Making Friends - watch your fun abstract drawings come to life as ornament wall hangings | Lana Guerra | Skillshare

Making Friends - watch your fun abstract drawings come to life as ornament wall hangings

Lana Guerra, Full time artist!

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5 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Making your friends

    • Tearing away

    • Buildng their foundation

    • Finishing touches


About This Class

Hi, I'm Lana Guerra of Crude Things full time artist/costume designer down here in New Orleans. Most of you know me for my crazy fashion, giant colorful wigs, and childlike paintings sold on etsy for many years.

This is my 4th online class now, but excited to announce my 1st Skillshare class! In this class- Making Friends - I want to keep things really fun, simple in that raw childlike carefree painting style. Also something that looks really cute hanging as ornaments or string them all up together to make cool wall art.

All you need in this class is paper, crayons, pencil, markers, tape, scissors, recycled cardboard, yarn/thread, needle, and a cute sense of humor. :)

*** background music by Beats Antique!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my class, this will be the start of one of many Paint Don't Think Classes I am planing on teaching! To keep up with all my creations and little stop motion videos, feel free to follow me on Instagram -





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Lana Guerra

Full time artist!

I'm a full time artist living down here beautiful in New Orleans- painter, fashion designer, wig maker, doll maker... I sell locally in a stores, show in galleries, and run 4 online etsy shops and my website. Yes, I stay very busy! When I have downtime I love playing with vintage polaroid cameras- obsessed by analog photography- and I love making mini stop motion videos. If you want to see all my creations feel free to check out my website and etsy shops!

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