Making Felt Beads: 'sushi rolls' | Leanne Crawford | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction to felt bead making

    • 2. Equipment & materials

    • 3. Laying the fibres

    • 4. Felting the beads

    • 5. Felt bead finishing

    • 6. Felt bead uses

    • 7. Felt Bead Overview & Project


About This Class

Welcome to my class on how to make felted beads!

This is a quick and easy to follow tutorial on making a type of felt bead known as 'sushi' (or jelly) rolls. A number of layers are built up to create a spiral design.

In this class we will cover:

  • the equipment and materials you need (with some tips and shortcuts for equipment substitutes, with the exception of fibres, everything else can be found in the home)
  • how to lay the fibres
  • how to felt the fibres together
  • how to finish the beads off
  • what the beads can be used for
  • class project

To do this class you will need to get some wool fibres, if you do not already have them. I have used Merino wool tops (roving) as they are soft and can be bought in a range of colours. You will need a minimum of two different colours. You can get these from:

(These three are UK based but ship worldwide)

(These are both based in the USA)









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Leanne Crawford

Getting crafty with felting and textiles

I have always been a bit crafty and have gone through numerous fazes over the years, from sketching to watercolours, silk painting to pottery, stained glass to cross stitch, and the less said about knitting the better (I might have to take a class...)

A few of years ago now (how time flies...), in an unusually enthusiastic run up to Christmas, I decided to make my own decorations using felt - an epiphany! I had finally found my medium.

So as well as a part time job, I now devote...

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