew your butt into place. Just continue following the cut that you made. Just continue wrapping it around. What I like todo it'll it'll hold pretty well in place, but a lot of times I'll start seeing a design that I really liked. The way that the flowers and the pedals are falling. And so my life, where I have it just miss for security. We'll add a little dollop of pop flew to make sure that I keep that design in place. There's gonna continue to keep rapping. You reach the end, the very end. We'll be at a little dollop they're after 4. How to Make Anemones : I'm gonna teach you how to make an enemy flower. What you'll need todo It started by cutting nine red tingles around the same sex. You don't have to be to particular, but you'll just need nine for making nine paddles and the fun. You start by making the same way that you made your ridiculous to start with this square, making X pinch it together in the center. But then the extra step is you just want to make about an inch and 1/2 strip of felt in the same color as your butt. Tiny little let's just kind of create a little bit of a feather. 81 Go all the way around your strip of self. You want to be careful to not cut all the way through, and there you'll take your butt. And just as you begin to spiral this around the center of your but those little slits will separate, creating a more dimensional flower. So once you have your center ready to start making pedals, so these just like the leaps are gonna be free handed. I just started the bottom and kind of take the corner off and then using. Since I know all the squares of the same size. I just kind of used. This is my edge. Go after the top, make a little Scallon. All of these. If you want to make three scallops, start to our however many want because every puddle could be a little different and it will actually look more realistic. And then I just kind of come and curve off the bottom. A swath about the same. Both sides do this on all nine flowers are pedals and then taking your but your first gonna want to start with adding four pedals, so you'll just at the base of the pedal at one line of hot oil. Attach it two years, but have all line Tuttle's ready to go. Start If I may take making a center just composed of four of your pedals, way kind of want them Teoh upward versus outward. Do you have your four center pedals Gonna go back with your other five pedals? Just fill in where there's little holes, but you want to be kind of on a different layer behind that center. Later you see, I'm putting it in between these two like a back player. Will you just continue going around and then the final product, this beautiful flower 5. Composing Your Felt Flower Wreath : All right, now we're gonna put it all together. Compose your you want to start by taking your fabric, making a little slip. I tear my fabric and cut it for two reasons. You get a straighter cut. Our line. I think the French loves really cute. You're stripped and then on the back side of your meat. Just hot clue at the very start of it to your Freud re. And then you dio it's just wrapping it around. You sure you get a tight rat? Keep going all the way around, jury until it looks like that you can see it. I just use two different fabrics. Really like the way that turned out. But you could totally use the same fabric. Or you could even use three different kinds of fabrics, whatever. How you're gonna wrap your Freud and then as faras composing your flowers first, I took the largest flour include it kind of kid. That right I use This is my central point included kind of to the right Valentyn place first. And then I took my two ridiculous and I first learned this one rifle. Oh, an enemy and I using giving the embroidery part of the hoop. I glued it slightly to the right because you kind of want everything to be offset to one direction or the other. So I glue this to the right of your enemy. And then I glued the second Rin Oculus to the left that I just put three late. You can put more or however many like, but you always want to have an odd number of elements. It really just draws that I more than if you haven't even amount of leaves or flowers or whatever you're making. And so I used two leaps on the bottom of the two Oculus, and then I used one only on top of you haven't pinched at the bottom, and I just put glue at the bottom of the week and kind of wedged it in between the two flowers You're finished, D I y felt flower read 6. Other Craft Ideas Using Felt Flowers : I hope you enjoyed learning. I make 12 flowers with me. Now that you know how to make these three simple flowers, the options of projects are limit less. You can make banners or other types of free for potted plants are all kinds of things. If you want to learn more specifically how to make different projects, you can visit my blob The green cover dot I can't wait to see how your reach turned out. I would love for you to upload it and show it off. Thanks so much feeling.