Make your first Demo: A Complete Recording and Mix Guide

Benjamin M. Keller, Mograph Designer and Music Composer-Producer

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13 Videos (1h 23m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • What musical gear do you really need?

    • Getting to know Garageband

    • Setting up for Recording

    • Proper Recording Levels

    • Drummer

    • Instrument Track

    • Software Instruments

    • Simple Mix

    • Exporting your Demo

    • Uploading & Sharing your Demo


About This Class


Make your first Demo: A Complete Recording and Mix Guide

Do you play an instrument but never really get how to record digitally?, Do you have a curiosity about make some music in this new digital era? No problem.

This class is focused to people without any knowledge on software, recording or mixing to give an excellent starting point to bring some music ideas into a digital audio software environment and learn some basic principles in order to share their music to the world.

The Class Project is to make a musical Demo and share it in the Project Gallery via Soundcloud. We are going to use Garageband. Why Garageband? Because is the most accesible and simple recording software to start learning and deliver music. In any case the concepts, tips and knowledge in this class are perfectly transferable to any other recording software or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) in the market.

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Yay! I loved this class! I have had GarageBand, but I could never get the hang of it. This was a wonderful overview of the interface and the options you have with this powerful built in DAW! Even though it may be longer than most Skillshare classes, this was perfect for me, and I think anyone who wants to start creating music right now with what they have!! Thank you Benjamin for concise and easy to follow lessons!!
Moet Cristal

Crafter, Artist & +Model

This was a well paced class.





Benjamin M. Keller

Mograph Designer and Music Composer-Producer

Hello! My name is Benjamin and I live in Santiago, Chile. I work as a freelance Motion Graphics Designer for different clients and agencies. In my spare time I like to play various instruments and produce my own music. I'm attracted to everything related to creative arts such as animation, music, illustration, design, art, etc...

You can see my work at my portfolio or follow me on Twitter.

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