Making It as a Designer: How to Work With Developers | Vincent Maglione | Skillshare

Making It as a Designer: How to Work With Developers

Vincent Maglione, Designer/Developer

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13 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What's Wrong with the Way We Do Things Now?

    • 3. What Does the Typical Web Design Process Look Like Now?

    • 4. Involve Developers Early

    • 5. How Do I Get Developers Involved Early?

    • 6. Improve the Design Handoff Process

    • 7. Introducing Design Systems

    • 8. But, But, But...

    • 9. Design System Example

    • 10. Design System Tips

    • 11. Build Trust with Your Devs

    • 12. Putting It All Together

    • 13. Conclusion


About This Class

In this class, you’ll learn how to more effectively communicate with the coders in your life. If you speak design (not code) and they speak code (not design), sometimes it may seem impossible to get to the end product you envision without hours of frustration and missed expectations.

But with a few rules of thumb and some new ways of thinking, you’ll be equipped to knock your next software design project out of the park.

You’ll love this class if you are:

  • An experienced designer who just landed their first gig designing a website or app
  • An interface designer who’s felt the frustration of getting work back from your developer and it just looks...bad
  • A designer who wants to learn to communicate more effectively with developers

This class is intended for experienced designers, especially those new to designing software interfaces. You’ll be working on a web design project, so you’ll need access to a design tool like Photoshop, Sketch, or Adobe XD.