Makeup Brushes 101 // All You Need To Know About Makeup Brushes

Sarah, Makeup Artist & Certified Yoga Teacher

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10 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Makeup Brushes 101 intro

    • 2. 2 Types of Bristles

    • 3. Pros and Cons of Natural and Synthetic Bristles

    • 4. Different types of face brushes

    • 5. Different kinds of powder brushes

    • 6. Different kinds of cheek brushes

    • 7. Different kinds of eye brushes

    • 8. Eyebrow and lip brushes

    • 9. My brush recommendations and tips

    • 10. Tips on caring for brushes

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Project Description

Once you have finished the class, here are some things you can do!

1. Take a look at and analyse the makeup brushes that you own currently (if you have any). Are they made from natural or synthetic bristles? Are there any other ways to use that brush? What other brushes do you think will help you achieve the result that you want?

2. You can download the makeup brushes checklist (attached!) to see if you need to update your makeup brush collection. 

3. Take a picture of your current makeup brushes/recommendations and share them here! I love to be exposed to more brush brands and try out your recommendations. I could also give you advice on how to use your existing makeup brushes, if you would like!

Brushes are a good to have, but not entire necessary. It ultimately is up to your personal preference! :) 


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