Make your own ice cream- Lemon curd or Strawberry and cream | Abraham Sonnenschein | Skillshare

Make your own ice cream- Lemon curd or Strawberry and cream

Abraham Sonnenschein

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Ice cream intro Skillshare

    • 2. Strawberry ice cream preparation

    • 3. Lemon curd ice cream Rabbit


About This Class

You will learn how to make a very simple ice cream. You have choice of two recipes- Strawberry and cream or Lemon curd one! 

You only need a few ingredients and containers to put your ice cream in- such as jelly moulds, ice lollies moulds, plastic containers- you can reuse spread tubs or ice cream containers. 

Of course you need a freezer to freeze your ice cream. Good news is that for this particular class you do not need any special equipment, so don't worry if you don't have an ice cream maker. You will not need it.

Ingredients needed: 

Strawberry and cream ice cream: Fresh strawberries, Double cream, Lemon juice, Milk, Sugar.

Lemon curd ice cream: Lemon curd and Double cream. 

How much of each ingredient you need depends on the size of the container. Major ingredient is cream, so you might need to buy a big pot of it, the rest you only need in small amounts. You could first see the videos to get an idea before you go to shop.


1. Ice cream intro Skillshare: Oh, in this course you will. And help Mike. Ice cream. You will need very few things. Oh, you will need to campaign up. I have be some. I'm slow these containers here. You don't need them, but they're very Hyundai on He started. Good, because they are very easy to use. You just poor something in it and put it under 30 is a This one is very easy. I just poor juice in it. On frozen. This is the very simple ice cream in private. It is toe sorbet because it only complained juice and no dairy. But in the course, which is to follow now I will show you how to make ice cream using real cream. It will be as easy as this as you will need to live. Very few ingredients I hope you enjoy. And I very much look forward to seeing your creations 2. Strawberry ice cream preparation: So let's make some strawberry and cream ice cream. What you need. First measure ingredients. It depends how much off ice cream able to make. So I put some recipes in a written form so you can choose either to make ice cream and put it in the top like this. You can use any plastic container. I found this home strawberries and cream, so it's good because it's exactly the same thing. How the differences. When you look at the ingredients, you see loads of ingredients in it. We are going to make Ho ho make ice cream, so we only need very few ingredients. You need milk, mushed strawberries. You can much them veto fork, or, if you have blunder, you can blend them. Then you need cream. I use full fat cream and full fat milk on. You can use also ah, correctly squeezed a lemon juice and some sugar. Also, I have these to make ice lollies. If you have them, you can use days. Otherwise, you can just replace them in the container and freeze it. So make us the ingredients together. If you don't have any anything to measure liquid, you can simply put one part off milk. One part off strawberries, two parts off cream. Uh, okay. When you put sugar for this amount, I would put two big spoons, but you can taste it first to see I would just one first. You can see how sweet you want it if you don't want to. You sugar. Just leave it as it is. It's actually quite sweet. It depends House with the strawberries from. So if there are very sweet and ripe unit less sugar. Hey, I believe it like that. Just about spun off you go and you need your cream and makes it vault a lateral. Yeah, thanks. Nice from now to put about one big spoon off lemon juice, it tastes nice. Now, um, if you prefer it more speak. You can use more sugar. Now. For me, it's good as it is now. So you can now I use the container. I will use one of these if you have. I stole a containers. Um, you can put some inside. Don't make it to phone because it might expand in the freezer. Could be one like this. And the rest I am putting into this container for Melissa nice. You can make the amount until all the complainer. If you've never been complaining right, there's. Or if you do it for the first time You my used 1/2 the amount off cream and strawberries and you some plastic containers from yogurts, for example. Then you see if you like the ice cream, you can make more later. And so now you have it like that. Put it in the freezer. So leave your ice cream in the freezer for both an hour. Then you take it out and you can see it will be frozen on the top side. And inside it's the liquids. You don't really delicious. It's already quite frozen on these pages, Veum. So if you want tohave the ice creams move, Um, you got make this tradition the blender. Maybe it would oh, even color. But I you can see the strawberries are there, so now you can smooth it and put it back into freesia. It might take another hour or two, so let's see what happened with my strawberry. I slowly so this is my strawberry and cream ice cream. You see, you can see pieces off the strawberries in it let me taste, huh? It was absolutely delicious. No, never will try this. I have also doom. Oh, the big these. It's a little bit frozen. So before you don't deserve it, you need toe. Keep it here. It is quite hard. So it takes some time. You can keep it to melt a little bit. 3. Lemon curd ice cream Rabbit : If you ever have some minimal court and don't know what you can do with it, you could make ice cream, but it it's very easy. You just need toe cream. I use full fat cream. Oh, this one is double cream and liberal court, and that's all you need. I am making very small ice cream. I will try to put it in this month. If you want to make a big one, you can use more ingredients, or you could also use thes to make. I slowly ease so four days I need 100 mil off cream and then in depends on your pace so you can try it. I put him teaspoon off course instead it in here. - You can taste it if you like the faced. It's quite nice. I go out more. It has nice lemony taste. It's good thing by fictional. We'll leave it like this. See the knife. You can put a little bit more if you want, but I'm able to keep the statistics. Then put it in your form. You can put it in the any a plastic container. Have the small tidal die, how it freezes inside it. If you have a little bit like you can just eat it now instead of dessert. So I was, But this ham, So cover your mold recon we use kitchen for and then put it in four years old. Um, if it's more like this or if you use the smalls, I just put it in the freezer until it's all frozen. In the case you use big container, put it there only for about health. Another. Then you bring it out of the freezer and stood it. Then to put it again. Oh, in the freezer and after another helping of Lucan chicken and stood it again, Uh, and then you just leave it overnight or so. Let's see what happened to money. Lemon curd, ice cream. So I left it overnight. This is what it looks like, so let's see. Oh, look at this. See, I have ah, ice cream, which looks like a rabbit. So if you want, you can try to find some modes around your house. It could be anything. This mold is for making Juries or cakes, so I try it and see it's a very nice so I convey to see your creations