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Making Artwork Using Handmade and Digital Techniques

teacher avatar Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko, graphic design and digital art

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Intro: making artwork using handmade and digital techniques

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Approaching free drawings

    • 4. Scanning and editing in Photoshop

    • 5. Approaching geometric shapes

    • 6. Mixing drawings and shapes together

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class

This class is for everyone who want to open up or extend their artistic and designer skills. 

You will learn how to prepare different graphic materials like simple geometric shapes and free drawing. How to scan, edit and combine them using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

You gonna have fun dipping into process of free drawing using paints, ink, pencils, markers and everything you have under your hand. This process will help you to relax and overcome any fear of drawing. To sense color, to enjoy spontaneous movement of the hand. You can team up with your friends. This might help you to look at each other from different points of view, or even improve your difficult relationship through making art.

In the end of the class we will combine all your ready graphics into one artwork.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko

graphic design and digital art


Sofia Apunnikova and Ksenia Necheporenko are part of the Komm international graphic designers collective with HQ in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Berlin, Germany. We focused on art direction, branding, print design, illustration and fashion. In our work we aim to expand graphic design standards and to blend different cultures. Check our latest works on Behance, Instagram and tumblr.

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1. Intro: making artwork using handmade and digital techniques: Hi, My name is X Ian. Hi, My name is appear were calm Collective a graphic designer sent Our studio is based in ST Petersburg, Russia. In our practice, we have successfully developed many projects in different Great. It feels like probably design illustration, infographics, packaging, design and fashion. We locked to collaborate with a vicious people in culture in creative industry, we're not afraid to experiment with new things in materials in our projects because we finally really challenging and also inspiring and who will love to share our experience with you. Our first class on skill share is for everyone who until open up or extend their artistic or designer skills. You're gonna have fun depicting to process of redrawing, accusing pains in pencils, markers and everything you have under your hand. This process will help you to relax and overcome any fuel off drawing to sense color to enjoy spontaneous movement off the hand, you can team up with your friends. These might help you to look at each other from different points of view or even improve your difficult relationship through making our in the end of the class, we will combine all you're ready graphics into one artwork. Also, you will learn how to prepare different graphic materials like simple geometric shapes and free drawings. How does can edit and combine them in Adobe Illustrator and for the show. If you have any previous experience in a double programs, it will be a plus. If not, we're gonna show you how to do. 2. Tools and Materials: Hi, everyone. It's time to begin of a class. And to start drawing, we need to collect materials. Testicle. You will need a full sized white paper. It's better to use. Take one if you want to meet pains with water to apply. What akala effect your freedoms? Eso paper wants start waiting, but simple print office baby will be fine, too, and we're gonna use this one. And after choosing paper, we need to do some bass or markers or pencils or any material you like or feel comfortable with. Maybe you want to try something you like leader, for example, because it's always very interesting to get out of your comfort zone. While you experimenting with pre drawings, we will use acrylic panes and also for planes. You will need some brushes, too. Oh, any tools which will help you to apply paints like sponges or sticks or tape or whatever you will find. And also you will need a glass of water to make scholars with brushes, Teoh. And yet for mixing colors, you also need some recycled paper just any paper you have, and I think it's all about the materials in this class, so it's that 3. Approaching free drawings: don't be afraid. Off white paper, listen to your inner voice while choosing the color hand spontaneously and confidently at the same time. You can use solid colors or weaken. Mix them together to get a new one. Blinds can be straight and sharp. Wavy. Different dynamics in your drawings can help you to create a better composition. Okay, we're done with our feed rose. Now just leave them to try for the next cunning step. One of the nice things about good four channel stereo sound is that it can create fanciful but realistic adventures. 4. Scanning and editing in Photoshop: so it's time to scan ever drawings for this. You need just a simple scanner. Put your artwork into the Skynner and just starts, honey. Okay, then we open the for the show planned. We go to file import images from device. Okay, And now we see a preview off. Over scan. Let's take some time. Okay. The 300 g p i for printing is good. A four size skirt. Ah, cheap ache. And the file name scan 01 Enteric leaks can. Okay, Done. E Here is a photo shoot file. We go to layer background, double click to unlock the layer. In we go in many an image adjustment and brightness and kontras to increase contrast to the maximum and to add some brightness. Okay. And now it's ready for anything from the two men. You would choose Magic wand holding the shift button. We select both white backgrounds and did eat them. Now we big crop to and get rid off unnecessary background around tower green donut like this, and click enter now. Images ready. So we're going to save it. We go to the firemen. You safe us Here we go to desktop behalf, a folder called Skill Share Class. Here, make a new holder. Call it cards create on the file name gonna be skin card's 01 And we choose, uh, being Jay Foreman because because we need our background to be transparent. Now we done with scanning and editing the same thing you will do was the rest off your drawings, okay? 5. Approaching geometric shapes: way. OK, open illustrator. Go to the file menu, make a new file. Okay, take horizontal orientation. A four size click. Ok, okay. So let's draw some shapes like very simple. Ah, we go to the tool menu here, uh, to menu and draw Eric tango, Take her Tendo through. And it's holding, shaped and out. So it's going to be a square. We don't need stroke here. We close a stroke and we go to the scorches and take a yellow color. Let's make a yellow rectangle. Okay. Next, we go to the same menu and take a lips and it's draw a circle the same you holding shift in tone, That's it. And let's make it a threat. Okay, so let's go to the two main again and take a polygon to and same holding shift and all to be going to drop, try and go. Let's make it terrible. Some out to see what you have here. Maybe this triangle can be like, be more skinny. Okay, here are free shaves. Let's at some strokes here for our future composition. Well, this you're gonna take a stroke too. Go to menu for strokes. Let's make it like and now we need to go to the window and take a stroke joke. He's here right now. They're going to change some weight. Uh, or even you can make a dash line, but we don't need. So we're going to make it a big thinker to pick one like face. And we're going to make another stroke to duplicate thes stroke. We're going to hold, shoot and out and move it to the right. Now we have two strokes, and here we're going to change the size. Make it thinner. Like six points is okay. Okay. We don't need this menu anymore, So here we go. Here we have our simple shapes. Ah, you can see. Okay, but maybe Ah, I want to add some effect on on a circle under red circle and let it be a gradient. So But they say need to select this object and go to the gradient menu. And, um, except yeah, gradient Meaning I taken fading while the fading sky effect. We don't need any strokes here, So just a bright color and ratings guy again. Yeah, And from the scorches really going to take the same red? We help. Same color and just select and move it on this. Vader's on a double click. Ah, we just take white color. Okay, the graduate is here, but now we change it to radio because we have a circle. And let's let's move this fader or just play around, like, making be bigger or smaller, as you wish. Okay? I think it's enough for that. Uh, yeah, Well, maybe just make it bigger like this, Okay? I think we're finished. Uh, miss our shapes. We have pick tango, Circle triangle and two strokes on. Think and think stroke. No. Don't forget to save your files. Go to the file Menu savers. Let's go to desktop. We have this sculpture class here already. Just shapes and safe. I'll replace. That's it. You're done. 6. Mixing drawings and shapes together: to inspire you to make your own compositions. We would like to recommend you to look back at the 20 century one guard painters My Lady Kandinsky, Mondrian, Jenko, Frederique ominously. So let's create new document on your file and up, illustrator. We're gonna go to file and click new. Then we're going to choose a four size and Smith color mode. And then we have a reputation of the page. We're gonna use horizontal Gonna click, OK, And then we have white, our boat, and for this into this art board, we're gonna place our scan graphics, so go to file and then select place, and then we go to our folder Ah, skill shape, skill share, class. And then we're gonna open cuts and he would have all hours can graphics. We're going to select them and and we're gonna put them in our document, put them one by one. In a document. Here we have ours can graphics, and after that, we gonna puts shapes. So file and for these, we're gonna go to the file again and click open, and then we're gonna goto folder and open folder, and then we're going to choose shapes file and open it and then select all our shapes and copy them and then paste them in our document so he would have all objects. And now we're gonna use one to cut out for cutting out the use clipping, mask, instrument and the panto. Uh, we're going to track all our elements on our our birth after we'll cut out them. Uh, now we're gonna zoom into choose one, and I think that I love this yellow one with blacked out on it. And to cut it out, we need to copy our picture, Uh, and then with click on a zoom and then we'll click on the panto and then put all our, uh, anchor points around our element here. We have compiled a closed box which is on our image. Select an image and the path. And then we're gonna click on the left button and click on the make clipping mosque. He would have our element. It's cut out. Ah, so we can move it to our art, Bert like this. And here it tastes so and then cut out another element. For example, this, like wavy lines again, we gonna copy, picture and then click on the zoom and then click on the panto. And then we put away anchor points around our element to make a closed pot, and we're going to select a path in the image and again make clapping mosque. And so he will have another element, and we're gonna drag it on the art, Bert and also truck Blue triangle, just cope eight. Tow our boat and, uh, then drug this Grady in Threat Circle to our art boards to and then cut out another element this green stripped, uh, we're gonna click on the zoom again and then click on the panto and then again put old and curve points around our elements, click on the left button and again make a clipping mosque, and then we're gonna truck it too. Our at birth So he would have our objects on the airport, and now we're going to compose them somehow. For this was simple need to rotate them to resize them, try to move them around our art birth. Ah, to compose them with each other to understand how they fit to each other or don't fit to each other. Um, to look at the colors off our objects And how they, uh can they composed with each other and how it looks? And, uh, there's nothing serious. You just need to have some fun with all these objects chest to understand how they can work together. Now I'm gonna show you how to use transparency, too. Uh, we're gonna click on the window and then on the transparency, and he will have our window in which we will select multiply, setting off transparency. Uh, now we see that Ah, all the white but background has disappeared from our black favor line. So now it looks good and more clearly on our radiant red circle. And now I'm gonna rotate this way the line again. So actually, you can repeat all these actions as's much as you want until you will feel that you have finished your own composition and you can make it from two or three or four or five objects assed much as you like, But it will be more easy for you to make it from two or three objects, uh, for beginning and that there is no specifically you just ah need to fry different combinations off this objects. You just need to try them on, uh, together. And, uh, now, I'm just the gonna repeat all these actions until I will feel that I'm finished with my old composition from all this objects. And you just can, uh, look at the process of what I am doing. So after your compositions already, you're gonna save them in illustrates a form. But you're gonna click file and then safe, and you can save it to the desktop or to the certain folder, and then you can upload it on our skill share class page so we can use them to create a big , uh, poster from all your graphics. Thank you for watching our class. 7. Final thoughts: thank you for taking our first class. You'll feed to ask any questions. We will be happy to answer it and to commence all your works in the end of this class way will combine all your drawings into one artwork so we can wait to see your results.