Make your own fabric mask. The easiest cloth mask ever. | Diptee Raut | Skillshare

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Make your own fabric mask. The easiest cloth mask ever.

teacher avatar Diptee Raut

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. What do we need

    • 2. Prepping it up

    • 3. Cutting and starting the mask

    • 4. Sewing it up

    • 5. Adding the elastic

    • 6. Your mask is ready

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About This Class

Mask is currently an essential. Making a mask is easy and I am going to show you the easiest way to make a mask. This can be made using a sewing machine or can be hand sewn.


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Diptee Raut


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1. What do we need: hi. Today, I'm gonna teach you how to make a mosque on. This is probably will be the easiest mosque that you ever seen on how weak it's. It's extremely simple. All they wanna need is fabric. A pen to mark your scissors. You already do around three inches, bits off, elastic on and on a plate. Yep, you will use it in a plate to make this and it's super super simple. So, uh, we'll soon see how we want to go ahead and make the super simple mosque. 2. Prepping it up: Welcome back and let's see how we start prepping up for the master We will make. We'll take a fabric. You will take a dinner plate, take a fairly large size in a split this would make or standard size mouth. Let's start tracing this so and show that you're fabric is nice and stretched. Keep your plate on it. And Spencer is a little light. I'm gonna take a doctor. Shock to trees that I can show it to you. It's easily visible in the video. Do a nice tracing around the fabric. There you go. You don't need your dinner plate anymore. You see that? All we gotta do now is start cutting this off. 3. Cutting and starting the mask: Hi. So the last video you saw, we just cut it home, retraced our didn t did not played on a fabric and cut it up in a circle like this. What do you want to do now is full this Trust me, this is gonna be the easiest mosque you ever want to make. Make it. Read it. It will save your life. It's going to save lives of many others. Don't forget to a mosque. Every time you go outside, there you go. Huffs have give them to their though right, sites together. And now we're going to do We're going to store this up this way all around. Okay, Someone get on the machine. And so it all the way around the semi circuit. 4. Sewing it up: All right. So let's get sewing. Okay? Just just likely biggest. I can show it Really go slow because it's always a little difficult to fool on girls. I just want need if if you see it is only to lay low stating that it it's if you don't have a sewing machine. That home, that's also fine. You just saw this up my hand. It's not that difficult. Streets and Bill, Straight line stitches is already want need to make this the words all the way through. It's not You go. You see that? They all the visual. Now what you gonna do is open this up like this. Before you do that, I would like you to snip bits like this year. You see this? The reason we snip off do not got the stitches. But the reason these lip these clothes so that it's always easy in gold. Oh, seem, when you don't it around, the gulf stays. If you just snippet a little bit, the cost stays perfectly. Fight. There you go. All right. Now you want to do is open this up. Andi, join these two edges. Here, take this. I just got this extra Federal's. Yeah. And this time around, you are gonna be suing it. This me? All right. And this way. But don't leave a little gap open around this much. You just don't the whole thing inside out. So let's get going on this. Now, remember what I did? That was a semi circle. He opened it and we closed it. The site. Join the two edges. Yeah, like this Latinate. So this side, so of the same. Yeah. That's how I was going to look. We leave a little gap for turning the whole thing and set out. 5. Adding the elastic: stop throwing this. Remember, we have to leave a smaller gam Pio, do you see that? So I just left a small gap here. You have this tiny Liga. We stood on the video. So you want to use this? Yeah. Been there. Top from you. And don't the whole thing inside. Out you go. Easy, easy, and you'll see how Oh, slipping those bits off of the girl will actually help it retain its golf trip. Go. I don't see already. Looks like a mosque, does it? They and it's probably broke it out a little bit more from one. The sites. You know for sure that everything is perfectly out and seemed off. Book the corners out I went Now is will be this week, but easy. This is what it looks like. You see these two parts here? It would have full this. Full this in just a tiny bit. And so this appear just a few stitches back and forth and it should be fine. You see that? This is a slight fall. That's it. We want the same thing on the other side. It won't might want just check to see it's even there. You see, just we're off ballpark measurement like this. Don't the site, people. Mr. Few stitches back and forth. That's it. Great. And what do you want to know now is take that elastic that we had? 6. Your mask is ready: So what we want to do now is take up bits of elastic and which them in through this gap here. No, I'm using elastic, but it's absolutely fine if you want to use God's or ribbons so that you know you can just tired behind your head instead off this going behind the is okay, I'm gonna do this and I will fix this up just so it up here. I want to do the same thing on the other side in a few stitches back and forth. When you do the same thing on the other side to all right, fix it up. I like it behind the years. It's easier. But a lot of people preferred it before the tie it behind their heads. In that case, you could just use ribbons or cords. Straps. Anything is fine. It would just make small If you don't have lots. Take this. You was relevance. I think they want you go with stitched but inside so that it doesn't hurt us beyond the years. And that's it. It's wonderful. Maas is ready and see if I can straight it and show it to you. And there you go. See that it covers right from the water meal. Right? Criminals. DiLeo completely covered. And it's good. You can breathe through it. It's It's nice. It's comfortable on. That's it. Have fun making this. Where? A mosque? It's important. It's essential. Oh, stay safe. BC, thank you.