Making Bath Bombs and Salts | Skye Creates | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Course outline

    • 2. Tools and materials

    • 3. Basic bath bomb

    • 4. Using sugar decorations

    • 5. Using two-piece/3D molds

    • 6. Troubleshooting

    • 7. Fizzing bath salt

    • 8. Non-fizzing bath salt

    • 9. Gift ideas

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About This Class

Learn how to make gorgeously-scented bath bombs and salts at home to add some luxury to your bath. Perfect for those with sensitivities to chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, my recipes use only natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals and you can also leave out the fragrance and colouring if you are sensitive to those too.


Meet Your Teacher

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Skye Creates

Editor, artist, writer, crafter


I live in a small town in rural New Zealand and work as a freelance editor, writer and digital photo restorer from home.

My passion is arts and crafts and I have taught on Skillshare under the name 'Skye Creates' since 2018. In June 2021 I decided to rebrand myself as 'One Crafty Zebra' and focus on my YouTube channel so that I can reach a broader audience and write craft books instead of video courses.

 I hope you will continue to follow me at:

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1. Course outline: in this course will start by having a look at the various materials, ingredients, tools and equipment you'll need, and then we'll start with a basic bath bomb recipe. Then try another recipe using sugar decorations, and then I'll show you how to use to peace for three D molds. I'll also show you some troubleshooting tips, and then we'll go on to bath salts, starting with a fizzing bath salts recipe and then a non fizzing bath salt crispy. And finally, I'll give you some ideas on how to package your bath salts for gift. 2. Tools and materials: before we start will go through all the different tools and materials and ingredients you'll need. Let's have a look at the tools you'll meet. You'll need a mixing bowl, a pair of gloves measuring spoon, a little glass for mixing in some of the liquid puppets or eye droppers. A set of scales to wear your dry ingredients. Or you can use measuring cups if you want, but I prefer toe way out my ingredients a sieve to serve the dry ingredients and a set of molds we can use. You can use ice trays, or these are also ice blocks. That useless is was blocks, but they're okay for that. Or acrylic models such as these ones for our roar ingredients we're going to be using ipsum salts are magnesium sulphate, bicarbonate of soda or baking soda, ordinary salt, coarse sea salt or Himalayan salt, corn flour and citric acid. And then either coconut oil or almond oil and some water and just a selection off essential oils. And I recommend that you use essential oils rather than fragrance. Oils is thes are natural products, whereas a fragrance oil is synthetic. The creator, FNC bath bombs and to add a little bit of more interest to our boss bombs. We can add coloring with just ordinary food color. I'm using a liquid one. Here. We can add any kind of herbs, such as lavender flowers, dried Citrus peel, rose petals or any other kind of hope of your choice. Or you can use any kind of herbal tea, which is already being dried and packaged for years. Or you can even use some sugar decorations that are used for cake decorating, such as those. 3. Basic bath bomb: I'm gonna start out by weighing out my dry ingredients. So I'm starting with 120 grams off the baking cider 60 off the corn flour, 60 off the citric acid, 60 off the ipsum salts that all right, Now I'm gonna make I'm gonna make just a bit of a well in the model. This is the coconut oil, which I have heated. And I'm just gonna put tea spoon almost about a teaspoon that central oil head. Now I'm gonna be adding about a teaspoon and 1/2 of water. But as my die is a liquid that's going to constitute part off that amounts of money. Gonna put a little bit of that in? I mean, with him Extra. Oops. So that's my droid. My color. Some of my 11. The flowers in about. Okay. Three teaspoons of lies. Gloves on from working quickie. Me too. War my liquid into the center. And thanks again really quickly. You see, when I squish it, it holds its shape. So I'm not going to be transferred into my mould prison. Don't really firmly into the mold. Push it really firmly down. What is? You can kind of get from Okay. All right. I will. Now let those sit in the mold for about half an hour. So my cubes have bean thing for a while. Supper? No. Going to just taken out off by mold. I mean, the guy. Then I'll now let those just dry overnight before actually use them. Maybe I done. 4. Using sugar decorations: in this one. I've mixed together my dry ingredients. Andi, I've got some sugar decorations and my liquid ingredients. These ones I'm gonna put to the side for the moment. Moles on. I'm just going to mix together. Why, Mixture, You know, I'm gonna take about just one three, 40 springs of the sugar. I'm not adding any die in this one, so I've got coconut oil, peppermint essential oil and water. I'm just a mixed up you could pull. So that's mixed together. I'm now going to prepare my molds. So I just put holds out, I'm gonna put a few of these ones at the bottom of a few hearts, like the bottom of each and no, I'm gonna put my mixture. - I will now leave them to sit in the molds for about half a now. So now all right. No goes dry overnight. 5. Using two-piece/3D molds: but this one I've got my dry ingredients already sifted and mixed. I've got some teabags here. This is a gorgeous tea with rose and vanilla and I've got my wit ingredients, So I'm just going to mix those all together for now. I'm just gonna take the teeth out of the bag and just tip it into the bowl. That's three tea bags. Give it a mix, no money. Which ingredients? Okay, that is no mixed. And now I'm going to start putting into my bolts. This is a plastic ice cube mold. It's useless for ice cubes as the water just runs out the sides. But it's grateful bombs, so I'm gonna start by packing in a little bit on each side. Sorry, then one saw just raising up a little extra coming. Do us a little bit more smitten that the exes kind of spill out the sides. Snap it right. I put that aside to sit shooting a little person in a little, but that's what it's not going close quite well. Someone just get it. Take a bulldog club. Clip it closed. This is just in. Acrylic mold comes into harps. A pack the rest Yeah, before it other side and carefully together. Okay, I decided. Leave them to sit in the molds overnight so that they don't crumble when you open them up. I've let my boss bombs dry in the malls overnight, and now I'm going to remove them very gently. - We go now. Let those dry again for about another day before actually using them. 6. Troubleshooting: on the table, you can see some both bombs that have gone wrong. This one waas my both boom that had come out of this mold. And you see it has fallen apart, and the reason this has happened is because it was not compacted enough in the mold. So I can still rescue this one by putting it into some new molds again. So I'm like, just to put this one back into here into another mold and reset it again. As you can see, my other ones from that mold have done quite well, So try molding that again more Okay, so if it breaks apart when you unmold them, you can still retrieve it by just putting it back into a new mold and compacting it again. These ones over here, you'll see they're a bit darker, not intentionally added a little bit of extra fluid to them, just to make it so that you could see what happens when you're mixture is to wait. They are quite soft and spongy, and you can still dry them and use them, but they won't be as good as one that has bean done properly. So that's what happens if there's too much liquid in your mixture. The other hand I've got appear now some that I did by adding a little bit too much dry ingredients to them again. They look fine, but if you press on them, it's just going to crumble. They just don't have quite the same strength as mixtures it has. The clicked once of those are just a little bit too dry again. You can kind of don't waste it. You can always just use this as an ordinary bath salt and just add the powder to your boss instead off the block, it will still give you pretty good results. 7. Fizzing bath salt: I'll be using almond oil as its liquid at room temperature, Himalayan salt, Epsom salts, baking soda and citric acid. There's no corn flour in this recipe, as we don't need it to bind the mixture together, and we also don't have any water in the mixture. And then I got my central oils and my coloring and additives. I'm going to start by as before, weighing and saving my ingredients. So I'm going to start with 120 grams off baking soda, 60 grams of the Epsom salts, 60 grams of the Himalayan salt, 60 grams off the citric acid. No, now I'm gonna add in my dry ingredients. This is a mixture of rose petals and 11 to flowers and of thorn at the rose petals. Kind of crushed them a bit, I'm afraid. Who Oil fragrance, which I'm doing blend when you're making your bath salts. It's not so important to get the order off the ingredients correct or the quantities so much because it is only going to be used as a powder and not you're not needing to shape it into so you can see the mixture doesn't quite hold. It's full when I squeeze it idea is that you would just be adding this to your box. A couple of tea springs to Toyota. Okay, that's finished. I'm not gonna transfer it to a job. I recommend you use a journal with a plastic lid as one with middle lead may corrode with all the salt you go, that's ready for use. 8. Non-fizzing bath salt: for this bath Salt. I'm not going to be, but using bicarbonate of soda so it won't be a fizzing bath. Salt. It's just going to be an ordinary bath salts. I've got three types of Saltzman magnesium, self fadeaway, Epsom salts, Himalayan salt and ordinary sea salt, and my citric acid, which helps to bring out the fragrance. - Yeah , way pine eucalyptus scented. 9. Gift ideas: Here's a few ideas on how to pack it. Your boss bombs insults as Gift's got a selection of Joe's ribbons, some dried lavender flowers and a box here which has the filling off this one. I think looks would look really good with my peppermint, both bombs from earlier. I'm going to just place that way we got from my bath salts. I've got a nice Joe here and our drunks. Very salt. Pence's Jones. Really? - Very . These are my 11 2 blocks from earlier. I'm just gonna place them in the jar carefully. That's good, sir. Just get cut means off the blue ribbon. I'm gonna select some 11 Flynt's Hey, guys.