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Make your own delicious Chocolate peanut clusters

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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1 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Chocolate peanut clusters


About This Class

Make your own delicious Chocolate peanut clusters, in this course you will be learning how to create a delicious home made spicy hot chocolate peanut clusters. It is easy to make and they sell similar once in store so by making it home you are saving a lot of money. It is fun and delicious way to enjoy peanuts. 


1. Chocolate peanut clusters: whole students in this class, I'll be showing you how to make the wishes. Roasted, spicy, superhot, the wishes, peanuts. So one thing that you have to do first is to know the ingredients. Of course. So the posting of how we suggest for you to do is to get rentals. This is my favorite kind off knots to actually get, and you should get any kind of Nazi want. But this is my favorite. So I'm sure you the ones that, like the most get that unsalted ones because we're going to be adding spices to them. Make sure that Dr boasted or you can just get we're going nuts. You don't even need to have Dr posted once. Now, I almost ate the entire package because I know a place peanuts so much so they will be using the wise to them because gonna be just portion size for myself. So this is the first ingredient you have to get and depends on how much you need for how many people you're actually solving it for. Next thing that you want to get is there dark chocolate. So I like the Trader Joe, and this is has that cocoa dunk chocolate in it is some of the most delicious dark chocolate you can actually get. But it's up to you to decide which kind of dark chocolate you want to get. The more darkened ism off label it is. The motor wishes it is as well. So we'll be using this for Mike Wallace. Next thing that you want to do is to get, of course, olive oil. So how recommend for you to get extra virgin olive oil? It's the most heart healthy, and the race is over boil that actually exist. So make sure you get a good bland and a good company. When it comes to olive oil. Don't get the cheap ones because the chip wants on not so much high quality, and they don't give you the same nutrients value. Next thing I wanna do is to get well, so the flower you want to get is just any kind of while. It doesn't matter which kind of flower you're getting, but make sure you get around half a cop off while itself. After you get this, you gotta get of course there, honey. Honey itself. I like them manuka honey and the cheapest manuka honey that actually exists. You can get a Trader Joe, of course. That's one of my favorite places to get everything for, but it's up to you to decide. Well, you want to get the honey you can get. There I go, honey, but manuka honey has a lot of added extra benefits, so that so That's all the main ingredients you have to get. And now the most important is the spices themselves. And, of course, to make it super spicy, make sure to use hi Nina Pepper the next things are just to add for able to the ingredients themselves, including a lot of health benefits such as come in my favorite kind of spice in the world ginger, and not one to make it even more delicious is the chili powder. Don't use too much of that, I think is pretty hot in and another one. Nothing goes without any Flavell. If you don't add any black peple, it's not delicious. So by purple is always the most. And why story, but not least, is the ground cools. This is very good for health pamphlet. All right, so we all ready to get started cooking and getting ready for the food itself. So the first thing we need to do is to get everything, all the ingredients ready before we turn the heat and start actually making this. So the first thing Wannado is to put in the extra virgin olive oil in here. So what to do this in a bit in here now? Just a little bit allowed. And we want the flower before for the flower in. You want that dry roasted nuts? Indo too. Not siendo because we're going to start cooking very soon, but forced on the mixture to be perfected. He was the flower when you're filing here, all right. And now you're gonna be mixing it up a little bit. Okay? The next thing I'm gonna be doing is moving this well, it should be actually cook. So we got what we would actually be putting or the food there once you're ready. So we have to keep on tweeting the mixture itself, and you're ready This small mixture. Now, when I had a little bit off spices to this start of dick, come in still a little bit extinct. We're gonna put ginger event chili powder a small amount. Okay. Gonna be smart. Come in in Black House smokehouse, black pepper. And the main ingredients, of course, is the high now in a purple. Get that member Put a very, very small amount in here because it's gonna be very, very spicy. Did death. Okay, now mixing it up a little bit, we need the honey in here. We are not putting the honey in yet because we want to put this feel and stuff to actually bake it. Get some honey, a small amount putting the honey. You actually mix it up from there, going to be taking it. And now you're getting the dark chocolate. The doctor call it is going to be baked as well with this. Now, the next thing you want to do is to take them out of here. She didn't want a big this ghetto. You know I do. Give me joy. Always will be a way too much for our two down. All right, You got most of them. Never gonna be turning the heat on because we're not gonna start cooking. Who is this mixture? Okay, it with high heat trying to do is get this whole mixture to be cooked and the chocolate in my mouth, right into the knots themselves. Inside the or board there always is. It's already established the most right now. Keep mixing it. And another thing you can do, why you mix it. You can add act store spices, do it whole anything else. So you want some kind of people do it. I think it's hard enough yet a little bit more. Now it's gonna be super spicy. All right, Big triple it. You want to make sure that we keep on doing this until the stroke with itself just starts to melt up because it will make. They're not to be totally chocolate Kabul. That's what you actually do. So we don't want to make it too spicy. But at the same time, you want to get in Kabul with the truck with itself, because that's the whole thing about making so delicious them being covered with theatrical Keep doing this, mixing it up. It's missing with a bit of my favorite spice, which is chili powder. Can't get enough of that. Okay, now the trick with goat that a lot, actually, you can see if you feel so it was done. It takes about two minutes to make this. It's not doesn't take this this work to make it, and the good thing about this is that it doesn't really stick to it very much, so it's have to get to decide how much you want. Oh, make it together. But I didn't want to make it such a mixture that I just wanted toe every individual peanut to be chocolate. Kabul. Spicy peanut. That's why I'm making in this way. But you could make a different variation of it if you think this is a different way from doing it on. If there was a motor with this way to do it yourself, he almost done. I'm just waiting for with stuff, did he? When it starts to cook, I'm gonna make sure it's totally covered with Wait a bit conscious spent. That's when I'm gonna be it. Way to go here a little bit. It was getting hot, so I had to switch it around. Now it's cooking deliciously. Okay, I consider it to be done because the smell you have to hear it once it's the smell starts to be really chocolate. You know it's done you're gonna be putting it right to the point itself. Okay, in covering up way of chocolate spices, this is so yummy. This is it, Don and do wishes. So he was the finished product and how it looks like when it's actually completed and made . It looks totally delicious and country, so it's not totally covered with the trick with itself, but at the same time, it gives it this chocolate taste to it. So it's very diverse is And of course, I'm gonna eat one of them right now, and it tastes so amazing. You gotta have it.