Make your own wire bead statement necklace | Wendy Lavery | Skillshare

Make your own wire bead statement necklace

Wendy Lavery

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7 Videos (25m)
    • Video 1 Necklace INTRO

    • Video 2 Necklace TOOLS


    • VIDEO 4 Bead Core


    • VIDEO 6 Assembly

    • Video 7 End


About This Class


At the end of this class you will make your own wirework beads and turn them into a cool statement necklace that will work with your wardrobe or be a fantastic gift for someone in your life. The beads are made in easily available craft wire and you can choose to do it in one colour or use different colours, you can add focal beads or charms to the necklace and you can even add small when you make the wirework beads. The techniques you will learn in this class can be used to make other projects like bracelets and will start you on your way to learning more wirework techniques so you can create your own Jewelry.

In this class you will learn

  • Basic wire working techniques.
  • How to use wire cutters and round nose pliers and to twist wire.
  • To make different size wire beads
  • To add small beads to add interest to the wire bead
  • To design a statement necklace using the wire beads you have made
  • To string the beads on leather or woven cord to create the necklace
  • How to add focal beads or charms to your necklace
  • how to make an adjustable fastening





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I am a jewellery maker/crafter living in Liverpool, UK, at the moment. I have always enjoyed crafting, creating using a variety of materials. As a teenager, I made knitted bags and raffia items for sale then continued to knit, sew and collage my way through my adult life, while working first in publishing and then in adult education. I had fun crafting with my kids during their early years (salt dough Christmas ornaments, anyone?) while relaxing through making. My interest in wire jewellery w...

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