Making $100,000+ with Google AdSense and Living The 4 Hour Workweek Featuring Jordan Arsenault!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 84 Skillshare Classes

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17 Videos (1h 21m)
    • Welcome to Google AdSense and working online!

    • What are the basics needed to run a Google AdSense business online

    • See a live example of a Google AdSense business system bringing in a lot of revenue

    • The ideal Google AdSense business system for ongoing income and working online

    • Enroll in Making 100,000 with Google AdSense and Living The 4 Hour Workweek Featuring Jordan Arsenau

    • Jordan's story from before he made a dollar online to now

    • What I learned from Jordan's story of working online

    • Life cycles of working online

    • What was the main thing I learned in 2016

    • The number one thing I want to improve at in 2017

    • Work life balance and challenges working online

    • Outsourcing and business scaling

    • Where to get started working and making money online

    • Inside the Google AdSense interface

    • Creating a new ad unit to place on my website

    • How much have I earned in less than 24 hours?

    • AdSense is now running on my website!


About This Class

Hear Jordan Arsenault's experience working online for years including earning $100K+ with Google AdSense and traveling the world just like in The 4 Hour Workweek! Watch Jordan's newest videos on YouTube at and see the newest of what Jordan is doing at Would you like to have your own call like this with me once each month? Sign up at!

What does Jordan Arsenault have to share with you in his own words?

"My passion is marketing and helping companies grow through online advertising. You might call me a Canadian entrepreneur who is traveling the world specializing in Facebook marketing, Google AdSense, hiring virtual teams, and creating systems online. I love finding new ways to market and improving existing ideas. Being able to reach so many people at once is incredible to me.

My previous experience includes starting and working as a partner in a construction company that framed houses. Currently, I am the CEO at Experimarketing which is a marketing company that helps businesses grow through marketing. I founded Experimarketing in April 2012."

What has Jordan Arsenault done working online?

"I drove 184,704 page views in one day which brought in $2177.89 in Google AdSense in one day. That wasn't all profit because I had about half of that going to partners who were promoting the site.

Hired over 100 remote workers for tasks on everything from coding to design to data entry.

Have built Facebook fans on various pages totaling over 1.26 Million fans.

Created 1000+ pieces of content: From articles to autoresponders to comics to videos to ebooks.

Spent about $50k purchasing websites through Flippa and sellers who I met through Flippa. Average price per site was around $4,000. Some were profitable, some were not. Almost all of them were Adsense websites."

How did I meet Jordan Arsenault?

I think Jordan first saw me in 2012 when I was messaging Facebook pages trying to get clients for Facebook ads. In 2013, he found my post on Facebook ad accounts disabled and was one of the first members of "My Online Success Group" which was my first attempt at a mastermind online. Join my new mastermind at

Out of the 6 or 7 original members, Jordan was the only one that kept meeting with me every week as people dropped out. Jordan was kind enough to continue being a member of the group for the next two years. In 2016, I hired Jordan to help me setup and manage my email marketing with MailChimp after listening to his suggestion that I should make an email list. Thankfully I had the email list in place before getting banned from Udemy and now am able to use what Jordan setup on my own each month.

Talking with Jordan each week helped me realize the important of having a group of people all with the goal of mastering their businesses online. In November 2016, I launched my new Patreon campaign at where Jordan was the first person to sign up above the $25 level and one of the first people to join my Facebook group called Master Online Business Administration at

Today Jordan is also the first one I am testing this new live stream 1 on 1 format with! What I hope you can see with how Jordan and I have worked online is the power of friendship, faith, and consistency. After hundreds of hours talking with Jordan, I trust his opinion on what I am doing and he trusts me to make suggestions for his business. I know when I accomplish something each week that I will be able to share it with Jordan and he will really understand it in the context of what we do as full time self-employed business owners online.

Jordan had enough faith to pay to join my mastermind group even when everything about it was ugly and stuck with me after everyone else in the group dropped. Now I am grateful to give Jordan the chance to share his experience here with you today for all of our benefit!

I appreciate you reading and watching! Have a great day!

Jerry Banfield

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This is a candid conversation that gives a realistic view of some of the pitfalls and challenges of getting started working online.





Jerry Banfield

Teaches 84 Skillshare Classes

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How did you get here with me?

In 2005 while I was in college at the University of South Carolina, I tried to start working online. I signed up for an MLM program and a survey website. A month later, I had refunds from both and figured working online was not possible because everything was a scam. The truth was I was afraid to fail again.

In 2011, I moved in with my wife and launched an online business focusing on video game addiction in an attempt to avoid dealing with any of my other problems. In a few months, I changed my business to selling shirts because I realized there was no money in video game addiction. A year after starting my business, I dropped out of my criminology PHD program at the University of South Florida to run my business full time which by then had changed to helping clients with Facebook and Google ads based on my experience failing to do them successfully for myself.

In 2013, I starting sharing everything I knew for free on YouTube because I hoped it would help me get more clients. By April 2014, I was nearly bankrupt after failing at 15+ different business models. I was also nearly dead from trying to drink the pain away and fortunately the fear of death motivated me to get into recovery. Being in recovery motivated me to focus more on being of true service to others and less on what I would get out of it. I started making courses online with Udemy which soon turned into my first real business. I partnered with as many talented instructors as I could and learned from top instructors how to get my courses the most sales.

In 2015, I tried making some inspirational videos sharing what I learned in recovery and got an amazing response on YouTube. To make the background on my videos more interesting, I started making the inspirational videos while playing video games. To make a more helpful website, I hired a freelancer to convert the videos into blog posts including this about page originally.

By 2016, the Udemy courses I was teaching had made nearly $2 million dollars in sales with me receiving over $600,000 of that before they banned me because of what they said were policy violations despite me literally praying to God to follow the rules and being obsessed with following the policies. To make that $600,000, Google, Facebook, and contractors billed around $400,000 leaving me with about $200,000. Then, the US government took over $60,000 and the companies I borrowed money from in 2014 to avoid going out of business took another $50,000. After five years in business and even with great fortune on Udemy which made up for 4 years of losses, I am still barely able to pay my bills and have none of the security of a “real job” despite working 10 times more than I have ever worked anywhere else.

My story is not unique at all. This is the story of nearly every artist. We love actors, singers, and even teachers like me so much. Skillshare and Patreon offer an amazing opportunities to change this by giving you the chance to help me directly with the money you might spend with me another way.

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Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my classes!


Jerry Banfield

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