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Making Modern Gothic Calligraphy

Konstantin K., Art Empower

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5 Videos (34m)
    • Intrduction

    • What is Random Calligraphy?

    • How to make gradients?

    • What works are worth to edit?

    • Final Editing


About This Class


How to make Gothic Calligraffiti Artwork?
(Русские Субтитры)

  • Random Calligraphy Approach
  • Digital Editing in Photoshop

.PSD file / .abr Photoshop Brushes included.

Brushes -
PSD file - attached in Your Project description

Создание Готической Каллиграфии в стиле Calligraffiti

  • Рандомная Каллиграфия
  • Обработка эскиза в Photoshop

Исходный .PSD файл ( в секции Your Project ) + Кисти .abr

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to make calligraphy without composition?
  • How to make colorfull gradients?
  • How to use Photoshop masks and brushes?
  • What work’s doesn’t worth to edit at all?
  • How Not to ruin your artwork with effects?
  • How to make your art look rich and top notch?

• Pilot Parallel Pen (3,8 or 6mm)
• Scanner
• Photoshop
• Topaz Adjust (optional)

gothic, calligraphy, learn, how to, tutorial

lettering, calligraffiti, pokras lampas, art,

blackletter, old english, german font, 


готика, каллиграфия, обучение, уроки, 

как красиво писать, научиться, леттеринг

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Konstantin K.

Art Empower

Most interesting classes were developed in course
of 4 years research. Insights from it, have a great
potential to reframe, expand and gear up your
Game to more Conscious, Deep and Professional
level from which you'll be able to produce even
more original, sophisticated and satisfying works.

Start from:

Beginner Level - Free Course
Modern Gothic Calligraphy for Beginners
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