Making Digital Art Using Complex Shapes in Adobe Illustrator | Cory Kensinger | Skillshare

Making Digital Art Using Complex Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

Cory Kensinger

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6 Videos (32m)
    • Course Trailer

    • Setting Up Artboards

    • Making the Shapes

    • Applying the Special Effect

    • Color Splashing & Bonus Effects

    • Putting Your Artwork on Physical Product


About This Class

How to make digital art in Illustrator. Learn how to make complex vector digital illustrations out of basic shapes. Turn any vector shape into a stylized work of geometric perfection. After I teach you the trick to making the shape, then we'll take two eye-popping colors from our swatch and splash them into the vortex of our complex shape Illustration, making it really come to life! This graphic design class is a quick start in Adobe Illustrator. Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator by making a fun shape design in this step-by-step illustration tutorial using Illustrator’s tools and effects.

This class is geared towards budding Illustrators who already understand the basics of navigation and using Adobe Illustrator (see my Digital Illustration Course if you're brand new to Illustrator). But even if you're still fairly new to Illustrator, the methods explained in this class are easy to pick up and follow along with.

Whether you want to make a T-shirt design, Poster Design, or label graphic in Illustrator for a physical product, you can take the final design you make in this class and use it for something fun and practical. This is a fun, lightweight class, easy to take in a single setting. Create your own shape illustration and be sure to post your final design to the class project for feedback!





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