Makeup Artistry: Create a Stunning Glam Makeup Look | Matilda Andersson | Skillshare

Makeup Artistry: Create a Stunning Glam Makeup Look

Matilda Andersson

Makeup Artistry: Create a Stunning Glam Makeup Look

Matilda Andersson

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14 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course!

    • 2. Primer

    • 3. Foundation

    • 4. Concealer

    • 5. Powder

    • 6. Eyebrows

    • 7. Eyeprimer

    • 8. Eyeshadow

    • 9. Contouring

    • 10. Highlighter

    • 11. Mascara

    • 12. Lips

    • 13. Setting spray

    • 14. Thank you for watching!

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About This Class

Do you want to be able to apply a beautiful, more glamorous makeup look?

Do you want to be able to understand how you can apply makeup with confidence and have som fun doing it?

Are you passionate or just curious about makeup? Then this course is definitely for you!

Hi! Welcome to this course where I am going to walk you through all of the necessary steps to be able to create a gorgeous, more glamorous makeup look.

This course begins to cover:

  • The important steps and what you need to know before starting to apply makeup everyday

  • How you can create a base using foundation and concealer

  • My preferences when it comes to creating a base for a makeup look

We arethen going to go trough how to continue on with doing eyebrows and then creating a good looking eyeshadow look.

Also we are going to be contouring and highlighting!

As the coursegoes on I am going to give you tips and tricks on my own ways of putting makeup on

These area couple examples on what we are going to be working with:

  • Creating a base

  • Prepping your face

  • Creating a more glamorous eyeshadow look

  • Eyelashes

    and more...

After completing this course you will be able to for example:

  • Know how to do a nice makeup look for your everyday life or going out at night

  • Being able to know what to use and what tools to use

  • Know my techniques for putting on makeup everyday

  • Know how you can put on make up and have fun doing it

If you are curious about who I am:

My name is Matilda and I am a 26 year old girl with hobbies such as:

  1. Makeup

  2. Nail art

  3. Beauty

  4. Social Media

    and more...

I have a burning passion for makeup and I am also very passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge.

Feel free to look through the course description, watch some previews and I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

Meet Your Teacher

Business owner, creator and freelancer with a school diploma in Photography & Media. Currently studying Digital Marketing at Stockholm International Business School.

I have for the last 10 years had a great interest in Photography, Design, Technology and Social Media and widened my experience to be able to teach others about the things I'm interested in.

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1. Welcome to the course!: Hi, everybody. And welcome to this course where I'm going to be walking you through hiking Queen. A more glamorous makeup. Look, my name is Matilda and I am a 26 year old girl, and one of my biggest passions is makeup. So I decided to create the schools for anyone who really enjoys and likes to do makeup and want to know how you can create a bit more glamorous makeup. Look, the recuse if you're maybe going out to dinner if you're partying, if you maybe just want to feel a little bit more fancy or no matter your reason in this course I will be covering what type off products are used also, what type off brushes I use and last banalities how I use all of it together. So feel free to look through the description and the curriculum off the course, and I really hope to see you inside 2. Primer: Okay, everybody. So the first step that we need you use before we do our makeup look is to create a base. And the first that that I always use is to apply a type of primer. And where did use a primary is just because you want your make it look to last longer and currently I actually have no primary. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use my day cream today as kind of like a bass slash primer. And there's something that you also can do if you were to not have primer, and the one that I'm using is this. This is the day cream from rituals, one of their Siri's that they have. And this is just a basic regular day cream. So what I've done is I've just taking a little bit on my fingers, and I have rubbing in circular motions all across my face. If you were not to have a primer, can moisturize with a type of they cream instead, and that's going to help. The makeup last must much longer, but the absolute best thing to do issues a primary because primary is is made Teoh make your makeup. Stay on longer. Also what I heard that you can do if you don't want to use, Maybe they cream. And also, if you don't have a primer, it's actually to use a sitting spray. So Senator spacemen to be applied as the last step when you have finished your makeup look . But if you don't have a day cream or primary you can use setting Spain s kind of like a bass. Also, I wouldn't say that it's the best thing that it's better than to have nothing on your face when you're starting doing your makeup. So if you have a primary, if you have things. But if you have a day cream, go ahead and just apply like a light based on your face. And in the next video, we're gonna start by applying foundation. 3. Foundation: how your body and welcome to this video where I'm going to show you how I apply induce my foundation. And this is really the first one of the first few steps to really create your makeup. Look so always the first thing that I start by doing Teoh all of the hair so that I don't get it in my face issues one of these headbands. So if you have some type of head band, you can always just try to remove all the unnecessary has so that you don't have any hair in the way or if you want. You can just put your hair up in a ponytail or a bound just something to really get our get all that hair out of the wit. So what I do when I apply my foundation is a beautyblender, and it is one of these things and just ratification. Actually, I got my safe. I get myself a new beautyblender and this is just the regular shaped one. And it's not the original Beautyblender, but most beautiful owners work basically the same. So right now, the foundation that I'm using is this fit me foundation from Maybelline that looks like this and this is in the shade. 1 20 And, uh, there are a bunch off different types off foundations in the pick may serious. Take use on this. Specific one is luminous and suit. And I know that there are also Matt once, and there are conditions that are more, do we? But right now, this is my favorite one, so 4. Concealer: and welcome to this video where we're going to talk a bit more about concealer and I'm also going Teoh show you what type of concealer that are used and also how I apply it. So the concealer that I use is this fit me consider from Maybelline. And of course, there's a bunch of different types of concealers out there. But this is, I know, one of the most popular ones. I watch a bunch off the toils on YouTube like making patrols. And a lot of mayor people really like this fake media foundation. And this is also from a Billy, and this one is in the shade. 10. So when you're picking out a concealer, you should always try to pick a concealer that is just a little bit lighter than your regular skin tone. So this world works great for me, and when I'm applying it to my face, I just drive pencil out, and when I play it, I do this type of downward triangles like this, and I filled them in, and this does not have to be perfect. This is just because you want most off the product to be under the ice So when you do these triangular shapes like this, you can get most of the price under the ice. But there is also going to blend out very easily on the rest off the areas that you want to cover. So this is how it looks when I have done consider on my eyes, and then you should I just do a little bit on my nose and just a little bit on my chin as well. The thing with concealer is that if you really highlight parts off your face that you want to highlight, so if you really want to maybe bring out your nose in your chin. You can use consider to really make parts off your face. Stand up. So that's why I have concealer under my eyes. Or that it's mostly, you know, to cover up my dark circles. But then why put on my chin and all my nose is because I want to enhance just those parts of my face. And also, of course, if you do have some type off blemish or people, concealer is actually great, too. Cover that a swell. So if you have a people on your chain, you can just put just a little bit of concealer, That's what they're. But now, when I'm going to apply my concealer, I have another type off beautyblender. And as you can see, this is cone shaped like this, and this really helps. It helps me to get the concealer in the corners off my eyes, and you can be very detailed and precise with this one. And this one, I think, comes from really technique, and you can, pretty much by this at any type off makeup. Boteach and I use the same to make as when I apply my foundation. So I go ahead with my beautiful under and just dip it in some water. I said. I have said I have a glass of water here on the table that just take the beautyblender and kind of like dab it or do like this on a type of travel or paper just to remove the excess water and then just start by doubling concealer, we re lightly under my eyes. You won't try to really keep it in the area where you have put your concealer so you don't drive down the product or drag. It may be too much on the side. Try to really the product on where you put it from from the beginning in the first place and also when I use my concealer, what I do is I blended upwards like this and that's going to help us later, when we do a little bit off Contour E because it's gonna make is gonna make our cheap balls be much more visible. So then just go over to my other side and I do exactly the same thing there. This just make sure that you really get the concealer under the eyes. And for me, it really helps sometimes to look up so that you can really get the product under the eyes like this. And the I just bring the product up a little bit like this so that we highlight this part of the face so that would become toward when we are going to make it look like we had care of, like, a shadow that it really is going to bring out our cheek pills. Then I just go to my nose and try to be very careful when I'm dubbing on the concealer on my nose. Just try to keep it in the middle because later, when we go in with some contouring powder, we're also going to contour the side of the nose. And then if we have highlighted with some concealer ischemic it liquid really good as well done, I just go ahead and also that they consider on to my Children like this. And if you want, you can always also conceal a pair in the middle off the forehead about here. And there is also going to make that part off your face. Stand out. So when we feel satisfied with our concealing, we're not going to move on to powder. And that is what got me talking about in the next video, so I'll see you there. 5. Powder: hi, guys. And welcome to this next part of the course where we're going to talk a little bit more about powder and how to apply it. So I believe that power is very important after you have applied your foundation and your concealer. And that is just because you want that type of Matt finish. And it's also really important to set the face so they don't get any product on maybe your clothes or something else. And I want to mention that sometimes when you're using a foundation that's more math than sometimes, you actually don't have to use any powder because your foundation is already Matt. But today I really feel like I want to set my entire face so that I can just stick a little bit longer. And I believe it also helps to make make you look like you have a limit more off a flawless finish. So the powder that I'm using, he's a powder that I've used for so long, and it is the Max factor creampuff pressed powder and it looks like this and this is in the shade Novo base number 13 and I've always been really satisfied with this type off powder and basically industrious because it's a powder that doesn't make your skin look very fake , and it also doesn't get very cakey. So you can actually use pretty much home this partner without making this bad. And so what? I apply my powder. I used one of this bigger brushes that looks like this and this specific one I got at Marshall's great tip. If you do live near a marshal's, or if you live in a country where they have marshals is to go and look at make a precious because I really believe that they have a lot of off very good make a precious that aren't too expensive and actually very affordable. So when I'm going to apply my prouder, I'm just simply going to that my brush in the party like this. And then I'm going to just dab off the exchanges and then a big so that we don't get too much and just start by starving the powder lightly into my face like this. I don't drag because you really want the power to stick to your face or to your foundation and concealer, so it's much better to that because you're going in a more even result. If you do that like this, just make sure you're getting your entire face. Also, the ears and also the neck. Yes, we also have foundation down here and I'm usually a bit early in the tea. Some and the T zone is this part of your face and this part of off your face and love. Other people are also very easily oil there. So sometimes when I use my powder, just dab on a little bit of extra powder there just to make it look not so shiny. And so that's really quick and easy. Step for me. And now you know how I applied my powder. So if you're ready, we can move on to the next step. 6. Eyebrows: So in this video we're going to be covering eyebrows. And there's just such a big world when it comes to eyebrows and you can do them in so many different ways. And I've never seen really big when comes toe eyebrows or being really, really good with it. But one thing that I found about a year ago that has helped me so much if this pallet right here from Anastacia, Beverly Hills and this is a pilot, especially made for creating eyebrows. So when I open it up, this is how it looks like, as you can see. And what you have here is you have you have some eyebrow worked here, which is made for maybe forming your eyebrows the way that you want them to look. And in the middle here we had the eyebrow colors and we have a lighter shade and we have a darker shade and then all the way to this side. We also have to lighter shapes, and these are made for highlighting your I basically and especially under the eyebrows. And we also have in this part is a little little pencil that looks like this. That is angle and This is a brush that I have bought on my own, and this really helps way when I'm going to do my eyebrows. But the best thing about these palate is the's little cat outs that you get with with the palette when you're buying it basically, and I hope you can see how they look, it basically looks like a calloused off a eyebrow. And so when you buy this, you get about five different eyebrow shapes. So it's totally up to you if you want a slim high arch if you want a media march, but one that I usually use if this one they're holding. And this is the slim high arch. So this is the one I'm gonna be using. So I always start with, but I'm gonna do my eyebrows is I take I have a eyebrow pencil from N Y X, with a little spoolie on the end here, and I also have a pencil on the other side. But I actually only use the spoolie or the brush on this side, and I used to, um, brush up upwards like this, and this is just too for me. This is just like a bit off prepping before I put on some I brought color and you can see the difference between this brow and this proud they spout automatically gets more lifted. And I believe it also looks much more natural and also shaped. So I'm going to do the exact same thing on the other eyebrow like this. So that is just step number one and step number two, when I used this palette is to take one of these. And then I also take the brush that I got with the palette when I bought it, which is this type of brush, or it's actually too, as you can see. So we have a little more off a fluffy brush on this side, and then on this side we have a smaller brush, and this is the brush that I'm using when I apply the color. So what I do is I just did the brush in the lightest shape off the eyebrow color. Then I tried to take this cut out and match it up with my eyebrow like this, and you really have to hold the tight so that doesn't move around, because then the result is not going to look so good. So just try to hold stay like this, and then I just go in with the brush like this. I really tried Teoh filling the entire first part of my eyebrow like that. And so this is what happens after I have put on some color like this, and as you see, it really colors in the entire eyebrow. But if you look closely on this cattle, it actually has two parts. So I always do the first part of my eyebrow basically up to the arch, and then I go in and I put some eyebrow color on my brush. Then I take the Carol it again and I match it up to the and or to the edge off my eyebrow like this. I just tried to color that in as well like this. And it's actually super easy. And it goes, it's much, much quicker than if you were to just quit your eyebrows from scratch. So this is how it looks when I have applied. My I grow and I'm pretty happy with their result. But always what you can do if you're not happy. Yes, you can always take this time here. Little bit off, more angle brush and you can cheers. If you maybe want to fix something that you're not really satisfied, Rip, I'm just gonna maybe fix this start of the eyebrow right here. And I kind of tried to make a living more off north, appear and just takes a more color and extend my eyebrow out. I think this So that's one about number. Go ahead and do the other one. And that is basically always the struggle with doing eyebrows is that you always have to try to make the eyebrows as similar as possible. And I love people find that hard, including me. But I've heard a lot of makeup people saying that you should think off your eyebrows like sisters in the twin. That's really something that I try to remind myself off every day. And, you know, you just have to try to do your best. God moving on. I'm going to take same cut out that I used, and I'm gonna take some eyebrow color on my brush, gonna match it up with the first part of my eyebrow like this, really president and apply some color here. And if you want some more collecting just going again and to let this. And so that's how it looks when I have done the first part. And no, I'm going to take the more color only brush and use the, um, the other half off the scout measure up to the end of my eyebrow and just fill it in like this. And as you can see, my eyebrows are really not looking the same. So us and said, I always try to fix that by using a tiny, tiny angled brush and just trying to make it a little bit more perfect. And then, as you can say, I also try to extend my eyebrow and also maybe create a little bit off a higher arch like that. And so when I feel finished, this is basically all that I do with my eyebrows. Maybe if I want Teoh brush them a little bit more, I can just go in and just brushed them very, very carefully so that you don't miss up the product on your eyebrows, and that's basically how I do my eyebrows 7. Eyeprimer: Hi, everybody. And welcome to this makes video. And this is where things start to get fun because now we're actually going to create our more glamorous looking I, which I'm just super super excited about. So the first thing that I start with before I applied any type off eye shadows if I always prime my eyelids before I start, and the one that I'm using is from this brand called Milani. And it's basically just a bottle with a kind of a gel like primer that you apply all across your eyelids before you start to put any type off eye shadow on. And why Used primer is because you want your I shadow toe last longer and you off course also want to to intensify the colors that you are using because the problem with a lot of different eye shadows is that they're not pigmented enough. So when you put it on your eye, it's not going to look as good as us in the eye shadow palette. So when you're using a primary in really, really helped to bring out the coloring eyeshadow and also make it last longer. So this is how this teeny tiny little bottle looks like and I'm gonna just going to open it like this. And I just taking 18 18 tiny bit on my on my finger like this Hope you can see. And basically what I do is I just apply it, cross my entire island like this and use really make sure that you're getting it very even in very smooth. And what you want to do is you want to bring it up towards the eyebrows, and it kind of looks like concealer. And I want to mention that if you don't have a primary, you can always use a concealer as a primer as well. But just try to be really, really accurate, really. Just that the product on it. This and and I really believe that the best way to put on a primary is by using your finger , because the warmth off the finger is actually going to make the product spread out a lot better. And if you feel like you don't have enough, I Palmer, you could just always take a little bit more because you really want to make sure that you get in the primer all across the island. and in the Cui's and really every everywhere like this. So that is this I and I'm know I'm gonna go ahead and do the other. I exactly like a date with this, I So just by a little bit to your point a finger and just very, very gently dabbing on to your eyelid like this and I usually work from my inner corner off the I like this and I tried to really drawing it up and outwards basically away from the corner off the I just gonna take some more. Just make sure that I really get the entire I live and the Chris and everything. All right, so now when we are down with I with our eye primer, we're gonna go ahead and create our glad by So I'll see you in the next video. 8. Eyeshadow: everybody. I hope you're ready to start training our more glamorous singing eye and the palate, and I am going to be using to create my glam. I is the station modern, very soft palate, and this is how it looks like a sea. This is one of my favorite palace. I think it's super beautiful and ask a lot of really great colors. So they looked I'm going to create now is big, more off a brownish type of look with a little bit off glitter in it because I don't want it to look maybe too much. This is supposed to be a lift they can wear. Maybe if you want to feel a little bit more friends, say, a little bit more made up, maybe if you're going out to a dinner or whatever it can be. So let's go ahead and start. Okay, So before I start applying my eye shadow, as you know, in the last up, we applied some eye shadow primer, and if we're not really used to putting eye shadow on, a good tip is to take your powder brush and then take the powder that you are using and just dub a little bit off powder onto the I We have put your eye primer and then do it on the other IAS. Well, because if you're not very used to putting eye shadow on and you put on my power which is a little bit more tacky, it might be hard to really get that good blend when you creating an eyeshadow Look. And if you just have some powder on your eyes, can I help you when you're blending out your eye shadow? So now I'm going to show you the first color that I am going to put on my eye and the first color in this palette that I want to start to use on my eyes these brownish color, which is up here, which is called Antique bronze. And I want to mention that if you don't have a palate, don't worry. Because if you have a similar eyeshadow like this light brown color, then you can just use that or you can use any other type off color that you want to have us base. So this is just example off what you should do so always when I start to apply some eye shadow I did the brush in the color on out enough swiping. I'm just dabbing very lightly on the color. And the most important thing is to take your brush and take the palate and just dab off the excess eye shadow because that makes it so much easier to putting it all. And then what they you should do is storage. But taking that color and I always have some type off hand mirror when I apply in my eye shadow. And I just I think my brush and I looked slightly down when I apply my eye shadow and start by applying the color on my lived what here? And I'm always being very, very careful when I am applying my eye shadow. But I start up said, by applying the color onto my lid. And since this shadow that I'm using right now is going to a can off like a shadow that blends up into the crease and the eyebrow going to start to actually work the color up a little bit up in the Chris and I'm not using in the circle emotions right now, As you can see, I'm simply gist. You think timing little diving emotions. And the thing is, you have to have patience when you're putting on eye shadow. If you want that really good look because it takes a lot of time to both blend and to build up that color. So I'm just going to continue by very, very easily just down on the color like this. And if I feel like I want to, maybe even the color out. Also, I forget to mention that the brush I'm using for this eye shadow is the eyes, the real technique deluxe crease brush and it's a little bit bigger and it's a big fluffy actually. But if I want to try to blend the color out on the debate, I use a blending brush from elf that looks like this. And I just actually it used tiny little circle motions to really blend the color in something like that. So that waas the first step. Now I'm just going to apply the same eye shadow onto my other eye. - And as I said, you're gonna start to put the color on your laid and then when you work your way upwards, it's really good. If you really take it slow, to make sure that the eye shadow really sticks to your eye and that you really blending any blending, eating very thoroughly. So that's basically what I'm doing right now. I am trying to move the color upwards towards my brother Beau and in the Chris, because it's going to act like a show. No, all my eye for this look. And sometimes you might have to go in several times to pick up even more eyeshadow. And now that I feel like any to blend it out a little bit better, I just take my blending brush and just try to really blend it out nicely. And I really hope that you can see the difference when you're using an eye primer, because that has really changed my life. When I deduce an eye primer, I used eyeshadow, but I never thought that the pigment in the eye shadow were any good. So now, as soon as I have started to use a knife primer, I can really, really see the difference. And I mean right now it might look a little bit weird. We all have one eye shadow on, but right now, when we feel satisfying, rational going to move onto the next color that we're going to use and what I want to do next is I want to apply a bit off a more glittery eyeshadow on top off the lead. So I have the answer ship part right here, and I'm going to take this lighter a little bit more glittery eyeshadow and just put some on a a basic eye shadow brush. Looks like this and just gonna simply dub my brush into the eye shadow and just down the rush off the pallet to remove some off the excess eye shadow. And this is a color that I'm just going to put on top off my little like this And just make sure when you're applying the eye shadow on your lid that it doesn't go to for up because this color is just going to be really on the lid and not up towards the Chris or the brow bone. Kind of like that. And this that is a little bit easier than the first step that we I just did. Then I'm just gonna go to my mother. I do the same there, really, just having patients with the color with eyeshadow and just making sure that the color, um, is directly applied on the lid and not so much outside of it like this. All right, so now I have applied these sick and I shall onto my late and what I want to do now is I kind of want to create a a bit of a smoke. I look, so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take a darker color to apply on the outer edges on the eyelid. So then I actually take a I crease brush, which is a little bit smaller than the blending brush. And the color that I'm going to use is a darker color than the first color that we used. So if you remember, this was the first color that we use. I'm going to take a slightly darker color and just go in with my brush there, that off the excess I should know. And this time I'm going to focus on putting the eyeshadow ring on the outer edges on leg like this. If you want, you can use these type of circular motions just to really blended. I blend up nicely, but I usually like to start by just simply pressing the eye shadow on like this. And then when I went to blend, I can just use this circular motions. So now I have the darker going this I and now I'm going to go ahead and do the other eye as well, and somewhere, maybe wonder why I am putting the lighter shade on first and then doing the darker shape that it's simply just because, if unusually lighter shade first, then the darker shade is going to really get that pigment. That and colorful look, you can say that the lighter shade also kind of acts like a base or a primary for the doctor shadow. So especially just going to make it pop just a little bit more. So I'm just continuing on by putting a darker color on the outer edge here on my island. At you know, where you're putting on eye shadow, you always have to maybe stop sometimes and just try to see if both sides look good, and they just have to continue on a few more eyeshadow. You can always more, and then when you're certified, you can just stop. So right now I am pretty satisfied with how it looks. So I am actually going to move on to highlighting the ice. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this regular making brush there used to put on the the lighter shape, and I'm gonna going with the same, um, highlighter shape this one. And what I'm gonna do with this is I'm going to comply it directly under my eyebrows to make them just stand up a little more and just pope. So always I just start to applied, and it doesn't have to be perfect on the first try. So I do it on one. I I do it on the other. Kind of like this tired, tiny circular motions exactly like that. And then what I'm actually going to do is I'm going to clean up my blending brush a little bit by just using a regular column pad and trying to remove the other color that is on the brush right now And what I'm gonna do that a single Just try to blend out this lighter color that is under the eyebrow to make it blend in with the other shadow and then just do the same on the other. I like this. Alright, guys. So this is the finished I should've Look, I hope you can see on both eyes basically how it looks. 9. Contouring: hi, guys. And welcome to this video where I am going to talk about how I can't or my face and also what type off contouring that I use. So contouring is just a really, really big subject, and there's a bunch off different methods that you can use when you want to contour. But the perfect contour product for me is actually using powder, and usually I go for some time off bronzer. But I don't like those shimmery bronzers. I tried to find a bronzer that is a little bit more Matt, because I wanted to look natural. So right now the contouring powder that I use is these this master sculptor and this is from this is from Maybelline. And it is also actually from their fate miniseries and this specific one ace medium slash dark. And when I open it up, you can see that it has two different shapes because since its name is master sculpt your meant to actually scalp and contour your face with this one. But the problem is that the lighter shade usually don't show on me. So I actually only used the darker shape and also when I come to or I'm not very extreme. I really wanted to look as natural as possible. So I'm gonna show you how I do it. This is the bust. Unamusing is just a regular part of brush. And you should just go in with few Dobbs with my brush, and I tried to dive off a little bit. And when I can't or I tried Teoh move the product upwards and I tried Teoh. So if I look at my face from the side, we can kind of see a small shadow. And this is the shadow that we want. Teoh increase when we are countering. So usually I just start it usually start by using very, very light, sweeping motions. And I work up towards my hairline. And also I used this crazed postman and do it because I feel like it's so much more easy to get it right. And so right now this side is basically done and it doesn't take that much time. I like and then just go on to do my other side. And usually I tried to see so that both sides look pretty pretty much the same. I need a living more color on this. I'm just going again with just a labor of color, something like that. And if I feel like I have maybe used meets too much contour, Carol was going with my powder brush and tried to remove it just a little bit. So now when you look at May from this angle, I hope they can see that I have a little bit more off a sculpted face. And then what also do is I take a little bit off contouring powder and I very, very lightly apply it on the side off my nose on the sides here. And then I dio the exactly same thing on the other side very, very lightly, so that you don't get all of the contouring right on top of the nose. And the last step I do when I contour is a little bit more off contour powder, and I apply it right here on top of my forehead. And most of very, very careful when I do this because I don't want to look unnatural, and you're gonna have a few little heads, Maybe that in a way, But just keep trying to really blend in that that cult Torrey something that this and this is basically everything that I do when I come tour. Because I Because like I said, I wanted to look natural and not not too much. So this is my country for you guys. And next up, I'm gonna talk about highlighter. 10. Highlighter: Okay, guys. So it's time to talk about highlighter and this is one off my fair things. When it comes to make up, I really feel like highlighted just so much for your face. And also when I have come toward my face, I really feel like highlighting really finishes off the entire look. So the highlighted that I use on my face is this a little bit wider One from top shop and the brush that I used looks like this from real technique, and I really, really feel like this is a perfect size on a brush, and I actually think the highlighter is kind of easy. I think it's one of the easiest steps when you are applying your makeup and what I'm gonna reply my highlighting. I basically just take my brush and gently stroke with it like this. And where I apply it is on top of my nose, both here on the bridge, on the top, and also on the very, very top, all the nose like that. And then I move on and apply some highlighter on my Cubans boat night that I guess this is really going Teoh on and have your lips and maybe make them a little bit more fuller looking, then also play some highlighter on my chin like this. And if you used too much, you can always take your finger. Angel's start trying to remove some, then moving on. Um, I think my brush with some 100 year old and I applying right on top off where we come toward, I guess we want to bring out our cheekbones. So when I use my highlighter, I tried to you very, very careful Circle emotions like this and I go in this type off direction on my face, and that is going to make it look like we have, um, just a little bit of higher Jake bills, as I said, and then I just do the same on the other side here, and I always feel like one side is easy and the other one is just a little bit harder. Um, but highlighting is also very much about blending because you don't want to look like you have just a square line off highlighting. You want to make it look as natural as possible. Um, so we'll take take your time with it and try to um, try to learn as much as possible. But then if I want you, maybe sometimes I also use some highlighted right here on top, off before head, and then I'm done. So highlighter is a pretty quick step for any. But I also really, really like it, and I really feel like it brings Theo entire look together. So in the next video, I'm going to show you how I curl my lashes and apply Skara. 11. Mascara: Alright, guys. So in this video, I want to show you how I curl my lashes and also how I apply my mom's car and which type that I use A, really, really think that luscious are the thing that really finishes off the look in a very good way. So first step is always to curl your lashes. And this is something that I didn't before because I didn't think that it would make such difference. Then I get one of these things and I started Colonel ashes and it got a really, really good effect why it's so good to curl your lashes. It really is because very easy that your lashes are maybe pointed a little bit downwards. So if you use a eyelash curler, you really are bending upwards and that makes it easier to both. Apply mascara and really make them live more fuller and longer. So I'm just basically certain my eyelashes into this thing. And I really tried to get us close to the lash line and the roots as possible. And then I tried to press upwards, maybe 34 times and then sometimes I do it again and start at the root and then work your way upwards. I really try to bend them, you know? And then I do say on this side start the boots and then just worked upwards. And this might be a little scary if you haven't done it before. I mean, I don't really like to have things in my eyes, but this is something that you really get used to. So now we have curled our luscious go, go ahead and apply mascara. And the Miss Carla that I'm using is the better than sex and scar from two faced. And this is a really, really, really, really good mascara. I used so many different mascaras before, and then I actually inside that I'm gonna try to find the best musk are for me. So I went to support. I asked him a few questions, and I saw this mosque or a and gather tape to try it. And I've been stuck ever since. This particular mosque are a bottle. I feel it's like so it's so pretty because it's pink and sparkly. And every time I use it, I feel maybe a little bit more fancy, which I really like, so it makes it really fun also to put on some mascara and just do my makeup. So now I want to show you when I'm applying my Moscow or a how we do when I have my bottle like this. I tried to really just push it gently down, Sold out. When you're driving in the brush out, you get one side that has love. Miss Garage, you have another side that doesn't have as much with Cora. And what I start by doing is I take the side that doesn't have as much mass. Kara and I just tried to really brush and separate my lashes, and the Russians are going to get some Moscow on them. But this first step, really, to just try and separate them with the side, it doesn't have a much mascara. Then I basically just go to the other. I, I mean, just tried to separate them, I bet. And then when I feel what they I just I use a side that has more discover own, and I usually just tried to really start at the lash route and work with upwards. And sometimes I use these six AC movements to really try to separate the lashes and to really apply Moscow to make them look fuller. Usually I just actually try it exactly like this. And I really hope they can see the difference between this eye and this eye. I know I do. And I'm so happy about this. Must go on because I think it's so good. So when I finish with one eye, I go to the other night to the other eye and do the same. So you should I start by just dragging upwards? I guess you can say, then we feel like the luscious risk getting a little clumpy. I do these six sec motions and just tried to really build it up. Something like that. I hope you can see that they really, really good. I'm super super satisfied with how they look. And last step is to actually put something on the lower lashes and then just apply a regular my mascara on the lower luscious And when I apply my Moscow on my lower luscious. Usually I actually only do these six act emotions like this. That may be I just tried to drive them a little bit down like this. So this is how I apply my mascara. And next video is going to be all about lips, so I'll see you there. 12. Lips: Okay, guys, Time to do one off our final steps, which is the lips. And I like doing my lips. And I especially like to mallets when I do I look like this, which is a little bit more off a going out glam look. But if I were to do a more natural look, I usually don't have anything on my lips or maybe have a Matt lipstick. But always when I want to do my lips and I want the lipstick or really close to last longer and use my beautyblender, which I had from the beginning. And usually it has some type off extra foundation that you have used, and I used that to actually just dab some foundational. Consider onto my lips like this and why I do. This is this is going to act, cannot like a base for the lipstick and make it last longer. And it doesn't have to be much. I'm just having a little bit of product on my lips and next up we have to choose what type off leg color we want, and you can go ahead and choose exactly what type off leaf color that you want. I'm gonna be pretty simple today, and I'm going to use this lip color from N. Y. X. And this is in the stock home shade, which fits perfectly because that's where live. So this is the right shape for May I feel today and I don't really overdo it on the lips either. But I just basically take my little brush and usually I try to work my way in inwards. So I start on the middle of the lips, and then I go from this side to the middle and then from this side to the middle count like that. And then if you like, the hardest part is your top lips. And when I do here, it's basically go from the middle and out, and then from the middle and out. So something like this. And then my trick is, if you really want the lipstick or lip close to even out on your lips, I always use I do like this Teoh really, really even out the realistic or lip gloss, something like that. So, yeah, I'm not very complicated when it comes to lips, and I'm super satisfied with how these look looks so in the next video. I'm gonna go ahead and show you the setting Spader use, because that's the absolute last step to this course. 13. Setting spray: Alright, guys, I really, really hope that you have enjoying the course this far. We're now moving towards the end and in this video I'm going to talk about the setting spray that I use and also how I use it. So the sense But I used is this matte finish since be from and why aches? As you can see, this is the little black bottle that I use. And I feel like saying space like one of the easiest steps because he really just have to stay on the product and then you're making is finished and it's going to make your makeup stay on a lot longer than if you're not using some space. So there's something that I really would recommend if you if you're not using sense made today and you can feel like you make up disappears too quick, really invest in a good sense spray and you see miss clear. Just open up this bottle. And since this is in your bottle, adjust usually, um, do if you test sprays first, then I just close my eyes and sprayed on top of my face. So no one I have Karen my face with some sense pay. I usually use my hands to just dry it out a little bit like this. Something like that. And this specific setting spray is called matte. Finish us a set. There are saying space are meant to make you look a little bit more, Dewey. But I really like this type off, Matt. Look, actually, so that's why I use this type of sentence back. But that's enough video. And in the next video, I'm gonna go ahead and finish up the course, so I'll see you there. 14. Thank you for watching!: All right, guys, I want to thank you so much for a choosing and for taking this course with May. I have Superfund, and I hope that you have had some found yourself. I really, really hope that you can leave a positive review for me. If you want to leave a better view or if there's something that you're not satisfied with, I want you to contact me first here, on you, to me so I can do it best to sold your problem. But other than that, I just want to say thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for my future courses. And I hope to see you again by