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Making Fast and Easy Resume's with Creddle

teacher avatar Imran M, Software Engineer, Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What is Creddle?

    • 3. Signing Up and Entering your data

    • 4. Themes and Formatting

    • 5. Exporting for Print and Web

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make a clean and elegant resume with creddle, a free service that makes the entire process really simple!

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Imran M

Software Engineer, Designer


Software Engineer!

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1. Intro: what is up guys in Iran here And today I'm gonna show you guys how to make fast and easy resumes using Credible Not so long ago, I was like you. I needed a resume that was easy to make an easy to update, but thankfully I stumbled upon credible. So when this course we're gonna cover how to sign up for kredell how to enter all the necessary data and how to generate your resume using the website. Your project for this class is to create a resume for either yourself a friend or just a fake resume just so that you can practice using credible to make an update resumes. Here is a sample resume made using credible. And as you can see, it looks really nice. And this is another sample resume made using credible. The cool thing about credible is that it lets you add multiple themes to the same resume. And we're gonna cover that as well. If you're interested, be sure to enroll. Thanks for watching 2. What is Creddle?: before we begin, I would like to just briefly explain to you guys what credible is. So let's go to Google and let's Google search kredell and let's see what pops up. So the first thing that pops up is this website called credible dot io, and this is what we're gonna be used using to make our resume. So this is the landing page for Credible. Credible is essentially a website that uses your LinkedIn or Facebook or information that you enter to make resumes that look professional. Here's some of the sample resumes that they have going on here, and the cool thing about credible is that once you make one resume, you can apply any of these themes to them. It's powerful customization, and you can also embedded in your own website and exported as a doc ex. For those resume scanning programs, also with credible, your resume will always fit into one page no matter what, which is really helpful. And the best part is it's free 3. Signing Up and Entering your data: So in this lesson, I'm gonna walk you guys through signing up for credible and entering all the necessary data . So once you go to the website credible dot io, we're going to click Sign up, and it'll prompt you to sign up with either an email and passed email and password or linked in and Facebook. If you sign up with Lincoln, it can use your linked in profile to automatically generate a resume, which is really helpful. But for the sake of the tutorial, I'm gonna walk you guys through it the old fashioned way. Choose a password. Cool. It's gonna prompt you for a confirmation link. So let's do that a real quick See it says, confirm your email with credible. We're going to click that they were just gonna click. Confirm my account. We should be good to go. So let's go back to this page here, and there's interior email and your password, the password you chose and, uh, we're here. So now we can get into editing the content. We're gonna skip this just cause I'm going to show you guys how toe edit all the content qualities real quick. Okay, so let's start off with the basic information. We're going to make a resume for make believe person named John Doe. What does John Doe do? He is a free lands. What developer? You can put his email so john at dough dot com and his phone number 12 Make sure with the area code it 123 456 79. And you can also put in a website put in your own website. Your get hub. That's what is Get Hope John Doe on his Twitter John Doe and guess what Facebook is. Uh huh. Let's say John Doe is located in Alaska, so that covers the basic information part of your resume right here. Now let's work on a summary. So let's say, um, that's a looking for a job in Web development. As faras content for your resume goes, that's totally up to you. Um, this is just a make really resume. So now, now, once we put in the summary, we can add in education. So let's say he went to university, say, went to Harvard just for once, and he got a degree in computer science. Oh, it So here's that you put Thea Yes, I hear. If you gotta bashers, we put it be dot s in computer science. And let's say he graduated in 1990. Cool. So once you're done, you're gonna want to hit the check mark like that. Now, let's say he did his masters at Stanford and add a new degree. So he did. And in man. And let's say he graduated in 2003. And then once again, you're always gonna want to hit the check Mark. When you're done Now, the employment section we're just gonna add to employers are now let's say he worked for Google as a janitor, and you can add a location and description can say excelled in Janet. Or, of course, the information will vary for your resume. And obviously this is really isn't enough. But this is just to show you guys how to use credit. And let's say he also worked as a lead software engineer or let's just say software there. What did he do? He did software engineering stuff. You can also add a date. So let's say he started and January of 2004 and went till February of 2004 and then let's say, for a janitor. He started that in February of 2004 and he ended any any still doing that. So another important thing with credible is when you're done, you always want to make sure you get that check mark because a lot of people get stuck like , Oh, I can't Why won't let me do anything? See how it won't let you add new projects or sometimes won't let you add skills unless you check more the other part. So it's add skills for, let's say, uh, mopping and then quick at skill. Okay, so, yeah, this right here is a skill group. So let's say janitor skills. And then within this group, we can add, Let's say he was good at mopping and cleaning windows. Let's say another cool thing is you gonna rank the skills so you can say he was really good at mopping, but on Lee kind of good it or a little bit only kind of good at cleaning when I was like that. Just add one more and then make sure you click the check mark again. When you're done, it's add one more skilled group programming. What is he good at. He can code in scratch. Unless he's really good at scratch. Add a new skill right there. Let's say good. He's only okay. A python, Then once again, make sure that the check mark Um, yes, let's add a project. Let's say he made janitor bought. What is janitor, but ah, but that does Janet or stuff. Let's just give it a fake link. Go. Go dot com slash janitor. If you got any awards, you can add those in there too. What were you guys? Let's say he won Janitor of the year from his employer in June of 2005. And then you can also add activities and volunteering. But for now, we're just gonna go. We're just gonna stop right there. So in the next video, we're gonna cover the actual resume formatting and picking a theme. All right, stay tuned. 4. Themes and Formatting: So we left off after entering. All the information for John does resume. And once you're finished entering all the fields to your liking, you can scroll all the way down to the bottom and click Go to resume formatting. This is where it gets tricky. You always want to make sure you pick one of the base themes so that I can generate your first resume. We could always change the themes later, so it doesn't matter, but, um, yeah, just pick any of them. So let's we're gonna pick. Um, Crystal, As you can see, it takes a couple of seconds to generate the resume. Um, but that's normal, So just be patient today. So now our resume is generated. Um, As you can see, we don't have as much information as a normal resume would, so we can always change that. So if you think we need more words in here where we're is in here, we can always just go back to content. Let me just grab some texted throwing there. So when I edit this that this check mark. Now let's go back to our resume. Cool. So now resume looks much more filled. Um This is the basic premise behind making a resume with credible Um, you can also go in and just change themes. So let's goto themes and let's find another base theme. Um, let's say so. You like the search theme, So, yeah, see how easy it was to just switch up the entire theme in your resume? Pretty cool. Um, so you don't like this theme? We could always get to go to a different one based themes and say, Oh, wow, I like Almada. Click on this one. So once you find a theme that you like, you can go to the customizer and change the colors. So let's say we want that to be pink. Cool. I want our secondary color to be blue, which I wouldn't recommend this for a real resume, but we can change the formatting of the paragraphs. Jeanne the font. Wait, and you can do that for every section. The menu is pretty much the same. You can also change the font, which is really cool, because I know some of the fonts are a little more edgy than others. So if you like, if you like just a normal aerial, you can do that. There's a heavier weight fonts. And as you can see, credible is just dynamically, dynamically changing your resume as he changed funds. This is one of the main strengths of credible is that you can change things and the formatting automatically adjusts so you can have a secondary font stuff like that. So in the next video, I'm gonna show you guys, How do you export your finished resume? And you should be good. Thanks for watching. 5. Exporting for Print and Web: So once you're don editing your resume to your liking, hopefully it doesn't look like this is this Looks horrid. I'm gonna show you guys how to export it. So this does get a little bit tricky. Um, if you click export Ah, there's, you know, you can export it to a Dock X, which doesn't come out that good, but I I found that the best way to export it is the export as a pdf. So the way you're gonna do that is you're gonna click print and on Google Chrome, you're gonna get a pop up like this Here we can say save as pdf as our destination as opposed to a printer. So if you have a printer, they're gonna wanna click, say you're gonna want to click change, and they want to click save as pdf and you can just click, save, save it wherever. Let's just say in our John Doe's name this something that we wouldn't mind an employer seeing. So John Doe's resident Tina. Now let's look for that resume. And here's our completed resume in pdf format. Awesome. If you've got this, if you've gotten this far, um, give yourself a pat on the back and make sure to publish your completed resume on skill share so that all of your classmates can see it. Thanks again for watching.